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  1. whatawonderfulday

    Boonsrang sets agenda for police reform

    More crap
  2. whatawonderfulday

    Govt Approves 8.8 Billion Baht Combat Jet Deal

    worse considering the number of aircraft losses for the sorties flown.
  3. whatawonderfulday

    Canadian Drug Suspect Found Hanged In Cell Room, Cop Says

    Suicide obviously as the deaths of any foreigner, by what ever means, is interpreted by the RTP goons as suicide. Would be nice for the nation as a whole if the entire RTP and Junta would also follow suit.
  4. whatawonderfulday

    Bangkok pub raided for operating after hours

    So you make a hobby of visiting these places in order to gain evidence upon which your conclusion is based ? What's up not prepared to pay the short time rate so you have a bee in your bonnet ?
  5. It goes something like this. So you would like to work in Thailand as immigrant labour ? No problem how much can you pay me ?
  6. What a load of lip service tripe. The government and all of its agencies rely on tea money to enrich themselves, it has been part of Thai culture since 1932. Complete and utter nonsense. It will not stop untill you cut the head off the snake(s).
  7. whatawonderfulday

    Thai soldiers arrest Israeli businessmen

    Claim they found weapons ? Possibly yet another attack against a wealthy foreigner. It is not unknown for evidence to be planted you know !!!
  8. whatawonderfulday

    Governor holds meeting over Krabi family massacre

    Thai Buddhism is a total corruption of traditional Buddhism. Some Thais corrupt anything for greed . The good news is that despite its shortcomings in Thailand there are still millions of people who follow Buddhist principles and have no axe to grind against anyone. Those millions are the ones you never hear about.
  9. whatawonderfulday

    Video: More appalling driving caught on tape

    Everyday and every minute. Dash cams are great news for Thailand because many vids get posted on FB so that the rest of the world can see plainly the stupidity of Thai drivers and why they are the worlds number 2 road killers. Plus I would rather see on FB the moronic everyday actions of a brain dead Thai driver than what food they are having for lunch or stupid clips of dogs. Thrill seeking people pay fortunes to go to New Zealand for the adrenalin rush partaking in some crazy activities. Come to Thailand and rent a car, all for a fraction of the price you would pay for dangerous sports in NZ. Then you can have an adrenalin rush in the comfort of a car and, fully insured of course so your relatives don't have to beg for money to bring your body home. TAT should promote this aspect of Thailand much more. Of course for the ultimate dare devil adventure here -rent a motor bike, not forgetting to leave your helmet off.
  10. whatawonderfulday

    Thailand forever wearing the dunce’s cap

    Just armed more perhaps. Hell has no fury like a Junta scorned
  11. whatawonderfulday

    Prayut takes his time to decide on top jobs

    Just waiting to see who offers the best price for appointment. Should be a good earner as these positions to be nominated, there must be huge opportunity's for enrichment for the lucky candidate given Thailands corruption ranking, so obviously their selection must come at a price.
  12. Are you totally brain dead with a limited memory ? How many did the army kill on the streets in 2010 ? How many did the army and police kill in 1992 How many did the army kill in 1976 ? Before you write more total drivel condoning this murder check your facts and tell me why you think examples of bad behaviour due not induce copy cat behaviour by some and are unrelated to Thai administration ethics examples. As you are a Junta apologist perhaps you could explain why you singled out Shinawatra ? Assuming you can actually read correctly I stated "coup makers" . Thailand has a history of coup makers or are you not aware ? Perhaps you do not understand that Shinawatra was voted in by popular vote, not down the barrel of a tank or rifle which is exactly my point of demonstrating immoral and unethical behaviour. A whole generation has grown up with unethical and immoral behaviour set by examples like this of the killing of students and civilians by many administrations in power by military force only, but it appears you are ignorant of historic facts, or else you must be in total denial like the Junta you appear to support by mentioning in your response. You and your likes have exactly the poor mentality in condoning illegal behaviour by an illegal administration that illustrates my point exactly.
  13. whatawonderfulday

    VPN for UK

    Used VPNUK for years. Never been a problem and is not today
  14. well just another example of no moral standards. When coup makers can ignore the law of the land what message does this send to anybody else who similarly have no moral or ethical convictions ?
  15. With the crash rate of the RTAF they won't last long anyway