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  1. Mybad for not reading the thread in full. I nearly sent off a steaming missive to my MP, lol!
  2. NCFC

    Do you miss Stickman?

    Stick killed off Trink and moved us all into a new era. He documented a certain section of thai culture and for certin period of time and he did it very well. He certainly captured the zeitgeist in his opening column and there were lots of good writers and fiery debates in the submissions section. But Thailand moves on. A different type of expat came to the country. Thailand joined the social media community and the old was out. Stickman became less relevant just as Trink did before him. I posted a number of submissions to his site over the years but at the end recommended her quit because the Thailand he documented was fast disappearing. When he sold his site to the new guy, Stick became little more than a pimp, with his pictures of prostitutes posing and the constant features about online escort agencies. He'd sold the soul of his site. I met him for a coffee once and he was a really nice guy. It's a huge mistake for him to attempt to come back because his Thailand isn't there anymore and there are plenty of new kids on the social media block doing their thing. If he couldn't make the adjustment back to farangland then he'll end up like Trink, lost in some twilight world.
  3. Your headline states the new fees are from 8th October. I completed an online application for FLR(M) extension on 17th September and the fee was already £1033.