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  1. Yes it is really sad. RIP little one.
  2. Doubt it; he is 42 years old. Good luck to Khun Udom getting his wish fulfilled.
  3. guzzi850m2

    Burapa “Bikers of the East” Poker Run

    OK thanks, will check it out.
  4. guzzi850m2

    Burapa “Bikers of the East” Poker Run

    Is this in Pattaya? Do you have a link for the event?
  5. guzzi850m2


    Any phone that can go on-line is classified as a smart phone. You can still buy phones that can only call/receive calls and send/receive SMS, not going on-line. iPhones are unique since they are the only ones using IOS, all others uses Android, well almost, a very small % are Windows phones. In Japan I was issued a work phone and I don't know what that was running on, a really really odd thing, I never managed to sort it out, so only receive calls/calling on it. I just bought a iPhone 6S plus for my wife and she loves, but she is not good with phones so the iPhone is good for her, easy to operate. I think the top model iPhones are very cool but I am not willing to pay the price. Too much snobbery involved as well for my liking.
  6. guzzi850m2

    Huawai or an Ipad?

    I think there is a fairy inexpensive 10" IPad on the market now, my friend have one and he is very happy with it. I think it was app 12k baht My old IPad mini2 is still going strong, used by my son now, taken a lot of abuse. Buy expensive I would say, some android tablets are pretty good, mine got a 2k screen which is gorgeous to look at. I have a Lenovo 10" tablet now and it's been good but I miss my IPad sometimes. Apparently many of the so called Apple shops here are not genuine ones, so I suggest you try goggle Apple Thailand and see if there are any true Apple shops here and perhaps contact them.
  7. guzzi850m2

    Xiaomi Pocophone

    I had mine for 5 days now and I am extremely happy with it. It's very fast (I got the 6gb/64gb version), no hanging here, it flies. Old Samsung J7+ would sometime hang a bit during heavy browsing. I actually like the MIUI skin, not bad at all. There was a system update when I powered up the phone for the first time. Fingerprint scanner works every time, like that it sits on the back under the cameras. The photo scanner for unlock only works in certain regions oddly enough. For UK location, it's dosen't, for Thailand it does, hmm. Only one speaker in the bottom, the other one is a fake, ha-ha, okay sound but not something that will blow your socks off. Cameras; not too bad either, very good in daylight, colors nice punchy, portrait mode works very good too on both cameras. I tried burst mode and it just fired off over 20 shoots with no signs of slowing down. I am still experimenting with nights shoots, looks that so far the J7+ are doing better in this regard but i am not finished testing yet. Conclusion (by an non phone expert): Extremely good value for money smartphone, got mine for 9990 baht, if you like this size; 6.18" and a phone that is fast, real fast, you can't go wrong with the Poco F1 phone in this price bracket and the big battery is a huge bonus. Perhaps if you want better camera specs you are better off with something else but I uses real cameras when going on holidays so don't care much about that. Un-edited shots in our garden & sons school last week, water mark "on".
  8. guzzi850m2

    New tires for my truck

    Thought I give an update. I ended up getting exactly the same tires as when it was new so Bridgestone Dueler H/T 265/65 R17 112T made in Jan 2018. I asked for 10mm wider tires but was told 10k per tire because 17 is not so common, 18 is much cheaper but then obviously new wheels are needed and again not something I am willing to spend. So I got the Dueler's for total 20K baht including fitting, balancing & alignment. The ride feels much better now so keeping the same tires for over 5 years here in LOS is pushing it, on my bike bike I change after max 3 years.
  9. Fujifilm X100T, ISO500 1/200sec f4
  10. guzzi850m2

    Pure Android OS

    I also prefer android one OP system but not many phones have them. Yes Poco F1 uses Xiaomi skin which is not too bad but not pure android one.
  11. guzzi850m2

    Looking for a Bilingual school in Pattaya

    You are welcome. Yes he speaks both as we think it's really really important for his future and one of the reasons an international school is not really suited now, perhaps after 6th grade but not decided yet.
  12. guzzi850m2

    Looking for a Bilingual school in Pattaya

    My 8 year old son currently attends Phoenix English program and it's quite good with native English speakers in each class room as head teacher and a Thai as 2nd teacher. We moved him out of Maryvitt as they were hitting him sometimes making me very angry, he hated that school but thankfully he is very happy at Phoenix. Maryvit uses English teachers from the Philippines, Phoenix uses UK teachers, Maryvit is not a true bilingual school but more Thai orientated. They also learn Thai on Phoenix as mentioned, very important for his future in Thailand. Sadly Phoenix only goes up to 6th grade. Tara Pattaya is run by same outfit as phoenix and is an international school, 7th grade on-wards cost an eye-watering 450k baht per year, we paid them a visit last week. Pnoenix starts at 0800 and ends at 1600 but we give him 1 hour extra everyday, vollyball, football, painting, sometimes Thai. Tara Pattaya starts at 0900, ends at 1550 and also here options of having your kid staying until 1700, and surprise surprise, at no extra cost. We can move our son to Tara without paying 80k baht enrollment fee because as I said same owners.
  13. guzzi850m2

    Honda Scoopi

    Not impressed with wife's Scoopi-Doo; the overall quality is sub standard compared to my PCX. Countless small problems over the years here and there, will change it out next year I think, for something else.
  14. guzzi850m2

    reading Kindle from 2nd tablet

    It will be possible to download the kindle app, log in to your Amazon account and then use you tablet as reading platform, transferring books from the cloud as you want. I am not so sure regarding item 2, they will have to be in EPUB format, well they have to on Kindle readers, maybe not on android. I only read books now on my Kindle, phone was too small so I stopped using it for that. Give it a try and see how it goes
  15. guzzi850m2

    Affordable Smartphone Recomendations

    The UMI has a defect screen, any touch on it isen't doing anything. I actually started it yesterday and all the apps was updated. You can buy a screen for it on Lazada for 25$, a bit tempted but I just got a new phone soo.