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  1. This is just Seinfeld with uniforms :)
  2. Two different stories fruitman
  3. Does anyone else feel that the revolving door is almost back to the starting point?
  4. I was on sukhumvit soi 9 heading for my flight to chiang mai. Taxi wanted 500 baht so I sent him away. As I was leaving in my metered taxi (245 baht) I saw that he had been nabbed by a cop that was watching my efforts. Maybe they are trying to fix things
  5. Or the popcorn gunners or the guards that dumped bodies into the canal. Or we could all take our colored glasses off and sit back and watch the show.
  6. I think both sides have their bad side but one of the two sides is just more violent as the other. And I prefer them both not to shut down the country or city. You may be right that there have been more violence perpetrated by people associated with the red shirts, but removing a legally elected government and installing a junta really does invite the crazies out of the wood work. Everyone keeps saying violent red shirts, but more red shirts have been killed in this dispute. I'm happy that these guys got life, but let's keep some perspective and not choose to rah rah for one side or the other.
  7. Jamie and others keep harping about the violent red shirts, but it is a fact that more of them have died for their struggle wether you agree with their goals or not. I'm a fence sitter but am so sick of the profiling and finger pointing from both sides.
  8. Give Than a break. It's obvious English is not his first language. I personally don't think it's related but thanks for sharing
  9. I hope they were arrested for holding a gathering of more than 5 ... Although the post doesn't mention numbers I would assume there would need to be more than 5 to be (pardon my oxymoron) "newsworthy"
  10. Wonder how that will affect the visa runners? Might take Cambodia out of the equation if crossing the border doesn't refresh your visa
  11. And you don't think the same applies to the junta ... Only difference is that they currently have the power to force their views on everyone
  12. It's for the other transsexuals. The girls who want to be boys. Not as many of those in Thailand.
  13. Well ... Thailand and Japan were both Axis powers during wwii so I'm guessing they see nothing wrong with this.
  14. Didn't the Thais acquiesce to the Japanese without a shot being fired? No, they fought for about five hours and Thais were killed. Thailand is listed as an "axis" country during ww2, same as Germany, Italy, etc.
  15. How is it justice when they refuse to consider evidence? I don't know if this stuff would help or hinder her but in most countries ALL tendered evidence is evaluated. By not doing so they open the door to an appeal.