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  1. Actually it proves her right and him wrong. She has never claimed citizenship of any native American tribe, only that her family had a native American ancestor and her family as recently as her parents generation faced discrimination due to their Native American ancestry. This discrimination was always a fact and now her heritage has been proven.
  2. So, I am assuming you are or would manage fine on $500 dollars / 350 pounds a month in Thailand. Please do tell how you manage your money so well. Is it the shack with the dirt floor and no electricity that really helps you manage? And shame on that young lady for striving to pay off her debts and help her family. I live in the "darkest of Isaan" and my in-laws who are poor farmers worked hard their entire lives and raised three children who all went to college and now contribute back to their parents in their old age so they have some simple comforts that they didn't have when they were young like electricity, a gas stove, some new tools etc. Nothing wrong with wanting to help your elderly parents.
  3. So, you could live on 15,00 baht a month today no problem? I really doubt it. Good on you that you were able to struggle to make ends meet back in the dark ages.
  4. Did you actually read what you are quoting? It was about his testimony as a 53 year old not his behavior as a 17 year old. His prepared statements make him ripe for request for him to recuse himself from any cases involving Democrats or the media that come before the Supreme Court. Also his case concerning the drinking and partying as a teenager only got worse when he was caught lying about it at which time he changed his store twice. Oh and then there is the attempted rape allegation...
  5. I have never been asked for a tip at the airport. No comment about the land borders.
  6. Trump bashing? What this story lays out that Trump has lied about how he made his money. It is not so much about illegalities but that his father perhaps legally and sometimes not legally funneled money from his businesses to his children. Donald started receiving money and properties at the age of 3. it also lays out that his father also used Donald and his siblings it inflate prices for expenses and then request to raise pricing on affordable housing, so basically to rip off poor people and lower income people. Great family.
  7. Deal is done. Concerning dairy, Trump is getting from Canada what we would have had already if he hadn't cancelled TPP. He's a smart one....
  8. Actually not but some of those who backed the judge have recanted.
  9. I think both the hero and the billionaire have been childish. The hero tells the billionaire through the media he can shove his tube up his..... and then the billionaire uses the media to make a horrible unsubstantiated claim against the hero...
  10. You quote John McEnroe of all people to point out that Williams behavior is bad?! Lol! The women get paid probably less than they deserve. Williams is a powerhouse draw to the sport and for her sponsors.
  11. I've got nothing against people enjoying some weed but when one's stock price may depend on your reputation, it might not be a good idea to do so in public.
  12. All that money for the Olympics and the World Cup and none for a sprinkler system in their national museum. This is a national tragedy for sure.
  13. I'm thinking that this young woman isn't planning on coming back to Thailand of her own free will no matter if she is blacklisted or whether her story is true or not..
  14. If he is still a threat to society, he should remain behind bars. If not, release him to a mental health facility and be done with it. He will most likely never be released even if he is not considered a danger to society as he killed someone famous.