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  1. Isuzu Kenwood gps issue

    Thank you for your help. I may get Isuzu to send the sd card to Bkk to look at it.
  2. Isuzu Kenwood gps issue

    Since I replaced my truck battery in June I have a rogue female speaking in Thai every few kms. This is not the voice of the Gps unit. It is a female voice speaking in Thai every few kms saying exactly the same thing. Have recently been on an 800km return trip and the voice was annoying me the whole trip. Isuzu have reset the Gps unit and altered the settings to no avail. They have never heard of this happening before. Has anyone else had this issue and did you get it resolved? I can put up with it despite the annoyance but would like to get rid of the voice forever. Any helpful replies are very much appreciated.
  3. True Visions rip off

    Lots of English language live news on Youtube. Al Jazeera. Euronews. Sky news(Will need a vpn as of today though)
  4. Sky New Live Stream YouTube Gone

    Same here. I am accessing it using a Vpn.
  5. Watching it now on Terrarium tv. And on Tikimovies
  6. Overnight stay on way to Udon

    I have many friends there. What are the other choices?
  7. Overnight stay on way to Udon

    As mentioned in my op I am finding the drive taxing so an overnight stay will make it easier for me. Agree with your assessment and will most likely have a night in Roiet or Kalasin. Appreciate your help.
  8. Any idea where it will be broadcast? Would love to see the show again. I have many series of this show on a hard drive. Need a few more series if anyone has them.
  9. Foxtel App from Australia

    Pm will be sent later.
  10. Overnight stay on way to Udon

    I have stayed at Khon Kaen many times. Looking for somewhere different.
  11. Overnight stay on way to Udon

    Have stayed there before and ate and drank at the White Elephant. Not sure if i got that name right. Great place and great food too. And a nice hotel nearby. Did not know there was another Falang hangout. Where is this other one please?
  12. Overnight stay on way to Udon

    I travel to Udon Thani area regularly from Surin. Am now finding the drive to be taxing and am looking for a place to stay overnight other than Khon Kaen. Would ideally like to stay in a nice town with some nightlife and have no more than say 200kms to drive the next day. Trip from Surin to Udon is around 400kms. Any helpful suggestions are much appreciated.
  13. Loved this movie and have watched it several times. Main role is played by Geoffrey Rush who has had many top movie roles. Pirates of the Carribean alongside Johnny Depp, The Book Thief. The Kings Speech etc. He is an accomplished actor and his movies are well worth watching if you have the time.
  14. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Have you tested any Australian servers? Interested if there is a reduction of speed with Astrill there, I have tested a few Vpns lately and they have all been disappointing.
  15. I understand that. I never watch shows on the PC I have an android box and through the programs I mentioned before stream everything to the television. Hdmi cable from the box to my television. Easy to set up and works well.