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  1. i have the 10ft one above, lasted 5 yrs but plenty of little holes in it now. the vinyl is starting to crack in places and it really neds replacing, just 1 more year and i might get the 12ft.. maybe also price is variable depending on seasonal sales. the pump/filter it comes with is garbage
  2. not sure if its relevant but who else in the world leaves shitty toilet paper in baskets next to the toilet?
  3. not a single recommendation for a quality repair man....
  4. i guess the rats squeaked loud enough that they wouldnt be able to breed like rats if there was no filth left night after night for them to feast, piss n shit all over
  5. the men generally cause problems. anyone ever having dealt with them is fully aware of this. and they are just as likely to get violent when their faults are exposed
  6. females perhaps, but not one of them were ladies... unless that was shorthand for the 'of the night' variety.
  7. they've been saying they'll sanitize this cesspit since before i arrived some 15+ years ago its now worse than it ever has been. the rats and the roaches and the taxi drivers pissing everywhere make it a plague in waiting. nothing will be done, and if it is it will last a month, tops
  8. i dont think we're in the majority any more. knowing right from wrong includes breeding within your means to provide a suitable and healthy environment for your children & grandchildren.. take a look around...
  9. such horror!! foiled!! hes a hero!!
  10. i personally think just stealing it outright is better than attempting to justify her extortion. but ive been here a while so im not right in the head, fine her 5000thb. karma says shell lose her 300baht phone soon, and have no clue why life is so unfair. she'll proceed to get drunk and abuse any/everyone while her child watches it all and learns the rules of life. chai-yooooooo
  11. ive actually been in a taxi about 4-5 years ago with this nutter!! she was out of her mind screaming obscenities to herself and i pulled up the handbrake and climbed out. shes not that rare of a specimen to be quite honest.
  12. simon, i was going to pM you regarding your situation in myanmar - but it sounds ghastly! why on earth wont they let you rent or share a house? im going through a not dis-similar 'detox' myself and find that the healthier i eat, the less i spend & the happier i feel all round. be careful of the motorbike leading you into using your bicycle less. the easier you make life, the easier it is to slip back into past habits. Best of luck!! (cant you swap hotels to one with a kitchen or kitchenette? five yrs without one is going to wear thin pretty quick! the locals cant think thats a reasonable way for a teacher to live, can they??
  13. out of 100 3 sincere the rest nothing more than charlatans and/or criminals
  14. pesticide. they dont wash anything!
  15. mate, them chilli bj's are awesome!! i actually encourage it!!