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  1. The Thai translation, which had not been corrected or removed as of Wednesday morning, read “400,000 men were stranded in Dunkirk. Only 700 returned by boat.”
  2. I am now wondering what kind of life you lead. I have a picture of a poor soul, wheelchair bound with an oxygen tank. This means my natural retort, "Get a life" would be redundant in your case. "Ducati freaks"" LoL They never go over 50 on the way to Starbucks anyway.
  3. So no one got thrown out of the room naked this time.
  4. I have the same near me. Annoying
  5. Why would you like him to do that? Eyesight poor?
  6. If he cut a vagina in my motorcycle seat, I think I'd be cutting a vagina in his seat. Wouldn't follow through with the sex act, though!
  7. Glenn Beck??? <deleted>.
  8. The above post should be removed. ThaiVisa Forum Rules: " By law, the Thai Royal Family are above politics. Speculation, comments and discussion of either a political or personal nature are not allowed when discussing HM The King or the Royal family. " Good for the goose, as they say.
  9. I don't think the Pakistani Christian refugees are doing anything illegal, except perhaps visa issues. I could be wrong, but the families I know certainly aren't drug dealers or boiler room operatives. If you care to enlighten me, I would appreciate that.
  10. Well, I've never had to fight to get my deposit back in any of the apartments I've stayed in. I hope my generalization counters your generalization and people can return to the original topic.
  11. Selling nuts, electrical equipment, you name it. I don't know why, but Indians have special rights when it comes to working here. I used to live in Pratunam and when I asked about the number of Indians selling over the counter in the Indra shopping centre, I was told they get a visa and accommodation and a Thai ID card and then have to pay it off. They certainly weren't born here.
  12. Well of course. That's so obvious, one wonders why you bothered to post.
  13. I expect you have some concrete figures to base your assumption around? or maybe not. 'many'? Well, how many exactly is 'many'? Do you even have an idea of how many teachers are out there? The percentage of bad teachers is very small. Your post sounds like you're projecting