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  1. about time that the rental companies are held responsible for not checking if the person has a valid licence. Unfortunately too many tourists think renting a bike without any experience is jut another adventure on their holidays.
  2. taichiplanet

    The race for the river

    the sooner it all sinks into the mud the better.
  3. taichiplanet

    TIG welding supplies and argon gas Surin

    there is a steel shop basically opposite Homepro, he may know if he doesn't have the gear. There is a guy that speaks reasonable English. https://www.google.com/maps/place/บริษัท+สุรินทร์สตีลเซ็นเตอร์+จำกัด+(สุรินทร์ค้าเหล็ก)/@14.8772926,103.5188064,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x31175ff899ae01a7:0x6aab69eaa435081e!8m2!3d14.8767794!4d103.5185339
  4. what a dilemma; pull out the ticket book or the 9mm. Damn it, my pen ran out of ink, the 9mm it is then!
  5. taichiplanet

    year model

    from what i have seen here (and it is the same in Australia), the year model is the year that particular car was manufactured. So you could buy a new car in 2019 but if it was made in 2018 then 2018 is the year model, at least in the Blue Book (Tabian Rot). I think it starts at 1st January.
  6. taichiplanet

    good news

    Okay, i'll bite. So no one else has to get a headache reading your post (maybe state what you want first and then go into the long explanation in a new paragraph); you want to know what mid size cars are available for 1.5 Mil or less. Your other topic "i have one problem" didn't state that you wanted a mid size car, so you left it open to any car available which makes it difficult to reply to. Batteries aren't covered by warranty. Maybe with your spare tyre, you had it somewhere (like getting the car cleaned) and someone swapped the spare tyre. Though for the dealer to try and repair the rim with a hammer is crazy. I thought you said you had bought a car in previous topic?
  7. taichiplanet

    2018 Toyota Camry

    i think you are correct. A new factory is being built in Thailand which may (or may not) make them cheaper still when it starts in 2020. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/04/10/business/toyota-begin-battery-production-hybrid-cars-thailand-2020/#.W97nHuJoRPY Seems Merc, BMW, Honda and Nissan are also looking at opening battery making factories in Thailand as well. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Business-Trends/Automakers-rev-up-Thai-battery-plants-as-electric-takes-off https://www.electrive.com/2018/07/26/nissan-and-honda-to-build-hybrids-and-batteries-in-thailand/ There is also a good article in the business section of 'the newspaper that shall not be linked' (BkkPost) titled "Toyota Unhurried on Batteries" on 12th July 2018 As more Hybrid get sold maybe the prices for the hybrid batteries will start to come down. Though hard to know if will effect resale value (especially if close to or over the warranty for the batteries), if you buy a car tomorrow and then sell in 6 years time, the cost and technology may have changed significantly.
  8. taichiplanet

    2018 Toyota Camry

    a friend has the Hybrid Premium and had to replace the batteries after 5 years. i can't remember exactly but i think it was about THB 10k for new ones. If that is the case and the service is no more extra then quite a bit of savings in fuel costs. i have driven it a few times and it does get up and go when you floor it, but i am used to driving a Jazz! The thing that worries me about owning a Hybrid is that i will probably keep forgetting to turn the thing off! Good to know about the improved suspension. Hopefully they will bring the nicer front end in but no doubt the after market guys will be making one.
  9. taichiplanet

    2018 Toyota Camry

    which model do you have now?
  10. taichiplanet

    2018 Toyota Camry

    looks like the there is a white (cream?) interior for all the models with Graphite Metallic paint and Phantom Brown paint. Also for the HV Premium Burning Black Crystal. The rest seem to get black. I am wondering whether the Graphite Metallic is like a Gunmetal (Dark Gray) rather than the Brown that comes up on the website?
  11. taichiplanet

    Thailand’s English proficiency is getting worse: study

    the first time i came to Thailand in the late 1980s, I had a tour guide that was also an English teacher. He'd previously been a monk for 20 years, so maybe that was why he was 'qualified'. I couldn't understand a word he spoke. and remember thinking "his poor students!".
  12. taichiplanet

    2018 Toyota Camry

    Hopefully the red is a metallic, but it does seem to be non-metallic. Some other colours would be nice. i was surprised the red interior wasn't an option here, it would look great with the silver and black. i'd even be tempted to go red on red rather than black interior!
  13. taichiplanet

    How much should a driveway gate cost?

    it is free to come in but you have to pay to get out!
  14. no problems driving my McLaren F1 with the centre seat then!