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  1. This MAY mean money for some people.

    It is sad there are people like you in this world, however, most decent people have learned to ignore those of your ilk. It is a rather simple process to check the validity of a website, particularly an Australian Government Website. I sincerely hope genuine claimants can ignore this recalcitrant diatribe.
  2. This MAY mean money for some people.

    Thanks Lou, One would think within the huge 'xpat membership here, some would like to know and some may be eligible - as usual, with most corporate vermin, there is only a TINY window to claim, which expires in about two weeks. Good luck to those that spot this post "in time". Mal
  3. This MAY mean money for some people.

    http://www.scamnet.wa.gov.au/scamnet/Help_and_support-Financial_recovery-Western_Union_refunds.htm Use above URL to start your claims process - good luck
  4. January, 2018 If you lost money using Western Union you may get a refund If you sent money to a scammer using Western Union you may get a refund If you sent money to a scammer through Western Union between 1 January 2004 and 19 January 2017, you may be entitled to a refund after the global money service agreed to repay a settlement of $586 million to scam victims. Claims must be submitted by 12 February 2018. FULL Details Here: http://tinyurl.com/y9v3jd5n PS I know tiny URL's are not the best but the original URL is ridiculously long.
  5. Let us know how it goes - may help other users of Linux..
  6. If you have just installed Linux, I am surprised you have chosen an older distro, Mint 18.2 is currently the latest LTS (Long Term Support) version. Often you will find an updated kernel and much greater support for "other" hardware. IMO Computing is fun, worth a try to see if it functions with all the latest stuff.
  7. I have no idea why you chose not to follow my suggestion slmgr -rearm and chose instead slmgr /rearm To my knowledge the command you have chosen to use CAN NOT WORK. FURTHER: -rearm (No space between the "dash" & rearm is vital. There is no point in me commenting further, this will be my last post. Good Luck
  8. Press Windows key + X. Click Command Prompt(admin) Now type the following command and then hit enter slmgr -rearm Restart the computer. Try slmgr /xpr again to see if the issue is fixed PLEASE for everyones sake, let us know if it works..
  9. I have to agree with this post... I would be VERY happy to present a young man who finished his apprenticeship as a "master butcher" a set of knives. I would be horrified is those same knives, fell into the hand of a deranged individual. IMO, it is a rather weak argument to say "let him have his nukes" - The consequences for our planet ARE significant. The tectonic plates are being "adjusted" for no good reason - it is NOT a justification to say "well they did it in the past" - referring to past nuclear testing - it is plain silly of our world NOT to learn from past mistakes.
  10. Whilst many may privately ponder…. What seems to be missing, in this debate, is “the big picture” (One of many “big pictures” some would argue). Like it or not we are a “tribal” world, we have yet to emerge as a cohesive “human race”. Possibly the only transition to a “one world” would be an attack from an alien species. Unlikely of course. Regardless of our tribal status, the planet we live ON belongs to us all – EQUALLY. “Tribes”, exercising their “rights” to destroy portions of our planet, MUST END. It is our collective responsibility to end this, forever!! A madman in North Korea exploding a hydrogen bomb in the pacific is TOTALLY unacceptable. Many only see the effects on humanity (Which potentially is significant). However, the historic tests in the pacific, did MASSIVE damage to the environment (OUR Planet). Animals living in the ocean at point zero and many kilometres/miles surrounding point zero were vaporised – further away they suffered horrendous injuries, blindness, deafness and more. Hundreds of kilometres away from point zero were significant consequences. Long term - it is incalculable. Must we as a species repeat this abuse of the planet we live on?? There are many “opinions” on what is required to stop this insanity. BUT, there are very few actions – The USA is a leader in attempting to stop these “tests” by the deranged regime of North Korea. NK has already demonstrated a “could not care less” attitude towards our planet. My “tribe” is a supporter of the USA – as are many other “tribes”. Alone we are insignificant, But, we can add to the collection of “tribes” that do see the need for change, adding to the “clout” of the USA. Sadly, for the whole of Humanity, China supports NK. China supports all the worlds dictatorships (Its veto and voting in the UN supports this) and it displays contempt towards democracy – For example, China is not part of the fight against ISIL. China has demonstrated it also “could NOT care less” about the environment, in fact some provinces of China are barred to foreigners due to MASSIVE pollution. China, as a “tribe”, is no longer controllable by “historic” human means (Which is of course WAR). BUT, There are other ways to “invite” them to abandon the worst aspects of TRIBALISM and engage with us all. I am not optimistic about the future of our species, in fact there are times I think we are a parasitic entity, here on EARTH. I sincerely hope any debate focuses away from “individuals” alone. Whilst some powerful individuals do contribute, they are only part of the whole debate.
  11. Thai Advertisement on Google Homepage

    Try this - http://bit.ly/2sTQ0iq The FREE version will do the job
  12. I have not read the entire thread, hence I apologise if this has been mentioned! This is one more way the super rich become richer, BUT, we can slow them down - they care little for humanity. TAX their robots - yes each robot taking a human job should be allocated an hourly rate OR "piecework" rate, based on the "displaced" human. The same income tax should then be applied as if they were human. I realise it is not so simplistic, however, we will increasingly be displaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Our working weeks could be reduced and "creative" leisure time could replace working hours. The rich adapted to "leisure" they are no better than you or I, simply based on their wealth. It is unlikely we will halt the progress of AI or displacement by machine - but we can learn to benefit from it, Don't you think??
  13. My 2c Worth INSURANCE Thailand adopt the minimum COMPULSORY Schengen “style” visa HEALTH insurance scheme AND FUND THEMSELVES – NO INSURANCE COMPANIES.. If it is "actuarially" sound in Europe, given their hospital costs it hould be VERY profitable here. Calculations (From Euro to Baht) TOURISTS 30 million tourists (2015 figures 29.8 million) each with a compulsory health policy @ approx 700 Baht each (19 Euro) SAME AS SCHENGEN POLICY Approx income:- Twenty-one BILLION Baht. You would not want those that cannot afford 19 Euro anyhow? READ THE SCHENGEN POLICY http://bit.ly/2g13Ip3 Europe can do it, so can Thailand. EXPATS Long Term visa holders must pay REGARDLESS OF AGE. About 1,100 Baht each and every month – For FULL access to Thai PUBLIC Hospital System. Pr-existing conditions, same as schengen policy. This does NOT stop the filthy rich having their own policy, BUT, it does not mean they need not pay – see the word COMPULSORY on the first line.
  14. Sincere advice & opinion sought

    Good thread BB... Good luck mate
  15. Sincere advice & opinion sought

    Seems I have to join the dumb <deleted> club - I too never gave this credit card insurance a thought..... BUT, I will now. Plus I am same as you mate - cannot live there full time - currently in Ozzie land and loving it :)