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  1. The way the food looks I would not pay more than 30 Baht. Rice 5 Baht, Egg 10 Baht, Moo Krob does not look like krob. Just little Basil, and Chili? Forget it. Lousy Food. The cook should be ashamed of producing something like that. Urks!
  2. New Color Blindness Test ?

    I hope you will never have an accident without a valid license, otherwise the insurance won't pay.
  3. Are rental prices dropping in Phuket

    I am living in the same house for 22 years now, the owner is Thai. The rent never went up. Not down either.
  4. Which resort

    Same owner...
  5. Which resort

    Look up "Palm View Resort". Clean, friendly staff, pool, next to entry of Nanai Soi 2. Quite a few places for draft beer near to it. Should be compatible to your budget.
  6. From the picture I guess the lights will be red for another 8 seconds, so I don't believe it "was changing"... And the right brake light should be fixed on the car.
  7. About 300,000 km (or more) in 22 years. Twice my car has been bumped into when parked in front of the house by a motorbike, and I was hit by a motorbike ridden by a drunk guy, who had no driving license, but he was driving the motorbike of his boss (without permission). No bad in average, I think. The kms are about 3:1 on car:motorbike.
  8. Hmm. That procedure with the ATM would not work for me, since I got the funds on a fixed deposit, and that will not show up at an ATM. Anyway, in Phuket a letter from the bank of yesterday is perfectly welcome. Boxing Day is my favorite date for the extension, just after lunch break. I got sequence number 1 and was done in under 20 minutes. Pickup of the passport on the next day took about 3 minutes.
  9. Possibly a typo? The author tried to write "Laos" but stumbled over a motorbike parked between him and the keyboard.
  10. Ask the one who owns the construction company...
  11. Prayut finds a feathered friend

    Are you sure he speaks 498 languages?
  12. Somehow I am missing Nong Khai and Pak Chong in the list.
  13. Bad attitudes in Phuket/Patong?

    After about 22 years in Phuket, I must say it did not change for the better. But anyway - there are still friendly and nice people around, at least in these areas which are not over-falanged.