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  1. hope he rots in hell.
  2. The Australian Bangkok Embassy does not require you to back up your Stat Dec with any proof of the income stated in the Stat Dec. Though the Phuket Consular website states that it is required there. Of course Thai Immi might want it, so i have it ready anyway. i emailed the Bkk Embassy and this was their reply: " We are able to witness your signature on a statutory declaration in which you declare your income. From our experience, this is acceptable proof of income by Thai Immigration. Please note however, we are required to witness your signature in person. There is no requirement to provide us with proof of your income nor to make an appointment to have your documents notarised. The current cost for witnessing a signature on a statutory declaration is THB1,830 please bring you Australian passport as evidence of your identity." i don't mind the trip to the Bkk Embassy though it would be good if you could do it by mail. The problem is that being a Stat Dec you need to sign in person in front of the witness. It is interesting what the Brit Emb does, maybe the Aust Emb likes to have visitors rather than a pile of mail! At least they should be able to do a mail back if it can't be done on the spot. An outreach to the NE area is a good idea, 2 or 3 visits would probably be enough. They could cut the visits to Changmai from 6 to 4 to accommodate it!
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolichandrone_spathacea
  4. it is still a stolen car as far as the OP is concerned. First thing i'd be doing is trying to get the police to impound the car until the mess is sorted out. That way the finance company can't hide it or sell it on. The finance company may have acted in good faith but it does seem some of the checks involved in issuing the loan may have been bypassed, if the OP can prove that then he has a good case. As others have stated, sometimes officials need 'incentive' to act. Usually it comes down to who gives more 'incentive' that wins. I was staying at a condo and the manager was issued fines by the Land Office (due to co-owners), the fines stayed in the draw at the local police station until the police officer was persuaded to issue them, which he did that night. The manager was too sick to come to the station after each letter and eventually nothing was done because the manager allowed the police officer to stay in one of the condos rent free! Eventually it got sorted due to an offical in the Land Office being 'persuaded' to take some other action!
  5. What is Chonburi's slogan; "Please make Pattaya part of another province"?
  6. gutless <deleted>! Bullets could've also hit other people.
  7. depends what you mean by shoddy; i wouldn't call REAL Helmets shoddy but i also haven't seen any test to confirm the ECE rating. The Australian NSW Transport Dept has a website showing tests they have done including some flip-up helmets like LS2 and Shark http://crash.org.au/ratings.php Out of interest the laws recently changed in Australia so now European UNECE 22.05 helmets are allowed to be worn in Australia. There seems to be a bit of confusion about labelling (insisting on showing UNECE instead of just ECE) but In theory it means a REAL helmet could be worn in some parts of Australia. Some info here on the break down of the ECE compliance markings label on the chin strap http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/372.html A bit of info on the helmet label confusion in Australia https://motorbikewriter.com/helmet-compliance-confusion/ http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/motorcyclists/motorcyclehelmets.html
  8. how embarrassing, is that what i did last night!
  9. yeah, don't want to end up like Hong Kong; a 99 year lease to the British and then handed back to China.
  10. i think the idea behind it is that when a van crashes, as there are less people in it then less will die, thus bringing down the overall toll.
  11. the perennial 'next year'
  12. it is not the big bikes that is the problem, it is the aftermarket exhaust fitted to any bike that is usually very load. i've heard Wave scooters that are so loud that i can hear them disappearing in the distance 10 seconds later!
  13. and here is a bus ticket back home. Happy Songkran!
  14. these guys seem to specialise in hybrid cars https://www.facebook.com/win2cars/ also Hitachi make batteries for Hyrids http://www.hitachi.co.th/eng/products/automotive_components/ http://www.hitachi-chem.co.jp/english/products/cbt/index.html
  15. obviously not wearing a seat belt as well as not wearing a brain.