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  1. Not sure it can be called out of date. The video was added to the "Airport of Thailand" official YouTube page 4 months ago and was shown on my flight last night from Auckland.
  2. This video was shown on my flight just before arriving tonight. According to the video, foreigners can now use the E-Channel to pass Immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Has anyone used this method yet? I plan to try it on my next arrival. I didn't try it tonight because I wasn't sure I heard the video correctly which is why I searched for it on YouTube to watch again. Seems like good news for a change.
  3. I use my normal Thai Driver License to rent cars in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Guam. I've never had any problems in those places and have never been asked for an International Driver's License.
  4. 100% the truck drivers fault. No signal and sudden turn without signalling or checking his surroundings.
  5. "failure to present a driver’s licence (27,081 cases)"
  6. According to another news source, it happened when they were transferring LPG from the tanker into a steamroller at a construction area. The hose leaked and apparently sparked causing the explosion.
  7. Not a new tactic here. Several years ago I witnessed a police officer do a flying drop kick, knocking the bike driver (in motion) to the ground after he tried to go around the police checkpoint at the bottom of the Thai-Belgian flyover on Rama 4 Rd. Was pretty brutal but quite effective. Moral of the story, if the Police tell you to stop.... you need to stop.
  8. Probably hard to tell the difference once they're cooked.
  9. No idea but it's no use arguing with them once they stop you. They will always win.
  10. They do (I've been caught before) but they are rarely used.
  11. Once again the animals originated from Chatuchak Market. One must wonder why they don't investigate the source if they truly want this to stop.
  12. Driving too slow in the right lane on the motorways and freeways is likely near the top of the list. Not uncommon to see people putting along at 80kph (or less) in the right lane in a 120kph zone, also changing lanes without increasing speed or checking their mirrors first.
  13. Great! I think I'll give it a try. Appreciate the information (and pics). Thank you!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Thanks. I'm trying to decide whether to try the powerline adapter or the MoCA adapter.