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  1. It looks like the camcar was from a cop and even he did nothing!!!
  2. They were not live which "johnwilly" says was suggesting has happened, you are taking about "so called fresh iced/frozen/iced etc. fish." Not the same as live swimming fish being transported in some awful barbaric conditions. I have seen myself, when they opened the boxes,direct from the airport, and their where live seafish,snapper,lobster and some more species and they put them in the fishtanks and were swimming around!!!
  3. There was a seafood restaurant on the road to Mea Jo,opposite the the Ford dealer,who had the seafood come by aeroplane fresh everyday in sterofoom boxes,direct from Phuket.
  4. piles of rubbish.

    When you drive the 118 road from Doi Saket to Chiang Mai,there's garbage every 50 meters,sometimes big piles,that are so "smelly" it is hard to breathe.It is all trash from people throwing their household garbage along the street in the evening or at night.
  5. Food smoking

    You can buy wood chips with Rimping and Home Pro.
  6. 3BB and International

    I am with 3BB and Thai Visa is very slow the last days.
  7. Que for Extension of Visa at Promenade

    I did my marriage extention a couple of weeks ago,arrived at 6.30 and after the final quenummber,I was nr 3.They started at 8.30 and I was back home at9.45.It was much more easy than at the airport.The officer was a nice man also.
  8. It is the regular True tv channel, you don't have to pay extra like ppv
  9. Best fishing tackle shop in CM

    Take the railroadstreet out off the city,cross the superhighway,then halveway on the left you will see a aquariumshop.Then just a little further(also on the left)there is a fishing tackle shop. Nice owners who speak English and are very helpfull.
  10. New Dutch Herring Party 2017

    I was lucky to be part off the testpanel for the Dutch New Herring 2017 this afternoon and I can tell you the herring is as wonderful as last year.The party can start Tuesday June 27 at 18.00.
  11. New Dutch Herring Party 2017

    Last night I had a phonecall from a Dutch friend and he told me the New Herring 2017 is SUPERB !!
  12. Who knows were we can eat Alaskan King crab in Chiang Mai?There should be a restaurant in the mountains,but that is a 2 hour drive.
  13. "Touch Up" Paint For Cars

    What color is your Mazda 2? I bought a touch up stick for a Mazda 3 red color down with Big C parking lot superhighway for 190 baht.It is the "normal"red. If you need just a little,contact me.
  14. barbecue grills

    Here's another good company http://www.bbqgrillsthai.com/