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  1. Cryptogeddon

  2. St johns shut down permanently June 2017 next best / updates for '18?
  3. "It was like that when I found it"

    having never met you, if you personally are not better than the average Thai 'worker', believe me when i tell you, you have more important things to worry about than who might be dissing who. 16 years without a single contractor or professional NOT making multiple basic errors at every possible opportunity speaks for itself. on the plus side, my plumbing, sparky, carpentry & painting skills have all improved a bit.
  4. Blame chronic itchy scalp on the barber?

    ive had this rash from a turkish place in the uk and one thai place in bkk. i do my own hair now until it gets too wild, 1nce a year or so ill go to a 'fancy' barber and get the 90 minutes works. head, beard, neck, hot towel, face and neck massage, washed hair and blow dry @ 500 thb
  5. Tires. What kind of mileage do you get?

    how much do you pay for a full set? and do they charge extra for rebalancing? cheers!
  6. Best hospital for Digestive Diseases in Bangkok?

    also curious... and what was the pricing . Sukhumwit is more in my bracket but a god hour drive away. are the local hospitals to be avoided at all costs??
  7. How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

    not in our case. child is registered in another province, yet we legitimized in bkk. bkk officials DID say it would have to be done in registered province, we DID travel to that province only to be told to go back to bangkok and do it there. lawyer was vocally furious at the lack of any correlation between officials/offices
  8. Never thought it would come to this

    <deleted> is wrong with hua hin?? ive heard its got it all... without the stench & shakedown crews
  9. Driving your own car to Laos - Mukdahan to Savannakhet

    very informative!! i always wondered how ppl managed to drive from asia to europe or vise versa with constant/regular insurance validity issues.
  10. thx for that, its quite an effort but seemingly doable..
  11. any links or details on cheap cooking salt from the coast? im assuming its a lot cheaper than finish salt...
  12. Thai masseuses warned about Korean sex networks

    i have interviewed scores if not hundreds of working women, and all are naive to begin with no matter what the industry. singers, dancer, maids, au-pairs, teachers, massueses, cleaners, office workers, you name it - they are all unaware for a while that someone somewhere wants to use them in either a sexual or otherwise exploitative manner. eventually though, with time, no matter the profession, location or level of society, most women (and plenty of men) will be propositioned at best, forced under duress at worst to perform degrading acts for straight up cash or a promotion or other benefits or to not receive a(nother) beating or penalty. some will smile and grit their teeth, other s will cry and try to resist. all are very well aware by now that they could suffer greatly if they become perceived as a problem. my point being, it takes experience to gain knowledge, most people are just doing their best to succeed & prosper, as shit as that may appear to others. tl:dr - think of your daughter/sister/mother in a situation shes never been exposed to
  13. Japan bro of mine regularly giggles with glee about the ethiopeans he hooks up with. diff'rent strokes, it takes...
  14. anyone ever driven?
  15. anyone ever driven? 9 hrs seems a bit much but over a day or 2 it might be quite pleasant....