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  1. the turning bike was on the wrong side of the lane to turn left, the lady passing on the inside at speed was the bigger problem IMHO
  2. piewarmer

    Herd of Cows Hilariously Crash a ‘Twerking’ Party in Thailand

    Agree dude
  3. piewarmer

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    mark your calendar for next year, stay away from February till late May.
  4. sensible people? where?
  5. Theresa May just said "so what!". LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a showdown with ministers and lawmakers in her Conservative party after refusing to back reform of Northern Ireland's highly restrictive abortion rules after neighbouring Ireland's vote to liberalise its laws.
  6. piewarmer

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    I walked past the gate today, all the don't feed the animals signs are pointing to the road or the wall where they cant be seen. turned one around the right way, it didn't take long for someone to correct it. I have nothing better to do.
  7. piewarmer

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    There used to be a bloke who hung around the old wall there. he had crackers that made a loud bang.. It was fun watching the pigeons scatter and the confused tourists. I haven't seen Mr crackers around for a few months.
  8. piewarmer

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    So get rid of the signs and enjoy.
  9. piewarmer

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    Tourists are enjoying feeding the pigeons at Tha Phae gate, These birds can be a health hazard but there's money to be made. The vendors keep turning the signs the wrong way around and move them far away from the gate... problem solved. If you wonder where the dead pigeons are, the rats sort that out, often in daylight which frightens some people.
  10. It used to be 3 weeks of smoke, now it's 3 months.
  11. no comments so far, unbelievable
  12. this guy was there with his selfie stick, check it out, funny at times.
  13. piewarmer

    39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    I'm in Issan, food and grog stocked up, car keys stored until Tuesday, I won't be a statistic.
  14. piewarmer

    39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    maybe more prayers will fix it, Monks can do.
  15. piewarmer

    39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    The centre said most accidents happened between 4.00pm– 8.00pm 3pm in Chiang Mai that's when the police checkpoints finish for the day, no helmet checks till 9am. Occasionally there's one at night but uncommon.