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  1. Yes you could get away with that kind of attitude provided you didn't have children otherwise you would have to try and explain to them why everyone was so willing to brush all the criminality under the carpet - remember QE " extend and pretend "?
  2. 9 years ago I remember TV poster " Flying " used to report almost weekly in the infamous " Financial Crisis " thread on the regular number of bank failures that were happening in USA . And here we are all these years later and they are still happening. What " recovery " ?
  3. Ah well there are plenty of neighbouring countries that will welcome foreign expenditure with open arms
  4. But in the original post it didn't ask about foreign ownership? The question was is there such a thing as communal ownership of buildings in Thailand in a vertically designed structure?
  5. Well they are sold and the party walls form the boundaries between your property and your 2 neighbouring properties so I don't see the difference in that regard. There must be some element of condo like ownership because of shared components such as the roof structure? As to ownership a foreigner would surely be able to put it in the name of a company and having a quasi commercial area of the ground floor I would have thought company ownership would have a lot more legitimacy with this kind of property than some of the sprawling residential structures on places like Phuket and Kho Samui that are also on the company ownership?
  6. Isn't what the OP referring to simply referred to as shophouses in Thailand which come in a wide range of designs and concepts? And I have definitely seen some like this in many places around Chiang Mai. For example not far from Central shopping centre
  7. Italy’s newest bank bailout cost as much as its annual defense budget https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/italys-newest-bank-bailout-cost-as-much-as-its-annual-defense-budget-22088/
  8. " teamed up with 191 cops and tourist police " Have they ever applied that many resources to searching for internationally wanted murderers and gangsters?
  9. And does your recommendation not to listen to financial experts also extend to ignoring what hedge funds are doing? Because according to this article hedge funds are now net sellers of stocks “Smart Money” Investors Are Now Net Sellers Of U.S. Stocks http://jaytaylormedia.com/smart-money-investors-are-now-net-sellers-of-u-s-stocks/
  10. And that is exactly why I found it so amusing
  11. One in particular that Al Jazeera feature in interesting documentaries from time to time which provides a most enlightening perspective of the other side of the argument which other mainstream media outlets never even mention
  12. http://wolfstreet.com/2017/06/23/ecb-shuts-veneto-banca-banca-popolare-di-vicenza-italian-banking-crisis/
  13. I suggest you need to get a grip or better still cool down because the context of my original post obviously went way over your head
  14. Whatever are you on about? It's your problem if you can't understand the difference of expressing freedom of expression on the ground compared to freedom of expression when confined within a metal tube at 36,000 feet.
  15. " micro-managing everything from twerking singers to bicycle lanes " ..............and the weather PM warns people against thunderstorms http://thainews.prd.go.th/website_en/news/news_detail/WNSOC6005190010155