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  1. Yet, still playing up to traditional influence and perpetuating an underhanded establishment manner of scallawaggery....
  2. .....and what of the official coronation ceremonies fit into this schedule - in accordance to Thai tradition and law, whereas nothing can commence officially without decrees/blessings from the Royal Houses...?? Pardon my confusion.
  3. zzaa09

    PM Prayut mum on poll delay

    Higher powers is what it's all about. Still, some don't get it.
  4. zzaa09

    Yingluck appointed head of South China port

    Rarely are details divulged regarding the hundreds of exiled trouble makers - Doesn't make for good press throughout the elite's stance.
  5. .....and terribly Buddhist, as well.
  6. zzaa09

    Yingluck holds Cambodian passport: HK media

    Unbridled influence, power and connections. Does have it's moments - regardless of situations and individuals. The pair might hold a few national passports between themselves.
  7. Actually, the very strong movement has been steadfast for quite some time now - Only receiving surface attention within the mainstream establishment media recently.
  8. How about a free, open and competitive market? Allow it to be.
  9. Correct. Yet, many will blindly follow and reference without an inkling of questioned source.
  10. Ingrained and subtle nationalism.
  11. Yet, election uncertainty has been a way of life - on and on - forever and has yet to interfere with Thais everyday lives and independence. What is terribly certain is the outsiders ability to decipher what is real and what isn't regarding Thai culture and affairs, relishing instead within their punditry of fancy.
  12. One of many, actually. Hint: USA, UK, numerous other.....
  13. zzaa09

    Thailand Still cheaper than home

    Perhaps in the next life. Acclimation and adjustment ain't for everyone.
  14. What is truly damaging is the continuous traditional oligarchical systems, that don't seem to waiver regardless of standing government - for ages. ...and the general naivete still stands.