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  1. dvg

    90 days online

    You have a link for the website?Thanks.
  2. dvg

    90 days online

    What's the latest on 90 days online reporting?
  3. I know from a very reliable person,that Sheryle's Bar and Rest in Rathwithi Road,will show the fight,eventhough it is "late"in the evening.
  4. Where in Chiang mai can I look Alvarez-Golovkin boxing?It is in Las Vegas USA this saterday evening Sept 15. Or on witch channel can we see it on tv?Thai tv or True.Thanks.
  5. dvg

    Burning dry landscape stuff

    You are living on 1 rai land,make a compostpile in a corner.You can use the compost to fertilize your other plants.
  6. dvg

    No Plastic Bags at Rimping Today

    I go 2-3 times a week to Rimping and I never had a leaflet in my plastic bag only the bill.
  7. dvg

    No Plastic Bags at Rimping Today

    When they would have told before that there were no bags on wednesday it was no surprice and I would take my own bag.
  8. dvg

    No Plastic Bags at Rimping Today

    The surprise 'no plastic bags' day caught a lot of people out and simply irritated them. I was at Rimping also yesterday and because there was "fresh"bread I took 4 whole weat bread and 4 packs with buns for the freezer and some other smalls.When check out,no plastic back today!!! How can I drive with the motorbike 10 km with the box they wanted to give to me?
  9. dvg

    Ear treatment required

    I think you need an Eyedoktor,it says McCormick hospital.
  10. dvg

    Ear treatment required

    I went to the McCormick hospital for a earproblem, the doctor starts at 10 in the morning,he checked and did give me some medicine.I paid about 600 baht.
  11. Only 3 hours to go.Then it's Herringparty time!!
  12. As every year I was part off the testing panel and this year 2018 the Dutch Herrings are "Delicious"?
  13. I can not wait till Monday 18 !!!
  14. dvg

    90 day reporting by mail

    I did send my TM 47 on May 14, had it back on May 25.
  15. dvg

    smoked mackerel

    The saba fish you can find at every Thai market.It is a mackerel fish.They prepare it on the BBQ and put some herbs insite.Taste good and not expensive around 50 baht. Sometimes when I have some sparetime I smoke the Norwegian mackerel myself,I have a smoker and make smoked sausage also(rookworst)