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  1. That day I heard brief but very intense thunder on the SW of the island with intense black clouds inland. No rain and only a sprinkle towards Hua Thanon. Having grown up in the American Southwestern desert, I know that flash floods can arise so fast as to almost be a wave rushing down the riverbed. So it is possible that that happened within minutes of the placid scene in the pictures posted. Confused reporting is rather more common locally 😄 Lesson to remember is that if you see the river suddenly start to swell you need to get out of the flood zone as fast as possible.
  2. Sorry for the long delay, here is a number for Auom - 0897214297. She doesn't speak English, her architect husband K. got speaks some.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion 🙏🏼
  4. Bought multiple tickets myself. Availability and website functionality seemed better than previous similar sales. Any idea why the last year there has been much more discounting by PG? Certainly happy about myself.
  5. Thanks for clarifying that what I want is jute. Wasn't sure if they used them for rice still, have seen them used with cassava and to pack durian.
  6. Thanks all for the info. Talked to a buddy in the US who does general construction and he said most of the (affluent) houses where he is have a 'board' rated for 200 amps. I made an assumption at the time that that was the main hook from the power line into all the separate house lines at the circuit box. We also both remembered that later new legal users along the power line may suck the life out of what gets to me!
  7. Hi, I am interested to use burlap bags for erosion control mats and as weed control The area involved only gets the force of the rainfall, no slope sending water at them. Also to be used to grow cover plants in between and through holes in the bags. I have sourced new bags, but prefer old bags used for some agricultural product. Suggestions or comments welcome.
  8. I used a professional landscape designer (in Chiang Mai, where the Ag school is quite good). It wasn't a permaculture project but she incorporated self sufficiency principles from the King (much more elaborated than I known about, and consistent with permaculture principles). That is one way to get away from the hippyness I also have seen at several permaculture centers. For information in the future (or research now) look up the permaculture center in Ulapalakua Maui, since it is in the tropics (although at about 3,500 feet?).
  9. Thai visas search function showed the following (see screenshot below) archived post which I had not found. Helpful. Now I have a concept of max load in A /ampheres. Does the installation vary in the size and capacity of all the parts (wires, insulators, transformers). Does 3 phase require triple the wires?
  10. Fair enough request. Let's give it a try: One bedroom house with garage area downstairs 2/3 room air conditioners Electric lights 5 rooms Two conputers and a TV 3 fans Kitchen appliances, not including oven Washing machine Work building Lights and fans for 100 sqm building Kitchen with small appliances Large TV/music system Group bathrooms Electric lights 4 rooms Water pump Fans outside area 2 three horsepower water pumps Electric weed whipper Lights for driveway Webcams And what is the unit they were using for different capacity lines into the property? Thank you much for the help!
  11. Being queried by PEA office about how much power we might draw to make an estimate for putting in power lines. First quote (500,000 with a 400 meter distance to the line) they thought we were doing a resort and suggested top of the line - I think 100KV - and here I have too admit I don't understand what that actually means. Now I am asking for a quote for a smaller demand, but figuring out the amount of that demand is where I would like help. This would be for a house, with medium demand (fans, occasional ac in one room, lights, kitchen, computers, maybe water heater). However, there will probably be another building or two with small demand and also frequent use of bigger water pumps. Any help? Thanks
  12. This turned out to be a much better deal than what was available in Singapore and KL. I suspect it may have been a private side deal the bank manager facilitatied, but mostly because the rate was so much better. Light blue bank at Central.
  13. Update: nearby friend says the pickup truck smashed into a (big) concrete power pole at speed with no other car or police involvement. Farang driver. Must have kicked back into the road, was about 3 meters from the pole in the middle of the road. My wife and I both saw the bullet holes as we drove around it, looked real. Could be real holes and a strange sense of humor, or possibly just decals and we missed it. Lots of people around that 7, could have taken out a bunch of people.
  14. Anybody know the story on what happened yesterday at the intersection in Bang Kao? There was a smashed truck in the road with bullet holes in the passenger side door and lots of police. This was late afternoon, seemed like it was in between the event and the investigation, time wise, when I passed by.