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  1. Dangers of Driving on Samui

    As traffic gets more and more congested even the most reckless car and truck drivers pass less. This and the smoother roads are the only improvements. I do feel this leads to even more motorcyclists passing on the right in heavy traffic. There are also a lot more fast motorcycles as more Thais can afford them and there are more tourists to rent them. Not much change in the frequency of the terrifying sight of a 60 kg 12 year old winding a 90cc moped up to 80kph 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  2. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Everybody has different taste in bread, as is evident from the replies on this thread. As a former baker, I have my own taste (liking both whole grain and Italian style country bread) but for bread as they love in France, go to one of the French owned bakeries. Their fresh baguettes, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside are not the same as the much less hand made version at Tesco. La Fabrique has both the large bakery in Lamai by the temple and the smaller branch by the stop light in Chaweng (on the ring road, mentioned in this thread). The owner of La Fabrique is a great cake maker (and a big hearted human being) , you can either buy from fresh stock or order a cake in advance for your special events. In Lamai the Boulangerie, on the ring road on the other side of the bridge from the temple is also both good and authentic. Angela’s bakery has various kinds of breads and baked goods for those (particularly North Americans) who are not locked into the various kinds of European breads they may have had as children.
  3. Durian fruiting on Samui?

    Been a very strange year for the durian harvest. Too rainy last year, and a terrible harvest with some trees dying of root rot (many of those trees were being pumped with lots and lots of chemicals). After the usual harvest season a few durian have kept coming into the local market, but of inconsistent quality. If the ones you see for sale are in a big pile, almost certainly from elsewhere......
  4. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Many French bakeries owned by French nationals on the island. Also fine Italian bread at Il Mulino if you like that style. Don’t tell anybody, but at least one has a Frenchman baking the bread 🤫
  5. Skin Cancer

    My apologies for misspelling the doctor’s name 🙏🏻
  6. Whose well water is this seeping into?
  7. Skin Cancer

    Just had a very similiar experience, I am not an easy patient to please and I was very impressed by Dr. Nyom. Cost was very close to the same amount for same services. While the overwhelming opulence there is not what I prefer, the pricing policy was transparent and I didn’t think that their prices were out of line. A few comments: Dr. Nyom no longer does micrographic surgery. My guess (and it is only that) is that he does not have enough confidence in the overall team resources that are required for this to be effective. The top doctor at Ramathibodi Hospital (also very a very impressive place, and a public hospital) who does do this procedure has a long waiting list. Regarding black salve: a close friend highly recommended this as a preferred treatment to surgery and biopsy. She has had successful results using this (during the time I have known her). In checking out this option (I have a background as a health professional with studies including A&P and biochemistry) I would have considered it if the condition had been smaller. However, one recommendation I found on line was from Dr. Andrew Weil, who is America’s most famous holistic health M.D. He is Harvard educated and someone I used to spend time with. I trust both his expertise and his open mindedness. He said that while interesting, black salve was not something he would recommend for skin cancer (I think he was only referring to squamous and basal cell carcinomas), particularly as conventional medical treatment was quite effective. At that point I reviewed cure rates given by the American Cancer Society for these two conditions, and they were in the high 90’s (percentages). I am familiar and symphathetic with the arguments about the short time frames used to consider a condition cured, but that was a convincing reason in my mind to not consider alternative treatments.
  8. Growing citrus from seed.

    I am looking for similiar information but specific to grapefruit. Anybody have info on availability or chances of successfully growing in Thailand? Northern, but only 300 meters elevation.
  9. Living around lots of coconut groves, I hardly ever see any spraying of the trees. There is some spraying by growers and government agencies at the crown of the trees for the insect infestations that have taken quite a toll of the industry, but spraying for maintenance and prevention seems little done. These are all mature groves and it seems they mostly just harvest the nuts. There were a lot of trees in my area last year with orange tape around the trunks after government sponsored spraying, didn’t see any harvesting of those trees (and I hope none was done!) What is common is spraying herbicide to kill weeds on the ground, although cutting with weed whippers is also often done instead.
  10. Some previous threads on ‘sai gaowli’ And ‘cha hokien’
  11. My wife and I are developing a project North of Chiang Mai where the landscaping and gardens are both for our pleasure, and hopefully, to add appeal to a future business. We have put in the trees, currently mostly being watered with large sprinklers, and will have electricity soon. My question to the (sub) forum is whether it is realistic to create microclimates within the property using misters. Water supply is good, so it is not an issue of conserving water. Since we soon will have a lot of shaded areas, how can areas be created that will let us grow the kinds of plants that like a less hot and moister environment? I am familiar in general with greenhouse horticulture, so I know it is possible with an enclosed building. Don’t see either paying for those structures or wanting to cover a lot of space with them. How effective can similar set ups be in a shaded outdoor area? This could be an area under and surrounded by trees, or perhaps under a densely covered (with plants) pergola. And secondly, can you create microclimates that will let you grow some zone 13 plants in this kind of area? Elevation is 430 meters, I think it is zone 11 or maybe 12 with lowest temperatures probably around 4 degrees C, usually lowest would be 8-9 most years. Thanks for your input!
  12. Health warning as rabies spreads rapidly

    🙄 the joy of predi Clive text! 😏
  13. Thanks for the link, instructive reading and mention of theft highlights the possible need for a building around the expensive hardware. Glad to find a product name for underground cable. The three quotes are all from private contractors, will ask the wife to review her interactions (probable but not certain) with PEA about them doing it. Before I posted I tried to do a search on this topic in the forum, will try again and hope for better results.
  14. Looking for any comments from experienced posters (and the experts kind enough to help us electrical newbies) about the transformer installation on my wife’s property. it is a 50Akv line with the last pole put onto the edge of the property. The hardware and installation cost quotes were 20,000 (soon raised), 40,000 (felt it was far away), and 62,000. The last was a very professional quote from an electrician an hour away who usually works putting systems into new resorts. Since this kind of thing is a major safety and reliability concern, I don’t seem to have much wiggle room on the quote, but the second part of this is harder to feel good about. That is the recommended structure to weatherproof (and protect against flying tree limbs and vandals, potentially) the circuit boards and associated hardware. I am looking at a small concrete block building costing about 40,000 bath. That brings it up to over 100,000 baht. Any thoughts on a cost effective (cheaper) housing or structure for the electrical hardware? Also, this is just the step down, and doesn’t include the next installation for use on the property. Will I want to put another circuit board for that in the same structure? It is not very close to house and other future use points. Thanks!