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  1. Any real alcoholic knows this trick and has done it already
  2. The diff between SD and Bkk could not be greater. Sidewalks and streets are all obstacle courses. I fell just 2 days ago. Now I have difficulty walking due to an injury and am extremely vigilant and watch steps and stairs all the time. But I fall or almost fall every few months. I have never hit my chest to the ground. Knees hit for sure and always hands and sometimes elbows but the human reaction without thought is to throw hands out front. My chest is not that big but I still call bullcrap on the story. And
  3. It is quite possible that no one would see the tire. Having said that I have avoided so many things and people on roads that I feel it should be said. But the responsibility falls on the truck owner. Hope they had good 3rd party insurance. And is that required here?
  4. Foreigners having a baby in Thailand.

    The birth certificate is issued and parents details are captured in that cert if given, when baby is born in Thailand. At this time the baby has no nationality yet. Citizenship for Thai national baby is determined at another step with birth cert and other documents which is done at the citizenship office for newborns or whatever it is called -I forget - and in case of foreign national, at their embassy with birth cert and other similar documents.
  5. Bank forbids me from sending money home

    I have seen this issue many times in various iterations in LOS. The condo buyers bank issues a FEC for funds and Land Office rejects it. Why? Cause the brilliant K Bank manager did not know that the funds actually came into Thailand from HSBC Singapore to CLEAR at HSBC Thailand into Thai Baht and then sent to Kbank. We had to go to HSBC Thailand office to get the FEC doc which was a letter. The moral is Thai banks are so very screwed up and incompetent that you really need to do homework and deal with experts in property or good lawyer. Or ask on Thai visa
  6. Back in business

    Where would Thailand be without Chinese?
  7. Ridiculous. Besides he could easily hop a plane - his family plane! - in the afternoon and see dad same day. Silly boy who is 38 years old.
  8. What's the point?

    It is nice to use this word face because it distinguishes it as different from pride or ego or the other posts above that got it right. It is 99% guys who want to do this stuff to their car cause they enjoy it, are proud of their expertise, proud of the way it looks. And think it attracts girls which I think it definitely does. What's the big deal? For me? Noise. I hate the super loud mufflers. When I was younger and lived in a place cars were not freakishly expensive I bought a new Audi and loved the looks it got. I got nice rims and chipped it to juice horsepower +20 Face? You can call it that if you want to feel superior and egalitarian. But I had tonsoffun ripping up curves on open roads in that Audi.
  9. Yeah. Saw that in the news. what's the point?
  10. This is a horrible story. And yet, I cannot count the number of times I have been locked out, lost key, or whatever and could not get into a condo or place I was staying and could not get someone downstairs to open the door. I always do / did the same thing: walk to a cheap hotel and pay 500 baht or whatever to sleep till the am when I can address the situation. Never occurred to me to climb out a window ... I mean especially when hotels are so cheap and easy to find here.
  11. ummm. yeah, I am pretty sure. but just now had a look at what Amnesty International says. https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/abolitionist-and-retentionist-countries
  12. many countries have death sentences but do not carry out the death penalty.
  13. Buy Bitcoin. And give it a couple weeks till you see a favorable increase in value and convert it to Auzzie dollars.