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  1. Oh ok, I can't really help you then. I gave True the flick a few years ago now.
  2. Where are you watching your shows? It's available for downloading.
  3. I looked around a while ago and thought there was a lack of available systems that suited me. In the end, I just researched what I wanted and ordered it from Lazada.
  4. Just read an article suggesting Josh Kennedy has reinjured his ankle and could miss another month
  5. Looking at the odds this week, one would think it was pretty cut and dried. I still reckon there are 4 or 5 games where it could go either way. Will Essendon have too much pace for Sydney? Will Collingwood keep their season alive by beating the bullies in Port? Can WB get the season back on track against Norf who apart from last week, have been pretty good. Can Melbourne live up to the hype and beat WC in Perth? Can Richmond bounce back against an in form Carlton at the Gee? Kicks off again tonight gang. Good luck to all. Maybe not Alex
  6. Do yourself a favour and give series 1 a crack.
  7. I knew WC were robbed in the 2005 GF Barry Hall: I should have been suspended for 2005 Grand Final Former Sydney star Barry Hall admits he shouldn't have been allowed to play in the Swans' 2005 Grand Final triumph after punching St Kilda's Matt Maguire in the preliminary final. Speaking after he was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame, Hall said the club exploited a loophole in tribunal rules to argue that the incident occurred 'in play' - despite it happening almost 50m off the ball. "There was a little glitch in the rules and we knew that," Hall said "I shouldn’t have played. If rules are rules, I shouldn’t have played the Grand Final. "I hit a guy. The rules were “in play, out of play”, he was clearly out of game. "I got away with one. What can you do?"
  8. Riviera: Managed to get to the 10 minute mark of episode 3 and that was enough for me.
  9. If she has the 801 visa, cannot have it cancelled. Not always easy to cancel an 820 either. It depends on the circumstances. At least he seems safe with a CSA assessment.
  10. From my understanding of the CSA, unless your son has adopted the child, he won't be eligible to pay.
  11. Careless for Selwood! One would've thought that when you're falling to the ground, you put your arms out to brace the fall. Not cock your elbow. http://www.theage.com.au/video/video-sport/video-afl-real-footy/selwood-and-mitchell-look-set-for-tribunal-20170615-4v5cc.html
  12. Consistently inconsistent. Selwood...low impact and careless...<deleted>! Buddy's report should've been withdrawn. Disgraceful.