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  1. 20th century??? I think in the most EU countries you can register your car withhin a hour. It only need longer if a lot of people come at the same time. And this now for 25-35 years. So it will fit more to speak: "Thailand joins the 80's now!!!"
  2. In Europe, no bus driver waits longer. They leaves punctually at the departure time.
  3. I am waiting for the next story from court. Maybe the judge send his hand for 2 years in prison and him must gone with!!! :-)
  4. Why the need tasers? In my ees it work very well with guns. They are not like the wild west sheriffs in the US who first shot before ask something.
  5. The most you can buy at Makro. The other and much more you can buy at Choco Schmidt. They have a shop in Pattaya. Address on the website. https://www.choco-schmidt.com/ Another Bakery shop is on the South Pattaya Road. When you drive on the parking area of the Friendship Supermarket you see left a new(er) building. They sale bakery stuff.
  6. Need advice from knowledgeable German

    you can try it here: https://www.dastelefonbuch.de/ or connect the german embassy in BKK and ask for help. http://www.bangkok.diplo.de/
  7. Alcohol free beer

    This is not beer!!! It smell & taste like wastewater from a dentist!!!
  8. No, normally you need an international driver's license. Some police officers accept the national driver's license because they do not know what a national or international driver's license looks like. And many can not read our font.
  9. I was the victim of ATM fraud

    But you must report it to the police. Otherwise the bank not gives you any information.
  10. I was the victim of ATM fraud

    No, this not work. If you purchase something online and use your card you must give additional information too. Date of Expiry & the last 3 no. from the back. And this they can't skimming.
  11. It must have been a very boring New Year's night that this nonsense can make a headline!!!
  12. Not forget. They recycle a lot.
  13. There is another in Jomtien: https://goo.gl/maps/PVadD1izfvp And 100m away another one. A good place for this several million Baht Villa with 2 tennis courts. Hahaha... I think the owner is not happy!!!!
  14. Here is the garbage dump now. The water from this creek run into the Mabprachan Lake Drinking water Reservoir!!! Very clever!!! https://goo.gl/maps/57RDEbFGTf52 You can see the garbage dump in satellite view!!!
  15. Yes!!! The gas cylinders are not hazardous!!! I come more as 25 years to Thailand and never listen about one what exploded. Another reason is that gas is much more cheaper as electricity.