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  1. Never thought it would come to this

    <deleted> is wrong with hua hin?? ive heard its got it all... without the stench & shakedown crews
  2. Driving your own car to Laos - Mukdahan to Savannakhet

    very informative!! i always wondered how ppl managed to drive from asia to europe or vise versa with constant/regular insurance validity issues.
  3. thx for that, its quite an effort but seemingly doable..
  4. any links or details on cheap cooking salt from the coast? im assuming its a lot cheaper than finish salt...
  5. Thai masseuses warned about Korean sex networks

    i have interviewed scores if not hundreds of working women, and all are naive to begin with no matter what the industry. singers, dancer, maids, au-pairs, teachers, massueses, cleaners, office workers, you name it - they are all unaware for a while that someone somewhere wants to use them in either a sexual or otherwise exploitative manner. eventually though, with time, no matter the profession, location or level of society, most women (and plenty of men) will be propositioned at best, forced under duress at worst to perform degrading acts for straight up cash or a promotion or other benefits or to not receive a(nother) beating or penalty. some will smile and grit their teeth, other s will cry and try to resist. all are very well aware by now that they could suffer greatly if they become perceived as a problem. my point being, it takes experience to gain knowledge, most people are just doing their best to succeed & prosper, as shit as that may appear to others. tl:dr - think of your daughter/sister/mother in a situation shes never been exposed to
  6. Japan bro of mine regularly giggles with glee about the ethiopeans he hooks up with. diff'rent strokes, it takes...
  7. anyone ever driven?
  8. anyone ever driven? 9 hrs seems a bit much but over a day or 2 it might be quite pleasant....
  9. would you mind sharing a link or two? my biggest issue with buying anything here is the often shockingly bad quality. i have 'wasted' a good year and a bit looking for anything reasonable in bkk and its nigh on impossible. its either garbage at extortionate prices or decent but simply insane prices.. i fear im going to end up in hua hin or up north somewhere!
  10. what does she look like now in real life, i assume not quite like that airbrushed joke of a picture... does anyone know what these kinda surgeries cost? and why korea? i was under the impression thai plastic surgeons were the creme de la creme of insecurity profiteering 'doctors'
  11. Thank you!! i dont know HOW people can try to explain this away as some kind of casual oversight. Its just unbelievable!! but then these same people use words like 'driveability'... LMFAO!!
  12. Pink Line road closures announced

    is there a map with the proposed closures available yet?
  13. Thai driving licence exam

    i provided home licence + IDP in bkk at sukhumwit. work permit OR residence cert. is required. the licence is same day no tests apart from colour blind and silly reaction tests.. i saw multiple fails, mostly by uniformed taxi guys, all grinning and straight back to work
  14. sorry to threadjack but what is/are the local car parts shop called? do scrapyards exist here?