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  1. Mr Drylie your naivety is astounding, better to stick to what you know instead of getting involved in stuff that is very obviously beyond you, or perhaps you have other motives
  2. want to bet I'm a lot younger than you and my life experience goes way beyond yours driving a taxi
  3. This will never be settled because of price fixing and the broad ability to rip people off unchallenged, there is no such a thing as free and fair completion in Thailand - it is all about protecting your ability to RIP OFF and ultimately keep control, it is endemic in the whole country and the country itself
  4. nobody would have known this young girl had vanished on Koh Tao were it not for a relative going public and saying so, in fact her disappearance may never have been reported at all, there is a lot of bad stuff happens in Thailand that never gets reported or makes the press including missing people
  5. completely different situation living in a Thai village...............not going to explain it to you
  6. well the biggest step forward is the fact that the current powers that be have recognised that there is a problem with the huge financial unregulated black holes that exist................for obvious reasons no elected government from the past would ever have wanted it exposed
  7. hey stay in power but don't let it get out of control, yes we all know about the politicians who are corrupt and enriching themselves when in government....but you have pretty much ended that now, you fight against corruption is working but it needs to go on for years But also you need to start showing a little respect for privacy and freedom.................China is not a good model yes you want to control everything because there are still divisive people in Thailand.............but now not so much People need to be free for their thoughts and need to be able to express themselves and expose wrongs, take that extra step and start listening
  8. a good criminal profiler would sort this island out it really is simple, young naïve girls get involved with the locals in bars and nightclubs, the same thing happens in the med when young western girls go to have a good time - the difference in Koh Tao is when you say no....coward with big shark tooth ring cannot accept dare you refuse me - you know who I am - I have big power - I buy you drink all night ......ok now you have problem with me. some friends might get involved when the shit starts and they may end up dead because they simply don't understand that these people will kill for face we will beat you to a pulp on the beach and leave you humiliated and anyone that gets in the way will be dealt with too - how dare you refuse me - I buy you drink all night and you slap my you are on my Island and you are dead This really is the advice to anyone coming here for a holiday ... do not socialise with the locals but everybody knows that already...........unfortunately it cannot be avoided on the Islands
  9. I believe there is an element on that Island that is praying on young western women, on islands you have Thais mixing with farangs, they socialise in the same bars, that doesn't really happen in other holiday cities like pattaya for example were Thais have their own areas for social encounters away from the farang areas, on koh tao I believe that there are groups of Thai men who actively seek out targets in the local bars and night entertainment venues and when they are told to sod off lose face and become angry, some of these men have established themselves in positions of influence and feel the need to take things further when their advances are refused, this then leads to revenge attacks and possible rape attempts as they try to recover face, it is evil and cowardly as they prey on young innocent girls who don't realise the danger they are in, I believe these people will stop at nothing to get their way and feel that they are above the law. This particular incident of the missing Russian girl is interesting because the one sure way to cover up an evil act is to make sure there is absolutely no evidence left behind to investigate, this particular incident will go no further than a missing person unless a body is found, IMO she is buried in a hole in the ground and will never be found.
  10. you know what is even more ridiculous, I will bet money that after this stupid stunt they were allowed to continue their journey to school without helmets
  11. why ? I had some stuff in there tailored to my preferences like posts per page
  12. this is totally the wrong message to the kids - other kids - adults - parents - schools in fact just about everyone in the country that road safety - the law - the police - doesn't matter just carry on doing whatever the hell you like.
  13. honestly no kidding the only way to sort this out is for financial accounts to be regulated and tax paid the really sad thing about it is that we are probably looking at the most corrupt organisation in Thailand and it remains unregulated..............go figure
  14. someone must be reading my posts as I have been suggesting this for quite some time now, first the removal of the speedboats and then the development of the area into a park and scenic area as it should always have been