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  1. Whatta buncha phonies. The lot....... Notice the distinguished former [and dismissed] editor of one of BKK's leading English-language dailies.
  2. zzaa09

    Who heeds a man of no integrity? [Editorial]

    Yet, all washed away - Yesterday's scallawags are today's admiration. The politicians we might be able to forgive and forget just because they're politicians - it's what they do, but the influential and highly controlled press that turns colours towards ethical and profitable principles are not to be respected.
  3. Which is unfortunate, as most don't imbibe independent and alternative media sources.
  4. Wouldn't be too concerned about the good Field Marshal. He's still firmly placed among influential circles and in the loop. Guarantee he'll come out smelling like a rose, in one form or another.
  5. Apologists and loyalists bandwagons. All the fashionable rage.
  6. zzaa09

    Fraud victims call for police action

    Naive is as naive does....
  7. A discrete brown envelope extended....
  8. Rather new, for Asian standards.
  9. Especially the foreign type, whom make much too much of such everyday things - conditioning themselves in a perfect little white castle protected existence....
  10. Does any of this really matter? Though, real Lakorn Thai has it's place. Entertaining.
  11. So...... What exactly are the positive properties and benefits of an ASEAN Summit? [the inquiry is rhetorical]
  12. Same old s**t, different odor...... Some are fooled, some aren't.
  13. Yeah....more than likely. Such decent intended entities are never promoted as such unless control and profits trickle up to the usual crowd. Nothing extended for the good of society, yet spoke of in fuzzy theory and rhetoric.
  14. I might be most suspicious as to anything related towards the Michelin rating/ranking. Bogus.
  15. zzaa09

    Supreme Patriarch spared asset rule

    I've known numerous instances, throughout the years, that Wat property is used [or whored out] for profitable purposes. Much to the chagrin of taboos that disallow Wat land to be promoted in this manner. Big business prevails.