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  1. The UK might be heading in the wrong direction for various reason but one thing is clear when you compare it to Thailand - it is not a lawless society and has an effective police force that actually do their jobs as best as humanly possible, and I will keep pushing and pushing this point as long as I have a means to do so, Thailand just doesn't come close in fact they are not even in the same century
  2. Authorities here have lost control, in Pattaya guns are rampant and the noise pollution from entertainment complexes (especially in Thai areas) going on into the early morning anywhere from 4am to 7am blaring out loud music, then we have the childish idiots on scooters that think it's cool to remove the effective parts of their exhaust - it has reached the point now were at least 1 in 5 scooters that pass my residence in the small hours have removed their exhaust and take great childish pleasure in making as much noise as possible Yes Thailand a top class holiday destination......not I think a lot of the gun crime is coming from individuals who used to play the "I am redshirt card" have to now go it alone and feel the need to form up their own gangs or join others to feel powerful The authorities don't seem to have an answer for this and are doing little to stop it.
  3. has anybody worked out how many tourists die or are seriously injured in or around Phuket on a monthly basis, seems to be a common occurrence and we only talking about those that are reported RIP
  4. Improvement, as long as I have been here I have seen none
  5. in a case like this the first thing the police should do is look for a motive for suicide or if that draws a blank then look for a possible motive for murder...............but then
  6. you hear this all the time, a simple break in will never be a high priority for any police anywhere, what is it that people think they are going to do if they arrive in minutes with sirens blasting, yes it is a crime scene and can be swiped for fingerprints etc and evidence stored for future reference but that can be done the next day, now get on the phone and say there is a burglar in your house or someone has been assaulted or worse then that is an entirely different matter. As for the topic of this thread................like I said already - there is something sinister going on here and it is difficult to see exactly what from the reported news story. This girl had her apartment ransacked by people reported to have a key for entry and they also claimed to be police and it seems she was told (threatened) to "leave it - let it go" ........................really ?
  7. it is time the authorities started to ask why people need to go to the media (not just this particular case) to get the police to actually do what they are supposed to do, that is a fundamental 3rd world flaw and needs to be addressed, we all know and have heard about people going to the police to report a crime and have basically been told to (piss) off unless they go to the media or are willing to pay money, that is not how policing works in any civilised country
  8. the more and more I think about this demanded divorce bill (primary reason why talks have stalled) although I don't rule it out entirely - there are there are things to consider Junker has already stated recently that it is in the interests of all EU tax payers (which I agree) so lets consider how many tax payers there are in the EU (from a population of almost 600 million I believe), then every one of those current and future has an "equal duty" to the pension bill going forward not just those countries that actually make a contribution to the EU purse, so that means that if they work out a figure for said bill over the next say 20 years it should reflect a contribution from every single EU tax payer over that period, each individual UK tax payer has no more responsibility for said bill than any other individual tax payer across the entire EU, then factor in extra contributions towards expenses and infrastructure made by the UK past present and future - once you work all that out then the UK tax payer might actually be owed money. I gota laugh at Corbin being constantly critical of the brexit negotiations - I wish someone would ask him how he would address the exit bill issue (which is the primary reason for the current deadlock) - would he just touch his toes and pay...........................why is nobody asking him, why is the media not pressing him on what he would do differently, it's all well and good and easy to be on the outside looking in and being critical of the government but he has offered absolutely nothing of his own, would he just get the UK tax payers cheque book out and right them a cheque for 50 billion Euro ?????
  9. something not right with this story sounds to me like this was police doing an illegal search without a warrant and they are now trying to cover it up
  10. I think you underestimate the value the UK brings to the EU, you say 27 to 1 very simplistic and incorrect, if you want to look at what the UK brings to the EU table "excluding" financial contributions then look at comparing population and trading strength, that paints an entirely different picture. Your above post is complete and utter nonsense in real properly measured terms, the UK is not 1 of 27, it is the 5th/6th strongest economy in the world
  11. exactly because that sort of thing costs money and organisation, the only exception is when it concerns something that is controlled from outside Thailand - like the Aircraft industry were they have no choice but to comply. People here are more interested in lining their pockets than standards and until corruption is tackled this sort of thing will continue, it has become very clear these last 3 years just exactly how much money is stolen from the public purse as more and more cases are hitting the headlines - it is billions and billions of baht, people are just enriching themselves and up until now there was nothing to stop them I knew there was serious corruption here but I honestly never thought it was as bad as it is, and yes corruption is related to implementing standards simply because there is no money for funding the infrastructure for standards.....well there is but it will end up in someones pocket
  12. I agree, this Aussie needs to go home, he will be lucky he is not being charged for attempted murder, carrying such a weapon and trying to use it. Doesn't matter about the traffic incident, this is not how you deal with it no matter what
  13. a lot of people make the error of thinking we are liked here, as I have been saying for a very long time - we are tolerated and that toleration runs out very quickly, this is Thailand, you are and always will be a foreigner here and it is their country - they will very quickly make you aware of that fact if provoked.
  14. might surprise you just how much these guys can make
  15. well yes if you discard your rubbish on the beach including cigarette butts, then it makes sense