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  1. dyertribe

    iOS app issue

    Looking for an update. Pm sent to techdoctor Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. Good to see a potentially serious alternative to the PT/Democrat/Coup roundabout ... I hope this gets legs and takes off. I'm a little worried about the lack of some more senior (age-wise) people (judging by the picture) who could probably add experience and balance, but we do have to get off the well worn path. Chock-dii
  3. dyertribe

    Video footage ‘implicates school director’

    Maybe, but I'm talking about those at the wheel now, who have the current responsibility. The but but they argument doesn't or shouldn't apply. I would just like to see the laws and punishments applied fairly. Even going back to the democrats in 2008 and PT in 2011. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. dyertribe

    iOS app issue

    Thanks ... I'll look out for the update once approved ..
  5. dyertribe

    iOS app issue

    This is still an active problem just in case you're wondering ... Thanks
  6. dyertribe

    Video footage ‘implicates school director’

    So ... given that previous leaders of a previous government were prosecuted for negligence in not knowing that 'rorting' was occurring, can we expect to see the generals in court and paying restitution? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. And not once did he check on the state of the kid he killed. More worried about dusting his pants off and picking up his bike ...
  8. The government needs to educate people and tackle the source of the garbage ... Drains and canals are not tips, but the amount of trash that ends up in them is, (in Boris's words) Eye Popping.
  9. dyertribe

    iOS app issue

    On my PC using Chrome I still see comment numbers on any post that is an update to an existing post ... However, on the PC it works as expected and takes me to the designated place in the article ... it's only broken on the IOS app.
  10. dyertribe

    iOS app issue

    Is anyone looking at this? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. dyertribe

    iOS app issue

    Posts in the Thailand news feed, that contain a comment number do not open in the app and report a problem. Posts that have a direct url open as expected. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app