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  1. POI to CSV, does it even exists?

    Interested in a tool to import / edit and generate "User POIs" (Points Of Interest) for iGO GPS systems? It generates both "user.upoi" and "KML" files. It can also be supplied with an almost complete list of NGV gas stations in Thailand, except Bangkok, where it only includes stations near the main roads. Please contact me for more information.
  2. Expensive village loans

    I just learned that my Thai wife’s family ran into problem with a very expensive microfinance “Village Fund” loan. They borrowed 100 000 bath 18 months ago and tell they have to pay 36% interest, which means their debt grows fast. I found that 15% is the maximum annual interest rate allowed under the "Civil and Commercial Code”. I just wonder if this is allowed, or some grafts going on? Anybody know more about this?