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  1. How can we as a society empower women to deal with men’s bad behavior directly? That would seem to be the only way to avoid getting the courts and employers from getting involved if we want to lessen the fear and outrage women justifiably feel now. Unless all men start behaving in a courteous and ethical manner - and good luck with that.
  2. One of my wife’s colleagues was on one of the last ferries to leave Donsak that day (before they were shut down). Reported it was standing room only and lots of people seasick and barfing. I would have called in to work ‘alive’ and remained on the other side.
  3. Just been taking a look at tropical kugelkultur. The originel version from Europe uses buried pieces of wood to create a base for a planting mound. Benefits are supposed to be a long term improvement in water retention and nutrient release. Permaculture enthusiasts are now doing this in tropical places and report that it works there but height of mounds needs to be lowered due to heavier rainfall and that decomposition is much faster. Supposed to be especially good in clay soils. While for me, using wood chips as a basis for sheet composting and garden path material is much more appealing (since my soil is good already) I wonder if this might be a way for people here in Thailand to get more benefit from ‘waste’ material than burning, without the air pollution problem. Any thoughts, gentlemen? And if there are any female farmers reading this, please introduce your selves.
  4. Has a heavy duty wedge shaped cutting blade and Honda motor with heavy duty drive shaft - as I recall. I talked to the owner of the company at the Mae Jo Ag fair and tried it there. Seemed like a solid machine and a company with a realistic approach to post sales servicing. Haven’t tried it myself except for that test.
  5. This is the machine my friend bought.
  6. Sounds like your meetup/gabfest would make a very interesting online posting.
  7. Bangkok Airways

    Both the bonus flyer points sale and the new offer Churchill posted are in line with the last two years promotions.
  8. Bangkok Airways

    Good chance there will be a sale in the next four weeks based on last two years.
  9. My friend bought one made in Bangkok for about 30-35,000
  10. New ship in today, is it also Chinese? Big one....
  11. Realized that the Ventusy link above shows the site set to a projected Thursday picture. You can activate the link and then use the calendar/date setting in lower left to pick a day to show, current date or future day. Doing this also shows the projected path if you go ahead a day at a time. So storm is not currently at the vortex stage.
  12. Just looked at Windguru and the picture has changed. Now storm due here all day Thursday with much heavier winds and rain than earlier projection. Ventusky shows storm as having form of a hurricane (vortex around a center) but without an ‘open’ eye. Could be time to batten down the hatches and bring in the lawn furniture 😉
  13. Any reports from those in Nathon as to whether the cruise ship passengers who came ashore but chose to walk around Nathon instead of taking an excursion by minibus shopped or bought anything at a level comparable to previous cruise ship passengers? Usually cruise ships do seem to benefit Nathon that way. Did they cause congestion in the streets with their behavior as pedestrians? Selfies taken from the middle of the streets by Chinese tourists are pretty common in Chiang Mai 😉
  14. I have access to my friends chipper/shredder and will be doing pruning later this year. My question is to the value of wood chips as mulch and as a compost ingredient versus any down side. Some people feel that wood chips can be places that pests can live and propagate. There is also the question of whether wood chips contribute to a helpful nutrient profile or not. There is plenty of material on line to study, so my question to the forum is about your local experiences here in Thailand. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Fell into same scam about 20 years ago. Knew something about gems, most importantly that reselling something you bought for any retail price to make a profit was unlikely to say the least ? looked like pretty lousy sapphires too. Didn’t realize at the time what was happening but felt wrong. Saw an article in the Post a week later about the exact same scammers. Just don’t buy!