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  1. I recently stumbled upon "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries". Nothing new (from 2012) but quite amusing. I love the music, the cars, the fashion of the 20s... Look at IMDB for more information
  2. Which is also worth a receipt. Well, let's stop here.
  3. Just ask for a receipt very politely. You know, I need it for my taxes...
  4. But grossly overpriced, especially their rates for sending stuff within Thailand. They must use boxes made from pure gold.... I've been there a few times with my PCX, but I preferred to spend my money somewhere else.
  5. Forget advice 4 and 5, both are quite likely to lead to a disaster.
  6. When I did my extension they accepted a printout in back and white on A4. A friend had "real" pictures made (4" by 6"), they were not accepted until he glued them on a A4 page.
  7. Nanai Road in Patong was flooded last night, the front license plate of my car got lost. Just came back from looking for it, it was one of four on the road...
  8. Ouch! That hurts!
  9. That is two of how many?
  10. I did my 90 days report there yesterday about 10.30 am. I just handed a copy of all passport pages and passport, that's all. No form required. In and Out in about 5 minutes. The only problem is to park nearby, I had to put my motorbike in the mud at the path to the beach.
  11. The Airblade has been available in Thailand for at least 10 years... Does this stupid something have a driving license?
  12. I can confirm this. I did my extension on Boxing Day 2016, my picture was a black and white printout on my Laserprinter, two pictures placed on a DIN A4 sized page. A friend handed two color pictures (6" by 4")a few days later, which were rejected until he glued them on a A4 size page. A printout of Google Maps of the location of my house was not required, but put a smile on the face of the officer.
  13. I prefer software which will work offline. I use HERE Maps or, the first one being the sequel of Nokia Maps, the other one using OpenStreetMaps. Both are working quite well, but HERE does not have maps for China/Hong Kong. Download the maps (in both cases) while you are at home on your WiFi and you are ready to go. Updates for the maps are regular and available for free! Give both of them a try, it's free. Links given below. HERE Maps
  14. You forgot a trailing 0