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  1. The business hours are on the door, they usually close on Wednesday except when there's a big game, then they close the following day instead. Its nice to have a six day week for the staff as they work 9-14 hours depending on what's on in the weekend sport department. Its now licensed as a bistro so no more Buddha day closures. The neighbours (Players or Diggers rest) seem to always have the same day off as Downunder.
  2. cant do that , I live here, scary prospect.
  3. I'd like someone to upload a video of him taking bribes.
  4. They have been trying to opt out since I came to CM 11 years ago. I had a bar at the stadium entrance and often heard the owners moaning about boxing nights because the ringside bars are closed to foot traffic.
  5. I like the comment on the boxing flyers "real gambling available" and "no fake". The boxers are told not to hurt each other as its their income stream. Maybe there's some big fights where its full tilt.... but not often.
  6. Ask anyone travelling around the globe, all the tourist traps are swarming with Chinese tourists, it's normal. I saw a blogger complaining about all the Chinese tourists at a hot spring visit in Iceland just today.
  7. You don't seem to know how its done here , its called extortion.
  8. I hear there is now two brown envelopes required monthly from the bars in Chiang Mai.
  9. Disaster waiting to happen in Chiang Mai, there are many tall old and rotten trees (weakened by termites) on the road to Lamphun in Wat Ket.
  10. Checkpoint near governors residence last week, Chinese couple with helmets approached, 5 police all excited crying "China, China" wonder why they got so excited. . . . The couple slipped by before they could be flagged down.
  11. Yesterday I heard a lot more ambulance sirens from my Chiang Mai condo (Nong Hoi) than ever before.
  12. Do they have unlimited plans in Oz?
  13. Thanks for the review, I have an Android box, sounds better than the poor AFL subscription feed this year...bugger all pre-game.. I'm going to try it.
  14. buy it, great monitor. price dropping :)