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  1. dyertribe

    The dark secret of Thailand’s child brides

    I'm not sure ... wrong plus wrong equals right? who cares who did it, it still isn't right and if the culprit can be found, then prosecute
  2. dyertribe

    A three-horse race for the next election?

    This election will be a farce. The next one will be more interesting.
  3. The interesting thing will be, after the election, which with the deck stacked as it is, he will get in, he won't be able to use section 44 anymore. It wont apply to an elected government.
  4. Cutting the tree down achieved nothing, the stump is still "partially blocking the footpath" ... better get a stump muncher in.
  5. I'm sure I can see a power pole, wires and a phone tower in that picture ... is that the right village?