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  1. guzzi850m2

    JUNE 2018 Photograph Competition

    Another little fellow in my garden at Pattaya today, +30cm long. XPro1 and XF18-55mm at 55mm, processed in the very good Luminar Jupiter photo software. Last post for a while as I am off for 6 weeks work overseas tomorrow. Keep on photographing.
  2. guzzi850m2

    Ford Ranger raptor

    Yes I was told by Ford Pattaya they gonna launch the Everest with that engine soon, might be a re-placement for my WT when it turn 6-7 years old in 1-2 years time. Not that the WT is showing signs of wear/age but it's just too big for Pattaya. The Raptor is massively big I read somewhere, almost like a US truck?
  3. guzzi850m2

    JUNE 2018 Photograph Competition

    Last weekends Pattaya fireworks festival. Fuji XPro1 at 18mm on tripod at 1sec shutter-speed.
  4. guzzi850m2

    Monk arrested for rape after seven year search

    Why are the 2 officials down below the monks head level, they should had come in with drawn guns, forced him on the floor face-down, handcuffed and dragged forcefully away.
  5. guzzi850m2

    Importing a laptop from Amazon US

    I just got a 700$ laptop from Amazon and paid 36$ shipping and 146$ in import taxes. Note this is estimated tax, when I bought a tablet from them last year I got app 100$ back a couple of month later. If you put your wanted laptop in the Ama basket/check-out, you can see what you totally will be paying and then decide if you want the item or not.
  6. guzzi850m2

    Watching The Fireworks

    We were down watching last night, took the scooter as traffic was very dense. At Central I went to Carl's Jr. where there were no fee for getting in but off-course you have to buy something, so I had a orange juice to 45 baht. The Hippopotamus charged you 500 baht just to get in, hmm. Tonight we gonna find a spot on the north end for a better view I think as my photos were not that good.
  7. guzzi850m2

    Watching The Fireworks

    Where is that tropo?
  8. guzzi850m2

    JUNE 2018 Photograph Competition

    In my garden today. Fuji XPro1& XC50-230mm lens that is dirt cheap but are actually quite good.
  9. guzzi850m2

    Spreads for toast, what's available in Thailand?

    There is German lever sausage in the good expat stocked supermarkets that can be used as spread as well, jummy.
  10. guzzi850m2

    New tires for my truck

    No there is nothing like that and it's parked in the shade at the house all the time. Anyway the truck goes for 9 month service on friday so I will ask them to check the tires now they are at it.
  11. guzzi850m2

    New tires for my truck

    The tires are not that worn but the heat here are hard on tires so I thought 5 years old and it's about time getting new ones. I am in Pattaya.
  12. guzzi850m2

    New tires for my truck

    Cheers guys, increase by 10mm eh, might look better and give marginally more contact surface.
  13. guzzi850m2

    New tires for my truck

    My Ranger WT from 2013 needs new tires, over 5 years old and 50k km done. Original tires are: Bridgestone Dueler H/T 265/65 R17 112T and they looks fairly okay, have swapped them around a couple of times. Which ones should I get and should I keep the same size? Not interested in getting big fat tires and don't do off-roading. Cheers for inputs.
  14. guzzi850m2

    GPS for my bike

    Searching on a Garmin compared to an on-line android device is like day and night, the Garmin very cumbersome and only have whatever is loaded into the maps and I found it tricky to get the spelling right but an on-line phone can come up with a result quickly. Okay an on-line phone with location enabled will use the battery fast so you better have a ubs socket fitted on the bike when touring the whole day.
  15. guzzi850m2

    Bigger bike for 185cm rider

    I found a lowering kit in the US specific for the V. Shipping was actually the same as the kit as I recall, it's a while ago I got them.