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  1. i think it was David Lee Roth that said "Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a boat big enough to pull up right alongside it."
  2. and hopefully a less racist Malaysia.
  3. taichiplanet


    maybe Tinnie's Pies is worth a shot; they do Lemon meringues so might rustle up a pav for you.
  4. taichiplanet

    Songkran Death Toll Surges To 418

    61 according to this article from Nov 2017 but WHO figures from 2015 put it at 66 http://www.searo.who.int/thailand/areas/roadsafety/en/ So yes, below average for the 'official' figures; which some suggest do not include people who die in hospital from road accidents.
  5. years ago i checked into a hotel in Bkk and asked if there was a safe in the room and was told no. About 10 mins later there was a knock on the door and it was one of the maids, an old lady who was skinny as a rake and wouldn't have weighed more than 40 kgs. She was carry a small electronic safe and placed it into the wardrobe. Needless to say i didn't use it!
  6. taichiplanet

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    updated the USB stick with some new songs; it helps drown out the crappy exhaust note when i unleash the 112 HP.
  7. taichiplanet

    Ambulance drama: Red car driver apologizes to society

    manslaughter; jail time and then see how smug and sorry he will be.
  8. taichiplanet

    Cars of Your Past We Miss.

    never been much of a Merc fan (coming from a Jag orientated family!) but briefly owned a 220 SE Coupe. Drove it from Sydney to Melb., what a lovely car to drive. Sure, it was a bit of a land yacht (old tyres didn't help) but surprised by the power of the little 2.2 Litre 6 cylinder fuel injected motor. I had fun throwing it around corners in the rain through the hills heading out of the Yarra Valley! Didn't have a photo of the rear but it is nice looking for a sedan-ish 2 door car, this photo of similar car
  9. taichiplanet

    Cars of Your Past We Miss.

    really enjoyed the Quattro Turbo i had. Drove all over the UK then shipped it to Australia and made $10k on it. It was exactly like this pic, except mine was a B reg. I think it was the 1st year they changed to the digital dash and had the sexy female voice reprimanding you if you didn't put your seat belt on. The only photo i have of my car is blurry and in a storage box somewhere.
  10. would've needed a wide angle lens for mine.
  11. taichiplanet

    Cars of Your Past We Miss.

    Hillman Hunter for me.
  12. to check how many likes they have on facebook while sitting in the shade of a marquee. The only safe option is not to be on a road during Songkran!
  13. taichiplanet

    Cars of Your Past We Miss.

    My '69 GT350 (with my sis's '64 1/2 convertible in background). Over the 5 years of the 1st gen Shelbys, they got more and more pudgy from creature comforts, which makes the 69 an ideal city cruiser for me; air, power steer, auto and fat-man (tilt-away) steering wheel!