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  1. the distributor is in Samut Prakan, i have bought directly off them but you'd need to speak Thai or have someone help you http://dynopaints.com/?lang=en BTW they sell a 2000F exhaust paint that is the only one i have found in Thailand
  2. about 1% response based on population. Just saying, don't shoot the messenger!
  3. they way i read it, the 3 Mil is only there for one year? Definitely want a guarantee on the 3 Mil, i think at the mo government only guarantee 1 Mil if the bank goes bust. And why say 10 years when you mean 5 years! The other big problem is the health insurance, that will cost at least 50k a year. It is a good idea to have the requirement but only in-patient necessary. Thai health insurance is pathetic in its coverage anyway.
  4. So not upgraded at all; just a pat on the back with a try a lot harder. From the article - " In order to get the ranking upgrade, however, the country would not only need to commit to the ratification and adoption of the ILO’s convention concerning work in the fishing industry, but also maintain sustainable fisheries as well as plans and measures to combat IUU fishing"
  5. having ABS brakes is a good idea! It sounds like your accident was pure bad luck but you were smart enough to wear the right gear. i've had a couple of accidents and i don't think i could've changed the result of them. I've had dozens of near misses, a few that if i had been 1/10th of a second further down the road would've been serious (sudden U-turns in front of me). I also started to learn on a CBR150, then went back to scooters for a several years. Even though the randomness of driver/rider behaviour in Thailand is scary, i still enjoy getting on the Ninja 300 and going for a ride.
  6. no doubt a lot of UK voters feel like they have been DUPped
  7. idiot, he wasn't even smart enough to go for the 'brakes failed' story.
  8. or maybe hide the keys so they can't find them!!!
  9. last century 'Free (or Fully) Independent Tourists' used to be called backpackers; so nothing new at all.
  10. what a novel idea, maybe the rest of the world should follow suit.
  11. has the appearance of a Thai version of the Mao 'Hundred Flowers Campaign'
  12. an oxymoron probably because the buses full of illegal tourist guides had turned off earlier at Laem Chabang and were pouring into Pats via Sukhumvit.
  13. i would like to click 'like' but i can't afford the fine.
  14. something doesn't add up. according to WHO list (from) Wiki of road fatalities, Thailand had 24,237 road related deaths in 2013 (doubbt it has got any better!). That is 66 deaths a day. I can't remember the source but the estimates for bike deaths is 70-80% of that toll, which is 53 motorbike deaths a day. Take the motorbike deaths out and that leaves 13 deaths a day for cars/vans/buses, which is still horrendous and no where as safe as many countries. there has always been rumours that Thailand road fatalities are not a true reflection of the actual deaths, for example only counting people that actually die at the accident and not at the hospital; don't know if true or not. But 15 a day seems very low. The other thing that is usually not mentioned is the number of people severly injured which would also create hardship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate
  15. motocy or not the appearance of winter; for papa's great mind