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  1. Why wonder at this as Bang Saen has been controlled by the "Generals" for decades so morality has no purpose.
  2. My local BIBs were all drinking with us on the 12th !!! Of course as usual and many bottles of chang they left to go on their merry way. During this drinking period both the "big boss" and his 2nd in command confirmed that they have no intention of implementing the PMs instruction issued under Section 44. Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of that instruction ,the BIB appear to be able to totally disregard government orders with impunity as they clearly operate outside the law as it stands. If that principal is common across the country then no one will ever be prosecuted for riding in a pick-up illegally or even more concerning, law and order has totally broken down under the Junta's watch.
  3. Now you see him - Now you don't
  4. Too late. No good bolting the stable the door after the horse has bolted.
  5. sorry misread your comment. Now out to buy some nitrogen !!!!
  6. Of course you don't hear of many thais committing suicide - they just on their motorcycles or in their pick-ups. same same
  7. Silly me , meant 9/11 of course
  8. But of course you know already that the 7/11 pilots only wanted to learn how to take off ?
  9. You say that but then obviously there needs to be Trump Resorts, Trump Casinos built in the North to cater for the gambling Chinese
  10. I agree and actually when I came here it was mostly done very respectfully which actually made it a joyous occasion rather than an excuse for loutish behaviour as it has become today. Of course with the spread of social media , and the apparent loutish behaviour vying for "Likes" on Facebook is it any wonder it has degenerated to the animal behaviour so common these days ? When you have a basically an under educated new generation whose lives seems pivotal around the smartphone that results in loss of personal social interaction due to social media, I fear it will only get much worse, certainly until Thai society in general accepts personal responsibility is a feature of a civilised lifestyle.
  11. Actually to destabilise NK would be the most likely outcome of any military action. Could SK step into the void and unify Korea again ? Well the Kim Jing Un appears to be a psychotic despot who considers his own people as pawns, and getting rid of them when he is upset. With that type of scenario I am sure he will have no qualms in letting loose at Seoul even though the counter offensive will devastate his country - what does he care ? he will be in China safe and sound. A destabilised NK will hand it on a plate to China who will walk in to "support and help" the North Koreans and bring them right to the doorstep of the US in south Korea. Trump would not press fro further action where the Chinese are concerned because he knows it would end up more of a humiliation than Vietnam was is my guess. Meanwhile the Russians are sitting in the wings waiting to take advantage of what ever political quagmire unfolds.
  12. anybody who takes over a country at gunpoint, promotes himself to sole enactor of his own laws has no conscientious. Probably only a massive oversees bank account.
  13. exactly how telling the truth gets punished but licking up to potential terrorists are praised.
  14. Still Toy town railway. Because there is another killing to be made when they run the new standard gauge railway from Nong Khai to Bangkok in the future once all pre payments to offshore and Swiss bank accounts have been honoured