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  1. guzzi850m2

    Things That Grate On You In Pattaya....

    No dislike bottom in Thai Visa forums.
  2. guzzi850m2

    Things That Grate On You In Pattaya....

    I also don't like BKK plated cars, they think they own the place (okay maybe they do, often see some Ferraris and Lamborghinis on BKK plates) I am one of them having my arm out of the window in my new truck flickering the ash off my cigi, what's wrong with that, much cleaner inside my truck than Beach Road where I normally "commit the crime" so it make perfect sense to me doing it.
  3. I recently sold my Honda City ZX 06 via ThaiVisa Classified. I thought it would be an easy sell but no, only one showed interest in it. It was a British gentleman, he came and had a look and took it for a spin inside the Village. After a bit of friendly haggling we agreed on a price 25k baht below the advertised price. He was good for his handshake, next week I picked him up in the H. City and we drove out to the land transportation office near Regent school outside Pattaya. A fat envelope changed hands when the paper work was done. I still got app 65-45 k baht more than Ford Pattaya and other places offered me. I based my price on prices I saw in 1-2Car. I now owns (or wife I should say ) a Ford Ranger WT2.2 2wd and I know that I will not get same price when selling it compared to more established brands as Toyota or Isuzu but I don't care, the chill WT was what I wanted and I got it 50k baht below current list price and I intend to keep it for maybe 5 years.
  4. guzzi850m2

    Questions About Your Experiences With Ford Ranger 2.2

    I have a 2.2 Wildtrak and am very happy with it - no issues at all, It is my leisure vehicle and a 2 wheel drive. I have no problems at all keeping up with anything and even in town it performs well. It is almost as comfortable as a saloon but for me has exceeded my expectations, great vehicle. For work I am provided a 3.0 Toyota 4 WD - It (IMO) seems to be around the same power wise as my Ford, It is a great truck and obviously is a proven entity - again no issues, great machine. I am happy to be able to drive both but my favorite is the..... FORD Ha-Ha, It's nice to hear from somebody that drives both trucks frequently but Transam must be crying now
  5. guzzi850m2

    Where Have All The Gps Units Gone?

    I like my Garmin 205W despite it's falling off the front window all the time and a cable is "hanging" from it to charge it When it' sitting there (and not falling down) it's very handy. I saw a system in a Ford Everest that looked very good, would love that in my Ranger but it will most likely cost a fortune.
  6. We own a house thus no rent money and I think we use app. 75-100ck baht pr month. Truck, 2 scooters, True Satellite TV, Internet, electrical bills and more, it all adds up. When I retire in 10-15 years time, I budget 100k baht pr month in a owned house. No need for an international school for your kid, a good private Thai school will do. My son attend a very good private school here and it's way cheaper than the inter.n ones.
  7. guzzi850m2

    Pattaya Haters Posting In The Pattaya Forum

    Yes many people love to hate Pattaya and are busy posting here on every change they get. Many are living a lonely life in some dusty Isaan Village and are bored to death. Here in Pattaya you have many life styles to choose from: A sex addicts paradise (gay or straight), an alcoholics paradise, you could start drinking in one end in Town and will first have tried all bars a year later. A normal family man's home, good schools, hospitals and so on and a quiet life outside town in a house. For me as a family man it's good here, close to the airport (work overseas), close to Bangkok. I also love ChangMai but my wife now like Pattaya and we also can't move away when the smog is bad up there (kid in school).
  8. guzzi850m2

    Questions About Your Experiences With Ford Ranger 2.2

    I am also happy with the power from my 2.2 engine, okay it hesitates from standstill until the turbo kicks in but then it really goes. Overtaking is easy, the truck accelerate pretty quickly for such a heavy vehicle and as somebody pointed out, it's not a racing car so if another brand of truck is slightly quicker I couldn't care less. I meet many people both Thais and Westerners who commented on the truck (WT, chill orange) and they were all positive. So far no problems what so ever with the truck and it fells rock solid and I am happy I choose to wait 8 long month for it and not buy anything else.
  9. guzzi850m2

    Just Back From My Second Visit To Thailand

    OP Don't know your age and it doesn't really matter but whatever you do always keep the majority of your money outside Thailand and just have a monthly "salary" for yourself and GF. If you buy a truck put it in your own name and so on. I am not saying that there isn't good Thai girls/people here, there is. I have a fairly large house and a truck and a couple of scooters here all in my wife's name but we have a kid and I chosen to trust my wife (that the point of marriage). I am still working and my pensions funds are overseas so if the shit hits the fan big time I can bugger off and still survive. My point is: Don't put all your money on one horse (GF + Thailand). Good luck
  10. guzzi850m2

    "rent A Wreck" Car Hire

    So you want to hire a cheap car with a cheap Thai driver to get you and an infant baby to the beach? Man you must be lazy, it's takes one day to get your driver license and it's cheap too. Then you can buy your own wheels and go whenever you want and don't put your baby and yourself in the mercy of others, Okay your Thai friend might be a good driver but many Thais isn't despite they think they are very good.
  11. guzzi850m2

    Everyday Driving Skills Teacher Needed

    My wife also had something like 15 hours by a company on Naklua road. First small roads on the dark side and then later on the more demanding Sukhumvit road. Very cheap compared to the West. My wife can only drive auto transmission cars/trucks, no need to learn manual trans here in LOS as we will only be buying truck/cars in auto mode. Naklua sorn chub rodyun, near Naklua fish market.
  12. guzzi850m2

    "rent A Wreck" Car Hire

    No not as such but try classified here in ThaiVisa and you might find some older cars for rent. Just make sure it got full 1st class insurance.
  13. guzzi850m2

    Westerners: Another Thai Bubble?

    They are still building condo's/houses in large numbers in the whole Pattaya area and they are not only aimed at Thais. Yes some expats are leaving & new arrives all the time, as late as yesterday I spoke to an Australian at the dentist and he was planning to move here on a more permanently basis. Russian speaking people are buying a lot of condos/houses but maybe more as a holiday home and not a full time residence. I have my family here and as long as I can get a Non-O multi entry visa fairly easy I gonna stay, for me it's generally very cheap to live here.
  14. guzzi850m2

    Road Side Assistance? (Don't Laugh!)

    You are a very brave man or you got 200K baht handy for bail bond in case you kill somebody in your car even if it's not your fault. I never drive/ride 4 wheeled vehicles/big bikes without class A coverage, theft- bail bond- hospital coverage for millions of baht for involved parties. If the shit hits the fan you can go to jail and/or be broke very quickly here so take your precautions which means: fully insured vehicles.
  15. guzzi850m2

    Thai Police Hard At Work.....

    I find it hard to believe he got fired, they normally transfer them if they been a bad boy. Only thing he did wrong was getting caught on video, everybody know a police man can't live well on his salary and has to make extra money to support his family.