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  1. Don't forget at least a few more: ignoring human rights, progressing to dictatorship, ...
  2. Forget the 500 Baht, there is no fee. But I had to present a confirmation of my consulate, that the new passport is genuine. Another 9xx Baht in the koffer of the consule
  3. Seeing a Juke makes me puke. Kill that designer better now than later. Sorry, but this is just my opinion.
  4. I suggest they start training the staff at hospitals. I had two small operations in a hospital in Phuket City, and both times the nurse failed to pull all stitches. First time one was left, the second time three! Not very hub-like, if you ask me. And no, it was NOT at Vachira.
  5. IMHO the design team responsible for the Juke (I usually call it Puke) should be tarred and feathered and chased out of town. This beast look even uglier than a SsangYong Stavic.
  6. Red Onion has moved to Kata Beach, find it in Taina Road, from Makro down to the beach on the left hand side.
  7. Red Onion has moved to Kata Beach, find it in Taina Road, from Makro down to the beach on the left hand side.
  8. I have a Avanza, too, and I am quite happy with it. But nowadays I would go for the Sienta. The Automatic is much better and the seats are easier to re-configure if you need a lot of storage.
  9. Rushing from one place to the other in such a hurry would not be a holiday for me.
  10. And even if this does not work out (forgotten to stock up in time), people who cannot exist without booze for two days have a totally different problem.
  11. If I would have followed your recommendations, I would have missed a lot of the beautiful places in this country in the 22 years I am driving here, car and motorbike. I stopped measuring after a total of about 400,000 kms.
  12. I would prefer the orange one. Looks brighter, I like the color.
  13. From a test drive I can confirm your good feelings about the car.
  14. First time to see such clear pictures from these bl00dy CCTV cameras...
  15. 3BB

    To find out about your speed, test against a host outside of Thailand, i.e. in USA or Europe. The others in Thailand are always fast (and dubious).