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  1. or threats, report this to anyone and you will never get off this Island
  2. I have said many times before and I will repeat it again There is a group of Thai (so called) men preying on young western women on that Island, they roam the bars looking for victims and if anyone interferes with their operation they will be dealt with, they are protected by the police (well above the law) and operate with evil impunity. I believe Hannah got into trouble when she rejected the advances of one or more of these evil scum and was followed from the bar as she made her way home, I believe David inadvertently came upon the incident/assault on the beach and tried to interfere and was brutally murdered along with Hannah. Koh Tao is different from other resorts such as Pattaya, you have Thais and Westerners mixing socialising in the same venues were in other places such as Pattaya Thais have their own areas venues and are largely separated. I believe these Scum thugs wait around every week for the next boat to arrive of generally naïve young girls to feed their evil agenda and become their next victims The best thing could happen to this place involves a bulldozer, give the Island back to nature and remove it from the map as a tourist destination.
  3. dig deep enough and long enough and IMO you will always uncover shady stuff on any high profile figure - none of them are squeaky clean, it was interesting to note that Mullers motive for this investigation (Russian meddling) came up empty
  4. what does that actually mean
  5. Is that the only word you know, nothing surprises me any more lol
  6. more likely the dirty water getting into the wound and causing a severe infection with a contribution from the sting venom, getting stung by these insects is generally not life threatening
  7. It's a bit like the recent "crack down" on young teens exploring romance, I didn't contribute to that thread as I quite frankly was lost for words, there seem to be a lot of uneducated buffoons running this country which is why it is in such a mess, Thailand talks it up a lot but in reality it is all just words, if it quacks like a duck...……………………..…….
  8. It should be handled by the police enforcing the law, that is how it is supposed to work, granted in Thailand the police have no interest but that is an entirely different situation that needs urgent attention, people on here supporting what this individual did is still wrong on any level, there are many annoying things that people confront on a daily basis - none of them justify murdering someone
  9. yes you now must be fully clothed when enjoying an swim in a Pattaya swimming pool
  10. and how many of them went home in one piece ? or went home at all Time Thailand started investing the many "Trillions" they earn/earned from tourism in infrastructure - Safety standards and agencies to support and enforce them - yes it costs a lot of money to enforce standards but would only be a tiny fraction of what you rake in from tourists
  11. I'd be interested in knowing exactly what the police are going to charge people with Here we have a pool party in a holiday resort with people enjoying themselves wearing swimming gear (as you would in a swimming pool), as has already been mention - there are actual multiple serious crimes going on in this city day and night and the Pattaya police chose this non event to direct their attention and resource - time for this police chief to go and get someone that actually recognises the difference between holiday fun and criminal activity I went out on my motorbike a few days ago at 5am in the morning (something I was dreading) and it was very obvious that almost every motorcycle rider and car driver was blind drunk, even had one idiot weaving across sukumvite all lanes from one side to the other (I kid you not), I followed him for a few 100m's then sounded my horn and he nearly fell off Oh yes - tourist enjoying a pool party ……………………………………… what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. smedly

    Manchester United

    agree 100%, I believe this is the product of discord and friction throughout the team and the result is a team that is playing as individuals - the buck stops with the manager
  13. absolutely right It doesn't matter what gear you are wearing - hit a solid object at any speed over 30kph and your chances of survival are slim. There are now too many (young) Thais getting access to larger motorbikes and they think they can ride them and have the skills because "they have been riding scooters" since 10yo, often a fatal error in thinking another life wasted RIP