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  1. MalandLee

    Plant Based Nutrition and Fasting

    Knives over Forks is a great movie.... ( I think this is what your referring - on another thread??) - GREAT info for the larger people... THIS is LOOOONG, but, learning curves are Loooong too. When (if) you have time this movie on weight loss is good.
  2. MalandLee

    Plant Based Nutrition and Fasting

    Yup, done it all my life. I am not aphasic, but, not sure of the syndrome except that I know it has a name. Never really bothered to look. Hope it does not send you blind or incandescent with rage..
  3. MalandLee

    Plant Based Nutrition and Fasting

    VERY occasionally we make vegan burgers, sausages, hash browns, scrambled tofu & the like. Then we have our own version of a breakfast fry up. Really is quite delicious. If I were next door......... Hope you have a great birthday.
  4. MalandLee

    Plant Based Nutrition and Fasting

    Absolutely on the money with that statement - I did not join is as it is EXACTLY how I feel.
  5. MalandLee

    It's Just So Confusing ........

    Knives over Forks is a great movie.... THIS is LOOOONG, but, learning curves are Loooong too. When (if) you have time this movie on weight loss is good.
  6. MalandLee

    It's Just So Confusing ........

    Hi Mate, Not everything has a single solution. 4. Fortified Cereals - 5 mcg per cup Provides 208% of DRI 160 calories (DRI = Daily Recommended Intake) 5. Red Meat - 5 mcg per 3-ounce serving Provides 208% of DRI 213 calorie (SOURCE: https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/top-10-foods-vitamin-b12/ ) If you take the readings here, then perhaps you could factor in the lower calories of your choice(s). Also, you need to factor in the downside of animal products on your health. You are on a "journey" in some respects, towards better health and (perhaps?) compassionate living, which can assist your mental well-being. I urge you to only look at Science based studies, when drawing conclusions. If you are compassionate towards animals or concerned about your grandchildren(s) future, you may lean towards a plant based diet. If you have found science based studies that these things are not true... you can make your choices based on that. (I use https://nutritionfacts.org/ ) amongst others, for the "science" I hope that you can enjoy this journey towards better health, it is (can be) a fun road... Best of luck Mal
  7. MalandLee

    Plant Based Nutrition and Fasting

    Just went to the "Vegan Festival" in my city - TOTALLY blown away by the numbers.. 50 metre queue's at almost every food outlet... Even 10 years ago it was quite sedate, now, it is families, children and older people too - It has exponentially grown in my 10 years - could not hazard a guess at what 40 yrs growth is like.
  8. MalandLee

    Plant Based Nutrition and Fasting

    No need to be sorry mate, you are correct - on the points you made - however, many things become catalysts for many people. Juicing (I happen to know) got many started and in turn saved their lives. He had a good way of marketing (Better than me) hence got the "plant" message out there. - Did not help Phil Staples a lot - sadly. Dr Greger methylcobalamin vs cyanocobalamin "It’s like the whole coral calcium scam. Calcium is cheap as chalk–in fact it is chalk! So how are you going to bilk people out of lots of money? You sell some sort of special calcium. Same with B12 supplements. B12 is so cheap to produce that supplement manufacturers try to come up with all sorts of fancy ways to “add value” to products so they can charge $30 a bottle. Unless you’re a smoker, have kidney failure, or base your diet around cassava root, cyanocobalamin should be fine. That’s what I take!" SOURCE: https://nutritionfacts.org/questions/which-type-of-b12-is-best/ I take 1000 mcg a week - annual blood test(s) show my levels to be on the upper side of normal. It is healthy to differ, but, fundamentally I agree with a lot of what you have written on this thread. Take care Mal
  9. MalandLee

    Plant Based Nutrition and Fasting

    Hi Mate, thanks for the thread. It has been interesting reading the comments. I see little value in offering "solutions" as often they tend to be subjective. I FULLY support your endorsement of Dr. Michael Greger. He stands out because EVERYTHING he states is backed by REAL science. Plus he will modify earlier statements, as the science evolves. "Knives over Forks" is a good movie - you need to purchase, as no one would ever recommend Pirate Bay. Joe Cross - "Fat sick & nearly dead" - on youtube - great for the juicers out there. There are lots more of course A little about me/us: We are 10 year VEGAN. We only eat plant based. We live in Thailand for anything up to a year or so and Australia, for anything up to 18 months or so. Have had over 200 people in our home - In Thailand we do a FREE vegan lunch for anything up to eight people. My wife is an expert cook (Professional) and concocts some amazing dishes. We have a fantastic social life due to our vegan-ism. Lots more I could say... But Hope you find what is best for. animals, the planet, and YOU. Hope you find health & peace in yourself Warm Regards Mal
  10. Sorry mate the NRA will NEVER permit referendums in the USA...
  11. MalandLee

    Australian Aged Pension

    Post removed
  12. Foreigners to be tracked by Defence Ministry 17 May 2018 at 11:10 | 98 viewed | 0 comments Did not see the date on the site referenced, however, ONE of your (TV) banned sites carried it as a new article, with the above headline - spelling mistakes and all :-) - . There are subtle differences in the wording on the two sites - I used the above URL because of the ban.
  13. https://thethaiger.com/news/keeping-track-foreigners-thailand-new-e-passport-data-used Appeared on a number of sites today (2018 May 17) - if the above site is banned, my apologies. If we can dispense with the TM6 then perhaps it is one bureaucratic hurdle less to jump?. However, there is always the small print and the REAL "intent"
  14. MalandLee

    Pulling My Hair Out With Network!

    PITA – (Portable Instrument for Trace Acquisition) - cannot imagine anyone would want to help - these things are legal minefields. Of course your acronym could mean other things - thats the problem with using acronyms...
  15. MalandLee

    Hypertension Clinic Local Hospital

    Hi Mate, As (like you appear to be) a proponent of “Holism”. I do take holistic approaches to my situation too. As you have found (Together with many doctors) BP is tricky, what works for one, is useless for another – for no “apparent” reason. Which does NOT mean there is no reason. Vegan – I am a long term vegan. After a large TIA about 5-6 yrs ago, I was left with a speech impediment. I later recovered my ability to speak completely. I had blood pressures “resting” of about 220/120 – I was prescribed ACE inhibitors – after one month there was NO reduction in pressure. I decided – as I was overweight (Not obese) to go on a one month Juice diet. Within 7 days of commencing, I like hundreds of others smashed my BP down to 110/70 – some days 100/60. I lost weight too which was a bonus. However, no matter how good I felt, (best I ever felt in my life), drinking juice was not THE answer, as it was unsustainable, long term. THIS:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XDSpuMIMPs - was a great motivator – FOR ME. Fast forward, I am medication free, but, still have hypertension. I reside in the range 130-140/80-90. Not ideal by any means. But, I am free of the horrendous side effects of BP Drugs. I occasionally juice fast for a couple of weeks at least once per year – BP reduction (from this) lasts months, before it creeps back to the above range. Recent blood tests (several over years) have revealed a pattern. Everything is well within normal range, except “triglyceride's” Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL combined are in the 3 mmol/L (About 55 Mg/dL) almost “homoeostasis” So turning once again to “holism”, I researched and adjusted my (Vegan) diet to include ALA, DHA & EPA (search the acronyms – the search will help “Decoding the Omega 3 Alphabet”). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFFWstlfDRk has been very motivational – his voice on the other hand……….. did my head in :-) Vegan sources of DHA and EPA are different to killing large numbers of animals. They are however, slightly more expensive. Having said that, they are exponentially better for your health. I also take ONE weekly 1000 mcg B12 supplement. I will ask blood be tested after 6 months on this regime, but, if my research is any good, I should be impacting my high triglyceride levels and hopefully, fine tune my BP. I can PM you the result(s)if you wish? I am already experiencing empirical results - penile tumescence, is now a regular (daily) occurrence, whereas before it was infrequent. I am now 5 years TIA free, at least that I am aware of. I do know they can happen without one knowing and without noticeable symptoms. I hope this post helps you further decode your own metabolic puzzle. Good Luck Mal PS I was deeply saddened to read of your lonely existence – it would seem to this dumbo, that a companion “could” be beneficial to you. You may be able to offer “someone” a future, platonic or otherwise. There are many beautiful Thai people out there, with the ability to see a “symbiotic” relationship, in the best sense of the word..