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  1. Only 3 hours to go.Then it's Herringparty time!!
  2. As every year I was part off the testing panel and this year 2018 the Dutch Herrings are "Delicious"
  3. I can not wait till Monday 18 !!!
  4. dvg

    90 day reporting by mail

    I did send my TM 47 on May 14, had it back on May 25.
  5. dvg

    smoked mackerel

    The saba fish you can find at every Thai market.It is a mackerel fish.They prepare it on the BBQ and put some herbs insite.Taste good and not expensive around 50 baht. Sometimes when I have some sparetime I smoke the Norwegian mackerel myself,I have a smoker and make smoked sausage also(rookworst)
  6. Berichten Maybe it helps a little??? Citylife Chiang Mai heeft zijn/haar evenement gedeeld. 23 maart om 16:43 · Grab your mask and bring your friends and family to come together and have our voices heard. We all have the right to breathe. This is a gathering organised by concerned citizens of Chiang Mai with no political agenda but to plead with the authorities to please provide air quality information to the public following WHO standards. MRT30 Geïnteresseerd มาร่วมกันเอาอากาศของเราคืนมา Right to Breathe Gathering Vr 17:00 · Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai Je vindt Citylife Chiang Mai leuk
  7. It looks like the camcar was from a cop and even he did nothing!!!
  8. They were not live which "johnwilly" says was suggesting has happened, you are taking about "so called fresh iced/frozen/iced etc. fish." Not the same as live swimming fish being transported in some awful barbaric conditions. I have seen myself, when they opened the boxes,direct from the airport, and their where live seafish,snapper,lobster and some more species and they put them in the fishtanks and were swimming around!!!
  9. There was a seafood restaurant on the road to Mea Jo,opposite the the Ford dealer,who had the seafood come by aeroplane fresh everyday in sterofoom boxes,direct from Phuket.
  10. dvg

    piles of rubbish.

    When you drive the 118 road from Doi Saket to Chiang Mai,there's garbage every 50 meters,sometimes big piles,that are so "smelly" it is hard to breathe.It is all trash from people throwing their household garbage along the street in the evening or at night.
  11. dvg

    Food smoking

    You can buy wood chips with Rimping and Home Pro.
  12. dvg

    3BB and International

    I am with 3BB and Thai Visa is very slow the last days.
  13. dvg

    Que for Extension of Visa at Promenade

    I did my marriage extention a couple of weeks ago,arrived at 6.30 and after the final quenummber,I was nr 3.They started at 8.30 and I was back home at9.45.It was much more easy than at the airport.The officer was a nice man also.
  14. It is the regular True tv channel, you don't have to pay extra like ppv