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  1. Remember; you ride a bike and drive a car, 555. Yes I agree by either ride/drive yourself (or both, which I do), you never know the skills of the taxi dude, some are even drunk/high whilst on the job. Been riding and driving here for many years, had some close calls but I am still here. Still love going out riding on the big bike, ultimative felling of freedom.
  2. I am not in yet and will wait for now ans see how the wind blows. Now the 1000 bitcoin question: when will the cryptos market go into bull market again?
  3. Triumph Bobber - Thumbs up or down??

    I visited the soon to open Triumph dealer in Pattaya, shop is almost completed, a huge shop, very nicely designed. Finally been waiting for a long time for one. I sat on a Bobber and it is defiantly too small for me, Speedmaster perhaps, the T120 is okay for me, think I could live with that one. I talked to the general manager Khun Tomm, a very nice guy, he got a Bobber himself. He did a trip from Patts to Changmai and got very tired of the Bobbers short range, app 140km per tank he got out of it because he rides it hard and also have to consider reserves. They sold over 40 Triumphs in about 1 month, app 80% Thais and the rest expats.
  4. Yep that KTM duke390 gets my vote as well, all reviewers are raving about how fun it is. Last generation have a lot of improvements over the 1gen one. Would love to have on myself.
  5. The Warnings

    I read somewhere today that some people had taken up double mortgages in their houses to buy bitcoin and similar and some lost it all, got scammed, hacked and the government(s) can do little to help. That's one reason why some governments are against cryptos and off-course they don't know what people got tucked away (yet) and are loosing tax money. I gonna have a go at it anyway but not more than a month salary worth.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, I better check that recovery card very carefully when I receive it.
  7. I just ordered a Ledger Nano. Had to order one from Amazon as the original retailer are sold out of them until end March.
  8. Thanks guys. Bx.in.th looks interesting (I am not American), I might start there. As I can understand from their web page, coins bought there are not allowed to be sold elsewhere? I find that a bit odd, I thought one of the ideas about this system is that you can be a WW citizen and sell coins from you wallet from anywhere you are but I guess they desperately tries to keep some kind of control over this system ( not only Thailand).
  9. Hi, I want to start trading in this crazy system, just perhaps invest something like 1000$ and perhaps buy 5-10 different currencies and see how that goes, leave them for 2-3 years and see how much they are worth by then. I will assume I will have to buy a wallet and was thinking about getting as below: Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet. Can any currency sit in above wallet? I am still not sure where I buy cryptopcurrency and sell them back into real physical money quickly if I want? This is money I can easily afford to loose so why not give it a go. Thanks for inputs
  10. Triumph Bobber - Thumbs up or down??

    The Speedmaster is definitely very interesting and and also find the improvements as you said above very good/practical, I will check out out as soon as possible. However the new Kawasaki Z900RS is also looking very nice and is just under 500K baht and 110hp, so I will check that out as well. Lovely bike too. Hmm, so many nice bikes to be had now. In the end I might just keep what I have, the older I am getting the more important the seating position is, and I can't afford a bike just to go to the coffee shop, I need an all in all bike, so to speak.
  11. Royal Enfield interceptor Price

    Very likely the Triumphs are better built, if you check any Triumph forum you never hear of anyone with major problems. I think 340k baht is a bit over the top for a 650cc bike, I also rather pay a bit more and get a Triumph if I should choose between them, Triumph is 900cc for the small engine models. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Ducati 939 Hypermotard - Purchased

    Nice, So you got it August but are still running it in? Work? Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Expensive sex Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Royal Enfield interceptor Price

    Yes 650cc 47 hp, very good classic looking bikes. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2017/11/07/2018-royal-enfield-interceptor-and-continental-gt-unveiled/ Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Well 3 years of hard use is not too bad. I "killed" my mobile phone app 2 months ago during a lengthy phone conversation with a friend and when I hung up the screen was dead. No doubt it was sweat. Having a small towel handy can help, so you can wipe your face and camera. I also uses a dry cabinet for my camera gear when not in use. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app