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  1. edgarfriendly

    Einstein’s Travel Diaries Reveal His Shockingly Racist Views On Asians

    who did the translating.... are they a trustworthy source?? are facts from 100 years ago not still facts today?
  2. edgarfriendly


    kfc coleslaw is worse than that stuff in a squeezy bottle that doesnt need to be refrigerated. just grate a carrot, some cabbage and add mayo. (add red cabbage for fancy) its better than anything else youll find here.
  3. edgarfriendly

    Driver missing as lorry fuel leak raises explosion fears

    fleeing the scene of carnage incorrectly described as an accident? very common, some might say too common to be a coincidence
  4. edgarfriendly

    Peculiar Thai Custom?

    i have experienced similar to both ends of the spectrum, insistence that im 'rich' (despite being unemployed) and therefore i should pay the bill. as well as borderline contempt at the suggestion we split the bill regardless of the situation with the 'host' insisting quite theatrically that they will pay. almost like a soap opera pose. I put it down to assumed social ranking and whos trying to impress who vs whos being a sponge or just skint. if i care at all about my dining partner/s i offer to cover it this and they pay next time... they accept this, ,, every time
  5. nothing shocking here, the roads are a free for all. even video evidence rarely equates to charges being pressed against these dangerous people. anyone who has driven more than a few km here knows that its a deadly venture with constant speeding, line swerving, no indication and zero comprehension of the highway code. in fact its a sick joke that an unknown but significant percentage of thai road users are unlicensed and unskilled resulting in the daily endangerment of everyone else~! but never mind
  6. edgarfriendly

    Its annoying when thais drive slow in the overtaking lane

    Those pesky apologists, eh? Always attempting to downplay the dangerous behaviour of strangers for seemingly no reason at all!
  7. edgarfriendly

    best rat poison.

    ive had to release quite a few birds that have got stuck to them gluetraps using cooking oil, ive also had to vacate the house on occasion after a rat has dragged the trap into areas i cant reach in the roof and died. the stench is too much!! now theyre no longer in the roof but the guttering outside and they even try to build nests in my trucks engine chewing at wiring sheathing and hard plastic... i hate them!!!
  8. 176 is a giant in the land of 150s us 190 pluses are considered taller than the sky
  9. edgarfriendly


  10. St johns shut down permanently June 2017 next best / updates for '18?
  11. edgarfriendly

    "It was like that when I found it"

    having never met you, if you personally are not better than the average Thai 'worker', believe me when i tell you, you have more important things to worry about than who might be dissing who. 16 years without a single contractor or professional NOT making multiple basic errors at every possible opportunity speaks for itself. on the plus side, my plumbing, sparky, carpentry & painting skills have all improved a bit.
  12. edgarfriendly

    Blame chronic itchy scalp on the barber?

    ive had this rash from a turkish place in the uk and one thai place in bkk. i do my own hair now until it gets too wild, 1nce a year or so ill go to a 'fancy' barber and get the 90 minutes works. head, beard, neck, hot towel, face and neck massage, washed hair and blow dry @ 500 thb
  13. edgarfriendly

    Tires. What kind of mileage do you get?

    how much do you pay for a full set? and do they charge extra for rebalancing? cheers!
  14. edgarfriendly

    Best hospital for Digestive Diseases in Bangkok?

    also curious... and what was the pricing . Sukhumwit is more in my bracket but a god hour drive away. are the local hospitals to be avoided at all costs??