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  1. US gays on "World Butt Photo Tour" anger Thais

    Really? Has someone actually said that?
  2. That's okay. A few million dollars in tax dollars is peanuts compared with the billions we funnel into Israeli pockets every year.
  3. Well one would think they would sue the gun manufacturers or the sellers but they can't as it is against the law thanks to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. God bless America. Protecting the sellers of weapons instead of potential victims.
  4. Perhaps if we had sensible gun laws in America, we wouldn't need the government to establish a fund to compensate the families of the dead.
  5. Good for them. A long and mostly happy life together.
  6. I wonder if he will be that congratulatory when the feds come for him....
  7. It seems he has a habit of saying he is going to donate money and then not doing it until called on the carpet about it.
  8. Unfortunately, he is a multi tasker.....
  9. Actually not. She made the claim (with 15 other women) before he was elected and now as the statute of limitations has run out on the harassment charge she will sue for libel due to him referring to her as a liar.
  10. And to thank the Kurds for saving Iraq from ISIS after Iraqi troops ran away and refused to fight...... Again, not a fan of breaking up countries along tribal, religious, ethnic lines but the Kurds have been shat on by Iraqis for year.
  11. I thought this was a favorite past time in Thailand as I see this every time I'm driving long distance (multiple times). I guess seeing a foreigner do it is different?
  12. Tillerson plays down tensions with Trump

    The most telling part of his interviews is when he refuses to answer the question "did you refer to the president as a moron". His refusal to answer seems to be a confirmation.
  13. The right wing in America is emboldening the hard liners in Iran in order to gain votes and prop up our allies which support a different brand of terrorism than does Iran....
  14. As a "Yank", I would welcome the UK as it benefits the UK, US, Mexico and Canada, however it isn't as easy as them just joining. There could be years of negotiations.