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  1. Seems that the long-awaited war has started
  2. They had to interview 40 witnesses until they found one who gave the correct answer??
  3. You have to admit, Pantip Plaza is not what it was.
  4. It won't be long before you will be asked to show your fb account when coming into the country. Checking on your likes.
  5. Why don't the juniors offer themselves and cut out the third-party? Cheaper in the long-run
  6. It wasn't a bomb. It was just a very loud fart.
  7. The Thai guy said something about two inches and two minutes and the Jap guy got upset for being taken as a Cheap Charlie.
  8. It works the other way round, too, you know?
  9. Hubby only getting a bit of practice in to take better care of the wife's needs. She should be thanking him for his thoughtfulness.
  10. Why wouldn't you read beyond the headlines before contacting your friend? Then you would have known it wasn't your friend in the river.
  11. Well I'm glad he qualified that as the wife of your youth because the wife of your old age is a bit of a porker, whose tits dont fill you with anything. Like he says, best remain intoxicated.