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  1. To all those people who say they have had it, I'm just curious to ask do you remember the actual bite and did it happen in the daytime?
  2. " What makes you jump to the conclusion that those spending a few hundred thousand Baht are not prepared for the financial catastrophe/ ice nine situation that will ensue in the not too distant future?" We can talk about it again after October 26
  3. There is a huge difference between a " cheap charlie " and spending your money wisely and I would rather train and mentally prepare for the tough economic times that are ahead when the global Ponzi collapses.
  4. Money to burn eh ? Why would you spend 500,000 baht when you can achieve the same results for less than 10,000 (5×1900) when the global economic bubble bursts you might be glad of that 490,000 which will buy you an awful lot of VIP services
  5. The list of prohibited activities for foreigners regarding work permits should be changed from ”occupations which Thailand is not yet ready to compete in “ to “ occupations which Thailand will never be ready to complete in”
  6. reminds me of this Irishman's colourful description of greed
  7. The proper terminology is " go whistle " according to the UK foreign minister
  8. " Pajjuban owned a number of businesses, from fisheries to hotels. " You would think that would be enough for anyone's lifestyle
  9. but it is murder ..........multiple times ?
  10. If you are that careless when you carry valuables they will probably also appreciate your passport which you are also required under Thailand law to carry
  11. I see nothing onerous about this whatsoever. I mean just based on living a very modest lifestyle without any extravagance- I still can't see how any genuine tourist can make 20,000 baht last for more than a couple of weeks?
  12. " the Lawyers Council of Thailand stripped Pisit from its list of qualified practitioners on ground that he was declared insolvent." In most civilised countries you would lose your right to practice law just for committing a crime -never mind if you are declared insolvent or not. People like this who attribute more importance to money than their morals and conscience are obviously on a different wavelength to most decent people. But I just would be curious to know what they intended to do with these ill gotten gains just to get an insight into how delusional these kinds of people are.
  13. you are the only one spouting BS here and you have never wanted this service to succeed because you obviously have a grudge against it when you wrote this last year I've never had any problems catching it many many times TOP SECRET: routes/times for air-con 15 baht local bus service! https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/907628-top-secret-routestimes-for-air-con-15-baht-local-bus-service/
  14. OP yes the bus is still running and despite what other people in this thread have said it goes very frequently it's air conditioned and it only costs 15 baht. It is white coloured and it's a small bus (not a minivan )-see a picture of it in the link below keep a lookout for it when it enters the airport from the main road and goes around the loop first stopping at the international terminal and then the domestic terminal http://slice-of-thai.com/cmbus/
  15. This certainly is the case in USA. I'm not American but it would be interesting to get an American person's perspective on whether there are any parallels between what is happening over there and here in Thailand. Sears for example have said officially they have " substantial doubt "about the future of retail stores in USA. So are there any reasons why the same economic forces would not in Thailand? http://www.pe.com/2017/03/23/sears-official-substantial-doubt-about-future-of-retail-stores/