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  1. 2018 update or still the same process?
  2. edgarfriendly

    Non O Visa Savannakhet dependence

    is there a map of this parking area at/near the bridge? curious how one might cross from that point if its between bus stops
  3. thx giggles, was that the pp itself or the registration though?
  4. i was recently at the passport office in london and was told without registration 'they will not look at the application' has anyone experienced this or something contradictory recently? i'd prefer to not spend 10k that isnt required but cant really afford a rejected or ignored application for a passport.
  5. Selfish, Greedy, Ignorant, Dishonest & Dangerous. If fining them doesn't work, they need to have their taxi permits revoked. A month or 12 with no income might sort their attitudes C#nts!