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  1. This smoking ban is about pollution not about smoking. They are threatening to prosecute people under Marine Protection Law If someone is smoking and using an ashtray then I fail to see how they can prosecute, if on the other hand someone leaves bottles - plastic waste - cigarette butts etc just dumped on the sand then that is an entirely different thing and I can see how they could actually prosecute By the true letter of the law this whole thing is complete legal nonsense
  2. read my previous post, this is not about your nose it is about littering.
  3. and how exactly is that going to contribute to anti littering which is what this so called smoking ban is all about lets not forget that this is not about smoking it is about people throwing their litter on the beach "including cigarette butts"
  4. and they are blaming tourists/foreigners for this, as has already been stated - the first photo looks very typical of Thai waste, who would ever have thought of Thais littering..................outrageous
  5. I've been riding motorbikes all my life both for pleasure and work and I currently own (in Thailand) what would be clased as a "Superbike" which can do almost 190mph. I also wear a helmet by choice The point of my posts on this thread is two fold, first to clarify exactly what a helmet is designed to do for those that have no clue and second to highlight the likely impact on road safety wearing a helmet will have in Thailand which IMO will be minimal - there are far more serious issues that need addressed here to improve road safety and wearing a helmet is well down the list. I would never advise anyone to not wear a helmet even when riding a bicycle and the latter which as it happens is a fine example of the impact it would have in saving lives on Thai roads when we look at the last few high profile cases of cylists being killed on Thai roads
  6. here is a funny exorcise that we can all take part (not me) with no helmet stand on a stool and get someone to tie your hands behind your back and then push you over - that is what a helmet is designed to protect you against Now with a helmet on - get on a motorbike and drive straight into a wall at 40kph please come back and report what happened waiting
  7. people will do what they like if they feel they can get away with it even if they know it is breaking the rules, it is human nature, so there has to be something to stop them breaking the rules................. A fine example would be to take 2000 Thai car owners/drivers to the UK and give them the keys of a vehicle to drive around, they would learn very quickly that they cannot drive the way they do in Thailand, and the UK having very similar laws as Thailand So what is the difference.........................................Law Enforcement
  8. well you need understand the physics involved then you might just grasp what is obvious, an attempt has been made to explain it to you. Yes on a track .............................. there is no solid object to hit (except another motorbike or the ground) so when riding at 200mph in a forward direction and you come off - you are dropping to the ground (possibly 5ft unless highsided) from seat height ......and this is a fact - your impact speed with the ground is determined by gravity not forward speed, no matter what speed you are moving forward at (velocity) you are in fact hitting the ground at about 15-30kph, I have tried my best to explain this concept.................yes your impact with the ground is based on height not forward motion.. As for "Helmets Save Lives" well yes they generally do but there are so many other factors, in the UK where we have a general adherence to the rules and enforcement by the police of the laws - what we see as a measure of effectiveness of wearing a helmet and is based on how people drive in the UK - you cannot apply that statistic to Thailand, so you can quote all the stats you like but ultimately it is vastly more complicated and very different in Thailand
  9. you are correct, a helmet may have limited effect in Thailand because of other road safety issues like speeding and general carelessness, like I said above - a helmet is designed for a specific type of impact and injury prevention
  10. what I said is not incorrect, in fact you just repeated it, as far as helmets are concerned they will protect from a drop to the ground from seat height, however wearing a helmet in Thailand may not have a huge impact on road safety and fatalities because there are many other issues involved that need attention first, it would take a detailed study to determine this but from what I have seen here - many motorbike fatalities involve horrific impacts were a helmet would have made no contribution at all.
  11. correct, they are overstating the effectiveness of wearing a helmet, there are limitations and most people would be surprised helmets are tested and designed for impacts up to about 20-30kph, they are good for a fall to the road from bike seat height but not much else, hit something solid at over 30kph with your helmeted head or any other part of your body for that matter and the chances are you will receive a fatal injury.
  12. Just right too - I have done the same and add to that - I have a motorbike that I don't use at night when drinking so it is either walk or a motorbike taxi, finding a MB taxi driver that is sober in the small hours can be extremely difficult, it wouldn't be the first time I have told a driver to stop when it became very obvious he was plastered
  13. sounds daft but I believe I wonder how many that attended this seminar drove home over the limit Another serious problem is people using mobile devices while driving, I would guess that mobile use is likely the highest contributor to accidents on Thai roads and combined with all the other issues makes for a very poor outcome on the roads
  14. The only way to stop the threats and corruption is to investigate and convict those responsible giving them hefty prison terms and confiscating the money they have stolen from the Thai people and it looks like we are not looking at a few thousand baht here and there...........................over several years it amounts to billions This country is one very sick puppy and it seems that nobody is willing to do anything about it because they are "all" on the take, must be costing Pheu Thai and the reds an absolute fortune not being able to get their noses fully in the trough for such a long time.