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  1. i thought you said you were not going to post on this subject any more ?
  2. " he faces 10 years " now that is more like it ! whoever talked about months ?
  3. What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    I came up to CM from Pattaya to escape the 9 days of chaos down there which is too long. So is that the end of it for Chiang Mai or will there be more tomorrow (Monday) with it being an extra holiday?
  4. Speeding car kills roadside vendor

    I think Thailand should also get number one position for the number of defective brakes in vehicles because this is surely well above the average
  5. You say you ride a pushbike and that you ride/ drive defensively so do you have rearview mirrors on your bicycle because what's coming behind you can be just as dangerous as something head on
  6. "farang think too much" I hope Thai bus drivers don't think this way
  7. Not quite............. next we will probably see images of him entering an expensive house in the West End of London the part that worries me is if he comes from a rich family he still thought it would be easier to just murder someone for the money rather than ask one of his relatives for a loan or a handout.
  8. Would anyone happen to know if this market near Thappae Gate normally held every Sunday night will happen tomorrow 15 April? Because I guess the vendors wouldn't want to risk getting their goods wetby people who will continue to brandish their water pistols and buckets late into the night.
  9. I sincerely hope for her sake the UK Prime Minister hasn't duped the British public twice. First time by not providing any evidence whatsoever regarding the Salisbury poisoning and now this and destroying any evidence before it can be verified https://www.thenational.ae/world/mena/russia-blames-uk-for-staging-fake-syrian-chemical-attack-1.721287
  10. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/russias-heavy-bombers-return-to-iran-presumably-for-syria-related-operations/
  11. Statement from the Russian ambassador or to the USA
  12. So is this the way things are going to be from now on? One man and one woman as head of the government's have the unilateral right to start a war without any US congressional or British Parliamentary approval? And even before the OPCW have even arrived in the country? But what was more revealing was an interview on sky with General Jonathan Shaw, the former Commander of British Armed Forces in Iraq and when he started asking what possible motive there was for Syria to do this when they are on the brink of winning , Sky News abruptly cut him off. This is a criminal act by criminal people in government.
  13. WOW that would really set a wonderful precedent. Where next? High-rise condos on the top of Doi Suthep
  14. Two men in charge actually. What about the Minister of Transport who is conspicuous by his absence. It would be a little more reassuring to occasionally to hear from this person (or maybe he's just a phantom) to hear exactly what they are doing.