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  1. Dancealot


    .. so MJP is in.. It's about time. Rubber/potatoes and some extra's, is what I have heard.
  2. Dancealot

    Isaan Farmers Meeting No.9.

    @AA1 Thanks for the report . Count me in . April I'm there. This would be great. [edit] Farmer's meetings go international after all.. .. Bolaven Plateau..
  3. Dancealot

    Isaan Farmers Meeting No.9.

    @ALL Only a few more days until the next. In answer to- and liking your appreciation of the International idea and through my enthusiasm,I decided to follow up. Please allow me to use this thread to promote the idea. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/647307-isaan-farmers-meeting-international/
  4. Dancealot

    Isaan Farmers Meeting No.9.

    Shaggy and me had our first Dutch/Thai farmers' meeting last night because we can't attend the next. Farmer meetings go international . http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/612480-farm-photos/page-38#entry6487145 [edit] , yours,
  5. Dancealot

    Harsh Judgment Of Thai People

    And within here lies the key. I automatically avoid negativism.
  6. Dancealot


    Mr. KanWin i do not consider you landscape folk, all the time. I love to watch these pics you post. I watch them on my 42'' screen so i can enjoy them fully. You , especially, inspired me to seriously want to control the photo's i make. Also i have never made a limerick in my life before you, someway inspired me to open my mind for this........ You have the ability to spark! You rs,
  7. Dancealot

    Debt Of Thailand?

    No it wouldn't ohh ok Very relaxed unforced conversation, I like it.
  8. /quote Screech swerve crump Would a polite nod suffice as acknowledgement of the given WAI? EDIT: this would be correctly described as "getting out of the Wai" /endquote It's either "my WAI or the High WAI".
  9. More importantly, did the drivers return the Wai out of politeness? SC Screech swerve crump Would a polite nod suffice as acknowledgement of the given WAI?
  10. Dancealot

    Can We Have A "don't Like" Button Please?

    The policies of this forum are determined by the ADMINS of this forum. I am just another poster who has the right to express my OPINIONS just like anyone else. Beyond that, I ain't touching this DEAD HORSE topic with a 10 foot POLL. It's not a horse, it's a dog, and that's not the way to wake him up. Not unless you're a faster runner than me
  11. Dancealot

    Can We Have A "don't Like" Button Please?

    On the other side.. With prisoners of war this is actually being used as a means of torture. Being tied up to a tree they will show an I-pad with the prisoners' own youtube page to him. Then they will mercilessly dislike their posts until he can't take it anymore.
  12. Dancealot

    Can We Have A "don't Like" Button Please?

    Competing about likes is so childish....
  13. A duck was standing at the side of the road waiting to cross, a chicken ran up to him and said," don't do it mate, you'll never hear the last of it". I'll get my coat as well! You're treading a fine line there, mate. Would've been better with another poultry... SC An ostrich perhaps...
  14. Dancealot

    Can We Have A "don't Like" Button Please?

    You can only try beat him in your own game and even then, you will still loose, i learned.
  15. Dancealot

    Can We Have A "don't Like" Button Please?

    I take your point. It's a pity really that disliking or disagreeing with something somebody says automatically implies that the person themselves are "disliked". There are a few posters that I regularly "like", but on several occasions have also disagreed with their points of view, and said so. It's the destructive and abusive comments I find it hard to tolerate - good old intelligent disagreement and argument are healthy and I enjoy it. Abuse and bickering are a waste of everybody's time. It is a pity, indeed for those who consider a poster unlikable after a dislike.