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  1. It may also be wise to alert people who wish to join tvchaosuk.com that they have fairly strict rules re ratios.
  2. Thank you for your very informative and detailed explanation. Much appreciated. Will PM you soon.
  3. tlcwaterfall


    Nord is working well for me.
  4. I just loaded iPlayer from the Kodi addon repository. Used my vpn and all is working well.
  5. Are you sure about this? I am in a similar position and am seeking clarification on this point. I have submitted a tax return every year since I came here in 2009. I am still a resident for tax purposes From the reading I have done so far on the Australian tax office website I will have lost my main residence exemption as I have not spent at least 183 days in Australia for more then nine years. I have read somewhere which states if they believe we are are spending some time back in Australia they can still impose capital gains tax if they believe we have only come back to avoid the tax. So would spending 6 months full time there or at least 183 days over a one year period satisfy their requirements? I will do whatever I have to do to avoid this very unfair tax on my family home. If anyone has more knowledge and links explaining this point further I would appreciate some help. I really want to know all of my options re my family home so I can make an informed decision.
  6. tlcwaterfall

    Android Remote issues

    Short term solution would be to use your computer mouse on your android box. Assuming you have a spare mouse lying around?
  7. tlcwaterfall

    AFL Footy in Roi Et or Khon Kaen

    You may be right. However a quick Google check confirms that Australia plus is only available on True Visions cable. Not on their satellite service. Would be good to get some clarification on this from actual subscribers to the service if possible. There are of course other ways of accessing Australia plus other than True Visions.
  8. tlcwaterfall

    AFL Footy in Roi Et or Khon Kaen

    I watch the AFL through their legal app available on the Google Play store and I assume the iOS store also. Costs me Aud $189.00 for one year and the quality is amazingly good. I believe Australia plus onTrue Visions cable has a few games each week.
  9. tlcwaterfall

    Kodi Shakeup

    Correct again. However and not wishing to nitpick I have just installed it from the Zero Tolerance repo. As per kodi apps site. It is of course now called The Dogs <deleted>. So it is in two repos at this time. It is working well. Further to this the updated version of 1.05 is in the Mavrepo. Zero tolerance version is 1.0
  10. tlcwaterfall

    Kodi Shakeup

    You are correct. it is in the Zero tolerance repo.
  11. tlcwaterfall

    Amazon Fire Stick

    I have 2 Fire sticks from the UK. With Amazon Prime Video I cannot access the US version on either of them. The content that is available here is woeful to say the least. Took out a free 7 day trial and cancelled it after 3 days. Will stick with Netflix. Iflix. Foxtel. Kodi and several movie apps all which work very very well.
  12. tlcwaterfall

    Kodi Shakeup

    Pyramid is now The Dogs <deleted>. In the Blamo repo. I learnt long ago not to get too attached to a particular addon given the ebb and flow of addons over the past few years.
  13. Time to watch movies online by the sounds of it. No such dramas that way.
  14. tlcwaterfall

    AFL Football on Satellite

    I have had Watch AFL for two years now and it is well worth the annual fee of AUD $189. Streaming quality is excellent, No Vpn needed. Highly recommended.