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  1. All Thai 'Instructors' do as bad a job as possible so nobody can know how to replace them. how would you feel if you taught someone how to do ANYTHING and they did it better than you?? such loss of face many oho mai dee bloodshed
  2. is this only a school thing? in the uk as far as i recall, cubs/brownies are outside of school activities. and only voluntarily, certainly nothing to do with school or during school time.
  3. someone wants their point to dominate, regardless if its factual or opinion based. i wonder who that could be....
  4. the brave thai liar in all his glory - hunting for some prey no, thanks - his victim says oho, alai wa, mun mun mun ee sat, waaaa mun.... he proclaims tum mai mai ow!?
  5. 3 times ive had cause to replace my bkk bank atm, everytime they insist i can only do so from/at the issuing branch.. #<deleted>
  6. thx! im in the process of legitimization but we found the birth certificate was done incorrectly. do you know if i could extend in korat and if the requirements are the same or less?
  7. hi ubonjoe, i recently received a Single entry non-o visa based upon having thai child. Our tabiab baan is registered in korat while we reside in bkk. Is it possible to extend this visa in bkk / chaeng wattana? If so what are the requirements for this application?
  8. Savannakhet... see previous post ( ID33)
  9. just got back this morning. got non O, no problems but neither i nor my travel partner were allowed to apply for Multiple entrys. we were told, Single entry only... Application + fee (2000thb) Passport (orig & copy) Childs Birth cert. (orig & copy) Tabian Baan (orig & copy) Mothers ID (copy only) Visa request letter from mother (orig) Opened at 09:00 (sign says 08:30) Picked up next day at 14:00 @ubonjoe & @drjden - did either of you get Multiple entrys??
  10. ive been told that savannakhet no longer issue Multiples for non O Has anyone had recent experience of this? I will be trying next week.
  11. NO!!!! He made a simple error, punish him to hell and beyond so we are not seen as corrupt in any way whatsoever!!! we may traffic children & laborers... we may smuggle drugs in & out of the country.. we may well be involved in all manner of gambling & collusion with 'shadowy figures'.. BUT WE DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY PRESS NUMBERS TWICE !!! PUNISH HIIIIMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAMP ON HIS HEAD!!! MURDER HIS GRANDCHILDREN!!! and carry on...
  12. i have the 10ft one above, lasted 5 yrs but plenty of little holes in it now. the vinyl is starting to crack in places and it really neds replacing, just 1 more year and i might get the 12ft.. maybe also price is variable depending on seasonal sales. the pump/filter it comes with is garbage
  13. not sure if its relevant but who else in the world leaves shitty toilet paper in baskets next to the toilet?
  14. not a single recommendation for a quality repair man....