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  1. There are solutions out there, but, they require political will - ONE POSSIBLE ANSWER, would be for Thailand to examine the COMPULSORY Schengen “style” visa HEALTH insurance scheme AND FUND IT THEMSELVES – NO INSURANCE COMPANIES. Approx Calculations (From Euro to Baht) to enable a common currency:- TOURISTS 30 million tourists (2015 figures 29.8 million) each with a compulsory health policy @ approx 700 Baht each SAME AS SCHENGEN POLICY Approx income:- Twenty-one BILLION Baht. You would not want those that cannot afford 700 Baht anyhow? READ THE SCHENGEN POLICY Europe can do it, so can Thailand. EXPATS Long Term visa holders must pay REGARDLESS OF AGE. About 1,100 Baht each and every month – For FULL access to Thai PUBLIC Hospital System. Pr-existing conditions, same as Schengen policy. This does NOT stop the filthy rich having their own policy, BUT, it does NOT mean they need not pay – see the word COMPULSORY on the first line.
  2. Easy Fix - Go to >Tools >Options > Load and save > General and change "Document type" to a "Micro$oft file type. You doc's will now save in a cross platform format.
  3. The majority are efficient, (I have one) however, please check the "noise" output. Some can be unbearably noisy. I do not know which one emits the least noise, but hopefully, someone else may have done the research and can advise you - good luck PS Mine is refrigerated NOT evaporative.
  4. You are probably correct Bob on the drug front. However, the "trade" does exist. Sadly because I am not sure of the legalities, I prefer not to expand what I know. I can say, there is a myriad of checks and ALL drugs are dispensed to the patient, on the order of a doctor and in the case of my friend, "FULL Doctor supervised pain management" was top notch. THERE WAS NO, (nor was there EVER) any SELF MEDICATION. I prefer not to say more. My guess is members of each "tribe" that chooses to call Thailand their home, will have different requirements after a tribal member is deceased. I am an Aussie, would not have a clue what is needed after I depart this world, however, my (deeply bereaved) friends partner, has reminded me I must try and make the transition for my beautiful wife as seamless as possible - I will endeavour to do that. We NEVER dwell on death, but, some practical steps have been taken. We have a will, plus an encrypted document, password protected, containing ALL known passwords, banking, insurance, etc... PLUS as much info as could possibly be needed to smooth out the bumps. Minimal but practical, I know.
  5. Firstly I must echo Nancy's comments on the McKean Centre. Prices start at (around) 32,000 Baht per month. Of course everyone's needs are different AND prices vary accordingly, BUT, if one is cognizant and able to express their wishes - many will know (Certainly my friend did), that remaining at home was an unacceptable burden on the person who cared & loved the person. We have a Thai friend in a "San Sai" palliative care centre - His family pay 34,000 Baht per month for his care. Being Thai and "local", they hunted for a cost effective solution to home care - hiring nurses 24/7 did not work for them. Note, that in both cases - (Thai, Non Thai) drugs are not included in the prices quoted. MANY enterprising partners of terminally ill persons can "source" expensive drugs, from the families of recently deceased persons. I know from experience, it can save considerable sums of money. Whilst it may seem distasteful, to some doing this, it is often a "win - win" situation for the terminally ill person AND the partner of a deceased person - FINANCIALLY. Other things happen after death and can be quite draining on the "bereaved" - but need to be done. <SNIP>I had to go to immigration to cancel <deceased> visa. Speak to British Embassy to get <deceased> passport cancelled. Apparently these are urgent items to get sorted. I am in the process of getting Thai & English death certificates certified. I went to City Hall this morning (Twice) for them to finish off the process. I go back Monday to collect the papers. Yesterday I posted off <deceased> UK driving license to get that cancelled. There are a few things like that, that I still need to do - need to look at my list of actions. <END> These last weeks have been draining saying our final goodbye's - If I am to go, whilst here in Thailand, I hope the McLean centre has room for me in my final days.. One last thought, re drugs to keep terminally ill patients comfortable - "it may exist but I have never heard of it" IT WOULD BE NICE, if expat's had an acceptable repository, where drugs could be "donated" by the families of the deceased - to assist those less fortunate. Given the potential for abuse and legalities, something like this could be difficult - but would not be impossible?
  6. Hi Briggsy, Most certainly other scenarios exist, however, given the "ego" factor, which I and (I guess) many would agree - is HUGE. He does seem to have given in rather easily, don't you think? Anyhow, thanks for an interesting and certainly plausible addition to the debate. Mal
  7. British (Imperial) And U.S. System township 0.00000429 square mile 0.0001544 homestead 0.0006178 acre 0.09884 rood 0.3954 square rod 15.81 perch 15.81 square yard (yd²) 478.4 square foot (ft²) 4,306 square inch (in²) 620,000 square mil (th²) 620,000,000,000 Take your pick from the above for 1 Ngan Perhaps your daughter studied that system when she was two? Or you could use METRIC, to convert the superior Thai system. 1 Ngan = 400 square metres. 1 Talang Wah = 4 square metres.
  8. Personally let me disclose I am not an American - never been there, but have visited 82 countries. I think that Mr Trump has the outcome he wanted from the beginning. His meeting with Mr Obama prior to the election, plus some of the points raised in the above article are "some" of the things that seem to point this way. He has abandoned this pledge far to easily. Brand me a conspiracy theorist if you like. But, I still think Mr Trump has been underestimated, if it is, in fact, what he wanted all along, his "negotiation" through the system is a stroke of genius. Whilst America seems to be the epitome of what may be described as a "corporatocracy" I hope you can achieve universal health care, similar to your wealthy northern neighbour and most other "first world" tribes.
  9. Rubbish. if you have worked all your life in OZ (35yrs or over) you get paid anywhere in the world AND it is indexed against OZ inflation.
  10. Was following this thread, good to see you found a solution, what about the other dogs?
  11. I am happy for you... But your post is no help without any detail. I have NO HOPE of tracking down this person from the info you have given. Regards Mal
  12. Thanks for the info Joe, I will try him tomorrow, (Bit late now). Mal
  13. Thanks Joe, One issue fixable, now for the signature. Warm Regards Mal
  14. It is now $AUD70 dollars to witness a signature by embassy or outreach.. Is there ANYONE on this list, (BELOW) that can do here in Lamphun OR Chiang Mai. I WILL PAY YOU. I want to renew my WA drivers licence, they sent me a "kit" but it needs my photo witnessed AND ID sighted. Not sure how I can send $AUD to them as I do not have a cheque book, Can Thai banks/Post office etc.. issue an AUD Cheque or money order. The form says I must send $AUD (Not cash)?? Anyone overcome this ?? Mal Academic (post-secondary institution) • Accountant • Architect • Australian Consular Officer • Australian Diplomatic Officer • Bailiff • Bank Manager • Chartered Secretary • Chemist • Chiropractor • Company Auditor or Liquidator • Court Officer (Judge, Magistrate, Registrar or Clerk) • Defence Force officer (Commissioned, Warrant or NCO with 5 years continuous service) • Dentist • Doctor • Engineer • Industrial Organisation Secretary • Insurance Broker • Justice of the Peace • Lawyer • Local Government CEO or Deputy CEO • Local Government Councillor • Loss Adjuster • Marriage Celebrant • Member of Parliament (State or Commonwealth) • Minister of Religion • Nurse • Optometrist • Patent Attorney • Physiotherapist • Podiatrist • Police Officer • Post Officer Manager • Psychologist • Public Notary • Public Servant (State or Commonwealth) • Real Estate Agent • Settlement Agent • Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff • Surveyor • Teacher • Tribunal Officer • Veterinary Surgeon • Or any person before whom, under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 of the Commonwealth, a statutory declaration may be made.
  15. I forgot to mention, I live in Chiang Mai, so any info on testing here, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mal