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  1. My Omron blood pressure monitor has stopped working. Could I please ask for some recommendations and approximate prices of a good quality unit to buy. Also where to buy as I live in Isaan. Thanks in advance.
  2. online watching movies/tv shows -

    I am a big fan of Hill Street Blues also. Watch them on Kodi and Terrarium tv. Also have them on a hard drive as well. Pretty much all the movies and tv shows you want will be on these apps. Pm me if you need more information.
  3. Just finished Salvation and now watching The Good Place. Both are on Terrarium.
  4. I watched the movie and enjoyed it.
  5. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Budget is 3k. He may of course be happy to pay less than his budget. I am simply giving him another option that I am familiar with.
  6. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Thank you. I stay at Chada Veranda. A three minute walk to the bar area.
  7. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Is the Roma close to the Pullman?
  8. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Or you can stay at Chada Veranda for 690 baht per night. Secure car park. Very clean rooms. Elevator. Small restaurant on site. 3 star hotel. Just another option for you as for the money it is a great place to stay.
  9. Any kindles in bkk?

    I have had the same or very similar model since May this year when my Samsung tablet died. So far so good and at 9900 it is a good buy. Easy to use and I love the 32GB internal storage.
  10. Car road side assist

    I bought an Isuzu 7 years ago. Trouble free until last month when the Auto transmission stopped working. Rang my better half and asked her to ring our local Isuzu dealer. 30 minutes later out they came and diagnosed the problem and took the car back to their dealership. They were closed the following day which was a Sunday. 12 Oclock the next day truck was ready and I picked it up. 400 baht call out fee was all they charged plus the cost of the repair. Would assume all car dealers would offer this service and a quick phone call would confirm this.
  11. Receive Aussie TV in Thailand via satellite.

    I know you asked about satellite. But some more information which may assist you. I receive all the Australian channels but via the net. Australia Plus no longer works via the net. PM me if you need more information.
  12. Isuzu Kenwood gps issue

    Thank you for your help. I may get Isuzu to send the sd card to Bkk to look at it.
  13. Isuzu Kenwood gps issue

    Since I replaced my truck battery in June I have a rogue female speaking in Thai every few kms. This is not the voice of the Gps unit. It is a female voice speaking in Thai every few kms saying exactly the same thing. Have recently been on an 800km return trip and the voice was annoying me the whole trip. Isuzu have reset the Gps unit and altered the settings to no avail. They have never heard of this happening before. Has anyone else had this issue and did you get it resolved? I can put up with it despite the annoyance but would like to get rid of the voice forever. Any helpful replies are very much appreciated.