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  1. Why are you asking here, read your policy Oh and to repeat again - this is about travel insurance obtained in the UK for travel to Thailand - not medical insurance - not accident insurance - not vehicle insurance....................................Travel Insurance
  2. not familiar with the road but this bike was very obviously traveling at very high speed 150kph + the pickup driver could probably see far enough if the bike rider had been doing 50kph or actually at the speed limit of the road The bike was unlikely to belong to the rider most likely a dealer or rental company RIP
  3. I do not agree, not sure where you get you figures from but they are wrong, and BTW until two years from now the UK is part of the EU
  4. again confusing the issue, if you have a bike licence and hire a bike here your travel insurance company may still not cover you, either way you need to take out insurance here in Thailand to comply with the law - that has nothing to do with travel insurance
  5. correct, people need to remember we are talking about travel insurance which covers you for your travel activities or not as the you have rightly explained above
  6. as I said above - it is not about complying with the law it is about risk and being on a motorbike (driver or passenger) in Thailand is high risk - they simply add it as an exclusion ....................... not covered, remember we are talking about travel insurance - there are many risky activities that they refuse to cover (exclusions), up to them and it is up to you to check
  7. by far the biggest criminal activity carried out in Pattaya by westerners is drug dealing and they are not hard to spot, usually under 50 - have no possible income from outside Thailand - are staying for long periods (usually on overstay or visa runs) - some are over 50 and still have no income from outside Thailand and are getting illegal extensions through agents, all the authorities have to do is look into their income (where it comes from) they also usually have form from their home country Indians are also at it usually fronting their drug business with either a restaurant Tailor or tour company
  8. perhaps a better option would be for the ROI to also leave the EU since they do most of their trading with the UK.
  9. yes that is possible and up to the insurance company to make their rules, this is not about conforming to law
  10. there are 2x types of insurance in this discussion, Travel insurance and rider insurance - they are two different things I have read a clause in travel insurance that excludes cover completely licence or not and in some cases public transport (MB Taxi tuk tuk etc) are also excluded - it just depends, there may also be an option for extra cover for such things, if the driver does not have a licence and she was a passenger then all bets are off also If on the other hand you hire a motorbike and have a licence that covers it (usually under 120cc) you may be covered with travel insurance (you need to read the exclusions) - you could also take out rider insurance here in Thailand but again you need a licence The likelihood here is that neither of them had a licence to ride a motorbike and the travel insurance excluded them anyway if rented licence or not, either way if they can get out of paying we all know they will find it
  11. that is exactly the problem, what they are actually saying is that it is ok to drink and drive as long as you have the money to pay any victims or families compensation The other problem is this mindset - everybody does it so why not me If Thailand wants to get serious about dealing with the shocking road safety situation then there is only one way to do it - strict law enforcement and hefty penalties with no exceptions.........never happen, there are too many people of influence that want to drink and drive and do it routinely
  12. yes I tried to slow down while blind drunk but got it all mixed up .................. it was not my fault .....I was drunk after a wonderful night out and was driving my car as I always do when I am drunk..........they got in my way, if they had not been there it wouldn't have happened..........well they are dead now <deleted> lock this lowlife up before anyone gets the impression that this is is not and BTW - people of influence and those in power would rather this would all go away.............because they don't want to ruin their night and their status compromised by having to order a taxi home - do you know who I am - how dare you stop me before I kill because I am drunk and driving like a lunatic !!!!!!
  13. why ? everything is very stable, I really have no issues at all ok rant warning - some will get it some won't the only thing I would say is that it is a bit more complicated to enforce privacy which I disagree with but the reality is - if you allow cookies in your security settings then good luck with trying to stay private. I wish I could patent the idea of a cookie movie..............they have done it with smiles emojis :) how about a cookie movie and BTW it would have to be a horror movie...................can I patent that ? I said several years ago that you have to make a choice - either be seen or not be seen, if you want to use stuff like facebook then you have to agree to be tracked, I also predicted that the ability to disable cookies would be gone soon .....................said it first here on TVF I also said a long time ago on here that those in government bodies that are tasked to protect people and their privacy would never ever be able to keep up with the tech advancement or in fact privacy invasion and I was right about that too .................they simply cannot keep up.........they cannot protect you, be careful out there - there is no such a thing as privacy as long as you use the internet and a phone............dump them both and they have your face, it really is as "bad " as that..........some say no problem and don't care.....I would prefer a choice to opt out..........but now that is really impossible
  14. taxi drivers in Pattaya have been ripping people off for as long as I can remember and that includes both 4 and 2 wheel versions