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  1. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    I guess she's in the Dusit Thani Hotel having another love session with an extremely wealthy real estate mogul.
  2. If you can't post like a decent human being, then don't!
  3. I have had cats and snakes too. Preferred the snakes.
  4. Poor snake. Just doing what it was meant to. Eliminating vermin.
  5. I would have thought for a question posed to Expats in Thailand the answer would surely be the upcoming rise in prices of alcoholic beverages here.
  6. They're looking for a stunt rider for the Deadpool 2 movie.
  7. Lets start a metal band in Bangkok

    Don't let the morons rain on your parade. Good luck and I hope to see you playing some time.
  8. Warren Buffett has Gillette as one of his key stocks. Monopolizing the market then charging whatever price they like. I remember a colleague once was called to the airport to pick up a parcel and they confiscated his Gillette razor blades. It's sad that necessities such as razor blades can be so exploitative. Also agree with Barbasol. I get at least a year out of a can.
  9. Aswin orders anti-garbage patrols in Bangkok

    About time. I used to travel in that area regularly and the rate that building site waste was being dumped was ridiculous. Definitely not the odd pick-up doing a late night quikee dump.
  10. Rich man dies in birthday tryst

    I hope she got her fare in advance. Would be a rather traumatic experience, I'd imagine.
  11. On 7/25/2017 at 2:34 PM, mngmn said: Anyone know what exchange rates the IO would use? Seriously? Is that a real question? Just extend your safety net to 21,000 baht and no exchange rate fluctuation can possibly affect you.
  12. To make it really work for the Ozzies, you need to let the bars open at 10.00am and get rid of any stupid 'no sell alcohol' at this time or on this day.
  13. Well, I guess I'm that 3 year-old-guy, although I'm not really complaining. TBF, I don't use the MRT very often, maybe once or twice a month, but prior to this thread, I had no idea my card was about to expire. Today, the 15th, being the last day, I dutifully went to the Thailand Cultural Centre station at 8.30, just as directed in the opening post to exchange my card. The ticket officer did not have a clue what I was on about. Did I want to check my balance? Did I want a refund? You would think that someone who works for the MRT would have been told about the old cards expiring today, but apparently not. So I don't feel so silly now.