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  1. I'm guessing Trump is kicking himself that he didn't think of it first.
  2. Police to get tough with cars with loud engine noise

    unless they recently changed the law, for motorbikes it is 95 or 99 dB. Would be good if they do stop the louder exhausts but all will be forgotten in a week or so.
  3. Where to buy motorbike boots in Bangkok?

    Panda Rider or Paddock. I found Panda had a good selection and you can narrow down what you want from their website and then look at reviews on other websites like Revzilla. I bought Daytona Journey XCR, a nice leather boot with reasonable protection but not a full on boot. They protect the ankles from grazing but doesn't give full support for crushing or twisting, can't walk too long in them though. Some of the TCX seem good too. http://www.pandarider.com/Panda/Product_Boots.htm http://www.paddock.co.th/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=category&virtuemart_category_id=1&Itemid=625
  4. Prawit names third party over watches

    i admit, i lent him the watches and he promised to give them back to me next week after the New Year. Just send them by courier Khun Prawit, no need to personally drop them off to me.
  5. Certificate of Residence

    to slightly hijack the thread; is a Stat Dec for a Bkk address from an Embassy accepted by the DLT in Bkk?
  6. New electric scooter models to Thailand

    the other thing to think/ask about is whether the bike can be registered or legal to ride on the road; otherwise potential problems with insurance and police.
  7. Car sales report for Jan-Aug 2017

    interesting. you can look at the stats (monthly and year to date) on the DLT website http://apps.dlt.go.th/statistics_web/statistics.html the link on the left under the first '2560' with flashing 'update' gives overall sales (cars, pickups,trucks, bikes etc) with columns marked รย.1(cars) รย.2 (vans?) รย.3 )pick-ups) basically giving the new car stats under the 2nd flashing 'update' are the new car stats by brand - ( first link on left for overall)
  8. and it is national what that it got a red flag in the first place?!
  9. seems that the only smart part was the company selling the gadgets
  10. 555. No leaks on Sept 27th but one massive leak on August 25th!
  11. so not having them, just announcing a future date that may will be the next next year (again).
  12. If we see an illegal police check point can we take a photo and claim a cash reward!
  13. The old distraction trick. Who cares if she was teleported, swam, flew, walked or was driven; where is she and more importantly why was she let go? Of course there will never been an answer to the last question!
  14. it is about time that they tried to stop the mix of Animism and Buddhism beliefs.
  15. Overdue red licence plate drivers face Bt10,000 fine

    The problem is the car dealerships not doing the paperwork, so the dealer should be fined not the buyer. That way the dealer will not let a car go until it has the proper plates.