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  1. cdnvic

    Chiang Mai, Loi Kroh Road

    Two posts removed. Lets try and keep this topic within the rules please.
  2. cdnvic

    Thai-Cambodian Border Clash Flares Again

    Please refer to special guidelines before posting in this topic:
  3. cdnvic

    How Much You Pay For Sin Sod?

    As usual, these threads degenerate into insults and berating. I think the OP has the answer.
  4. cdnvic

    Shane Formerly Of Nld

    RIP Shane. You were on your way to honour some heroes. I'm sure they'll have a cold one waiting for you. Respects to the family
  5. cdnvic

    Thai And Cambodian Troops Clash Again

    Some posts have been deleted.
  6. cdnvic

    I Am Turning 50 Yo Today

    Happy Birthday :jap:
  7. cdnvic

    Toll Rises After More Border Clashes

    One quote with messed up quotes removed.
  8. cdnvic

    One Israeli dead, four wounded in West Bank

    Inflammatory language and reply deleted. Some people are on very thin ice here.
  9. Further off-topic posts deleted. The subject is Iranian missiles.
  10. cdnvic

    She Took Everything..

    I think the OP understands the mistakes very clearly and is now asking for advice rather than finger wagging and lectures, so try keeping replies focused on advice please.
  11. Get back on topic please. Gulf war syndrome and Hiroshima are way off topic.
  12. cdnvic

    How Old Is Too Old To Become A Dad?

    Comments on moderation and replies quoting it removed.
  13. cdnvic

    Thai And Cambodian Troops Clash Again

    Yet BKK - PHM flights seem to be operating as normal. Go figure.
  14. cdnvic

    Sit-in against U.S. drone attacks begins in Pakistan

    Fainting works too.