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  1. Drunk driving is rampant in this city with little chance of being caught, I even have problems finding a MB taxi driver sober after midnight
  2. Many factors and one of the primary ones is the Strength of the Thai BAHT - big money in Thailand wants a strong BAHT simply because they want to invest overseas both in business and property As for Chinese - I predicted on here a couple of years ago that Chinese tourists will drop for a couple of reasons, been there done that and told friends and family don't bother, very unlikely (unlike western tourists) to be repeat visitors. Safety
  3. what this tells me is that it is possible to enter a new passport on the system at a local office if there was someone willing to do it to enable online 90 day reporting, the reason for not doing it is unclear, they say they can't but that now seems more like won't, IMO it is so their desk remains busy and keeps them there, protectionism which I have observed in many types of employment here - half doing things so they need to keep coming back over and over, e.g. cable tv goes off after heavy rain, instead of permanently fixing the problem just dries it off until it rains again.
  4. cool, I never tried after my passport renewal because I just took it for granted it wouldn't work you should update this info to the 90 day online reporting thread
  5. wow that is very strange indeed, everyone including our very well learned TVF experts have always said you need to leave the country with a new passport to get it entered in the system properly for online 90 day reporting and you are absolutely sure you never left Thailand with your new passport ? sorry to ask again but it is critical which IO did you use
  6. if that is correct then it is very new event, it has be long understood that you need to leave Thailand for the new passport to work with online reporting it also comes as good news if correct
  7. so just to be clear as to what you are saying - you have renewed your passport inside Thailand and have never left the country using your new passport - you have successfully completed an online 90 day report with this new passport Is that correct ? is that what you are claiming ? Or do you not understand what you are saying or you are trolling this thread ?
  8. some irrelevant agency is attempting to be relevant again all these agencies in Thailand and yet they have the most dangerous and fatal roads on the planet, are they not seeing the obvious and tourist safety doesn't have a great record either
  9. yes I fully understand that is the current situation which is why I added - That might change
  10. everyone needs to be clear before they apply what the rules are 100% It is too late if you apply and it gets rejected because they won't accept your income proof, of course as has been mentioned already by someone - a proposal was made to approve a rejected application with a payment of 24kbaht
  11. and you can do online 90 day reporting ? this thread is about 90 day reporting
  12. I will repeat myself again, as I have said many times - expect more to follow and likely all of the rest. Those nationals that think their respective embassies who have so far not made announcements and will continue to issue these letters/affidavits need to plan now, it should be fairly obvious that the facility is coming to an end. It has also been reported from some Immigration offices that they will only accept a Thai seasoned bank balance for 12 month extensions going forward - of course that might change
  13. online reporting which I used with my old passport no longer works with the new one unless I leave Thailand
  14. seems like a good idea additionally how about providing a method to update the online reporting system for people that have renewed their passport while in country, currently the only way to do this is to leave the country