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  1. ".....but its amount is within acceptable level" Same with the 2.5 particles (whatever it's called) in the air acceptable at twice the levels of other countries
  2. All my support to Santisook dog & cat foundation. I am very familiar with the cat section in Doi Saket & the endless hours Namfon Hilgers spends there, adjacent to her home, sacrificing her time to help better the lives of sick, hurt & homeless cats. God bless her and the shelter.
  3. How is all the anticipated future traffic hitting Nimman / Huay Kaew going to be effectively dispersed? I read about a tunnel under Nimman but no details about costs, when etc etc.
  4. Thank you Thawit. Hope somebody or group knowledgeable helps.
  5. airport transfer suvannaphumi pattaya

    Can somebody provide info (mobile,email, etc) about that "Mr T" taxi services " I used to see recommended quite often.
  6. Competent vet in CM?

    If really needed CMU has assistants to help you. It's just that they are not waiting at the front door expecting every customer to need such assistance. There may be various reasons for choosing your selected vet, but in my opinion you should not be put off of CMU because you are afraid there are no assistants available to help should you really need it.
  7. Free 1 1/2 year old Alaskan Malamute

    Beautiful dog. Looks friendly too.
  8. Competent vet in CM?

    What about the CMU small animal hospital? They have professors that also see patients (animals). How could there not be competent vets on the staff?
  9. Jomtien air quality?

    The Pattaya/Jomtien air is not normally this bad but it does happen every year https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inversion_(meteorology) Temperature inversion stops atmospheric convection (which is normally present) from happening in the affected area and can lead to the air becoming stiller and murky from the collection of dust and pollutants that are no longer able to be lifted from the surface. This can become a problem in cities where many pollutants exist. Inversion effects occur frequently in big cities The Pattaya/Jomtien air is not normally this bad but it does happen every year Observations. I was in Jomtien a week ago and experienced the terrible sooty air (definitely not just fog as it precipitated soot on my car). I'm now in Chiang Mai & find the air much better here (that's a turn around isn't it). But the air quality in Chiang Mai will definitely also disintegrate by March time frame - it does so on schedule every year. Perhaps there is an annual atmospheric / ocean / land relationship that creates the inversion pollution conditions Sattahip-Bangkok during Dec-Jan+ (as some have noted). If that is the case I will continue to spend time up north Nov-Feb and head to Jomtien Mar-May.
  10. Send Motorbike C. Rai to C.Mai

    Post Office use to be 2000thb for regular size (up to 200cc I think) mc anywhere in Thailand. Add 1000thb for larger bike.
  11. Is this "Free" stuff at Inchon available for any traveler on Korean Air, or do you have to have a certain level of flying miles as part of their club?
  12. Avoiding BKK Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Pattaya

    Fredob43, thanks for this hint. I went to google maps to confirm your advice. This is past Muang Ayuttaya, where 32 meets / merges onto 1 for a very short NE stint before 1 in turn weets / merges on to 9 heading south. (The Saraburi sign is because 1 continues NE to Saraburi if you did not then in turn merge south on to 9). So I got it, keep left for both of those merges and look for blue airport signs leading to 9 (from 1 on to 9 south is a flyover) . My trip from Jomtien to Chiang Mai went exceedingly well, thanks to you & Lopburi3. 820Km in 11.5 hrs to include a small diversion to check out Marlin Resort in Kampaengphet (KPP). Marlin resort is well worth the 380 Baht for a clean aircon room motel style. By myself I wasn't tired (it was only noon, I left Jomtien 0600), but when with wife & cats I'm quite sure we'll stay there. Speed limits were 120 km/hr on the motorway toll roads (7 and 9) and 90 KM/hr remainder (dropping a bit near Lampuhn). It was hard not to want to exceed the speed limit on the good roads, and per your advice I was doing 105 in the 90 zones (hope no camera tickets). Lampang to Chiang Mai was not quite as nice for several reasons, slightly twisting road in mountains for a stretch and some parts a bit bumpy with patches. Near Lamphun & on into Chiang Mai it really slowed down with road construction / equipment and associated traffic congestion, workers and dust. But by then it was just a relatively few more Km to CM. Overall a good trip with your help. Thanks again.
  13. "Bernie Sanders" spotted on baht bus tonight!

    I think Chiang Mai had a Bernie Sanders weekly coffee get together for awhile, about a year ago. Haven't heard about it since then. Perhaps Bernie was in town to foster further Trump Urgent Resistance Disorder.
  14. Soi Dogs Can Anything be done

    Why do the Thai's not carry out solutions used in many Western countries? Natway09, You have identified the cultural & financial reasons; and the root cause of growth of the problem: "Culling the old along with spaying young females would be a great thing, but no one is allowed to activate the former & who will pay for & oversee the latter."