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  1. OneZero

    24 hr immigration check

    Quote: "I recently moved to Chiang Rai from Chonburi. When I was registering at the Immigration Office, the lady made it quite plain that I need to do a report every time I leave the province." frodo77, I think perhaps that based on what you wrote perhaps there was some mis-communication / misunderstanding between question and answer. Orperhaps between what "The Book" says & what is actually implemented for practical purposes. I'm willing to bet that if you get yourself a yellow book in Chiang Rai, then CR Immigration won't even demand the 24 hr TM30 garbage even if you have returned from overseas. They haven't given me a problem when I wait 90 days after return from overseas to show up (to do the 90 day report) without even making any mention of a TM30. It just could be because I immediately lead off by handing them the yellow book when I shown up & they ask if my address has changed & I say "No". Or, perhap I've just been lucky.
  2. OneZero

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    OK, glad they have a notice for the 90 day desk now. My experience where it was not noticable (at least to me at the time) was dated 12March, but I failed to mention that in my post above & afterwards I was not able to get back into "edit" to clarify my post.
  3. OneZero

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    I took a number upon entering & sat down for 45 minutes before I realized that there were people without numbers (the number clock was not moving) proceeding to see this one officer. After watching this for awhile I realized she was doing 90 day reports. 45 minutes wasted not a big deal & I had a coffee. But I thought to myself that they should have put some sort of notice up alerting folks to this. Also, probably should also the have separate numbers for the 90 day report (vs all other business) to avoid potential conflict over who gets served next. Overall I'm very happy with the service at CR Immigration because I've seen what Chiang Mai Immiration is like. The following links address Chiang mai Immigration, not CR Immigration: The first link is a post of someone arriving at 0200 (2 am) to ensure they could accomplish their visa renewal that day. The second link I have also copied what the poster wrote about Chiang mai Immigration. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1036105-cost-of-visa-agents/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-12945981 Simoh asked: My wife asked me last night why she couldn't represent herself to Immigration as an agent and act on my behalf, much in the same way that my existing established agent does. I didn't have a good answer for her other than she didn't have any contacts at Immigration, although I reckon that developing them shouldn't be difficult. The benefits potentially are reduced fees and improved turnaround, over and above a farang walk-in. Thoughts? Nancy had a good description of the CM Immigration situation: Nancy replied: Your wife can definitely "represent" you at Immigration and for some matters she wouldn't even need a Power of Attorney document (with tax stamps) that is required of visa agents. For example, I often submit 90 day reports for my husband at Immigration at the same time I submit mine, but it is one of the Immigration matters that one doesn't have to do in person. However, if your wife starts to handle immigration matters for others besides you, she'll find herself in the same position as others I've talked with. She'll be called into Immigration for a "discussion". One travel agent in our neighborhood was called in thought she was going to be told to stop doing what she was doing. Instead, she was told what she was expected to submit to Immigration for each service: 3000 baht for a one year visa extension, 10,000 baht for a visa conversion, 300 baht for a 90 day report, etc. When she protested that she didn't charge that much for her services, she was told to raise her fees. In exchange, she could use the special visa-agent desk on the second floor and not have to wait in the queue before dawn. A restaurant owner I know who sometimes helps her regular elderly expat customers with visa matters had the same type of meeting. OK, did they record these meetings? Did they get anything in writing? Of course not. Are they corrupt? No, they're just trying to help their customers. Who is the corrupt one here? All this "evidence" has been submitted and reported to the appropriate channels. As with the editor of CityLife and her planned rally about the air quality, when the reports went up the ladder what happened? They chose to punish the messenger. This is old news from 2016-2017 and I came very close to leaving Thailand because of it. Things have moderately improved at Immigration, but the "pricing structure" remains. I'm no longer in a leadership position at CM Expats Club, all I do is assist some elderly expats with health issues from time-to-time, so my mandate is less clear. I stay away from Immigration now and merely observe from afar, mainly by monitoring this forum. I'm not "anti-visa agents". They serve a valuable purpose and can be very helpful for some people. I'm anti-corruption.i.e. the way that the previous head of CM Immigration structured the office to deliberately make it difficult to navigate to drive customers to using visa agents.
  4. Interesting & appealing cost info at link. But, speaking as a novice, what do you mean and exactly how do you "tether it" (it=computer or smart tv?) from your phone?
  5. What about the situation where there is no longer foreign quota available & a Thai quota unit comes up for sale. The foreigner is not allowed to purchase the Thai quota unit. Question: Is the Thai wife (married to foreigner) permitted to purchase a Thai quota unit, or would she be prevented from doing so by this aspect of the Condo act (ie, that the unit would be foreign owned, so sale purchase can not proceed because there is no foreigb quota available)?
  6. OneZero

    night market Thepprasit 2nd hand clothes

    After going to the Tuesday & Friday Buakow market & seeing how cheap 2nd hand clothes can be I'd guess that the vendors are getting this stuff ultra cheap by the container load; and based upon the sizing of shirts & jackets perhaps from a foreign country. I doubt they will pay much for anything. Better to gain some goodwill and give away what you no longer need.
  7. OneZero

    Who Repair AJ Amplifier Sound

    Thank you. I will go to check out these places.
  8. My AJ Amplifier is not recently putting out sound. All wires appear to be connected ok & amplifier appears to capture FM channels ok, even noting strength of signal (see picture). But no sound from radio or DVD inputs. Numchai said they don't work on AJ amplifier. Perhaps I need a small shop type electronic repair handyman. Any ideas?
  9. OneZero

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    Give it a try at the other office. Let us know what happens. We all want to know the truth & what shenanigans may be occurring. I know there are restrictions against just using any province convenient to do a retirement renewal. I have had to contend with that myself. But I have not heard of a full 90 day wait to evidence / prove it's a sincere change of province. Let us know what you find out.
  10. OneZero

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    I doubt very much that it was "some local official has made this rule". So in this case , I would suggest reserving your anger for head office Immigration bureaucrats, unless you have evidence of local lack of incentive to improve poor quality administrative performance for customers (as has seemed to exist in Chiang Mai for years). For years I have found it aggravating, while on holiday in another province, to have to return to "Home Province" to do such administrative headaches. People wanting to buy used vehicles advertised in another province may also have paperwork headaches if all the "T"s are not crossed correctly and the seller doesn't accompany the buyer to the Transport Office. Speculation: There could be a fair number of folks hoping to avoid the potential long waits at the notoriously potentially poor service Immigration Offices (Hint again: Chiang Mai) who hope to get things done in Chiang Rai while on a road trip (that may have been disguised to not appear to be solely a road trip). Just speculation (and my suspicious nature) of course. On the other hand, perhaps just typical head office bureaucratic requirements that ignore the convenience of customers.
  11. OneZero

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    Unless it has recently changed...Yes, Monday & Wednesday. You get your passport back because you stay until it's complete; the lines are not long like could be possible in Jomtien or Chiang Mai. Jomtien does it's customers a favor by eliminating a potential long wait, by just taking your passport without a wait & you pick it up next day all complete. Chiang Mai could not be bothered to come to the realization that there are ways to eliminate potential long waiting times (for those that find it convenient to pick up the next day). Jomtien
  12. OneZero

    Chiang Mai to BKK - fastest route

    Hiway 1 /32 for sure. This thread helped me tremendously.
  13. OneZero

    Where to buy dog clippers?

    Try the people clippers for 500 Baht at a small shop just before the corner biker bar on NE corner of inner moat road.
  14. Why doesn't the survey include a spay & release choice?
  15. OneZero

    Movers for Household Relocation

    Isn't there a Nim see Seng Transport office on Pahoyothin (down toward / near Tawan Dang). Sorry 'm not in CR right now. https://www.google.co.th/search?q=nim+see+seng+transport+chiang+rai&oq=nim+see+seng+transport+chiang+rai&aqs=chrome..69i57.16903j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8