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  1. A better bet that 90% of Thai girls don't belong to this stereotyped classification. Using the usual comparatives is just as daft.
  2. The old Thai metaphor of The Frog under the coconut shell should come to mind.....
  3. Technically, The Chao River Basin, and extended river/estuary systems and network, cover the broader north-central region as well as the provinces that make up the flood plains.
  4. The bottom line: It's all about the good people......
  5. zzaa09

    bye bye STICKMAN

    Well reasoned. One of the few in this thread.
  6. Don't we all live a lie, though?
  7. zzaa09

    THAI blames outsourced worker for looting

    As have I and more than likely countless others. The occasional info planting of random incidents causes some to consider such issues as automatic commonplace.
  8. Well, don't get your hopes up. Only talk, which is all we should expect. Any development in the region that might come about won't benefit the region or the people. Bet on it.
  9. Wouldn't be too put out, as such suggested accusations might be round-about beneficial. Not fitting in, by way of banal homogeny, is certainly not what it's cracked-up to be.
  10. We tend to slumber and pick our vices in accordance to our particular fanciful perspectives and agendas.
  11. 'Tis all about image. Add alcohol.
  12. Indeed. It's all about their benign championing of protection for foreigners and Thais alike. The Thai establishment elite are such good people, and a history to show for it.
  13. Another option to combat general angst and tension might be not to instigate and perpetuate suppressive and meaningless military dictatorships. Just saying like.
  14. Some have suggested these ideals forever. Less than a few care to absorb the reality, instead making up romantic notions that fir nicely into their respective political/social perspectives. Sad. Most don't get it.