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  1. wow what a coincidence, I had a 1st birthday too - strangely is was my the first one I ever had and by definition in the west made me one year old - that definition is not so simple in Asia, you might want to do reading on it Just one of those quirks in this part of the world but in terms of the subject matter of this thread it makes little difference It has been discussed previously on TVF and I imagine many other places lol
  2. I agree with you except for one thing - some of us have moved on and realised certain things are unacceptable and just plain wrong, many others with various religious beliefs have not
  3. Thai age 15 is western age 14 - that has been explained before - go look it up Thais are 1 when they are born, there is no 11 months old like we have in the west Please drop by and meet me when you are about to get physically involved with a Thai 14 year old girl - I will show you the ropes, PM me lets meet up Legally an adult in the west is 18 The consent age in the west is so that we are not locking up and criminalising kids who are experimenting and growing, it is only sick scum that think it is ok for an adult to take advantage of this legal exception - but hey you go right ahead, just let us all know where and when Oh it's legal so it must be ok.....................................only for sick people trying to justify it
  4. for starters she was 14 in the west it is generally accepted that children become adults on their 18th birthday (Thailand they would be 19), at that age they have full adult legal rights and responsibilities so "no" not at 16 as you suggested at 16 under law not a paedophile - morally IMO it is a grey area unless they are both 16 or under
  5. the morality is very firmly with the adults regardless of what the law says or anything else for that matter, the age of consent in some countries is set for very specific reasons and a 50 year old looking for 15 year for sex isn't one of them and in this case - any adult that thinks it is ok to go looking for a 14 year old child to have sex with is a real sick (deleted) in my books and if it was my daughter - you'd be in real trouble if I found out about it
  6. She is 14 by the western understanding of age not 15, not that it makes much difference
  7. do you understand the reason why it certainly is not meant to give 30 - 70 year old sickos a free pass to engage with these children
  8. some of you people really need to take a long hard look at what you are posting here any one of you that thinks it is ok to have sex (never mind arrange and pay) with a 14 year old girl really needs to get help, you have a sick problem that needs professional attention before you get into trouble
  9. now getting angry at some posters on this thread this girl is a child and anyone trying to somehow justify what went on here needs some serious adjustment
  10. so you are trying to justify this in some way are you - the girl is 14 My friend has a daughter just turned 14 and she still plays with toys
  11. This girl is the Thai age of 15..................in the west she is 14
  12. doesn't mean it comes close to being right there are some countries that also think that women should not go to school - drive cars etc etc, those particular countries are driven by religions were women are basically owned and treated like dogs some of those countries males that believe they have a right to rape a schoolgirl on a bus you can quote all the stuff you like from all around the world - it doesn't make it right, it is rather sickening to be honest
  13. I wonder how many TVF members know these two scum hope they get to enjoy some actual justice although I wouldn't hold my breath
  14. It is up to each person to ensure their visa is activated when they want it to be, some people arrive and may not want to activate a visa on the first arrival to Thailand because they plan to travel elsewhere and activate a visa at a later date.