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  1. How ironic that the man who led the Brexit campaign in the UK to take Britain out of the EU then went to Turkey when he was appointed Foreign Secretary and promised to do everything he could to get them into the EU.
  2. Britain acted as the ringleader in blocking attempts to regulate cheap Chinese steel entering Europe, despite warnings that the continent’s steel industry was in crisis, the European Steel Association (Eurofer) has said. The Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, whose Aberavon constituency includes the Port Talbot plant, accused the government of being “in hock to China” and said senior figures at the company had expressed frustration at the lack of action from ministers to support the steel industry. The attempts by the European commission and other member states to crack down on China dumping cheap steel on European markets contradicts the assertion by the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, and other Brexit campaigners that the EU has been a major factor in the decline of Britain’s steel industry.
  3. You have been asked this same question many times and it is only recently that you have supported the idea of a referendum on any final deal safe in the knowledge that May is never going to allow it. Of course we don't put these things to a referendum that is not the way the UK works. As Thatcher pointed out if it was we would never have abolished hanging. However throughout the late seventies and early eighties we did have a major party supporting withdrawal from the EU and one that in favour of the EU, for some reason the anti EU party could never get into power. How many of the electorate who have taken the trouble to inform themselves about the Lisbon treaty. Its obvious from your remarks that you don't even appreciate what joining the EEC entailed. It was all there, the founding fathers made very clear where it was leading or was it supposed to stay the same for all time. “As long as Europe remains divided it will be weak and a constant source of conflict.we have laid the foundations on which we shall be able to build the United States of Europe which will be free, vigorous, peaceful and prosperous.” (Jean Monnet, speech to the National Press Club, 30th April 1952, Washington). They were building an United States of Europe so what exactly did you think that entail, just a customs union. However when you hold a referendum who bothers to inform themselves about anything.
  4. Farage warns PM over ‘unfinished business’ if Remain narrowly wins ‘unfair’ EU referendum May 17th Pro Brexit Daily Express Much the same as he said to the Mirror which he is now claiming didn't mean what it meant.
  5. Of course Farage denies saying it now but the Mirror has his statement in quotations, I suppose he could always sue them. However the Mirror article was in May when it looked as if the REMAIN side would win by a narrow margin. At no time did Farage deny what he had said until after the result when LEAVE won by a narrow margin. The Ukip leader said a small defeat for his leave camp would be “unfinished business” and predicted pressure would grow for a re-run of the 23 June ballot. Farage told the Mirror: “In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it.” He also denied saying that the 350 million could be used for the NHS but unfortunately for him he is on video saying just that.
  6. It wasn't only Farage who stated this. Bill Cash a leading Tory Brexiter stated very clearly that whatever the result he would not accept it as final if it favoured REMAIN.
  7. I have made that point over and over again, " Should NOT be decided democratically by the electorate", I happen to believe in Parliament making the decision so I totally agree with Miller and I have repeated that over and over again. The PM did try and get away with using the Royal Prerogative to invoke article 50, hilarious when you think back to all the undemocratic jibes that have been direct at the EU Parliament who are even going to have the final say on whether to approve the final deal which is what May had to be forced into conceding. Its why despite all her promises about not having an election she has decided now to have one in the hope that she can secure a big enough majority to secure acceptance in Parliament. However I have been wholly consistent in stating that, unlike your position which is that these treaties were imposed on you and that they should have been put to the British people presumably through a referendum. Now apparently like many other pro Brexiters when we negotiate the final trade deal it doesn't matter what form it takes you have suddenly lost interest in giving your approval by referendum.
  8. I don't quite see the relevance of this reply. There were those in 1975 who did not accept the decision to remain in the EU and in fact those such as Farage who stated that in the event of a narrow win for REMAIN would not accept it this time either or indeed others like Bill Cash on the Tory hard right who stated that whatever the margin they would not accept the result as final and would continue with their campaign to leave the EU. From 1975 onward there has always been an element who have never accepted that we should be in the EU. At no time were they on the receiving end of death threats or MPs who took a principled stand told they were enemies of the people or even assassinated. One has only to look at TV where a person in favour of REMAIN was equated to some wartime traitor convicted of treason. When Macron leads in the first round of a democratic vote in France he is described as a stooge, I guess that is the norm these days One would think there had been an overwhelming vote in favour of leaving the EU in fact it wasn't even a majority of the electorate eligible to vote. As to the video I see a lot of these Andrew Neil destroys and numerous other videos where some REMAINER has been destroyed which appear on pro Brexit sites and I have yet to see any destroying.
  9. Well I think that remark "the completely discredited Obama " sums up your post, no evidence offered in support of that but in view of the fact that the present incumbent is Trump almost laughable. Perhaps you can quote one World Leader with whom the UK is on friendly terms that wanted the UK to leave the EU apart from Trump which in itself speaks volumes. Or did Cameron force them all to support him including the Chinese leadership.
  10. So why bother replying if you don't read them and if they are not important again why bother replying just ignore them? You are just like another guy here who tells me my posts are unimportant, low priority but yet somehow responds to them. Ken Clarke yeah right what does he know. I would hazard a gues he knows a littel bit more about the subjevt than either of us giving his experience of government. And all the other world leaders?
  11. Yes correct, because you were asking me how many referendums I wanted when my previous posts if you had read them had made that clear, zero. I was asking the question of others why they were so keen on these issues being addressed in referendums but that was no longer the case. Does that make it clear to you now? You might not agree with her one bit but the fact is that every leader of every country with which we were on friendly terms wanted the UK to remain in the EU. That included China which is where she was at the time. But hell what do all those world leaders know about anything. However since January one man has become a world leader and he is in favour of Brexit, Donald Trump. He had to ask his since disgraced national security adviser whether a weak or a strong dollar was a good thing so I am sure he knows all about Brexit. As for having the upper hand I have no idea since the negotiations have barely started so who can say. However you appear to have come to a conclusion on these matters. I would hope it works out to the benefit of both blocs, and I often quote Ken Clarke who does not think it will work out well for his country but hopes nevertheless it will, but hell what does he know about it.
  12. You wrote "Yes I am still here I don't need your permission for that" At no time did I imply you did but what I did point out was nobody forces you to join in. You wrote "Wow, this debate continues" yes correct and as I pointed out nobody forces you to join in and at no time did I imply that you need my permission. You wrote " Or do you want a referendum on everything? Do you want a referendum on the last election, the Chilcot enquiry, pay for teachers, Scottish police getting bigger salaries than other UK police, higher education fees free in Scotland for all of Europe apart from English Students? Where exactly would you like this to start and stop???? Governments GOVERN. Its their job. We vote for them to do it." AS I pointed out previously had you bothered to read the previous posts you would known the answer to that question. However there are those that have been demanding just that but now seem markedly reluctant to have a referendum on the final trade deal that emerges. You wrote "The only other thing I gain from the response above is that you appear to believe I hang off your every word." really please do show me where I said that. it was you who wrote "So you are still here, haha." why, do I need your permission to be here?
  13. We were getting these responses long before the Brexit vote even took place, not least from Farage it was almost his mantra.
  14. I agree I have never seen so many people hoping that something will fail that will now have nothing to do with them. I cannot recall following the huge majority in favour of remaining in the EEC in 1975 such venom being directed to those that lost that referendum. Or even death threats against those that campaigned for Remain. I do wish one of those that want such an outcome would explain how will that benefit the UK.
  15. Who said otherwise but as to you reading every post your remarks suggest otherwise. You were the one asking whether I wanted a referendum on everything which if you had bothered to read my previous posts you will have seen I am opposed to referendums and for the same reasons as Margaret Thatcher was. Let me remind you what you wrote. "So you are still here, haha. Theresa May has killed the issue by instigating a GE. There is now a vote... Or do you want a referendum on everything? Do you want a referendum on the last election, the Chilcot enquiry, pay for teachers, Scottish police getting bigger salaries than other UK police, higher education fees free in Scotland for all of Europe apart from English Students? Where exactly would you like this to start and stop???? Governments GOVERN. Its their job. We vote for them to do it." Yes I am still here I don't need your permission for that.