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  1. noahvail

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Not required in Udon Thani...just show the original, give them copies with my signature in blue ink.
  2. In my little village 5 of the local constabulary come by every couple years to a photo, plus a copy of my passport. We know them all (small town, everybody knows of knows of every, or is related) so it’s more of a social call. They’re evidently required to know the residence of the foreigners living in their jurisdiction in the event of death or accident. One of the few things they actually prepare for in advance! No problems...
  3. noahvail

    Neverending Peugeot-woes

    Peugeot owners have *always* been a loyal breed. Back in the 70s, a good friend owned three of the. He said he needed three to keep one running. Lovely car, really.
  4. noahvail

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    My province doesn’t have an airport, yet I use my pink ID card going through security at the other 3 airports I use.
  5. noahvail

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Sorry, meant to say my D/L has never been accepted - they always insisted on a passport, until I got the ID card.
  6. noahvail

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Your post highlights the inconsistency that Thai workers have in understanding and implementing laws and regulations. Even though my Two Thai Drivers Licenses have never been accepted for the items I listed, you and I actually have no argument.
  7. noahvail

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    It’s a great convenience. Domestic flight check-ins. Hotel check-ins, Thai price anywhere I’ve used it. Phone and SIM card purchases. Warranty registrations. Bonus is the change in attitude that occurs when you show it.
  8. noahvail

    Porsche mishap at top Sydney hotel

    Porsche: There Is No Substitute Except, of course, for a competent driver!
  9. Th US will re-impose sanctions...but not the sanctions against Russia that Congress passed and Trump signed into law. They were supposed to take place in December, but Trump continues to run roughshod over the Constitution. Trump tweeted that Iran increased its military budget by 40% since the treaty was signed, with the implication that it was for nuclear armaments. In fact, their budget increased by 250% - all for conventional weapons. As he continues to make enemies of US allies, the US economy has slowed down, the dollar has lost value, the deficit has increased, and he has shown that rather than draining the swamp, he has plugged the drain. To quote him, “SAD!”
  10. Is this the same DHL that forced the closure of hundreds of KFC outlets in the UK because they were unable to deliver the chickens? Anyway, the nearest DHL office to my corner of Isaan is 75 KMs away, and they give the parcels to some local mom-and-pop delivery company who can’t seem to find my address. I don’t think I’ll be giving any custom to Shoppee.
  11. In the end, they let about 60% of his third travel ban stay in place, after the vacated the first two. So two completely illegal bans overturned, and part of the third. 9th Circuit has struck down part of the sanctuary cities’ E.O., and yes, more to be litigated in future. You are correct, he didn’t “ban” DACA, but he did try to kill it. His latest tweet on the subject declared “DACA is dead.” But it’s not...you’ll notice that his regulation ending it 5 March has long expired, and the courts ruled that it continues. Fox reporting, and Trump’s lack of knowledge on how laws and regulations work, notwithstanding...DACA lives. Trump has stated twice that he wants the military all along the border to protect it. 4,000 troops working 12-hour shifts 7 days a week means just about one soldier per linear mile. Ok, given Trump’s incompetence, maybe he think that works. But think for a moment...if he can’t order the full-fledged armed wall, why has the military said it will take 40% of their troops to comply with that E.O.? It would be reasonable to assume they were given a heads-up from the WH. On on a similar subject, why did Trump say we’re pulling out of Syria the day after the military said we’re in Syria for the long haul? Not an illegal thing to do, but rather short-sighted, handing it over to the Russians.
  12. Remember the travel ban? He ordered it, it was illegal, the courts overturned it. Remember the sanctuary cities ban? He ordered it, it was illegal, the courts overturned it. Remember the DACA ban? He ordered it, it was illegal, the courts overturned it, and DACA recipients stay in the country. So yes, he can and has signed illegal orders. Given that he keeps pushing the boundaries toward an authoritarian presidency, it is well within the realm of possibility that he will illegally order an armed wall of troops along the 1,954 mile long southern border - which is estimated by the military to require 40% of its troops - and which will be quickly overturned by the courts before they are deployed.
  13. As did Bush the lesser, Clinton, and Bush the Elder. Those troops played supportive, behind-the-scenes roles, and did not take part in arrests. That is legal. Under the Posse Comitatus and Insurrection Acts, troops cannot take on police front-line actions. Under the Insurrection Act they may but only if civilian disruption occurs due to acts of nature or acts of terrorism. These have not occurred. Sending in troops to perform, in effect, clerical functions is legal. Trump wants to use them as an armed wall, and that is patently illegal. Ptotecting against an invading army is a proper use of military on domestic soil is a proper use; but no such threat exists. The Act call for a punishment of two years in jail should Trump pursue this course of action.
  14. Does not the Posse Comitatus Act expressly forbid what Trump is proposing?
  15. You might want to enlighten yourself with this list of major shrines across the world, including the UK, US, Canada, Philippines... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_shrines