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  1. Just make a nightwalk with a electric cable cutter and electric insulated gloves and the party stop.
  2. I stay 9 years here and the same. But maybe it's only in Pattaya?
  3. Why they not choose to do xray for 300-1000 THB? So this a simple <deleted> up!!!
  4. Wrong!!! If you are married and the house/land was bought after the marriage you got a 50% split in money of the land/house. The landoffice paper is just that you know that you cannot get the land.
  5. WRONG!!! The law is that she must bring it to the police because it not belongs to her. This is in the most countries the same. Some countries have a law where she can become a 10% finder's reward.
  6. Again someone who not understand that Alibaba ist just marketplace and not a shop. Alibaba not sell something and don't advertise something. The promotions just come from the shops itself. Like Amazon and Ebay!!!
  7. Did you mean the US President and his team of murders, remote murders and kidnappers too?
  8. I just remember about the case with the german:
  9. Why the staff must know how to open the filler caps from every different motorbike/car? The driver MUST know how to do it and no one other!!! If it is not her bike, she can call the owner and ask. But not make problem with people who don't know more as she self.
  10. I think you are not long enough in Thailand. Otherwise you know who are the yellow shirts. They are the opposition of the red shirts. But they are the people with power, high connected and big money. You can see the different in this case where Red Shirts members got 4 years imprisonment for gone inside a Asean meeting and on the otherside the Yellow Shirts closed the international airports for weeks and got only a millions dollar fine but no one gone in prison. Who have the power in this country?
  11. I think you all missed the part that the BMW drove in the middle lane. If the U-Turner still drove on the right lane nothing where happen. But ... him want drive to the left lane without to look it's free. Why someone must break if the right lane is empty and everyone can do a U-Turn without problems??? Me not. And I drive in Thailand now for 25 years and never had a accident. So don't blame the BMW driver.
  12. Here are the information you need:
  13. But Thai Bev sent the money to one account and they must have the Bank and account no. In normal it is easy to check the ownership of this account.
  14. What I am missing completly is the part: "We followed the money!!!" If it give this contract or whatever about monthly payments, it will give for sure a bank account from Thai Bev where the money gone and a bank account who receive it. But surprise no one talk about it!!!
  15. If you not find something look at youtube and buy dry ice: Dry ice you can buy here: Or ask the brewmasters: