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    Australian Aged Pension

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  2. Foreigners to be tracked by Defence Ministry 17 May 2018 at 11:10 | 98 viewed | 0 comments Did not see the date on the site referenced, however, ONE of your (TV) banned sites carried it as a new article, with the above headline - spelling mistakes and all :-) - . There are subtle differences in the wording on the two sites - I used the above URL because of the ban.
  3. https://thethaiger.com/news/keeping-track-foreigners-thailand-new-e-passport-data-used Appeared on a number of sites today (2018 May 17) - if the above site is banned, my apologies. If we can dispense with the TM6 then perhaps it is one bureaucratic hurdle less to jump?. However, there is always the small print and the REAL "intent"
  4. MalandLee

    Pulling My Hair Out With Network!

    PITA – (Portable Instrument for Trace Acquisition) - cannot imagine anyone would want to help - these things are legal minefields. Of course your acronym could mean other things - thats the problem with using acronyms...
  5. MalandLee

    Hypertension Clinic Local Hospital

    Hi Mate, As (like you appear to be) a proponent of “Holism”. I do take holistic approaches to my situation too. As you have found (Together with many doctors) BP is tricky, what works for one, is useless for another – for no “apparent” reason. Which does NOT mean there is no reason. Vegan – I am a long term vegan. After a large TIA about 5-6 yrs ago, I was left with a speech impediment. I later recovered my ability to speak completely. I had blood pressures “resting” of about 220/120 – I was prescribed ACE inhibitors – after one month there was NO reduction in pressure. I decided – as I was overweight (Not obese) to go on a one month Juice diet. Within 7 days of commencing, I like hundreds of others smashed my BP down to 110/70 – some days 100/60. I lost weight too which was a bonus. However, no matter how good I felt, (best I ever felt in my life), drinking juice was not THE answer, as it was unsustainable, long term. THIS:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XDSpuMIMPs - was a great motivator – FOR ME. Fast forward, I am medication free, but, still have hypertension. I reside in the range 130-140/80-90. Not ideal by any means. But, I am free of the horrendous side effects of BP Drugs. I occasionally juice fast for a couple of weeks at least once per year – BP reduction (from this) lasts months, before it creeps back to the above range. Recent blood tests (several over years) have revealed a pattern. Everything is well within normal range, except “triglyceride's” Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL combined are in the 3 mmol/L (About 55 Mg/dL) almost “homoeostasis” So turning once again to “holism”, I researched and adjusted my (Vegan) diet to include ALA, DHA & EPA (search the acronyms – the search will help “Decoding the Omega 3 Alphabet”). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFFWstlfDRk has been very motivational – his voice on the other hand……….. did my head in :-) Vegan sources of DHA and EPA are different to killing large numbers of animals. They are however, slightly more expensive. Having said that, they are exponentially better for your health. I also take ONE weekly 1000 mcg B12 supplement. I will ask blood be tested after 6 months on this regime, but, if my research is any good, I should be impacting my high triglyceride levels and hopefully, fine tune my BP. I can PM you the result(s)if you wish? I am already experiencing empirical results - penile tumescence, is now a regular (daily) occurrence, whereas before it was infrequent. I am now 5 years TIA free, at least that I am aware of. I do know they can happen without one knowing and without noticeable symptoms. I hope this post helps you further decode your own metabolic puzzle. Good Luck Mal PS I was deeply saddened to read of your lonely existence – it would seem to this dumbo, that a companion “could” be beneficial to you. You may be able to offer “someone” a future, platonic or otherwise. There are many beautiful Thai people out there, with the ability to see a “symbiotic” relationship, in the best sense of the word..
  6. MalandLee

    Hypertension Clinic Local Hospital

    Hi Speedo, I am a mirror image, same age, vegan, non smoker, non drinker BP about same. However I differ significantly in heart rate. I strongly suggest you get an opinion on your heart rate as "Bradycardia" can be an issue. You are not an Olympic athlete given your stated exercise regime, fitter than most perhaps, but.. May I also respectfully suggest, you at least acknowledge, that what you are currently doing is not working. You need to look at some other treatment regime, lest one of those TIA's hits you much harder. May I also suggest, you "school" your loved ones, *living with you*, the symptoms AND correct response, should the big one hit you unexpectedly - correct first aid and PROMPT intervention, will leave you with a much better quality of life. Good Luck mate, Mal
  7. I live in Perth. I used the "Sydney list" Bound everything with one of those binder thingy's from Officeworks $3.00 Sent to Canbera in "Platinum bag" from OZ Post. Put a paid up "platinum bag" for return postage. Process took 5 working days Sent flowers to the fantastic Thai Lady who seemed to answer all calls. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. Mal
  8. MalandLee

    This MAY mean money for some people.

    It is sad there are people like you in this world, however, most decent people have learned to ignore those of your ilk. It is a rather simple process to check the validity of a website, particularly an Australian Government Website. I sincerely hope genuine claimants can ignore this recalcitrant diatribe.
  9. MalandLee

    This MAY mean money for some people.

    Thanks Lou, One would think within the huge 'xpat membership here, some would like to know and some may be eligible - as usual, with most corporate vermin, there is only a TINY window to claim, which expires in about two weeks. Good luck to those that spot this post "in time". Mal
  10. MalandLee

    This MAY mean money for some people.

    http://www.scamnet.wa.gov.au/scamnet/Help_and_support-Financial_recovery-Western_Union_refunds.htm Use above URL to start your claims process - good luck
  11. January, 2018 If you lost money using Western Union you may get a refund If you sent money to a scammer using Western Union you may get a refund If you sent money to a scammer through Western Union between 1 January 2004 and 19 January 2017, you may be entitled to a refund after the global money service agreed to repay a settlement of $586 million to scam victims. Claims must be submitted by 12 February 2018. FULL Details Here: http://tinyurl.com/y9v3jd5n PS I know tiny URL's are not the best but the original URL is ridiculously long.
  12. Let us know how it goes - may help other users of Linux..
  13. If you have just installed Linux, I am surprised you have chosen an older distro, Mint 18.2 is currently the latest LTS (Long Term Support) version. Often you will find an updated kernel and much greater support for "other" hardware. IMO Computing is fun, worth a try to see if it functions with all the latest stuff.
  14. I have no idea why you chose not to follow my suggestion slmgr -rearm and chose instead slmgr /rearm To my knowledge the command you have chosen to use CAN NOT WORK. FURTHER: -rearm (No space between the "dash" & rearm is vital. There is no point in me commenting further, this will be my last post. Good Luck
  15. Press Windows key + X. Click Command Prompt(admin) Now type the following command and then hit enter slmgr -rearm Restart the computer. Try slmgr /xpr again to see if the issue is fixed PLEASE for everyones sake, let us know if it works..