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  1. Android box required in Pattaya

    Just wondering if Tukcom Pattaya or other places sell android boxes. Would prefer one not fully loaded. Will be there this week and want to buy one for my daughter. Any helpful replies are appreciated.
  2. Best (legal) streaming TV solution

    Many Android boxes available on Lazada including Mibox.
  3. Thank you very much for your help ubon Joe. I always believed this to be the case but whenever I return to Thailand the Immigration officers have a blank look when I mention I have an extension of stay based on retirement and date stamp required is to be the same as the permitted to stay date on my extension of stay. I also do not leave the immigration line until the correct date is applied.
  4. Some clarification please. I have an extension of stay based on retirement. Also have a single re entry permit. I will leave Thailand April 8 and return April 29. When I arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport on April 29 do I need a permission to stay date stamp which coincides with my permitted to stay date on my extension of stay based on retirement? Or a 90 day stamp which then means I will have two different permitted to stay dates? All helpful replies are appreciated.
  5. On Pirate bay. And you can stream it on Terrarium tv.
  6. Prayut poses six new questions to Thais

    A wonderful thread. Wonder how long it will last.
  7. Best Kodi builds 2016/2017

    You can download CEMC from Google Play store. Or Google EBMC or FTMC. All of these will allow you to run Kodi Krypton on Android 4.4.2
  8. My Omron blood pressure monitor has stopped working. Could I please ask for some recommendations and approximate prices of a good quality unit to buy. Also where to buy as I live in Isaan. Thanks in advance.
  9. online watching movies/tv shows -

    I am a big fan of Hill Street Blues also. Watch them on Kodi and Terrarium tv. Also have them on a hard drive as well. Pretty much all the movies and tv shows you want will be on these apps. Pm me if you need more information.
  10. Just finished Salvation and now watching The Good Place. Both are on Terrarium.