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  1. As Fox News is the highest rated "news" service in the USA. Doesn't mean they are accurate, correct or not promoting their own point of view.
  2. Every time he stays at one of his properties which is every week, the taxpayers put money directly into his pocket.
  3. Very smart, but notoriously thin skinned and has a record of attacking those critical of him
  4. Actually Obama and related agencies did act and the information gathered is now being used in the Independent investigation being carried out by Mueller.
  5. Trump's in laws have entered legally under the family reunification program (chain migration) which he is trying to eliminate. Whether or not his wife entered legally is another story.
  6. I'm not a fan at all of Trump's trade plan with China however, America does have more leverage as it is a much larger market for Chinese goods than is China currently of American goods by hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Walmart alone buys more Chinese goods than do many countries. That being said, Americans will start seeing prices for imported goods and products made from imported materials going up and seeing their buying power decline as the trade war goes into full effect. Also many multinationals have Chinese partners such as KFC's China operation which is partially owned by the Chinese. Again, not a fan of Trump's plan. Any of his plans for that matter.
  7. Should our allies boost their military spending? Yes. Should the President of the US publicly call them out and humiliate them while praising Putin? No. Trump is a danger to democracy and the western alliance.
  8. Terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the families of the victims.. My assumption (Monday morning quarterbacking) is that passengers put their vests on inside the boat and then couldn't get out once filled with water. This why flight crew will advise during the safety demo, do not inflate your vest until outside of the aircraft.
  9. As despicable as their government may be, it is their money. It doesn't belong to Germany.
  10. That's about to change. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/25/new-zealand-property-ban-to-take-effect-on-foreign-buyers.html
  11. So, as usual, Trump causes the problem and then demands that others fix it....
  12. This article isn't about unaccompanied minors. It is about minors who crossed the border with their parents.