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  1. what does she look like now in real life, i assume not quite like that airbrushed joke of a picture... does anyone know what these kinda surgeries cost? and why korea? i was under the impression thai plastic surgeons were the creme de la creme of insecurity profiteering 'doctors'
  2. Thank you!! i dont know HOW people can try to explain this away as some kind of casual oversight. Its just unbelievable!! but then these same people use words like 'driveability'... LMFAO!!
  3. Pink Line road closures announced

    is there a map with the proposed closures available yet?
  4. Thai driving licence exam

    i provided home licence + IDP in bkk at sukhumwit. work permit OR residence cert. is required. the licence is same day no tests apart from colour blind and silly reaction tests.. i saw multiple fails, mostly by uniformed taxi guys, all grinning and straight back to work
  5. sorry to threadjack but what is/are the local car parts shop called? do scrapyards exist here?
  6. if its the same tesco express i use in lat krabang, the staff are almost all terrible!!!. after sunset until 5am the music goes up to LOUD songkran street party noise, and staff members eyes twitch as if under a caffeine/amphetamine overexposure. they are swearing at each other and about the customers while throwing/kicking packaging about the shop floor and have no fear/shame of being 'caught' i used to use the night shift as it was better staffed and less busy, now i wait for the morning shift
  7. OP is right, these police are highway robbers!! if i were OP id march straight down there and give them a piece of my mind!! DO it, OP!! take a spycam pen with you.... i could do with a good laugh! #pepperyourangus
  8. Buying a car on a Tourist Visa

    does it matter what province the housebook is in? sorry, what is copy of user?
  9. Buying a car on a Tourist Visa

    i just got my thai licence and it has an address on the back that isnt mine... (another province) can i buy/insure with that or will it need to be amended to my current address? also, what are the requirements for a thai national to buy/insure a car ? (with no licence) tia!!
  10. she doesnt look 22, but village life can be rough.... she should be the one to pull him out. poogatory
  11. is there a topic with more in depth tinting discussion? particularly interested in fitters and pricing, for a friend
  12. any recommendations for bkk tinters? or decent mechanics in general? for a friend...
  13. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    no one got a tata xenon? u must all be loaded