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  1. Hammond in his Autumn statement said, "over the six years from last April, Britain will borrow an extra £122bn – of which almost £58.7bn is a black hole opened up directly because of the uncertainty created by EU withdrawal." So in addition to the more than 50% increase in debt that has been incurred since the Tories returned to power lets add more. That should stop the supertanker blow a hole in it.
  2. And funny how you always complain when someone uses a pejorative term about your posts and yet you can certainly dish it out. Lefties, remoaners, etc. And funny how you feel the need to rubbish anyone that disagrees with you in fact we got that with your reaction to the result of the general election. By the way I don't hate Hannan I disagree with him. I assume in your world you are entitled to disagree. Note I actually stated reasons, none of which you challenged..
  3. Is that the same man who said, "absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the single market" at which point he added that also meant freedom of movement and that is when Evan Davies the interviewer on Newsnight burst out laughing. He was knocked down by Cameron for his eccentric views on the NHS, views by the way which he keeps very quiet about when campaigning in the UK but expresses them quite openly for the benefit of Fox News. Or perhaps his ludicrous claim that Magna Carta where our rights were won at Runnymede. I bet the Barons would have raised an eyebrow that Runnymede somehow prevented them from throwing the odd serf or two into prison without a fair trial. However I can quite see that you would think anyone's arguments had been shot down if the person making them agreed with you.
  4. To think it was only a short time ago you were regaling us with all sorts of conspiracy theories following May's dismal performance in the general election.
  5. Yeah I saw him on Fox News talking about the NHS, Hannity thought he should be prime minister and you know you are in trouble when you get that sort of recommendation.
  6. Apparently there are loads of countries waiting for us to escape from the EU so that they can begin doing business with us. There's .... and ... well I am sure there are lots.
  7. I don't know why the UK wants to hang onto this after all the Euro is going to implode anyway or so we are told. It was only a few years ago that the ECJ decided in the UK's favour that even though we were not in the Euro we were in the EU and thus entitled to have this located in London. Seems now that argument has gone out of the window. Still there must be loads of countries just waiting to give us replacement business.
  8. She would never have held a referendum she made it very clear that she was opposed to them.
  9. You will get used to Khun Han's periodic rants about Germany and how the cheap Euro has benefited German Industry which it undoubtedly has. However what he always fails to explain is that long before Germany adopted the Euro they had become the powerhouse of Europe while the DM was also increasing in value. So it appears Germany achieved its pre-eminence in Europe despite the ever increasing value of the DM. You would think with a pound that has gone in one direction almost consistently since WW2 the UK would be the powerhouse of Europe if that were the case. As a result of Brexit the pound plummeted by around 20% and a year later exactly what benefits has that brought us?
  10. No, just cast your slur and then cannot substantiate it, what a surprise.
  11. Perhaps you would like to give an example where I have used some such term in respect of Brexiters. I gave a specific example of someone who took exception to being referred to as a "numpty" but is quite happy to refer to Remainers along with several others here by some pejorative term. I am surprised you didn't come out with. "you started it"
  12. From day 1 you and others have referred to people who voted differently by some pejorative term or other. Its never remainer but remoaners, bremoaners or some other such thing while complaining at anything of the sort that is directed at you. For 40 years instead of trying to make a success of the EU all we have had is demands for special treatment, opt outs, concessions and complaints and now you have the nerve that Brexit was won on the narrowest of margins to suggest that we all unite around what many of us consider a journey into the unknown far from your pie in the sky "best of all worlds." or as Ken Clarke put it, down the rabbit hole and expecting to reappear in wonderland. If anybody has cut of their noses to spite their faces it is those who voted Brexit.
  13. Yep another who wants his country back but lives in France.
  14. If anything you have increased it since I am now confused as to why the people who are at the sharp end, business leaders etc are worrying needlessly. However no deal any deal doesn't matter which makes the last election a whole waste of time.
  15. Puzzling since business leaders, the people at the sharp end appear to think there is a problem but according to this all we have to do is revert to WTO, so simple isn't it.