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  1. Minnehaha

    Money spent in Thailand per month?

    Khao soi can be found at S&P which are everywhere. just sayin.
  2. I didnt know that. Thanks!
  3. Why does it take 5 vehicles including a van and 15 men? It looks so silly... like it is everyones first time. Automatic weapons?
  4. True. And yet here we have laminated docs like OP indicated including marriage cert birth cert etc. Never had problem from authorities here in thailand. 30 years. Go to Germany or UK and it might be an issue? But these are Thai docs which would need translation as well. So I agree there may be glue issues or use issues in foreign lands.
  5. And good for countries where you need them several times a year !!
  6. Everybody has gone through what you describe.... multiple times and to one degree or another. To be a reasonably happy farang in a country half way around the world one needs to make peace with the differences and adapt. Learn things. Lotsa things. Or risk being miserable. Having said that I know a guy who likes to travel once a year because he loves coming home to his lovely house and pool. I have taken the path less traveled and become an expat. Many here have done the same and we are telling you it is possible to be very happy here but not without work and self awareness.
  7. Long discussion and interesting BUT Per the thread title: Has any foreigner ever been caught by Revenue dept and forced to pay tax on income? Anyone?
  8. Agreed. This pic is perfect example. Lanes are not drawn correctly, nor in coordination with signage quite often. Cops know it and wait to ticket. We have all seen it. Right turn lane is backed up half mile and if you try to jump in from middle lane to right the police nab you. The sign is posted at intersection too far to be visible. Its a mess. And must become part of the fun or you will go angry crazy and bitter old man.
  9. Aww. Come on. Nobody can understand Kiwis (just kidding)
  10. 1 she is a woman 2 she is Thai So, no she doesnt understand or relate to you in ways you are expecting. I am married. And before was single for 10 years with hundreds of gf over that time. The one thing I find irritating is the Thai lack of curiosity about anything. Sorry to bash away here but it is true.
  11. Minnehaha

    Taxi tipping to/from airport

    Why would anyone tip where local culture does not? Why on earth would anyone tip ON A SET PRICE ? Particularly when it is 2 times the meter rate?
  12. Minnehaha

    Storms wreaking havoc across Thailand

  13. Minnehaha

    ASH Thailand stresses on smoking control measures

    Anybody know where to buy butane can in Bangkok? Seems everybody sold out....