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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong ... but I don't believe that Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam has ever actually run as a Candidate in an election. "The Deputy Premier assured the media that, if the election takes place in February next year, the country will have ample time to undertake all the prerequisite processes." -- Does he base this assurance on his personal experience of having sat on the Organizing Committee of a national political party contesting an election ?
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43256318 "Melania Trump obtained US citizenship on a visa reserved for immigrants with "extraordinary ability" and "sustained national and international acclaim", according to a report in the Washington Post. Nicknamed the "Einstein Visa", the EB-1 is in theory reserved for people who are highly acclaimed in their field - the government cites Pulitzer, Oscar, and Olympic winners as examples - as well as respected academic researchers and multinational executives. Mrs Trump began applying for the visa in 2000, when she was Melania Knauss, a Slovenian model working in New York and dating Donald Trump. She was approved in 2001, one of just five people from Slovenia to win the coveted visa that year, according to the Post. Becoming a citizen in 2006 gave her the right to sponsor her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who are now in the US and in the process of applying for citizenship. The reports of how Mrs Trump obtained her EB-1 visa will rankle with some, at a time when her husband is railing against immigrants and attempting to scrap the right of new citizens to sponsor family members. And questions have been raised about her suitability for the extraordinary ability category."
  3. andersonat

    Court extends detention of former RFA reporters

    If one isn't on the same side as The C-Government, one will *always* be found "guilty".
  4. Criminal Law in Thailand: The Thailand Penal Code is the codified system of law, or body of laws concerning crimes and offenses against 'the public' (including the Kingdom of Thailand, the King and certain members of the royal family) and or against another person and prescribing a penalty for the one who violates it. - I've had a look through the Code, but I couldn't find anything about a law concerning "damaging the image of tourism in Thailand". Can someone provide any information about this Law ?
  5. andersonat

    Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics

    Meanwhile, the sale+(over-)use of pesticides banned in Other Countries continues to damage the health of Farmers (and Consumers) in Thailand.
  6. Even the Deputy Commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau does not have sufficient authority to do that.
  7. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    Oh dear, I've fallen foul of TV's Inane-Police. [Note: the word is spelled "inane", and not "innane": I used to work for TV's Spelling-Police.] I understand that working in the Inane-Dept. is a truly thankless task: one has to spend one's free-time reading all-the-way-through one's quota of threads (especially those in which one has absolutely no interest), checking their level of inaneness, and then taking the time to post one's conclusions. I salute your level of commitment. - Keep up the good work, and hopefully we can all contribute towards an inane-free environment.
  8. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    I'd now like to end this particular thread. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post something here. Here's what I now understand from this incident:- The Policeman was correct to tell me that I would/should be fined for not having my motor-cycle license with me. When he showed me the card which showed that the "official" amount of the fine was Bt 1,000, I now understand that I was supposed to negotiate a lower (unofficial) amount with him. When I didn't do this, he was then in a jam. [Clearly he didn't have much/any experience with people who *didn't* try to negociate with him.] He couldn't tell me that [1] he'd made a mistake with the amount, and that the fine was only Bt400 (?), and [2] he couldn't arrange for someone to write out a Ticket for me, because the Ticket would have been paper-proof that I had been overcharged for the infraction ( - does a Policeman have to identify himself on the Ticket when he writes it out ?). Under the circumstances. the Policeman did the *only* thing that he could - [1] he *had* to keep the money (because that was the amount that he had shown/quoted to me), and [2] he *had* to get rid of me, as quickly as possible, without arranging for a Ticket to be written out. - The "joys" of Officialdom's "Face"; and the "Face" of Traffic Police corruption. I have learned several new things from this incident. - Thank you for your help/attention. [And if the Policeman has children ... I'm sure that they'll grow up being very proud of him.]
  9. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    Johng, Yes, you are absolutely correct -- I should have written "there were no *language* misunderstandings".
  10. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    Our entire conversation was in English. I am certain that the Policeman's knowledge of English was sufficient to understand exactly what it was that I wanted - there were *no* "misunderstandings".
  11. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    - I *truly* also wish that it *was* BS.
  12. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    Jenny - I really had no idea what the "official" fines *were* for the various infractions. I was sufficiently naive/stupid to believe what the Policeman told me (ie that what he was telling me was the truth, because he was a Policeman). But I have learned from what Naboo wrote above --- ***pay at the Desk***. [Perhaps the Policeman at the Desk is more likely to tell me the truth.]
  13. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    NancyL -- I had planned on spending my motorbike-day visiting various places around the Moat. I was fined on my way "out" from home, before my first port of call: even if I had cancelled all of my arrangements, I still had to get "back" home (via the Moat). My understanding of the Ticket-system in Thailand is that the Law/RTP is sufficiently generous that an Offender will be only fined *once* each day for a particular offence (eg not having a helmet, not having a license, broken light-bulb - but *not* speeding), and not *multiple* times at *multiple* check-points throughout the day for the same offence. It is my belief that Thai People use Tickets in this way, and that it is *not* considered as "gaming The System", rather it is a feature built into The System that The Little People might use. (This is also how The System works in Europe.) - On the other hand, you would appear to consider that the use of this facility *is* "gaming". -- But you have been living in Thailand for much longer than I have, and so I invite you to correct my knowledge on this point if I'm wrong. I think that I've been clear in my post(s) here that I was in the wrong, and I'm *not* complaining about being stopped and fined. Rather, my complaint lies elsewhere. [And the number of my Motorcycle License is 5xxxxxx7 - it is valid from June 2009 until September 2020].
  14. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    Naboo - thanks for the info ... I didn't know that I should have paid the fine at the desk; the Policeman never mentioned this to me. - I naively (and stupidly) assumed that after I told the Policeman that I wanted to pay the full amount for the fine and get a ticket from him, I expected that after I gave the Bt1,000 for the fine to the Policeman, the Policeman would then write out the ticket for me.
  15. andersonat

    Police Check-Point for motorbikes around the Moat

    Sp4wnY - I wanted and tried to pay the "official" fine *and get a ticket* that would be "valid" for the rest of the day, because I was in the wrong.