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  1. Interesting, if you are sure about the added time then not such a panic, but I thought you could renew your passport up to a year ahead but if 9 months they will add that to the expiry of the new one so you get the full 10 years, have to go check this now Just checked and I believe I am right, here is a quote from the GOV.UK website You can renew your passport at any time. When you renew your passport, time left on your existing passport is added to your new one, up to a maximum of 9 months.
  2. smedly

    Vaping could get you ten years in a Thai prison

    Shisha is openly provided all over Pattaya, saw one distributor who operates on Newplaza being taken away by the police only to return a while later business as usual, I actually don't mind it so much but fumes from the little burning pot they use to prepare the stuff is extremely toxic
  3. I'm glad I asked you that question and that you replied, it prompted me to check my passport expiry date and I need to renew it now so thanks for that as for providing the funds, there are agents around Pattaya that will arrange the funds (800kbaht) and bypass the 3 month seasoning for a fee of anywhere between 12k-24k baht, they will then bribe immigration to ignore the seasoning rule - which strictly speaking is illegal and breaking the law as the applicant doesn't meet the financial requirements, the 3 month seasoning is there for exactly this reason...…….to stop people (who don't meet the financial criteria) borrowing the money, I am not saying I agree or disagree with this practice just stating the fact that it can be done, I know several people who use this method to renew their extension
  4. UK income letter can be completed by email, no need to travel to Bangkok
  5. The only reason I can think of as to why passport renewal cannot be done by post in Thailand is because many were going missing, can you imagine the mess created if they contact you and say your new passport in in the post and it doesn't arrive, equally postal applications may not have been 100% or again got lost in the mail....……...just as big a mess
  6. describe what you mean by "help from a Visa agency"
  7. so there is a group of 14 and they had 6 bottles between them, is it just me or is there something amiss with this IMO they were 8 bottles short of their total allowance
  8. well that solved that one
  9. Put them up in the Hilton lol
  10. fines for drunk driving in the UK are means tested which I agree with, there should also be a minimum fine of say B30,000 because many here would simply not be able to pay B200,000, on top of that - loss of license for at least one year forcing those convicted to go through the test process again to obtain a new licence
  11. I have a motorbike.....very few people have ever seen it, I go out for a night, have a few drinks and it stays parked up, I get a motorbike taxi home from the same rank that I have been using for going on maybe 10 years...……………….tonight someone I have never seen before at that rank was the available guy for my short trip home.....……..he was plastered and I mean very obviously drunker than me That shit makes me very angry, what is the point of me relying on a taxi home because I don't want to drink and drive when the taxi driver I get is out of his tree, not the first time this has happened either
  12. they will continue to use an agent for all dealings with immigration …………….. for a fee
  13. They don't as I posted earlier but I suspect the motive for these fake arrangements is the age restriction because you can bribe your way through when it comes to meeting financial requirements as I have already mentioned
  14. depends what you mean by criminal, the fact is, they do not meet the requirements for obtaining a 12 month extension
  15. I am also aware of plenty of people who are getting 12 month extensions and don't have any money in the bank lol again through corrupt officials taking bribes