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  1. Often these grandmothers are too aged or frail to cope with the demands of raising children
  2. As a paraplegic are you able to satisfy her needs?
  3. Well wow64, or may I call you chuck, you must have been here some time.
  4. All these guys with younger wives know their missus is having an affair. Happens to Thai geezers as well
  5. More correctly, they won't be able to fly you. I wonder if they will shutdown their booking systems in line with the shutdown of flights?
  6. What you describe so well is how Thailand has changed from something very unique and special to something that could be almost anywhere. The old Thailand was more adventurous but then we're all thirty years older and maybe we're happier to have a nice piece of brie than a night on the tiles.
  7. To be clear, the British police handed over evidence to the police not the prosecution. It is up to the Thai police to hand over all relevant facts to the defence. It must have come up in court as evidence so why didnt Andy Hall and friends challenge the source?
  8. Good luck to your daughter. She has made an excellent decision and I wish you all well!
  9. Sucking up to the Junta. Ugly guy.
  10. Brucie was the last of the great post-war entertainers. I saw him in the sixties doing a summer season on one of Great Yarmouth's piers. Part of the fabric of British social culture for decades and a truly wonderful entertainer loved by all ages. RiP Brucie, you lovely man
  11. It was the offshore guys that made Thailand the great destination that it was back then They invented the GFE more than the Vietnam vets did. They had the money and partied hard. The two week millionaires were more money conscious and not so much of a fun vibe. This was the Stickman era. It's disappearing quickly though. The poor are rolling up and the Thais are beginning to despise us now.
  12. 30 years ago most of the guys coming here were the offshore workers. They had their favourite bars and favourite girls and plenty of money. By the 90s the two week millionaires discovered Thailand and the fun scene started to go downhill. Today even the benefits trash end up on Thailand's shores and the scene has truly gone to sh!t
  13. If you think Thailand hasn't developed then you weren't here in the 1970s it was during Thaksin's tenure that the most people rose above poverty level. These are the kind of facts that are important to the populace.