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  1. Well, don't get your hopes up. Only talk, which is all we should expect. Any development in the region that might come about won't benefit the region or the people. Bet on it.
  2. Wouldn't be too put out, as such suggested accusations might be round-about beneficial. Not fitting in, by way of banal homogeny, is certainly not what it's cracked-up to be.
  3. We tend to slumber and pick our vices in accordance to our particular fanciful perspectives and agendas.
  4. Indeed. It's all about their benign championing of protection for foreigners and Thais alike. The Thai establishment elite are such good people, and a history to show for it.
  5. Another option to combat general angst and tension might be not to instigate and perpetuate suppressive and meaningless military dictatorships. Just saying like.
  6. Some have suggested these ideals forever. Less than a few care to absorb the reality, instead making up romantic notions that fir nicely into their respective political/social perspectives. Sad. Most don't get it.
  7. .....and, universally, trained and conditioned to exist for a singular reason.
  8. Indeed. A few of us have secured such a lifestyle where the instinctive urge to keep brethren Farang company and other associated cultural fare is surely not that valuable and non-existent. I, too, couldn't be bothered with the homogenous Farang. Nothing that special.
  9. Indeed. Little do you know the true history of the world and historic diffusion. Which shouldn't surprise.
  10. That's the crux. It's just not in the societal nature to challenge or question the traditional and fabricated figures of authority, less the placed systematic infrastructures of association. It's ingrained, generation after generation. Yet, they're not completely left in the dark or vacant of recognition through everyday intelligence/reasoning. Because of their hesitance to speak an opinion towards this and that, certainly doesn't mean they might not have views and lucid conclusions about such things. Just cultural instinct that might come across of a contradictory nature, baffling those who are unaccustomed or disconnected with such differences. That being said, I have known and presently know a wide section of Thai folks of every class that seem to contradict the perceived stereotype of passive indifference - as they have formed a character of critical opinions, challenging and questioning as they should......in closed and community quarters. They certainly do exist, in numbers that might surprise. They're quite observant. Personally. what has always puzzled me is the steadfast and insistent cultural comparatives [even in a superlative manner] and conscious proposals of Western people that insist that these savages would benefit to take up European ways......almost akin to a subliminal colonial civilising mission. Why can't they be like us and do/perceive things as we do. These factors apply not only to Thailand, but the world over of the non-European universe. Traditional cultures that are much more ancient and wise, in retrospect. Just go with it. Learn. ....and pass it on to the next life. The old Farang saying: When in Rome......blah, blah.