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  1. Just the truth would do it................ You know if you turned this around and a report came out that Thailand was good for ...this... or for that... we would have the whining Brits telling us that its made up stuff TAT has rigged it...but this report, Oh yer lets except this one on face value....no problem. & yes I am a Brit---but got so used to hearing the whines in N.Zealand for 13 years and in Oz for 28 years..... amazing they come from a Sh1thouse of a run down country....and as soon as they move to somewhere always they wanted to be....then it gets reinvented in there head..... The Aussies had it about right---"how do you tell the plane just come from the UK---- well the engines have been turned off but you can still hear the whining"
  2. So are you saying that Google has it wrong & the company we are talking about didn't close down its outlets in the other countries it is in.? I agree lifetime membership in any sort of club---should be viewed cynically. I have lived and used gyms here for 19 years now--just 2 chains have closed down--both overseas entity's . If you would like to put the proposal that this only happens in Thailand---I would Google that first, start with the USA. So you state that other countries the "Corporate veil" has it all covered when someone does a runner---would you like to point to examples of that --I think there's a Button with "Yes it only ever happens in Thailand" chant as well
  3. But a juristic person isn't really a person --its just an entity isn't it ?.....or do I have that wrong ?? . If so I am sure some kind person will correct me---along the lines of......You stupid thick ting tong..do you even know what your talking about....etc ...etc
  4. Yer its a job well done--- we should give credit when they do something, that's such a lot of money for a transient worker. Another place they have cleared up is the swampy Airport--it's amazing, I used to hate getting a taxi there with the argument about Meters---it's a thing of the past now with this new system.... Sorry a little bit off thread.......
  5. Fancy going into government with a bunch of racist, bigoted right wing homophobic thugs. . But I suppose the Democratic Unionist Party will just have to put up with the Conservatives......
  6. That's true Grouse---- just the only Pic I could find on the internet--- . But with Donald Trump ruling America and the D.U.P holding power in Westminister it looks like Orangemen will be ruling the world. I'll put in for a new hat.........
  7. Yer I agree and usually from the same sources ---I do wish they would expand on these reports though----- I mean surely the reporters first question was "How did you find out".....
  8. Just about everywhere trigpoint---- lets take another scenario. An older women applies to take her toy-boy Nigerian boyfriend back to the UK, He doesn't have a job - he doesn't have any savings-- basically he doesn't have a pot to piss in, other than he has a bank book which is from a different country that he is living in & which says he has a few 100 dollars.. He comes from an impoverished country, & there are no compelling reasons that he wants to go back there (Children/house/ job) other than her saying he will go when she goes back, But its all right as she has a note from her Dad saying they can stay there, without him even including a gas/rates/ or electric bill to prove he even lives there--or even exists. Oh yer & he didn't even apply for the Visa in his home country--but in another 3rd world country that he is now living in....& yes they have a note from a person in this 3rd world country saying the guy has been staying in her apartment. Don't know how it could all go wrong-- Bank accounts can be emptied without it showing in a bank book---A Bank.Book without bank letter -isn't proof of funds...(did you not learn that from getting your Thai Visa) I was in the same room you were in 3 months ago--(Oz shares with the UK) and was quite surprised that a lot of the people did not seem to think they should have ample proof before going there. These people are the kind that will be pushed into taking an agent paying 20K+ for just photo copying and arranging the papers correctly. Advice---3 months is a big ask for a first time Visa---- you usually go back yourself--so I would just ask for a month....unless you are going to miss her to mut
  9. Yer a lot the same mrfill---- there is an argument on there at the moment as as lot of Brits try to get around it by just streaming on their Ipad's etc Saying I dont have TV...just internet----dont know where that will go. I remember when I lived there as a school kid, they used to have a detector van They could tell if a house had TV switched on in those days, because of the great big aerial usually strapped to the Chimney they knew you were capable----but some hard up people would say its not working now...but the detector van could tell. The Idea was OK I suppose-- they wanted it to be independent, not have to rely on the industry that advertised......so they could say Cigarettes are bad for you without losing a million or 2 in advert revenue......they have done some good expose over the years , but it didn't seem to quite work out that way they thought.
  10. I dont think you understand the system mrfill...... So you can wander around posting how silly the Brits are to PREFER to do this---or you may want to Google it & find that they have no option-- If you are not an O.A.P. and you do not have a licence then you can be arrested and (if you dont pay the fine) jailed.......where you can watch TV for free.....
  11. Oh, Theresa, caught between the devil and the D.U.P..............
  12. I like their hat Grouse................. . . English voters 2015: We won't be governed by Scotland! English voters 2016: We won't be governed by Brussels! English voters 2017: *Googling the DUP
  13. Boris and Donald.....a cartoonist wet dream.........
  14. Surely no one on T-Visa is hackneyed enough to say that Kingstonkid---------
  15. OK I will keep an eye open for them................... .