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  1. Power outage announcement for July 27-August 1

    LMAO - Tis the season...
  2. cool, dont feel comfortable taking it for more than a night or 2. definitely requested & provided in savannakhet but a cursory glance. returned immediately.
  3. is original tabian baan expected ? it was required in suwannakhet...
  4. Girl Scouts/Brownies?

    it was good
  5. oh, this only applies to TR visa holders.. sweet!
  6. Girl Scouts/Brownies?

    ive been on 2 scout camps, shit was cash. campy style buffet breakfast.. typical dumb activities for the kids all day, like orienteering and teambuilding games. then a piss up every night for the staff. the knobheads get hammered too easy, even when they water their drinks to oblivion, but they dont get rowdy or anything, just break out the guitars, spoon and glass bottle band and sing sad songs... obligatory sugar/salt overload insanity on the last day for the students..
  7. Coffee machine for about 5k baht.

    i went with the duchess for 2190 reduced from 8890. apart from my partner 'not' throwing away the pretty pointless steam wand shroud it has worked without flaw for a full week and a half. smashes the quality of the moka pot but seems to get much less out of the same amount of beans. ie i got a full cup of strong coffee, now i get a half cup of strong thicker creamier coffee. i see in the flow when the grinds are spent... easy to keep going and dilute the brew but why bother..
  8. on-screen bank account balance is unacceptable?? seems bizarre (but hardly surprising) if true.
  9. bonzaa!! do you happen to know if i did already ask this elsewhere or a specific non O thread elsewhere? aaa - not sure if you saw or even followed my legitimization saga but its finally completed. legit, legal, non married biological father of my own daughter.
  10. Thx jo, i knew youd be as fast as lightning!! same requirements as suwannakhet?
  11. sorry if ive asked this previously, i thought i had but cant find teh thread. has anyone secured a non o for family from the UK, single or multiple entry?
  12. no fine. no arrest. no worries. just a bunch of nobodies making a fuss. now you know why theres 'accidents' so often here. NO ONE CARES
  13. How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

    above post is correct as far as i understand. Thai marriage certificate is 'proof' of paternity, even if the child is NOT yours! (translation and notarization MAY be required) forged birth certificate is also considered legal proof to some extent. unmarried biological father is not legally recognized in Thailand.. Hence my 6 years long mission to 'prove' with 2 'easily corruptible' thai 'witnesses' and our childs acknowledgement (she could easily have been trained to answer 'correctly'..) that I am indeed her father and she can answer this all in thai as well as write her name in thai and english 4 times. absolutely ridiculous process but it is finally completed. writing of mothers & fathers name in english OR thai was completely omitted in the final, successful attempt at the district office. Finally we have the legally stamped COPY of the ALIEN legitimization document in my/our possession. Mucho thanks for any & all input! Best of LUCK to anyone going through it. It is indeed a complete farce! Officially the child must be 7 years old to even attempt all this, but it is possible sooner. Zero bribes requested or offered.
  14. Coffee machine for about 5k baht.

    i cant get my head around the love for french press coffee, it is always weak/thin no matter how much coffee is used. not 'bad' per se, but super basic. (6/10) i have a stovetop moka pot that makes basic espresso, but no crema and thinnish body. (7/10) nespresso machines make awesome coffee but the pod price is just insane. (9/10) im looking at the duchess/minimex machines thinking this is about as cheap as you can find for 'proper' thick creamy espresso... (8/10 ) the 60-100k baht machines are nice but im not rich/stupid enough to even consider one of those. (10/10)
  15. Please help me understand this!

    All Thai 'Instructors' do as bad a job as possible so nobody can know how to replace them. how would you feel if you taught someone how to do ANYTHING and they did it better than you?? such loss of face many oho mai dee bloodshed