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  1. One point is the tobacco tax. Another is that you never can be sur what is in the liquid fluid because it don't give rules about it. Last week the UK become a new law that all producer of e-cigarettes and liquid must register their products and let check .....
  2. You can still buy vapes and liquid on almost every market. Friday evening I walked over the Theprasit Night Market in Pattaya and there was 6-7 stands selling vapes. But only the better ones. No pens!!!
  3. Did they check the cctv of the post office of the day and time the parcel was sent and checked it also for fingerprints and DNA of the woman? I not believe!!! Everyone can sent a parcel with the name of another. But all post offices in Thailand have CCTV. So it's easy to check who sent it.
  4. No!!! For sure not. It needed 3 month that we was married and after that everything worked super easy. She got direct a unlimited work permit but had a visa for only 1 year after the marriage. Than she got 2 x a 2 years visa and after a resident visa and all free!!!
  5. I don't know the rules for Australia but in the EU it's very easy. My wife lived with me 14 years in the EU and worked in our company.
  6. You can ask also: 1. Why Thais can buy Houses and Land in western countries. 2. Why Thais can open full legal their 100% own company in western countries? 3. Why Thais can become very easy a work permit in their own companies ( in western countries) AND the wp is valid in the complete country (all branches) and not just in one location? 4. Why Thais who lives in a western country don't must do a 90 days report? 5. Why Thai wifes married with a westerner can get a unlimited work permit in the western country from 1. day after the marriage? 6. Why Thai wifes can get after the first year visa a 2 years visa and after 5 years a unlimited visa? and ... and ... and ...
  7. I am surprised that no one tell to take Omeprazole 2 x daily for 2-3 weeks. This was the best help for me after 35 years of gastro problems.
  8. Ahhh, I believe more they can find something at the toilet flush. Who make a piss with hand gloves? And for sure someone of the gunmen smoked there.
  9. You can find the most information here: Used Household items and car import
  10. And a heavy fine and maybe a prison term for you does wonders too. ;-) I'd see how you explain to the police why you're carrying a water gun with ammonia, hurting dogs deliberately. This is not just a protection like a stick. You do it intentionally for really hurt the dog.
  11. About this they inform the press and all other first after the auction. Supercars are only for the Elite.
  12. You can buy it at Central stores or online at (only in Thai)
  13. I am sure that all this students be half farangs or have stepfathers/-mothers who are foreigners.
  14. Years ago it was no problem to use your UK account and let shipping the items to Thailand. Now it don't work. You can't pay anymore with a UK Paypal Account and let ship it here. Paypal had forbidden this way 2-3 years ago.