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  1. hkt83100

    What Are You Eating (Thai Food Porn)

    Yum Pla Duk Foo (Catfish Salad, to die for)
  2. Another remarkable detail: The Kodak Express next to 7/11. Today it is quite hard to find one of these or a Fuji.
  3. hkt83100

    Budweiser Beer in Phuket

    There is more than one Budweiser Beer in this world. One is the p!ss from US, the other one is a tasty beer from CZ. Read more about the real stuff here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Budvar-mug.JPG
  4. hkt83100

    Anything new or interesting in Phuket?

    Come and see. Lots of changes in the last 5 years. I guess even in the 6 months since I fled the island.
  5. hkt83100

    Touch up paint

    I went to a car repair shop and asked for a bit of paint. Toyota Avanza White. It took about one minute and I got a M-150-bottle full of paint. 50 Baht, that's it. Just don't ask at the office, ask one of the workers there...
  6. They do not, but they get a discount.
  7. Could this be a transcription for "Muhammad"?
  8. Yes, they have. Especially the way around Hua Hin - Cha Am is a favorite hunting ground. Between Prachuap and Chumpon you'd better stick to speed limits. Best would be to avoid speeding anyway.
  9. hkt83100

    Syrian, Egyptian arrested in Patong for overstay

    Please be informed that the story is about NANAI road in Patong, not about NANA in Bangkok.
  10. hkt83100

    "Certificate of Residence" - I Need To Get New One

    Don't worry, I have been living 23 years in the same house until I moved away from Phuket. By the way, the rent never went up in this time.
  11. I am talking about the COR you need for driving license or registration of a vehicle, not the 90-days report. And by the way, I got my last one for free in Phuket, when I asked for a receipt of the 300 Baht. I just said, "No receipt, no money".
  12. I would like to hear from someone, who got his Confirmation Of Residence for free.
  13. I find it interesting, that on this subject there are no ads of any of the "Retirement extension without funds"-companies, whereas they have been plastered all over normally...
  14. hkt83100

    Dentist Patong

    Patong Hospital
  15. Which is exactly what should be for free...