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  1. Overweight and improperly loaded carry on luggage can cause serious injuries during these events. One reason I usually squeeze into a window seat despite being fairly tall.
  2. Sent a regular envelope by registered mail to Singapore, took abut 3 weeks to get there. If you know Singapore you know where the delay happened........
  3. Bashed in the tailgate on my older Toyota Tiger pickup truck and looking to replace or repair it. I am on Samui, so costs are high and not so many second hand parts, although Surathanee is a source. So far I have one quote to repair damage and repaint for 6,000+ baht and one quote of of 2,650 baht for a new copy (they said made in Taiwan) tailgate. My preference was to find a second hand original Toyota part but haven't got a lead on one yet. Two questions for the forum: Anybody have any idea as to the quality and durability likely of the copy version? Would a second hand one potentially be a problem if the vehicle had been in an accident that affected the frame and warped the tailgate also (or is that something you can spot)? Thanks for any knowledgeable replies.
  4. Thanks for the info on this supplier, Don. Do you have a recommendation in the CM area for soil and soil amendments testing? Thinking of things like our own compost and similiar things when I say amendments. Thanks
  5. I never eat som tam with fermented crabs or Pla ra. I have convinced my Thai wife to only eat Pla ra when it is cooked. The epidemiological research on the relationship between raw fish, liver flukes, and liver cancer is quite convincing.
  6. Sorry, that is K. Gop
  7. Are there really enough religiously observant Russian Orthodox residents of KP for such a big church? Looks like quite a few rooms which makes me think of a monastery or retreat center. That would really be Amazing Thailand! Always something to surprise one around here 🙄
  8. Banners also calling for second airport on Samui.
  9. That is a hell of a big sword to take to work 👺
  10. That day I heard brief but very intense thunder on the SW of the island with intense black clouds inland. No rain and only a sprinkle towards Hua Thanon. Having grown up in the American Southwestern desert, I know that flash floods can arise so fast as to almost be a wave rushing down the riverbed. So it is possible that that happened within minutes of the placid scene in the pictures posted. Confused reporting is rather more common locally 😄 Lesson to remember is that if you see the river suddenly start to swell you need to get out of the flood zone as fast as possible.
  11. Sorry for the long delay, here is a number for Auom - 0897214297. She doesn't speak English, her architect husband K. got speaks some.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion 🙏🏼
  13. Bought multiple tickets myself. Availability and website functionality seemed better than previous similar sales. Any idea why the last year there has been much more discounting by PG? Certainly happy about myself.
  14. Thanks for clarifying that what I want is jute. Wasn't sure if they used them for rice still, have seen them used with cassava and to pack durian.
  15. Thanks all for the info. Talked to a buddy in the US who does general construction and he said most of the (affluent) houses where he is have a 'board' rated for 200 amps. I made an assumption at the time that that was the main hook from the power line into all the separate house lines at the circuit box. We also both remembered that later new legal users along the power line may suck the life out of what gets to me!