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  1. has the appearance of a Thai version of the Mao 'Hundred Flowers Campaign'
  2. an oxymoron probably because the buses full of illegal tourist guides had turned off earlier at Laem Chabang and were pouring into Pats via Sukhumvit.
  3. i would like to click 'like' but i can't afford the fine.
  4. something doesn't add up. according to WHO list (from) Wiki of road fatalities, Thailand had 24,237 road related deaths in 2013 (doubbt it has got any better!). That is 66 deaths a day. I can't remember the source but the estimates for bike deaths is 70-80% of that toll, which is 53 motorbike deaths a day. Take the motorbike deaths out and that leaves 13 deaths a day for cars/vans/buses, which is still horrendous and no where as safe as many countries. there has always been rumours that Thailand road fatalities are not a true reflection of the actual deaths, for example only counting people that actually die at the accident and not at the hospital; don't know if true or not. But 15 a day seems very low. The other thing that is usually not mentioned is the number of people severly injured which would also create hardship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate
  5. motocy or not the appearance of winter; for papa's great mind
  6. it was a Chinese newspaper that was reporting on a US publication of a US university survey. I am surprised that the uni students even knew where the 80 countries were, let alone the economic influence, citizenship and quality of life of those countries. (apologises to my smart American friends!!)
  7. i nearly always get weird looks when i point to a star and say that it is the same as the sun, just further away. Obviously stars are different in Thailand.
  8. some (all?) airlines ban batteries over a certain size in checked baggage, even stating that spare batteries must goes in carry-on baggage! https://www.qantas.com/travel/airlines/dangerous-goods/global/en#electronic-devices-powered-by-batteries
  9. the correct working title is 'The President is Missing his pants'.
  10. . I've seen some stupid things but that is up there with the best of them. Hotels/bungalows would save a lot of money by regularly cleaning out the filters. First thing i do when i check into a room is pull out and wash the filters; 9 times out of 10 they are clogged which means the air con has to work harder to keep the room cool.
  11. 500 Baht is a joke for allowing something like that, no wonder the tour guide has a smirk on his face in the photo.
  12. it's to do with painting the living room at Buck Palace in purple or mauve; i vote mauve.
  13. a lot of the times the belts can't be used because the buckle is missing. i've gone fishing around for them behind the seat (god knows what germs i picked up!).
  14. obviously i am an old fart as i don't understand the wearing of braces or retainers for fashion, they look terrible. When i was a kid it was embarrassing to have braces, even though they were huge silver monsters and not the dainty colourful ones you can get today.
  15. Thailand - Hub of Beg-packers! Just like most of their thousands of other hubs, it is over blown.