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  1. No, sorry to say that you will not find it possible to get mortgage. Thai banks do not do this for foreigners. Unless your salary is 200.000 + and beed doing it while at big company. There is one company that can do it but only for certain buildings. It is called MBK just like the mall. Also you can tru UOB who can do. But the interest rates for anything is rather highrr than market. Good luck. Bottom line : Thai govt and banks dont really want farang business, are not interested to fairly offer product based on merit. They dont have the mechanisms to evaluate the upside or manage anything. Banks have a monopoly with no foreign banks and like things that way. Why wouldnt they? Govt views non Thai citizens as less than and it can be explained number of ways. Fascist. Lazy. Incompetent. Take your pick
  2. True Visions rip off

    Few things in Thailand have made me happier than killing my True account and letting them take a year to come pick up the box. Cable tv and the long history of its cousin - the dish cable TV (that would often fail when it was cloudy or raining!) Remember the older cable TV company in Thailand? I remember when it came in 1993 or 94 in Chiang Mai. Big deal. Expensive and had crap shows then but we had no choice and anything was better than nothing. This was the long, sad experience of TV in Thailand because like so many industries (banking!), it is a monopoly. they charged stupidly high fees, gave crap service, and are dinosaurs, though the owners are now probably independently wealthy. Bye bye. I have long been a proponent of torrents for these reasons. when netflix came along and then all the others, I gladly paid for a quality service with a quality product. I see no point in torrenting anymore. what is this Youtube news that people are always talking about? I have looked long and hard and find hundreds of MSNBC LIVE NEWS or whatever bit click on them and find only advertisements and nothing resembling their news stream. Now youtube has a paid service, I believe. I have not tried it but might if they can do HD or something close enough with advertisements under control
  3. I cannot think of a building in Bkk that I feel has beautiful design, creates remarkable space, and lifts the spirit as architecture can do. this hotel looks to be more of the same. the one area where Thai design excels are malls designed like Las Vegas casinos - enter anywhere and immediately be stripped of any orientation, sense of direction, and clear access and egress
  4. One tampon one product Brilliant
  5. Slightly stuck in Ratchaburi

    Sure hope this emergency has been resolved.
  6. I had similar experience. With Generali. I was 41 or 42. Rates locked in. Great coverage. Class 1. Then they left Thailand and all business was bought by another company who doubled my premium. I was livid. Let it lapse as I was getting new policy and while in process I had a catastrophic accident. I wish I had not had insurance my whole life and then went 8 months without to have such an event. Big mistake. Bottom line: get it while young and keep it because the problem can be even worse if s thing happens and then you are a walking pre existing condition and coverage is no longer worth it and costs even more.
  7. Absolutely ON But only for the 1st of April.
  8. Bangkok Land Values

    The govt assessed value is virtually useless as an indicator of value but it is important to know for tax and transfer fees. Indicators of value would include, similar land sold recently in same location, similar land up for sale in same location. Collect these 2 types and look at the values. The house is another asset and valuation can be looked at the same way. Adjustments made based on investments made, improvements and so forth. There are companies that do this for very cheap price. Their work product is similar value BUT it should have all the types of data I mentioned and then can be used to expand on and do further work to beef up your valuation work. Worth the 5 or 10,000 baht in my opinion. Where to find such companies? I might look at the larger ones that are SEC certified to do valuation for public traded companies.
  9. Hua Hin to Pattaya Ferry

    Where to get details? Business class? Woo hoo !
  10. funny to me because I thought the same thing when I was first in Spain, Madrid, the Pyrenees, and down to get the boat to Morocco. Saw tires burning and the smoke was shocking to the senses, particularly making my eyes water. that was 1988. and I thought the same thing when I came to see Koh Pang Nga, from Samui in 1990 when there was nothing there except a dozen people. One had a pet bear. peculiar, and memorable. it was pristine island then. not sure what it looks like now, but I am fairly certain there are many families who enjoy a nice standard of living because they can exploit it. development and growth is a certainty. unregulated and disorganized it will look like pattaya, phuket, blah blah blah. koh chang was one that really kind of got to me, to be honest. I was really sickened by what goes on there last time I went (2009) compared to what it was like in 1990s.
  11. I cannot help wonder ... watching what happened.... Looks like the girl opened the door herself. But what is interesting is the hazard lights go on just before and the car rolls fwd as if in gear but not accelerated. Hazard ligjts go off and a woman climbs out... as if from the back seat not the drivers seat. So there are 2 ppl in the car and atleast one child. I guess the kid hit the hazard lights button and pulled the door open herself while adults were picking their noses
  12. Almost all the baby girls in remote village grow penises at the age of 12

    Goes to show you we are all female but that at certain stages in development some are orogrammed to get hormones and enzymes etc and they develop as male. The male sex is therefore secondary and there is a lot that can go sideways when these changes take place, from in the womb upbto age 12. I recall studying this in college and it blew my mind. I realize you can paint the picture differently, I am not a nut job nor do I have an agenda. Just making a point that I believe has some validity. 'Nuff said
  13. 9000 people on 25 flights is 360 per plane. Maybe. Reports are there were a lot of people and 9000 would eadily fill that immigration room. But dont most airasia planes those A320 with 180 seats? The math doesnt seem to work. If an immigration officer processes 1 person every 2 min then they can do 30 an hour. To do 9000 would take a lot of officials
  14. Bikes have become an increasing menace on roads Thai in last 10 years. And the mufflers are a nice indicator. Listen to the stoopid big dick volume they gotta have. Loud pipes save lives, especially important when you are an imbecile weaving in out lanes passing inside etc. Nary day goes by where i dont contemplate turning a bit fast into left lane or 3rd lane where they are not allowed. Frickin hate some of these idiots