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  1. somchaismith

    Teaching in Thailand over 60?

    Spot on! After a while it gets tedious listening to long-term expats use that as excuse to justify their lack of being able to communicate in the local language.
  2. somchaismith

    Want to Cancel my AIS Account.

    I too received the sim but the process was rejected due to an expired transfer code. Line Mobile said the process would have to start again from scratch with my credit card again being billed for a further amount equivalant to the price of the chosen package. The experience dealing with both companies was similar to dealing with Air Asia.
  3. somchaismith

    Want to Cancel my AIS Account.

    No, it didn't work as Line Mobile say they need a minimum of 5 days to complete the transfer but they were quick to bill my credit card when I gave them the transfer code.
  4. somchaismith

    Want to Cancel my AIS Account.

    I also tried to transfer to Line Mobile and AIS gave me a transfer code which was valid for 6 hours.
  5. Hunt the shark down and get it to foot the bill.
  6. somchaismith

    Online Teaching

    Too right. You have no authority from any government department.
  7. somchaismith

    Online Teaching

    It appears that you may have to swallow your pride old boy and stand corrected.
  8. somchaismith

    Online Teaching

    An interesting thread. It appears that if a person is working online remotely in Thailand for an out of country employer then the MoL and DoE don't regard this as working in Thailand for work permit and visa purposes. Good to know.
  9. Only an authority can answer that question. Get your wife to call the Kru Sapa (Teacher's Council). In the meantime brace yourself for conflicting information and nonsense off of a male poster trolling as a woman.
  10. You can take my resume off of that list.
  11. At least the tight, selfish people have come.out in this thread and highlighted themselves.
  12. somchaismith

    Permit to teach music without degree

    No poster in this thread has any authority from the immigration department.