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  1. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    seems to me that someone is listening, Thailand needs highly skilled foreigners, the realisation of that fact is a first for Thailand and almost a public declaration that they do not have the people in house to perform certain tasks and manage certain projects, it could be to facilitate people involved in the construction of the high speed rail network and possibly many other tasks that Thailand does not have the ability to do themselves, they may also be looking closely at other countries such as the UK who rely on foreign workers to fill professional gaps that cannot be filled by UK nationals On the face of it - another great idea that might attract much needed expertise in many areas that are severely lacking.
  2. tourists are still coming just not from the same places they used too, more and more from India and China where a floating turd in the sea doesn't bother them.
  3. one innocent life lost is one too many....and for what............? all in the name of what ? as far as I can see it is in the name of domination/ownership over very young girls and the promise of riches.....really sick disturbed people that are generally failures in life there is some real evil amongst us - if there really is a hell I think we are in it, the last 100 years has to be considered, is it a sick competition, what new low are we heading for ? The most intelligent on this earth..... really ?
  4. sorry but where have you been, at least 90% of all terror attacks in Europe have been carried out by people "known to the authorities" The problem is - what defines the point of intervention, well with EU human rights involved - a person would pretty much need to have a bomb strapped to themselves and you would still need to prove intent and that they weren't out for a pleasant stroll Like I said in my post above, what identifies the threat needs to change, we have muslim clerics preaching that western values are destroying islam - what do they possibly hope to achieve by this, there are only three options that I see - people that support it act on it with a terrorist event - stop preaching this divisive nonsense and integrate properly into the society - the authorities need new legislation and powers to step in and deal with it before it leads to a terrorist event what currently hampers the UK from doing anything ....................... EU human rights laws I am all for human rights but those propagating hate and division need to be dealt with, this is the age we are now in, the happy happy all together thing is not working any more Time for change and new laws to deal with these people and redefine what needs to be dealt with
  5. well unlike some posters that spread farcical garbage on these political topics - I call it as I see it and have done many times, what does it matter to me or some other posters ........................... well I live here and have done for quite a number of years and want to remain here, this country has been on the brink several times now in the last 15 years, there are many things that I don't agree with going on with this current administration and have been very vocal about it on these forums but one thing is for sure - the military intervention has stopped Thailand imploding on itself - right or wrong that is what happened, people need to take a long look around the world right now and see just how easily things can get out of control....when rotten politicians and corrupt governments with huge amounts of money gain the power and rob people Yes there are many things wrong here, it is so bad that it will take decades to even make a dent, I cannot think of one aspect of Thailand that doesn't need fixing, the whole place is rotten to the core and for sure no rotten elected government was ever going to fix it Thailand needs to realise that everything that works here is not of their own making - when the penny drops then just maybe they have a chance, they are not the hub of anything of their own making, anything that has been built installed produced manufactured in this country could not have been done without foreigners (excluding growing stuff) ..................... when they realise that they are not the hub of anything or are not so smart and actually seek help from outside only then will they start to progress as it stands - they are the undisputed hub of road deaths and the hub of failures to effectively do anything about it, sad but true, they still have absolutely no clue why ......... go figure
  6. when we have clerics preaching in mosques that western values are destroying islam ...... in other words they don't accept or agree with western values - <deleted> are they doing living in western Christian countries !!!!!! Oh yes come live with us and integrate into western society ................... what ? All throughout Europe and in the UK we now have lawless gettos were these people have done their utmost not to integrate. Sorry but there is something seriously wrong with that, it is now being proven beyond any doubt that Christians (and others) and Muslims cannot inhabit the same land mass, and cannot integrate into any sort of coherent peaceful social structure. Yes there are exceptions and those are the people who are afraid to speak out, they are surpressed - not allowed to speak up and the law (western values) cannot protect them. I will eat my keyboard if the scum that carried out this attack are not already known to the authorities and have been attending a mosque were clerics are telling them that western values are destroying islam and their faith. they are only a 3hr journey away from somewhere that largely will accept their faith although that has a massive question over it also because these muslims cannot even get on with themselves..........so <deleted> hope have the got in Manchester going back to the point above if you have clerics preaching in mosques that "western values are destroying islam" then it should be treated as a hate crime against westerners and their values, and BTW that is exactly what is going on.....day in day out these people are living in the west preaching that they don't agree with the simple none religious values we have....like laws and stuff well the solution is simple
  7. I have absolutely no doubt that you don't get it and never will as for the intervention of the current government (not ideal) but it did avoid a very obvious escalation of violence that had already reached breaking point What is farcical is that you didn't get it - missed it - or just plain ignore it, Thailand was on the Brink, sometimes I wish it had happened and farcical people like you were caught up right in the middle of it wondering - were did it all go wrong you are the farce defending a farce, every post you make on the subject is farcical oh and it was you who introduced the word "farce" to this thread not me you realise this is an adult forum ..... right ?
  8. what it means is that the budget that was spent on .............well pretty much anything over the last 20 years ....got spent without any actual results go take a look on the far side of Bali just as you come down from the scenic hill, you will see dumped as a pile of construction rubbish the so called marina components, I actually think it is time people (just like Yingluc) were held to account and prosecuted for this very obvious debacle that cost tax payers money.......... time for Thailand to become accountable and people both locally and nationally to be held responsible for some very obvious massive failures, only then will people actually make a responsible effort to do something Go look at Siam Country Club.....the Marina (lol) both fine examples of projects that had focus on pockets rather than the contracted job being completed accounts accounts accounts .......................look at were the money went. it cannot be hidden - someone just needs to look
  9. Thida Thavornseth (and the rest) how about you declare your democratic credentials to represent anyone, who elected you to speak, also might be time for the leaders of the UDD to publish their assets since you seem to claim you represent some form of democracy that as yet none understands ....... including yourselves go for it Thida, show Thailand and all of its people why you deserve to speak for anyone and what type of concept of democracy after all these years you want people to believe ?????? I hope the current government have the balls to go after you and your associates and make you pay severely for your evil deeds Time the current administration start to offer rewards to people that can come forward with evidence and put a lot of these evil people in jail...............................offer some big money and the floodgates will open...............money well spent
  10. Chon Buri (Joimtien) online is working fine and completing through to approval
  11. roundabouts would improve some of the traffic congestion in Pattaya, the people making these decisions really have no clue, what qualifications or expertise do they possess that enables them to come to these conclusions, I can only conclude one thing (as already suggested by another TVF member) money, these constant hair brained projects are dreamed up so that there is a budget for something and we all know what happens then. How many times do you find yourself sitting at a red light and there is no traffic coming from the green light side
  12. is the guy in the crane still going up there ? if he is then it is probably ok
  13. you know I keep looking at this EU UK thing going on and it continually reminds me of a playground bully scenario and we all know that eventually the bully loses and this bully has been active fore quite a long time, I think in the long term the EU must change - the power grab ............................ and that is exactly what it is........is over, time for all the EU to realise that Germany has been the only winner through all of it, not just a marginal winner ........................ for 20 years they have been shaping the EU for the betterment of Germany The UK gave them the finger.....enough is enough, time for change, the UK didn't mess it up, the German power grab did How about getting back to the common market and free trade and customs to all that want it - Germany have made it clear they are not going to fill the financial gap left by the UK...............there were only two countries that made net contributions to the EU ....................the UK and Germany, all the rest when you look at the accounts and cash flows were either break even or sucking it dry What exactly did the UK people vote for ..................................... strangely enough any that I have talked too know exactly what is what..............read my above post and you will know exactly...apart from immigration and all that you might find they are pissed off that the only country in the EU out of 27 that is actually solvent and making a very big pile of money...is ...(Greece) ha ha what a joke that was .....................................................real answer - GERMANY go <deleted> figure am I angry that the masses don't see what is so obvious, I actually think Macron is pretty smart and unless he has been tampered with might just start to call it...............or else he is in the pocket of the establishment - I have not seen that "yet" but I have not seen it the other way either. There is a dirty game being played in Europe these last 25 years and Germany is right at the heart of it, there is only one country that has benefitted from the European Union and that is Germany....go figure, why does France Spain Italy not see this............is it so dirty that they are not allowed too ?...............the UK has called them out, my opinion is we walk away until they have something positive to talk about...................the more people read this the better *|||* Fell free to copy this post wherever you want..................
  14. maybe not there but it is working
  15. The are a couple of points worth mentioning here - The EU played no part in the Good Friday Agreement, it really is none of their business and should never have been mentioned at all. - The UK and Ireland have had a special arrangement long before any EU treaties were signed - It is up to the republic of Ireland and the UK to determine how the borders and relationship are handled once the UK leaves the EU, the only part the EU will play is whether they allow a member state to have a special arrangement with a none EU country outside of existing EU treaties, it is in fact the EU that could stand in the way of Ireland reaching any sort of agreement with the UK. - Future EU Customs and Trade agreements with the UK could determine any future relationship with the UK and the ROI so it is actually up to the EU to make sure that it works out of the box or they allow the Republic of Ireland and the UK to have a separate arrangement - they could in fact block it, so the ball is firmly in their court as to what they will allow within EU rules, it certainly would be no fault of the UK or ROI if the EU decides against it. All of this discussion is mute because it is up to the EU to decide if Ireland and the UK can continue with their special relationship once the UK has left the EU, it is up to the ROI to get approval from the EU dictators, the UK will not be blocking anything, so lets put this issue right were it belongs.