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  1. Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    Yes. True. My experience as well. Sounds simplistic but sometimes that's what is what. And so also remember a doc often works in multiple hospitals and clinics which have different fees. Asking is the way to find out with certainty but be polite is always helpful.
  2. Panthongtae lashes out at DSI over picture leak

    Remember when this punk and his mate formed media company to get the advertising account to manage the glass walls of the MRT? They had trial runs in couple stations and only one or two screens. It failed. They couldn't make it work. They folded the biz. What is he doing now? Something? Anything? Queue Todd Rundgreun
  3. 30 Baht healthcare experiences

    i wonder how it compares to the Prakan Sangkom or social security.
  4. it makes me grateful I left home at 18. we were told we had to pay rent if we came home to live, but honestly all 6 of us could not wait to get out and live our own lives. what a difference in culture! and it goes both ways - none of us lived near our parents when they got to approach old age and this had to be dealt with. but it was dealt with, and they are looked after and live with their children for these final years. christ. I had a job when I was 12. and a couple jobs when I was 14. I wanted the money and I LOVED working - it was action outside the house and I could see and meet girls. what could be better? this Luuk Thep will never know the freedom and fun.
  5. this is what you get when your culture and country are so isolated and ignorant about the world of possibilities
  6. What else are they gonna do here? No Thai would employ them and neither would most farang. Further... what skill sets do they have? English fluent? Nobody wants them in their schools. Plus, many come here becuz they are trying to make their way to another country, escaping Nigeria. And they get stuck here. Then visa tuns out and they do what they can to survive. It was like this 25 years ago in Bangkok. Fewer in number but Nigerian and other subsaharan stuck here and doing fake passports and drugs.
  7. yes. lets do. if the govt wont do it, local hotels and restaurants can form associations to look after the natural assets they share and they can pay for it. testing water quality is not expensive. if there is a problem, doing something about it can be expensive. this is where the association can flex muscle and pay fees if the f'''''ng govt wont do it. but this requires a sense of shared ownership and cooperation which has not been seen in Thai society since, like forever.
  8. the resort in koh pangan gets a ridiculous 71 terrible ratings while about 70 others are spread among bad to okay to good. The comments are priceless. "a little piece of me died at this place" was one! hahahaha
  9. BREAKING: 7-Elevens nationwide to close on afternoon of Oct. 26

    because I dont think like you? But I appreciate your suggestion and premise. I am already wearing black and listening to the lovely music on the BTS and in all malls etc. And will grieve the loss, just as I did a year ago. and Sunday in the cinema watching the new anthem.
  10. hahahaha. That immediately created an image in my mind of that crazy brit hunched over his trunk pulling out his machete .. hahahahah
  11. BREAKING: 7-Elevens nationwide to close on afternoon of Oct. 26

    or implement some piece of tech, I was thinking.
  12. That was a hoot. Who among us ... ? hahahahaha And strangely accurate. I believe the vocabulary they are searching for is fraud.
  13. A gift of land from a parent

    what if bought by the Thai ?
  14. Yes. well said. And I wonder if he was left handed ... or was just swinging from the guys left side, so naturally had to use a left. Both are idiots, and I hope to meet few people like them. Having said that, I can think of no kind of minor fender bender accident, however malicious, still a fender bender or scratched bumper that can justify an aggressive attack with a machete. Same for intentionally driving into the guy with force. Even though the punch was cold cock with a step swing it was not very powerful. If he had lowered the contact a couple inches he might have taken the jaw off; it looks like he made contact with the cheekbone and jaw. I think the old fart could have come out much worse especially dropping to the pavement and curb like that. The worst part of the whole story is the schoolgirl crying. That breaks my heart to see her so afraid, confused and worried about her father.