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  1. I have been using Waze (free app) for the last 2 years in Thailand. The map in Thailand is improving daily. There is a method to report errors and normally they are corrected and active on the Waze App within 2-3 days after the report is made. Waze uses the real time traffic data from Google Maps also which makes the most out of avoiding traffic jam areas, or at least letting you know how long you can expect to be stuck in it. The road reports (speed cameras, police checkpoints, road construction, debris on the road, etc.) are also helpful but not that good in Thailand as the number of users isn't that high yet. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before Waze catches on here.
  2. I can confirm with 100% certainty that the speed cameras work at night and provide some excellent quality pictures. Received a ticket in the mail today from the speed camera at Km 5 on the Route 9 Outer Ring Rd coming from Bang Pa-in to Bangkok. I passed the area around 10:45pm, speed limit 120 kph and received a ticket for traveling at 126 kph. I remember seeing the flash of light as I passed and checked my speed which said 117 so I wasn't too worried. Either my speedometer is off or the calibration of the camera is but that's an argument you would likely never win here. Just going to pay the 500 baht fine and make a mental note of the location of the camera for future reference.
  3. What is/was this snake please?

    I have no problem helping to educate his or her siblings that may be nearby of the dangers of coming around humans. If the snake is non-venonmous I help it find it's way away from my dogs (up a tree or wherever) but I don't have the same compassion for venomous snake in or around my house.
  4. What is/was this snake please?

    The baby cobras are more aggressive than older ones. The older ones will slither off as fast as possible as long as there is an escape route, often without you even noticing them. The young ones don't have the healthy fear of people yet and strike fast. Lucky your wife was fast with the sledge.
  5. This was my flight schedule in July of last year. BKK-Dubai-JFK Depart Bangkok on EK375 at 0955 Arrive Dubai at 1300 Flight time = 6 hours, 5 minutes Connection time = 2 hours Depart Dubai on EK207 at 1500 Arrive JFK, NYC at 2045 Flight time = 13 hours 45 minutes Total travel time BKK - JFK, NYC = 21 hours 50 minutes
  6. Depends on the airline used. I typically visit the US East Coast and normally fly Emirates from BKK-Dubai-JFK (or Boston), which is about 5-7 hours shorter than flying over the Pacific. Of course with the current ban on laptops in the cabin from M/E flights, I am forced to go the long way this year.
  7. Pregnant women tend to get faint and nauseous causing balancing issues, especially during mornings. From the video, it looks as if she felt faint and lost her balance, stumbled forward and fell. Very sad accident.
  8. The majority of ATM's in Thailand are UL Security rated, meaning they are made soley of plate steel. Most of the industry is moving away from UL and embracing EN-rated safes, which are made with steel plate filled with specialty concrete to prevent cutting attacks.
  9. Want to buy a new secure Safe ....

    The weight or size of a safe is not important. The security rating of the safe (and proper installation) is what matters. If security is important to you, choose a safe with a minimal security rating of UL. EN-rated or VdS rated security safes are the strongest available. Furthermore, do not confuse a fire rated safe with a security safe. They are not the same. Most safes made in Thailand are fire safes (at best) and provide minimal security protection. https://asiacashms.com/safes/
  10. Not sure it can be called out of date. The video was added to the "Airport of Thailand" official YouTube page 4 months ago and was shown on my flight last night from Auckland.
  11. This video was shown on my flight just before arriving tonight. According to the video, foreigners can now use the E-Channel to pass Immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Has anyone used this method yet? I plan to try it on my next arrival. I didn't try it tonight because I wasn't sure I heard the video correctly which is why I searched for it on YouTube to watch again. Seems like good news for a change.
  12. I use my normal Thai Driver License to rent cars in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Guam. I've never had any problems in those places and have never been asked for an International Driver's License.
  13. 100% the truck drivers fault. No signal and sudden turn without signalling or checking his surroundings.
  14. "failure to present a driver’s licence (27,081 cases)"
  15. According to another news source, it happened when they were transferring LPG from the tanker into a steamroller at a construction area. The hose leaked and apparently sparked causing the explosion.