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  1. Pracha Rath markets open in Chiang Mai

    CM Provincial Government Offices complex. Just off Mae Rim road at junction with middle ring road
  2. Pracha Rath markets open in Chiang Mai

    Great initiative and well done CM - leading the way again in helping the rural poor farmers etc. Some wonderful, quality produce for sale there. Much better and cheaper than in those awful, over-priced, supermarkets.
  3. Start dating pretty boys!
  4. I couldn't have put it better Rudi. Waiting for the trumpettes to answer this. I think they're the same lot that support Brexit. Tarred with same brush imnsho!
  5. Here's hoping. Good to read that this research is ongoing.
  6. What the f.. k is the 4th riech? You might have to learn to spell then we might just about understand the nonsense you post on here dear!
  7. My ex bf's sister lives there. I will ask her on Facebook. She might know.
  8. A favourite of mine and many of my gay friends. Refurbishments were needed but now looks a lot better. Thank you Malaysia for making me always welcome and ensuring our safety. You know what I mean!
  9. Just waiting for the junta fanboys to comment: 'to be expected at any military run school- normal behaviour anywhere in the world '. I went to a military style school in England and of course senior boys bullied juniors but nothing like this would in any way be allowed. Poor young man and so sad for his family and friends.
  10. impressive video. Well done you snake catchers. Let's hope the beautiful snake survives for a lot longer.
  11. Re the bum gun or bottom sprayers, that was the one thing my Thai bf as was (we're now married) particularly missed when we visited the UK 2 years ago! Wonderful improvement on non-hygienic toilet paper and something that makes Thailand kinda civilised! I won't add it's particularly appreciated by the gay community because I know that would be inviting all sorts of ribald or even abusive comments! But there I've said it! Cheers everyone!
  12. I want to live long enough to see a high speed train from here, Chiang Mai, to BKK and even Chiang Rai! Well I'm only 74 so surely I'm not dreaming?! Ha haha! But good to see definite progress elsewhere. I love trains as a means of transport and so pleased to read about the raiway renaissance everywhere- an environmental benefit for all of us. Get out of our polluting, environmentally damaging unsafe cars and trucks asap!
  13. Australians decisively support same-sex marriage

    Great day for Australia! My fondest best wishes to all my lovely Oz friends here and back in Australia! Let hope legislation follows swiftly. With Love from David, CM LGBT Group Leader.
  14. Apologies to you dear Rooster for my barb re North/South divide but I still get that awful elitist tinge emanating from those contributors living outside of the northern regions of our lovely Thailand. Glad to read you did your bit to eleviate this when you were teaching the kids at your school. As you say: a tricky tight rope it must have been at times and it certainly needs pushing a lot further by very many more right now imho! Still enjoying your pieces every week. Great wit even when all around seem to be full of crazies!