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  1. I'm not even going to get into it with you, you carry on and do what you think is best for you, that is entirely your business, just ignore my posts if you don't agree it really is entirely up to you.......................................and me
  2. <deleted> of course it is admissible, let the truck driver challenge its authenticity in court and see how that goes, it is no different than using cctv or phone camera footage of other types of crime it is only a video not some technical equipment that might need certified and calibrated in order to use as evidence such as a breathalyser or speed detection device I'm going to use the "stupidity" word again
  3. Is windows perfect ...........................No Because half the world is trying to hack it and MS can't cover all the bases all of the time, but remember it is an open system, you can pretty much do what you want unlike Apple which is brand specific and much easier to manage (for Apple) MS Windows is a jack of all trades and all considered does an exceptional job, my experience is that when it is broken it is usually something the user has done or some software utility they have installed and thought they needed when they didn't, some would argue that they shouldn't be allowed to mess it up like that - welcome to Apple OS ...................... closed and brand specific
  4. horses for courses, I have used many operating systems for many different things - windows does 100% what I need it to do for home use - Linux wouldn't come close to that so why would I bother Would I use UNIX on my home system ? GREP
  5. I posted about this earlier There are a few that think they need too and then there are those that know they don't. Every occasion I have had to sort out someones PC - the problem has been because of some software they thought or someone else told them they needed clutter
  6. I see them in some bars and they are really heavy
  7. If you really need to change some cosmetic settings in the new update (like title bar text size) you can download a simple app to do this, all the settings are of course still available in the registry but if you don't like tweaking in there this app will do it for you
  8. windows 10 has the ability to clone your OS to an external drive which I do once a month or before any major changes
  9. I believe they are trying to steer people towards cloud storage so they can get their hands on your stuff
  10. they removed certain stuff because it served no functional purpose or possible use, if you want to change text size get used to a new more effective approach
  11. setting/personalisation/lockscreen scroll down you will see screen saver as for the rest (text size) is settings/system/display I fail to see a need for anything else as it is all covered Some apps you install might have their own settings You can also change the resolution
  12. what text are you talking about ???????? do like to have huge title bars with tiny windows and content, the DPI scaling does it all, as for screen savers (control panel which is still there) and wallpapers etc you can select a picture and right click
  13. I know exactly what I would like to do with you Probably never done a days work in your life retired on some mans hard work and got it all handed to you - I know your type