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  1. 29 public health officials suffer from food poisoning

    It is a miracle it does not happen more often
  2. She did a great job. And her rhythm was good if a little fast maybe. I remember being taught it is the rhythm of the Bee Gees Stayin Alive. So she looks close to on target. Nothing to fault here. Move along
  3. She did a great job. The only thing came to mind was ... her rhythm seemed too fast. For CPR to work the compression has to allow for the chest to expand and heart to fill w blood. No? I thought the rhythm was one per second.
  4. I have been to HH many times over 20 years. What tourist attractions? Ride a pony in 40 degrees on beach? No waves on the gulf. Dead calm. The seafood is much better than on eastern seaboard. And there is good golf. And kite boarding .. whatever its called. And most of this is down towards Prachuap KK which is nice
  5. The girls are bored to death, dude. If you can't say it in 5 min or less you are lying. Re Asian women and Thai women specifically men must be in control and take the opportunity. Once I understood this dynamic I was dating more women than I could have imagined. That was true 30 years ago n true today
  6. I think I understand the issue. For me the trick is to leaveThailand every 4 to 6 months and once a year make a longer trip. Short trips can be a couple days. Longer should be 1 week at least. I always come back with clear understanding what I like about living here.
  7. Hidden Assets Investigation

    Even if legally married and you dont mind breaking the law, then just buy it and claim to be single. And if when you sell do the same thing. I have seen this done many times. The land office is not in the marriage verification business. They usually ask if married especially if people present as a couple. Again. This is not legal but it does not carry serious risk, IMHO
  8. Bangkok haze only affects sensitive people: MOPH

    Its a thing. I can confirm. My eyes sting within minutes of being in outside here in downtown - sukhumvit sathorn silom. It is painful and if out for more than 20 min then it continues at night. Eyes bloodshot. It kinda reminds me of the situation in early 90s when there were no real taxis nor mass trans. We used the boats when possible and in fact spent much more time near the river. Buses were belching diesel etc. But I was young and so excited I walked from hualampong to sathorn and then witayu by map. Silly boy. My eyes stung a lot at night.
  9. Been here long enough to know that this kinda thing has never happened to me and i know why. And i have been late with rent, had disagreements and confrontations but always de escalate them. Never had any problems. But then again I dont live in Pattaya nor am i drinking in bars everynight or Mad Dog anything.
  10. What the hell? Is this a real pic of someone spraying insecticide? Could it be water? Was pic modified?
  11. A Negative blood needed for patient at Bumrungrad Hospital

    Yes, and no. Lets remember RH- occurs in the Thai population at about 3% of the population. I know because I am B- and have been a super donor for decades and been included in their RH- group of donors they call when there is a person in need. Donated whole blood, plasma, and a few other things I dont know what they were. I gave more than once in 60 days on many occasions. There is a shortage of RH- donors compared to demand and this is primary reason, although your comment is not without some merit and they should allow for donations from more people. But lets also remember that they have laws in place and protocol that they follow to protect blood supply.
  12. He is a thug. Indicted and I believe convicted of land dealing fraud in southern Thailand. He is a crook. - here is a game : name Thai politicians who are not convicted felons or indicted for crimes. Not easy.
  13. Common building mistakes in Asia and Thailand

    I agree that there definitely are some common building mistakes here. These are based on my keen observations that toilets and sinks STINK very often. One of thousands of examples include the 18 floor of Okura tower bathroom that stank out the place to the Japanese restaurant. Years it has been bad. Thai construction have not yet cracked the code on plumbing. Sinks dont drain. And air comes up. Why this happens and how it is constructed properly .. I leave to the TV experts with experience and professional qualifications.
  14. Get a certified pre owned Camry with top line leather interior. Best car in Thailand. Smooth ride tasteful styling and good size. Most Mercedez are crap cars in thailand - assembled here with inferior parts. I hate the stiff as a board ride and interior trim is unimpressive. Most mind you.
  15. Supinya officially relieved from NBTC

    Unbelievable. But why would that stop the Junta?