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  1. On Pirate bay. And you can stream it on Terrarium tv.
  2. Prayut poses six new questions to Thais

    A wonderful thread. Wonder how long it will last.
  3. Best Kodi builds 2016/2017

    You can download CEMC from Google Play store. Or Google EBMC or FTMC. All of these will allow you to run Kodi Krypton on Android 4.4.2
  4. My Omron blood pressure monitor has stopped working. Could I please ask for some recommendations and approximate prices of a good quality unit to buy. Also where to buy as I live in Isaan. Thanks in advance.
  5. online watching movies/tv shows -

    I am a big fan of Hill Street Blues also. Watch them on Kodi and Terrarium tv. Also have them on a hard drive as well. Pretty much all the movies and tv shows you want will be on these apps. Pm me if you need more information.
  6. Just finished Salvation and now watching The Good Place. Both are on Terrarium.
  7. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Budget is 3k. He may of course be happy to pay less than his budget. I am simply giving him another option that I am familiar with.
  8. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Thank you. I stay at Chada Veranda. A three minute walk to the bar area.
  9. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Is the Roma close to the Pullman?
  10. Hotel Khon Kaen

    Or you can stay at Chada Veranda for 690 baht per night. Secure car park. Very clean rooms. Elevator. Small restaurant on site. 3 star hotel. Just another option for you as for the money it is a great place to stay.