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  1. But it's not just that. It's the privacy aspect .People really are sheeple. I mean they're paying this money and at the same time subjecting themselves to unbelievable loss of privacy and who knows where all this data will end up and for what purpose? I think it's creepy and people are paying for it Mind you I did read the other day that one group are enthusiastically volunteering to have their employer insert microchips into their body http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/apple-iphone-x-latest-updates-data-face-recognition-privacy-government-a8037271.html
  2. One website said that if you break the screen it costs a minimum of $279 to replace it and a serious repair job will cost more than $549 US. That's 60% of the original cost of the phone I can think of far better ways of spending my money https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/31/how-much-does-it-cost-to-repair-the-iphone-x.html
  3. but your the one who says better driver education standards wouldn't make any difference to the number of these kind of accidents. How are they gonna know what is the law and isn't the law if no one teaches them in the first place?
  4. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    No that's quite easy to get in many places
  5. What's the speed limit on 2nd Rd.?

    Maybe it makes them feel better to have done that but it's a complete waste of paint
  6. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    I'll give you an insane example of how I was threatened five years ago. I'm an Australian and I was trying to get a consistent and regular supply of an Australian product on the shelves of one of the big supermarkets in this country.So I simply sent an email to Australia and explained that their agent in Thailand ( also Australian apparently) didn't seem to be ensuring that there was an uninterrupted supply of their product here. After a while I received an email totally out of the blue from their Thai lawyer who was threatening me with defamation proceedings because of my email. It came to nothing but I think it was because the Australian manufacturer stuck up for me and probably told them to back off. But it's a very uncomfortable feeling when you receive such a threatening email. But that shows how this law is being abused in this country.
  7. Laem Chabang Port, cruise stopover

    OP just let Google help you :-) if you type into Google search " cheap hotels in Laem Chabang Port " you will then get a brief list and even a small map on the right side screen with each property labelled with the price in THB. If you click your mouse on any of those price labels a panel will appear with a link direct to the website of that hotel. Or you can zoom straight in on any property and move the little yellow man at the bottom of the screen changing over to Google Street view so you can see it from the outside looking for hotels is no longer the ordeal that it used to be
  8. Yes I wonder who pays the cost of all that as well as the cost of replacing their shoes?
  9. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    why are you so cruel?
  10. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    Yesterday was the first time you could see the Navy ships through whatever all that was
  11. At midday today 32.4 C at the weather station on Pratumnak Hill
  12. The fountain itself looks okay but I couldn't believe it this morning when I was there and discovered they have used artificial plastic grass tiles I have no idea how long it will last in the tropical sun but it's already covered in huge amounts of dog poop which will probably just sit there for days or weeks.
  13. http://newsroom.unl.edu/releases/2015/08/13/Study:+Driver's+ed+significantly+reduces+teen+crashes,+tickets
  14. house rental deposit.

    Yes indeed unfortunately this was an exceptionally expensive lesson for the two McDonald's brothers who started the first hamburger restaurant and only had a verbal agreement to be paid 1% of the royalties by Ray Kroc but was eventually unable to be proved . That expensive mistake resulted in the loss of $100 million per annum
  15. " Think of it this way (apart from road worthiness of vehicles) if you suddenly remove all the police and cameras from the UK, how long before the road death toll creeps up - I can guarantee not long before there is carnage on the roads " Can you provide evidence to support your theory?