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  1. Thanks for the information. However with my internet connection I have difficulty maintaining my ratio there. Looking for another option. Perhaps someone has the series on a hard drive?
  2. Pm sent. I am searching for some series of the UK tv series The Bill. Have many of the series on my hard drives but missing a few seasons. Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can get the series I am missing please?
  3. I would like to have multiple backgrounds on my Aeon nox skin on Kodi? I can set up a single image background using my download folder but when I click on multiple image backgrounds my download folder is blank. Can anyone help me please?
  4. "They never check retirees overstay or visit their homes". Immigration came to my house last week to check I am living here. They are checking all foreigners in my area as well. They also interviewed several villagers to confirm that I am actually living here.
  5. It may also be wise to alert people who wish to join tvchaosuk.com that they have fairly strict rules re ratios.
  6. Thank you for your very informative and detailed explanation. Much appreciated. Will PM you soon.
  7. tlcwaterfall


    Nord is working well for me.
  8. I just loaded iPlayer from the Kodi addon repository. Used my vpn and all is working well.
  9. Are you sure about this? I am in a similar position and am seeking clarification on this point. I have submitted a tax return every year since I came here in 2009. I am still a resident for tax purposes From the reading I have done so far on the Australian tax office website I will have lost my main residence exemption as I have not spent at least 183 days in Australia for more then nine years. I have read somewhere which states if they believe we are are spending some time back in Australia they can still impose capital gains tax if they believe we have only come back to avoid the tax. So would spending 6 months full time there or at least 183 days over a one year period satisfy their requirements? I will do whatever I have to do to avoid this very unfair tax on my family home. If anyone has more knowledge and links explaining this point further I would appreciate some help. I really want to know all of my options re my family home so I can make an informed decision.
  10. tlcwaterfall

    Android Remote issues

    Short term solution would be to use your computer mouse on your android box. Assuming you have a spare mouse lying around?
  11. Thank you to everyone who has replied. Your help is invaluable. I have decided to get the wife to ring immigration tomorrow and get a definitive answer. Once I get that then I will proceed. The last thing I want is to go all the way to Bangkok and then find I have to go back again because the letter is out of date.
  12. Thank you both for your replies. However the replies conflict with each other so which one is right?
  13. My annual extension of my current visa is due on August 22 this year. Previously I have had funds in the bank 3 months prior to this date to comply with immigration requirements. This year I am going to the Australian embassy to obtain an income letter to submit to immigration in lieu of money in the bank. My question is does the income letter from the embassy have an expiry date as far as immigration is concerned. Eg. Will immigration only accept this letter if it is say 90 days old or is the date you get the letter acceptable for say one year. I know I can ring my local office but I have an opportunity to go to Bangkok with a friend early on Monday morning who can take me to the embassy as I have never been before. This will save my wife taking time off work to come with me also. If any knowledgeable members can assist I would appreciate your help please.