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  1. Chonburi Land Transportation Office Hours

    If you do go to LTO don't wear shorts that the knob greeter when you enter the admin area reception considers too short for his taste. He'll turn you away. Small shops across road rent 2nd hand long leg blue jeans out for that very reason. It was 50thb 3 years ago.
  2. My God this turning into a soap opera. But based upon other stories I've heard I sure as hell would not give benefit of the doubt to the RTP or a legal system willing to work hand in glove with them.
  3. The one in the right background is the one that leaves westerly Huey Kaew turning left onto Nimman heading south. The one on the right foreground turns left off of northbound Nimman & heads west on Huey kaew toward Doi Suthep.
  4. KittenKong, As usual your observations are spot on. Fifteen nyears ago (probably as recently as 10 years ago) prior to the condo boom the appalling traffic was not noticable. Folks were constantly bragging on the internet about how great Chiang Mai was (& it was) & the mass migration to Chiang Mai started. PS, Yes avoid Chiang Mai in March for the pollution, and probably in April as well for the heat without cloud cover, & especially so if you are not fond of the insane Chiang Mai Songkran madness.
  5. Bad air quality in November?

    For future more frequent updates / comment you may want to refer to this link in the Chiang Mai forum. It gets far more activity than the Chiang Rai forum.
  6. The loungers have landed

    My condo has those same chairs and mattresses. They are comfortable. But if not in shade, when the sun heats them up after a bit they are extremely hot, so hot in fact it feels like a burn.
  7. Back pain injections

    Before getting the shots you may want to ask your Dr to try oral methylprednisolone 4 mg 21 pack (spread over 6 days : 6-5-4-3-2-1 tabs/day). Worked wonders for me to get rid of the extreme sciatica (I never did have pain in lower back despite pinched nerve there being the source of the sciatica). Then the McKenzie exercises as daily preventive maintenance have prevented a re-occurance of problem. Also, If I don't do the McKenzies daily I can feel the stiffness returning to my lower back & I expect the sciatica would soon follow. Methylprednisolone: https://www.drugs.com/methylprednisolone.html
  8. Back pain injections

    While you're waiting for an answer, In the meantime try the McKenzie exercises to see if they help. Help if any may not be immediate, so keep trying as long as pain isn't worse. http://www.livestrong.com/article/313524-mckenzie-exercises-for-back-pain/
  9. Found Abandoned kitten ,,need advice/help

    Message from Angel: Ryderr88, Thank you for taking me to Fon at Santisook Cat Rescue Foundation in Doi Saket. P Fon, Thank you for caring for me to ensure my health. My new owner (see picture), Thank you for adopting me. You have my unconditional love. Readers, Thank you for your interest & concern. Angel
  10. A small sign posted on the bldg says the same.
  11. Why not just have a heavier position in Cobra Gold (ie, more trhan obsever)?
  12. My annual Retirement Visa Extension (or whatever we should call it) is due this month & I seem to remember that at the in CR town Immigration office that service is provided on only two days of the week. I've forgotten which two days (but if had to guess I'd guess Monday & Wednesday). Can anybody kindly verify which days this service is offered. Thanks.
  13. Found Abandoned kitten ,,need advice/help

    Mom Fohn named me "Angel".
  14. Found Abandoned kitten ,,need advice/help

    I'm doing well thanks to Fohn at Santisook cat shelter in Doi Saket. Thank you everybody for giving me a life.