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  1. Thank you for this tip, a lifesaver for me. I ran into the same problem of getting past the first page of the website (the "accept" button is greyed out, so your only choice is "decline"). Recently my hard disk crashed and as it happened I had not printed out the next-appointment notice when I last reported on line, hence I was left in semi-darkness as when to report next. Luckily "they have fixed the bug when using Nationality + passport + DoB to view one's previous report history (second menu item - "Check the status of your application")" so I was able to access all my past records. My guess was almost way off, but not critically, as there are now only two days left on my report window (phew, otherwise another dreaded trip to ChaengWattana, no matter of its recent make-over as a Chatujak market setting...) Lesson learned: always back up your data, it only takes a click or two
  2. I think you're right: they wouldn't fix it. Therefore arm-twisting tactics are required. I carried out my planned attack on Sunday. I talked to the manager, he did a lot of running around literally speaking, even bringing the help guy from Saturday to whom I said, as promised I did what you told me to do, putting the sim into a friends (in this case myself) iphone (old iphone 4 in my antique phone collection) and still the ads keep coming and I think it's time you gave me a new sim, new phone number or my money back. The help staff retreated respectfully, his role was done. So the manager did some more running around and came back with a new sim and said, how about try this one out for one week and see if you still got ads coming in, if so then it's your hardware. He just said the magic word, "hardware." So I let him have it, my knowledge accumulated from input I received so far on this thread (mostly from mtls2005): no, it's not my phone or whatever phone, windows phone or iphone. It's the number you sold to me, a bad one that has been recycled, you sold me a bad product and would not exchange for a good one, how many times have I come here already, let's count, I ticked my fingers, thu fri sat and today sunday, 4 times, how many more visits you're gonna make me come next week, another 10 or 20? what kind of customer services is this? If you don't want to make an exchange, I want my money back so I can buy from another store. That's settled it. Even though the manager was still running back and forth a whole lot more, I think I spent roughly 90 minutes in there, seems like the time spent to watch a whole movie. But I came away with a new sims, it's been more than 24 hours, and I haven't received a single ad sms.
  3. I did that 3 times already, Thu, Fri and yesterday Sat. The shop I go to it's a big AIS shop, not one of those telwiz kiosks, and I've been served by the staff at their service stations, still that didn't lick the problem. So maybe I need to go to a bigger shop? My question is if it's that pretty straigtforward, how come they couldn't fix it?
  4. thanks for the input, I just read one of the ad sms, it's all in thai, with the phone number in the headlines and 9 baht/per it's also lists 020330075 for what I have no idea, then #137 for cancellation. the other SMSs have been deleted by the suggestion of the AIS staff. Anyway, I can't do detective work in Thai so I will go to the store and sort it out with the manager. Again thank you mtls2005 for the time and advice. Much appreciated.
  5. Yes I could identify them, their phone number shows up right there on the headline of the SMS, they are all different so I don't know how many more are "waiting in the wing." They would come a couple of times a day, despise me doing *137 evertime, so I don't know how more often they would come if I did nothing. So you think I don't need to ask for another sim, AIS could just "transpose" a different/"virgin" number on the current sim? Thanks for the advice (yeah I already paid 2,500 for the sim so I got to get this sorted out) and the NBTC info. The last resort, if the AIS shop won't budge, then I would switch the sim with the one I have on my ipad and see if that number is better....
  6. Thanks for the helpful advice. I bought the sim at a proper AIS shop at a big mall (Mall Bangkapi) they have English speaking staff/manager. Last night I tried using the sim on my old iphone and the ads kept coming. So the next thing for me is another trek to their shop and demand a new sim. btw, I got a second sim about the same time for my ipad and that's one has been problem free so far, the small balance I put in there remains untouched. I don't know if because the ipad is not a phone? Your suggest let the balance run out, then the ads will cancel themselves. But the ads coming from various 3rd parties, so when AIS blocked one, another new one showed up. So I think myriad of them waiting in the wing...
  7. Last month I got an one-year prepaid net marathon sim from AIS. Mainly for the cellular data, for calling I do top up to my credit balance. Lately the SMS ads came more frequently and caught my attention. I've been losing money in my balance even though I did not even read these SMSs, let alone click on anything inside their message. The headline of a typical SMS ad would have a phone number then in the opening line would be something like CuteGirl theme, etc... I could see that much in my notifications without clicking to open the message itself. So far 3 trips to the AIS store. First trip, the staff helper blocked the ad phone number and refunded my lost credit, also he instructed to call *137 to cancel the ads myself. Well the ads kept coming, the *137 wasn't very effective. Second trip, he blocked the ad number(s) again, refunded my lost credit and advised me to uninstall the "Clean Master Pro" app on my phone. He added that only Android and Windows (mine) phones have this problem, Iphones are fine and bug-free. I did all that he advised and still the ads kept coming. 3rd trip today to the AIS store, I wanted to talk to the manager and ask to change for another number - somehow in my mind I thought my number has been "infected" - I know that wasn't very smart thinking but I started getting desperate...The helper today said that probably whatever websites I have been surfing on must have sent me to the ad sites and they got my number through such activities. He advised to do a factory reset on the phone or I could try my sim on another phone to see what happened. It was closing time and the manager wasn't there today so I said ok, I will try on another phone and see what happened. In the meantime, I talked to my thai friends and they all seemed to have to wage similar battles when it comes to those pesky sms ads. They weren't much help because they all are on post-paid so now I would like to see if anyone on thaivisa has successfully gotten rid of those ads and how. Of course such a thing would not have been allowed to happen in the West, the couriers would have to take care of those pests with one quick stroke - it's their responsibilities and customers would not need to wage battles with anyone. Thank you much in advance, looking forward to your input/advice and in the meantime wishing you all a good day.
  8. By the broadest stroke, there is no threshold as to when a ladyboy will "technically" become a turn-off - ie a stopsign signaling when his feminization topples (what is left of) his masculinity. A first impression is enough for both my big and little heads to say, thanks, but no thanks. To put it crudely, a pair of shaved balls might be considered, to me as a gay man, ahem...tempting, while a shaved (and god help me, perfumed) armpit is not! I didn't think my guy (that got away) from the previous episode who wanted to bed me in drag, was ATTRACTED to ladyboys, not so much as using them as a "straight" curtain to camouflage his " gay closet." I would say he's COMFORTABLE being intimate with - as opposed to being attracted to - ladyboys than with any (other) sexes. (But he craves their dick that's for sure.) In other words, he's so closeted that he couldn't even admit to himself that he "does" guys. But in his own mind - to himself and this is what counts - he is hetero, if only because he does DWDs (aka dames with dick) and come hell or high waters will stick to his principle. I imagine that if he ever finds himself in bed with a naked guy shorn of all female accoutrement that would freak him out he won't be able to get it up. (Wish I had known this at the time, oh well, you live and learn.) If this could be of any help, my Gay-O-meter goes like this: If a) a guy doesn't want to have anything to do - or the general reaction is being repulsed by - another guy's penis + b) does want to do everything to a (god-given) vagina then => he's straight. In reverse if c) a guy doesn't want to have anything to do - or the general reaction is being repulsed by - a (god-given) vagina + d) does want to do everything to another guy's penis then => he's gay. (Anything infinitely within the range between these two "poles" are beyond my grading abilities!) That said, just because I'm gay that doesn't mean that I would automatically sleep with any all and sundry gay male - and that I would act like a sissy (don't mean this to be a derogatory term, but you know what I mean) or want to carry on like Angelina Jolie. (Unfortunately this is still the misled concensus among the general populace and the annual Gay pride does little to help in this regard.) In the same sense that because you (the general you) are straight doesn't mean that you want to sleep with any old hag (don't mean this to be a derogatory term, but you know what I mean) - or "grab them by the pussy" like Trump!
  9. "But it's twue, it's twue, it's twue!" - Lili von schtup (in "Blazing Saddles.") One would have thought that in an expat forum, especially such as this one in Thailand of all places, folks would not be so hung up on labels - or "rigid definition"- of straight, gay, bi-sexual, straight bi-sexual (I start getting dizzy off that one), ad nauseaum. But no matter how far flung one has traveled and lived around the world, just as the wizard of oz said, you can take the girl out of kansas, but you can't take kansas out of the girl! The elephant in the room in this instance is what does a ladyboy have that a real girl/woman does not? Namely a penis. [Contrary to popular belief, the majority of LBs keep their family jewels firmly attached, most wise decision I would say.] So ask yourself why a "straight" man would prefer going out (or in) with a ladyboy when there's an abundance of available females around ? Because of better make up, plastic breasts and buttocks? I don't think so. Because they were fooled into believing this is the real thing? The only real deal here at the end of the day - and both parties knew it - is that the LB in question more likely than not (still) has a real dick - and what the john in question is going to do with it! If he does it only once and no more, ok, we can chalk that up to being curious (curious period, not to be confused with bi-curious, that's another "venue.") But if he does repeatedly, there is a clinical term which is MSM=men sleeping with men (the unspoken footnote here is "let's just leave it at that" - translated to "let's not deal with the labels/classifications shall we, so that we can get on...") The pinnacle of my sex life as a gay man occurred in the last several years of my former life in the states, thanks to the advent of Craigslist. Since it was free I ran a continuous ad looking for "hookups." Per the vocabulary I prescribed, "discreet, safe (condoms only) wholesome vanilla m2m sex, no kinks, no bondage, newbies welcome... " - with no mention of gay nor straight (a savvy marketing move I should say) - my ad attracted mostly guys of the man-next-door type from all walks of life. Few were young or strictly gay. The majority were family men or steady with girlfriends. They wanted something more than a happy ending that they routinely got at their local spa; something was "missing" in their sex life (here I began to get clued in) which needed "exploring" (another password.) And beside I also offered thai massage. An one-stop shopping, if you will, totally free of charge (add to that lit scented candles, soft background music and the best stuff from "bed bath and beyond" - kama sutra, anyone?) Turned out these guys crave a dick, plain and simple: they still go home for their homecooked meal but only a dick (in this case mine) can make them fulfilled. Here I let your imagination fill in the blanks (or holes for that matter...; There was one instance which stood out, because both parties engaged in a drawn-out negotiation that happened more than once. After agreeing to all the proposed maneouvers (who does what to whom), sending back and forth whole set of pictorials of each other's body parts, the guy's final request was that I dress up as a woman when he came knocking on my door. He explained that because so far he only went out with ladyboys (in the states the term is CDs for crossdressers) therefore he could only "do" it with ladyboys. At that time I was still new in my "vocation" so my wardrobe did not include any lingeries or female attires; beside I would need considerable help from my gay friends to pass for a somewhat not too grotesque drag queen. So I declined, smacking my lips all the while because he was a handsome hunk after all. A year or two later we ran the same negotiation, I still didn't want to do the charade even though by then my wardrobe had expanded to include a small number of Victoria secrets-style outfits (requested and/or left behind by other guests...but that's another story:) Last but not least, there is a misconception that gay men are SEXUALLY attracted to ladyboys, which baffles me to no ends. Gay men are attracted not just to cocks and balls (sorry if I offend anyone's "still in kansas" sensibilities) - the idea of manhood/masculinity is what sells the whole package. So why in the world would a gay man want to sleep with a personification of femininity? Same school of thought as to whenever I come out to my thai friends they immediately think that I (secretly) wish to be (dressed or acting like) a woman, and therefore need to be paired up with a katoey that they just happened to know... Lawd have mercy!
  10. Precious life but wasted death! I've always tried not to tread the personal psychosis behind anyone's self-inflicted death... However in this case, it amazed me that this individual would have thought his death would make a dent in the corporate greed. All the more unfortunate to think that alive, he certainly would have been more efficient - not to mention more useful to others in need of his professional skills and experiences - in bringing about the kind of change he seemed to have targeted with his own demise. Sadly this notion which could have been the light at the end of the tunnel of his worldview, did not reach him in time. My dear brave man, did you not have any friends or loved one by your side during your darkest hours? I'm so sorry,...RIP, love.
  11. Bullyism manifests itself in many forms. One is the outward bravado: "How dare you walk MY street/post on MY forum?" Another is more insidious because it wears the mask of civility: telling a minority they should feel fortunate that they are no longer persecuted - like they were used to - on the mere basis of being who they are. "You oughta feel extremely lucky nobody beat you up today!" Amazing to think that if the persecution of minority groups has somehow ceased (in many - but not all - parts of the world I might add) it did not happen because of decades of social struggle and awareness raising, of progressive thinking on the part of homo sapiens, but by happenstance! And that the rights to live in peace, free from oppression are inalienable rights to some, but supreme blessings to others.
  12. That's the 130K dollar question (sorry I'm a bit "stormy-spanked" right now as you can see - btw you'll make an excellent dear Abby/Ann Landers successor, getting right down to the meat of the matter.) Truthfully, that's something I'm struggling with. Right now, inspite of everything, J provides me with the emotional core that I have mentioned earlier on. A sense of belonging, a "family" if you will. I used to have that with a family of my Thai friends, however we have drifted apart. It's pathetic, but really I'm not better off than my friend H. the septuagenarian Finnish that I have also talked about. He's going home to a wife who apparently can and rather do without him, but she's still his wife and he's got a home to go to. Another friend in the building G another horny old goat who still lives with his ex-wife in a house they share in France (whenever he suggests selling it she would jack the price up.) When he comes to Thailand the neighborhood "salon" is where he would spend most of his time and money. A couple of time he managed to take the working ladies out for a date and a night together, that seemed not to have worked out too well....So there you have it, sad but true. ...I'm not whining, just "brutally honest!" at your request.
  13. "Attracted" is the wrong word. You should have said "apalled" to be more in tune with the gist of this topic
  14. Excellent point. Yeah, I've been wondering about this too for a while now...I'd put that down to the cultural "barrier" (for lack of a better word) that gays/straights on both sides seem not having been able to break through. Someone on this thread asked whether I assumed the role of BF or GF? Which echoes the sentiments of most (read all) my Thai friends to whom the only thing they really needed to know upon my coming out to them was whether I'm a King or a Queen. And the (mis)conception doesn't happen only in the straight world. As a gay man I find it laughingly ridiculous when a gay man introduces his legal spouse as "my husband" or a lesbian "my wife." Bravo for the advance of gay rights! Once more, thanks for the gracious and kind inputs from those who have weighed in! (Sorry too lazy to click the likes button for all concerned, but honestly I didn't want to comb through the "flaming" posts.) Have a nice day everyone!