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  1. Removed some conspiracy theories.
  2. Rumours and hate speech removed. Please keep calm and practice some self-moderation.
  3. If you want to debate the issues please do so, but stop attacking each other.
  4. Is Bangkok Really as hot as they say?

    While this incidence is pretty minor, please avoid altering anyone's posts.
  5. Online Dictionaries & Thai Language Resources http://www.thai2english.com http://www.thai-language.com http://longdo.ex.nii.ac.jp http://lexitron.nectec.or.th http://www.siamdic.com http://suparsit.com/index1.php http://cyberdict.com/dict/search_PROC.asp http://www.omniglot.com/writing/thai.htm http://www.ethaimusic.com/dictionary/index.html http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Thai/home_page/dictionaries.htm http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org/...ish/index1.html http://www.thaiware.com/main/info.php?id=3342 (for Thais learning english) Thanks to the following for compiling the information: Bambina, Lopburiguy, Gifuto, Withnail, RDN, SawWow, and Katana Everything you need to install Thai<>English translation tools within Firefox. (from The Other Mac) http://rubberbucket.com/conquery/conquery.html The Conquery plug-ins for FireFox are great, but if any of you are Mac users and prefer to use Safari, you might be interested in what looks to be a really good plug-in that offers similar functions for Safari. It's called "AcidSearch", and you can read about it at http://www.pozytron.com/acidsearch (from Andrew Mac)
  6. Tharin - Nakhon Si Thammarat Photo by Gisele Peaceful, unspoiled Chumpon Beach Photo by cdnvic Another shot of Chumpon Photo by cdnvic
  7. Images Of Isaan

    "Iron Buffalo" Tuk Tuk. Colourful enough for you? Roadside Restraunt All photos by Cheeky Farung Isaan Webcams Old farts drinking in Surin cam
  8. I'll rotate these images every month or two, putting about 3 max up each time. If you're reading this before visiting Thailand we hope it will help introduce you to the regions of this country. If you have photos please add them to our Gallery. A morning rain shower approaches the sleepy beachfront in Phuket. Uploaded by: cdnvic On: 2005-07-24 Boats moored along the shoreline of Koh Phi Phi Uploaded by: ChiDao On: 2005-06-06 A very quiet afternoon on Koh Phi Phi. Uploaded by: cdnvic On: 2005-07-26