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  1. Anyone using AIS fibre in North Pattaya area?

    Thanks for the heads up as I was thinking about ditching my 50mb True and getting AIS, I also live in the Banglamung area. Not because of problems with the speed and can download stuff very fast too. The reason is that I have a triple package that I pay 2700 for per month: Gold tv-sim card-inet. I just ditch the Gold package and the sim card and keep the fiber inet. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. I am married to a nice Thai lady and if I tell her I gonna buy a big bike, I am just telling her so she knows(and I did) . Nobody, nobody tells me what I do with my hard earned money. The scooters and truck are in wife's name but not my V650, no way. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Benelli Leoncino 500

    Well maybe, but the Benelli sounds way better according to different sources and a on-line bike magazine tester likes the Benelli better overall than the Cb500. Re-sale value doesn't matter much if you keep it more than say 4-5 years. 2nd bike prices have dropped like a stone the last few years. Okay service might be a problem, don't know how they are covered here in Thailand. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. True Visions lack of customer care!

    6mb? That's too slow for me. Well I think AIS can't be had in my village (yet). My friend in the village, binned his gold package and got the bacic one but kept his inet. He now supcripe to Netflix and he is happy with that, movies+TV shows when he wants it and I think he said, it's covered for 5 family members, so everyone can watch on their own devices and decide what and when. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. True Visions lack of customer care!

    I think I gonna give them the boot as well, pay about 2700 per month for the gold package + 50mb/s + a sim card. I like the documentary programmes I must admit but the movies are mostly old and replayed again and again. I will check out AIS when I come back from overseas work. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Benelli Leoncino 500

    Nice, congrats. So how is the bike? Have you considered softbags? If you check a resent topic about the Honda X500 there is some good info on those. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Kawasaki W range, been browsing today.

    Which dealer was that?
  8. Kawasaki W range, been browsing today.

    Congt NormanW on the Z900 cafe, love the new Z900 retros as well, the much cheaper Z900 looks like some kind of insect as mentioned. I was actually at Kawa big bike Pattaya earlier this week as asked for a deal if I trade in my V650 2015 (mk3) for a Z900rs. They offered me 150k baht!! <deleted>, I told the sales lady I can get 180K baht from the insurance if totaled. I think that is really lousy from Mityon that they thread a old customer like this, and I obviously didn't take the deal. Doubt I buy any bike/scooter from Mityon again and I also bought my pcx150 6 years ago outside Pattaya as it was +5000 baht cheaper there because Mityon had inflated the prices due to demand on the new 150cc model. Back to the W800, yes lovely bike for sure but they been discontinued from the factory, last year I think and Kawa Thailand will sell remaining stock.
  9. Many thanks guys, some things to try out. I am running out of time as I soon go off-shore working for 2 month in Africa but I will try as you suggested when home again. Many thanks again and I promise I will follow up in this topic when I have the chance.
  10. Here is a right click of my mouse, the white box and as you see no option of creating a new folder. Also Ctrl+Shift-N key doen't give me any options
  11. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    I was in the T21 in Bangkok app 2 weeks ago and I found it a somewhat different shopping center compared to our own Central. The escalators for all levels are located in the front of the building when you enter in a big empty space and then there are escalators in the back as we see in Central. This gives a wow effect that I sort of like. From what I seen when passing the one being build here, the design will roughly be the same. Looking forward to see it when opened, we live nearby, 10min scooter ride or so. Those shopping centers are good for the hot season and have lunch/dinner, I seldom buy anything unless I stumble over something and then as mentioned, all the banks are there as well.
  12. Thanks bendejo, looks like I will have to start doing some serious back-up when I eventually gets my system up and running correctly.
  13. Thanks guys, I will probably have to do a complete re-install. Since I go working 2 month overseas next week, I will wait until back home again.
  14. So again for the 2nd time I have lost the option of right clicking and create a new folder which is very frustrating on my fairly new Win10 PC. Last time this happened, I restored the PC to an earlier point and I got the option back to right click and create a new folder. Now this time my restore points is nowhere to be found and I can only restore to yesterday at which point right clicking and create a new folder didn't work. System protection is on, so I don't understand my restore points are gone. Two questions to our specialists here on the forum; 1: Why does this happen? I can see in the microsoft support that this happens to many. 2: What should I do; reset the PC? I rather not reset, never done it before and I used Win7 for a long time on my old PC and that was never necessary and even upgraded to Win10 and it still ran OK. I run the free CC cleaner program regularly as I did on my old PC and read on-line that it's a good program. Any inputs welcome, thanks
  15. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    The pcx is also too big for my wife so she has a scoppy i which is crap, we had lots of small problems with it.