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  1. Why, did anyone claim it was?
  2. Oh dear, now what was that DD was saying about insults.
  3. Well not surprising that you should try to distort what I said. First its DD with his ALL now its you with ANYONE. Do us ALL a favour leave it out!!
  4. Note once again how you try to saddle me with a statement I never made, "very sad when trying to blame all brexit supporters for the nutter that killed Jo Cox" Try showing me where I made any such claim. I also note you dismissed the incident of a Brexit supporter on this forum equating a Remain supporter to a WW2 person convicted of treason. The most senior Supreme Court judge has opened the latest stage of the legal battle over Brexit with a warning about the threats and violence that have been directed at some of those involved in the case. The City businesswoman — dubbed the “Brexit blocker” by some newspapers — has endured rape and death threats as she took on the government to argue parliament should have a say on the UK’s departure from the EU. A second man has been arrested in relation to alleged threats against Brexit court campaigner Gina Miller. Officers from the Metropolitan police’s Operation Falcon arrested the 50-year-old at an address in Knightsbridge, central London, on Wednesday morning on suspicion of racially aggravated malicious communications. Eight people have already been issued with “cease and desist” notices by police which, according to the Met “advise recipients that continuing with their current actions or behaviour could result in police action”.
  5. Where on earth do you get to that position from what I have said especially given the Will Self quote. Nobody ever said anything like that but the death threats came from the Brexit side directed against someone pursuing their democratic rights and against others involved in the legal case. Just like the assassination of a British MP by a supporter of Brexit. The odious comparison of a TV member to someone who was convicted of treason at the end of WW2 also came from a Brexit supporter on this forum.
  6. Well many were, I think if someone said all were then you would be right to complain. As Will Self the Guardian journalist said, ‘Not all Brexiters are racists, but almost all racists will be voting for Brexit’. However rather pales into insignificance compared to death threats and assassination.
  7. Amazing that it had to be explained to him, negotiating one trade deal with a bloc consisting of 27 different countries is easier and more profitable than negotiating single stand alone trade deals with just one country.
  8. May has already stated that we will now have to accept regulations that we will have no part in framing. If Britain wants to retain access to the single European market from the outside, it would still have to abide by EU laws and regulations, but without any influence on their creation. The sense of freedom regained might turn out to be no more than an illusion.
  9. I don't think you will find that Remain supporters have issued death threats against their opponents. I don't think you will find that Remain supporters have assassinated any of their opponents. I don't think you will find Remain supporters compare their opponents on this forum to a person who was convicted and executed for treason at the end of WW2. Given some of the remarks you have directed at me personally or someone you thought was me I don't think you are in any position to take the moral high ground about anything.
  10. Will there be any change after Brexit will the NFU have their snout in the trough any less often under the Tories? Farm subsidies will continue at the same rate under the Tories.
  11. Since 1999, more progressive European nations have been trying to limit the amount of public money a farmer can capture under the common agricultural policy. It looked as if, this year, they might at last succeed. But throughout the negotiations that ended last week, two governments in particular resisted: those resolute champions of the free market, Germany and the UK. Thanks to their lobbying, any decision has yet again been deferred. There were two proposals for limiting handouts to the super-rich, known as capping and degressivity. Capping means that no one should receive more than a certain amount: the proposed limit was €300,000 (£250,000) a year. Degressivity means that beyond a certain point the rate received per hectare begins to fall. This was supposed to have kicked in at €150,000. The UK's environment secretary, Owen Paterson, knocked both proposals down. Do you actually believe that the Tories will reduce the amount of subsidies handed out to the farmers once we leave the EU?
  12. How ironic that the man who led the Brexit campaign in the UK to take Britain out of the EU then went to Turkey when he was appointed Foreign Secretary and promised to do everything he could to get them into the EU.
  13. Britain acted as the ringleader in blocking attempts to regulate cheap Chinese steel entering Europe, despite warnings that the continent’s steel industry was in crisis, the European Steel Association (Eurofer) has said. The Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, whose Aberavon constituency includes the Port Talbot plant, accused the government of being “in hock to China” and said senior figures at the company had expressed frustration at the lack of action from ministers to support the steel industry. The attempts by the European commission and other member states to crack down on China dumping cheap steel on European markets contradicts the assertion by the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, and other Brexit campaigners that the EU has been a major factor in the decline of Britain’s steel industry.
  14. You have been asked this same question many times and it is only recently that you have supported the idea of a referendum on any final deal safe in the knowledge that May is never going to allow it. Of course we don't put these things to a referendum that is not the way the UK works. As Thatcher pointed out if it was we would never have abolished hanging. However throughout the late seventies and early eighties we did have a major party supporting withdrawal from the EU and one that in favour of the EU, for some reason the anti EU party could never get into power. How many of the electorate who have taken the trouble to inform themselves about the Lisbon treaty. Its obvious from your remarks that you don't even appreciate what joining the EEC entailed. It was all there, the founding fathers made very clear where it was leading or was it supposed to stay the same for all time. “As long as Europe remains divided it will be weak and a constant source of conflict.we have laid the foundations on which we shall be able to build the United States of Europe which will be free, vigorous, peaceful and prosperous.” (Jean Monnet, speech to the National Press Club, 30th April 1952, Washington). They were building an United States of Europe so what exactly did you think that entail, just a customs union. However when you hold a referendum who bothers to inform themselves about anything.
  15. Farage warns PM over ‘unfinished business’ if Remain narrowly wins ‘unfair’ EU referendum May 17th Pro Brexit Daily Express Much the same as he said to the Mirror which he is now claiming didn't mean what it meant.