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  1. Who cares about Trump's red line. Mueller doesn't work for Trump.
  2. Veterinarians only suggest using this method for chickens and turkeys but not for larger animals. I think humans may fall into that category. Stop sentencing people to death and the problem goes away.
  3. Humans have caused this problem and yet people call for the dogs to be culled.
  4. Oh Lord! No doubt these two are gross and this act is a violation of the law, but I don't see why these public sex episodes are blown out of proportion. Call the police when you see it and let them arrest the violators and make them pay a fine. End of story. I see multiple people urinating on the side of the road every week with no public outcry...
  5. I'm not quite sure why anyone would care what a Gambian politician has to say about Thailand. Haven't been to Gambia and I'm sure the people are lovely, but I'm going to guess that the standard of living in Thailand is much better with or without sex tourism
  6. Absolutely not. Mueller is working well within the parameters of the job he was tasked with.
  7. Not a fan of prostitution but it will never go away so might as well make it safe for the consenting adult participants and ensure that no unwilling and minor aged persons are abused.
  8. You didn't read the memo did you?
  9. Mixed feelings about Billy Graham who a counselor to many US presidents. However praised he will be in death he was no saint in my book. He had at one time claimed that AIDS was the judgement God, urged Nixon to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam, was caught on tape complaining to Nixon that Jews controlled the media, got fabulously wealthy through religion and he raised an abhorrent son. I hope that he saw the light and made his peace with God before his passing.
  10. This type of behavior on trains, plains and buses is just rude and disgusting no matter who does it.
  11. That might have more to do with the price of gold than the value of the dollar.
  12. They hate each other but need each other at least a bit. In the president's case, he needs Romney more than Romney needs him at least until after the election.
  13. Trump blasts Oprah over 60 Minutes episode

    Would certainly rather her, a billionaire who earned every cent through her own hard work and who gives back to the world community be president, rather than the selfish clown occupying the White House currently.
  14. While I don't care for this joker, did he say something that was untrue? The numbers are perhaps exaggerated?
  15. Over a quarter of a million dollars considered "tokens of friendship"? Wish I had friends like that!