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  1. I wish that I could get a 4% interest-rate on my Thai savings-account.
  2. I'm surprised that K. Charnvit is not (also) being charged with sedition.
  3. There *are* laws in place to prevent/punish corruption in Thailand, although they are not well-written. - The *problem* is the enforcement of those laws. If people (incl. *Politicians*) believe that they can get away with corrupt practices, then they will. And so ... *until* the anti-corruption laws are actually fairly, fully and broadly upheld in a non-partisan way by the Police and Anti-Corruption Agencies *nothing* will change, and *all* future Leaders/Politicians/People-with-Power-or-Authority in Thailand *will* be corrupt -- because they *can* be, with impunity. I don't see the individuals as "the problem" - I see the *law enforcement* as "the problem". People at all levels in society will be "on the take", if their situation/position enables them to do it *and* they can get away with it.
  4. Corruption law to tighten limits

    “More importantly, when the law isn’t clear, civil servants have to be even more careful." A Thai legal-veteran told me that most of the laws in Thailand are deliberately written in an unclear fashion, and that's *just* how the people who run the legal-system want/like it, because it leaves *lots* of "wiggle-room".
  5. What happens to the Suspect if he/she refuses to participate in a Re-enactment ?
  6. After ( or *if*) the DSI "identifies" them - will they then publish their names ?
  7. I tried checking Mr Rakkecha Saechai's background on Google, but I had no success. - If he is indeed an (ex-)Army General, then one really has to consider his own qualifications and experience for the post of Ombudsman.
  8. I wonder what might possibly happen, in the short-term, to the ("investigating") Police Officers involved in the case, after the Justice Minister Prachin Chanthong admitted that there was a mistake in taking earlier action against Nicha who was detained by Police for three days.
  9. Car inquiry finds billions of baht in unpaid tax

    Q: Have they already retrieved the Bt9 billion, or not ?
  10. Prayut’s code explained

    Is it possible for "independent" Candidates (ie Candidates *not* running on a party-ticket) to stand in the Election ? - I only ever read stories about *party*-Candidates.
  11. I suggest that ACM Chawarat Marungruang - ie *one* man - personally contacts the family of the dead cadet, tries to make an appointment with them (at a time of the family's convenience), then enters their house *alone*, out-of-uniform (whilst his staff and driver remain outside, parked around the corner, in the limo/convoy), and he can then try to lay out his views to the family (and their lawyers) in front of a video-camera. [I suspect though that the chances of this happening are small.] - I don't think that the family should be expected to appear before the hearings of a committee.
  12. Prawit caught red-handed? More watch photos emerge

    I wonder (because I don't know) who, or which organisation, decides whether an investigation should be opened to determine whether someone is "unusually wealthy". - Does someone have to first make a complaint to the Police or the relevant organisation ? Or does the organisation just decide by itself to start an investigation ?
  13. PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    It may not be directly applicable to this problem ... but I think that it would certainly help if the Government weakened (or preferably eliminated) the current Libel-Law (not-to-mention the Computer Crimes Act) - that might help to reduce (some of) the fears of whistleblowers. [ - But unfortunately, the Thai Elite (and those in positions of power) *really* like the current libel-law, and so the Government has *no* intention of weakening it.]
  14. This has been an old, oft-repeated comment on this Forum. - But how many many-hours, by which ranks, were involved in the original investigation of the accident. - And *which* vehicle, and *which* driver, do the Police believe was actually involved in the accident ? (Jomsap's vehicle appears not to have any "relevant" damage, her family provided an alibi for her at the time of accident, and no eye-witness placed her at the scene).
  15. "The government has succeeded in arousing public awareness in rejecting, and not tolerating, corruption." The Public were *always* aware of the levels of corruption in Thailand: some of The Little People used it to their advantage, other people could only "work within the existing system". - The task for this Government, and for future governments, is to *reduce* (drastically) the levels of corruption in the country, and even though there have indeed been several headline-stories in the media regarding anti-corruption battles, I don't consider that the current Government has made any significant progress on this.