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  1. Where can I change Lao kip in to Thai Baht

    10 to 12 years ago Kip didn't even have value inside Lao everybody only wanted US dollars. Now at the National Museum in Luan Prabang they even reject dollars and tell you to go to a bank and come back with kip it's like people have been brainwashed into believing their own currency is preferable and yet the only thing that changed is that these economies have gone deeper and deeper into debt. The same thing has happened in Vietnam, Cambodia and even Myanmar.
  2. Why would I be aggrieved ? I'm very entertained
  3. still there are plenty of people licking their wounds XIV Trader Loses $4 Million And 3 Years Of Work Overnight: Here Is His Story https://www.reddit.com/r/tradeXIV/?count=26&before=t3_7vo6sj
  4. and I'm just giving one example which shows their complete apathy towards enforcing any traffic laws even on their own doorstep. Lack of equipment is a complete red herring
  5. You are joking of course? They only have to stand outside their own police station on Beach Road and flag down the hordes of motorists that you see tearing down the Beach Road freeway and clearly travelling far in excess of the 40 km speed limit which is painted in red on the same road
  6. But it's academic because where do you ever see the police rigourously prosecuting any traffic infringements (other than the helmet rule which makes them instant money)? Where do you see them going after speeding motorists, or motorists failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing, or motorcyclists going the wrong way travelling against the traffic?
  7. Agreed. The best practical example of this is to stand outside the police box on the corner of Pattaya Klang and 3rd Road and watch the traffic tearing down 3rd at high speed on the wrong side of the double yellow line just to beat the right turn green arrow. As there are long distance coaches parked on the left it means the traffic heading north west along 3rd road is reduced to just one lane and they have to take evasive action to avoid these jokers with their me me me attitude. Occasionally the police officer will poke his head out of the window and then the window will slide closed again. This kind of dangerous driving occurs hundreds of times every day and the police do nothing.
  8. so what? Are you suggesting everybody must comply with your parameters otherwise they are not bone fide tourists? Maybe the OP is not in the majority- may be the OP is part of the minority. Like an American couple I was speaking to a couple of weeks ago at the airport who have a yacht moored somewhere but are flying around Thailand. They have been travelling for SEVEN YEARS ! Maybe you should tell them to go home its way past their allowance (according to you)
  9. Hang on a minute? But isn't using a country as a base for travel what tourists usually do? And since when is there a time limit to being a tourist? This is getting crazier and crazier
  10. Airport JAIL!

    if he was there on a 90 day tourist exemption the following passage caught my eye. Having been there myself during December a few years ago right when the Orange Revolution was taking place I can tell you there is nothing there in terms of tourist attractions! (Other than perhaps the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site) I was there for about 5 days and that was enough. So I'm intrigued as to what was so compelling regarding his visit as a tourist that he used up 90 days plus an extra one https://odessablog.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/more-visa-questions-about-ukraine-and-the-90180-days-rule-so-some-answers/
  11. Airport JAIL!

    I found this rather surprising also and this article seems to suggest it's no big deal (particularly just by one day) https://ukraineliving.com/overstayed-in-ukraine/
  12. He says that America now has the lowest unemployment rate ever regarding African-Americans. Is this true and how did they achieve this?
  13. .............. as opposed to carrying out a military coup
  14. People seem to agree with you because I wanted to fly with them from Bangkok to London in 10 days time and I want to go business class but it's almost all sold out no other airline seems to have their business class seats snapped up so quickly .
  15. I've been asking for years why they don't have this system already? I mean it is hardly rocket science to link a few databases to keep out all these people that escape here and seek refuge here even when they have outstanding warrants and are wanted in their own country.