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  1. Disaster waiting to happen in Chiang Mai, there are many tall old and rotten trees (weakened by termites) on the road to Lamphun in Wat Ket.
  2. Checkpoint near governors residence last week, Chinese couple with helmets approached, 5 police all excited crying "China, China" wonder why they got so excited. . . . The couple slipped by before they could be flagged down.
  3. Yesterday I heard a lot more ambulance sirens from my Chiang Mai condo (Nong Hoi) than ever before.
  4. Do they have unlimited plans in Oz?
  5. Thanks for the review, I have an Android box, sounds better than the poor AFL subscription feed this year...bugger all pre-game.. I'm going to try it.
  6. buy it, great monitor. price dropping :)
  7. ten thousand six hundred. legit.
  8. I looked at that, Aussie ISP's don't have high enough speed uploads (without silly money) My Thai plan is common: 100/50ms for $50 a month (1300B). Aussies don't get unlimited speeds like this ... the DL maybe.. but not the other way and that's what the slingbox requires.
  9. Just picked up a 36" samsung curved monitor, 4ms response, 10,600B at Chi Chang. I love it a lot, so good for gaming and movies. craps all over the LED TV I was using via HDMI. I saw a flat screen Benq 1ms in my travels, check it out, that's superb response.
  10. Mine was running slow today too (Watket). DL was 3.5mbs instead of 100, they probably reset the tunnel remotely within 30 minutes (but never called back). I find Sinet network quality and service far superior to True...dealt with both many times.
  11. Agree, make sugar beverages very expensive to stop the spiraling diabetes rate here.
  12. Watch out for the loner cop back again outside the Hard Rock Cafe. He went missing for a while. I watched the Thae Pae checks a week ago, they ignore old Thai people with no helmet. BIB pulled over 3 schoolboys on one bike, no helmets, made them all get off the bike....30 seconds later the 3 boys were on their way. I wonder what was said.
  13. You need to keep all outgoings logged for the tax man.
  14. It's hard to get local bakery's to make whole grain buns, they want large orders to do that. Most burgers have sugary bread which stuffs it up.
  15. Wait and see, haven't seen the pretties outside for a month or more, just a few Thai blokes eating noodles one night.