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  1. intent probably matters dude
  2. people who intentionally harm animals have 100x's more chance to harm people. fact. the driver needs prison and lost license. These are not the type of person you'd want crossing paths with your loved ones.
  3. We dont know what load he already has, maybe newborn baby, or he has enough rescued animals already, lives in hotel, or in a condo that doesnt allow pets. I think he cares , proof is he's posting in this thread. Sometimes best we can do is help them if see them in need, give food, water, love, etc.
  4. Hey man, best bet is to go to the most nearby animal hospitals, show pic and if he has name too, usually they would be familiar with name+pic combo. Good luck , hope you find him and that he's in good shape :)
  5. This cat was seen today, and we are trying to find to take to animal doctor today. When or if ( ) she is fixed to healthy, she'll need a home please. If you have any space in your house, finance, or heart, please let me know i will deliver her to you anywhere anytime in Thailand. If we find her again today, and get her into the doctor, i'll post updates of her improvements. Please let me know, can PM me here or email me [email protected] THANK YOU!!!!!!
  6. Bump for you, i hope can find good home. try this site -> www.rakmaw.com they are out there trying to find homes for animals.
  7. Let the conspiracy theories begin!!!!
  8. zachary

    3BB internet not working correctly

    I just posted on Bangkokforum.com about this exact same thing, except it was with TRUE! I couldn't work for a whole week!!! It was something about how True didn't update some DNS settings or something. Ughhhh (it happened last month also, twice in 2 months)
  9. Bitcoins are pretty awesome, digital currency, you can pass a fortune to someone (example, selling a website to someone in England from USA in minutes using bitcoins, no bank fees, no struggle, no waiting on wires, etc) Those types like worgeordie are usually the ones that close their eyes and hope it goes away. Uneducated opinions. Read up on "Tulip mania" and you will see there really are no similarities. Namecheap accepts btc, wikipedia now accepts btc donations, CEO of eBay is considering integrating bitcoins , they are real, they are here to stay
  10. zachary

    California Wow founder pleads innocence

    I'm guilty of getting scammed from Caliwow too. They made me pay the 1 year renewal fee (2888 baht) about 5 days before my branch closed. super scammers
  11. zachary

    Hotels Under 1000 Baht A Night.

    Careful about p72 now, http://gotbangkok.com/2012/04/01/p72-hotel-pattaya-late-checkout-scam/
  12. zachary

    Ask A Vet Link

    If anyone knows of vets that are pet-sitters, or any of you that do pet-sitting please let me know, I'm looking for a good and trustworthy company/person who can care for my cats when I'm away on business Thank you pls pm me or can email me at zojomo at gmail