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  1. No I won't get rid of the tooth while it could still be of use. It's just that losing one good front tooth at this late stage in life makes me feel a lot less self-confident (it even had me start thinking maybe I should arrange my own funeral now while I still can...that sort of things, crazy I know). Thanks for the link. I'm in BKK so I doubt when the time comes I would make the trek down to Sri Racha to see your specialist, but who knows, I will put the info in my Rolodex for now. Thank you for being so helpful and your input is very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Kittenkong for your input and reassurance, I really appreciated it. If by chance you got your implants done in Bangkok, do you mind sharing the name of the clinic/hospital, and while we're at it, the doc name also? The info might come in handy...The price (40K or only double of what I'm gonna pay for the crown including root canal) you quoted seems tempting, I might go for it, not right now, but sooner than "10 - 20 years" perhaps? (You are welcome to pm me for the info if you don't want to make it public) Thanks,
  3. Movie “Waltz with Bashir“

    (Come to think of it, it must have an English-dubbed soundtrack, all foreign movies released in the US invariably do,) As far as war movies go, I rank WWB above Apocalypse Now, which even Coppola admitted was a jumbled mess, no matter what a glorious mess it was. What I really dig in WWB is the way memories were depicted as something that only memory should dictate (for its own "purposes" I guess) not as something that truly happened (the older one gets the more certainly one can attest to this effect). I guess some of this must not have been lost on you who have been there in real life. I remember reading an memoir excerpt sometime ago by someone growing up in Beirut and recalling fondly an idyllic bourgeois childhood spent on what was considered then the Middle-eastern French riviera before the war. That should make a nice bookend for this movie on the dvd... Anyway hope you would get it as your personal war memento! (and someday someone would remake Apocalypse now a la Bashir!)
  4. Movie “Waltz with Bashir“

    I used to have a dvd of this movie in my collection, which ultimately went to the local goodwill prior to my departure from the us. I am not sure that it had an English (dubbed) soundtrack. However it has something immensely better which is the director's running commentary throughout the movie, he speaks excellent English and offers great insights into the way he directed the movie. Absorbing and unusual movie. Since it's not an English-speaking film, if ever it showed up in Thailand, it would certainly be dubbed in Thai and may or may not include English subtitles. Last year on my home visit, I found it aplenty at weekend swapmeets - seemed like a popular film back then in the states - was going to get one, but kept forgetting. Last resort, if you must have it, get it from amazon uk, and choose sellers that would ship international. I have one movie on my list that I'm gonna get from there, it's worth the wait and not that expensive (roughly 3 or 4 british pounds for postage).
  5. Tooth crowns and decay.

    On the other hand, there is a smaller side tooth that needs root canal because doc says the cavities have come into the pulp part of the roots. However she emphasizes root canal only, no crown is necessary. So what gives? I always thought that doing root canal is to pave the way for putting on a crown.
  6. Thanks tonray for the numbers. I went in for a check up at Mahidol dental clinic (in bkk) today. Doc says that an implant to cover that ghastly hole where the front tooth used to be would cost around 60K baht, so she grudgingly goes the crown route, in conjunction with a root canal on the remaining base of the tooth, the total cost of which would be 20K. Before anything is done, I came home with a temporary tooth, which makes me feel "human" again.
  7. Tooth crowns and decay.

    Thanks for the link, gyddyup. btw, I went in for a check up at Mahidol dental clinic (in bkk) today. Doc says that an implant to cover that ghastly hole where the front tooth used to be would cost around 60K baht, so she grudgingly goes the crown route, in conjunction with a root canal on the remaining base of the tooth, the total cost of which would be 20K. Before anything is done, I came home with a temporary tooth, which makes me feel "human" again. I just wonder why a root canal is necessary in this case, kinda "killing" the tooth now that it has become useless?
  8. Thanks tonray for the very clear and informative info, just the kind of knowledge I need to arm myself with when I walk into the dentist's cubicle next Tuesday. btw, do you know a general figure for the cost of one implant? (the bridge option doesn't sound too good). The place that I'm going to is the Mahidol Dental Hospital off Victory Monument in BKK which I guess is in the mid-range regarding price. Thanks,
  9. Tooth crowns and decay.

    May I ask how a partial "plate" works? Like more than one implants installed on a plate and then the plate gets affixed to the gumline? Also how much did they quote you for each implant? (you did mention lately that "escalating to around 800,000 baht if I just had all the molars done" but I don't know how many molars are involved). I just broke one of my front teeth, but in general my teeth have also entered the "decaying" stage for quite sometime now so I kinda look forward to a dental future not unlike yours right now.... I agree that the visual of a pair of dentures clattering in a glass of water by the bedside is not something that can be un-seen!
  10. I broke one of my two big front teeth last week. Actually at the start was a stupid mistake (one of those instances where you think you're invincible) me trying to crack a (supposedly soft shelled) crab claw. After a couple of tries I managed to crack the claw alright.... Nothing (seemingly) happened but the next morning I woke up with painful swelling sensation on the other side of the upper jaw, where a couple of cavities resided (and were in the process of waiting for fillings), so I thought the cavities had acted up and caused the swelling. I almost went in to see the dentist then, but after a week, the pain went away and I thought that was it. An appointment has been previously made for me going in next week for the fillings anyway. Then earlier this week, I bit into a skewer stick. Interesting this time, maybe not surprisingly so, no pain, just a loud crunch noise, then the big tooth flew out. Just like that, a sudden rush of air. Only the chipped base remains. I am thinking of the worst scenario where I'd have to get one of those screw-through-the gum implant thing, or the best scenario would be technology is advanced enough to make a sturdy replacement, ie crown. (FYI, it happened in the street and I was walking around rain puddles therefore there was no chance for me to see why it went/recover it.) So if any TV members have gone down this road before, I'd very much like to hear your input before my upcoming visit to the dentist. I'm sure there are other options available that I'm not aware of.. Thank you much in advance. ps - I just read a thread about tooth decay a couple of threads down in which a "bridge" was also mentioned...I'm also at retirement age and tooth decay has already occurred here and there, the one I just lost was rather thinned out at the backside.
  11. Others might not think so. As newbies (first-year SSA receivers) naturally we tend to fret more than then those who've done it year in year out. I'm sure next year's crop of SSA newbies will find this thread - clear, concise account of what-happened-or-not-happened-next from both EMS and regular "registed mail" angles with accompanying screenshots to boot - very helpful comes time for them to send in their fisrt ever DOA letter. Especially with the warning of a record-breaking 30 day plus delivery time between US and Thailand using registered mail... On the other hand it would probably save them 1300 baht plus change, not bad heh? So I for one don't think this was "much ado about nothing."
  12. Ouicha (thai - not french - exclamation!) after all the hue and cry, USPS has finally delivered: 1) interesting that mine and higgy's got delivered at the same time to the minute. 2) all the email alerts/search request etc. were simply for show, in the sense that they did not yield any update or alert. Granted the search request was replied with this tagline "Items that meet the US Postal Service's® search guidelines will be searched for, and if found, forwarded to the address you provided." 3) FYI it took one week to get to us shore, and 4 more to reach its destination = total time 5 weeks, total cost 84 baht via registered mail.
  13. At this point I begin to think that the letter has not been lost, but as many have voiced on the thread, probably delivered but tracking has been neglected. Which unfortunately is the case these days with USPS. On another forum that deal with mostly members living in the states, I see people go through a lot of trouble tracking down their registered package, sure thing is to show up at your local post office and have a face to face encounter with the staff! On the other hand, it seems EMS for the money that you pay, is more diligent in their tracking and therefore can provide you with the privilege of request for proof of delivery as shown by amvet's post. So this is what I feel like doing at this point: just assume my letter has arrived at SSA. If not comes September I will receive a 2nd notice, at which point I will get "proactive" and use EMS. I still wish that SSA has some way for us to check on their site that our DOA (dead or alive) letter has arrived, but that might be just wishful thinking on my part.
  14. Online Shopping

    Thanks for the in and outs in shopping with Lazada, very generous and informative. I really appreciated that. Now ready to place my order #1
  15. I have just filed a claim with USPS. Got an auto reply claim confirmation from them. Let's see where this will lead...