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  1. Yes I belive your girlfriend is correct. My wife have attended simular courses in Udon Thani at a very nominal fee.
  2. lassebasse

    Best and worst practices/rules you introduced

    We have a teenage doughter who spends to much time on the internet. I have therefore programmed our WiFi-router to look her out from the internet from 9 PM to 7 AM in the morning. When she first noticed this we told her that it was our internet provider who had some problems and she still belives this, ha ha.
  3. For me it was initially very confusing when this was called a "Lottery". Instead this a kind of Government Savings Bond where instead of interest your Bonds participate in a monthly drawing of Wins. Now that I understand this I only wonder if these "Loans" are listed. The value of the loan should vary over time and also vary according to the rate on deposits.
  4. lassebasse

    Handicapped parking permit

    I got a handicap sticker at our Lotus store from their customer desk.
  5. lassebasse

    Airsoft shop in Udon?

    There is a toy shop on Wattana Nuwong Rd close to Adunyadet Rd, south side (U14 on the Udon Map). They sell and service air guns.
  6. lassebasse

    Buying apartment in Udon Thani

    There is a Facebook group called Udon Thani Expats started by a guy who obviusly is involved in his own hotel and property. He is advertising condos and houses on a daily basis. And for you who master the Swedish language there is also the Facebook group called Vi Svenskar i Udon Thani where you also will get helpful answers to your qustions.
  7. lassebasse

    Shaving cut cure

    I have had exactly the same problems as the thredstarter and once I actually went to the emergency room at a nearby hospital and asked for help to stop the bleading on my upper lip. Now I have brought antihemorrhagic cotton from my homecountry.
  8. lassebasse

    Airport security checks

    I thought that the purpose of removing the laptop was that it was blocking the screening of the main bag. My laptop is always in a special sleeve in my backpack and I just take the sleeve out with the laptop. I have never been asked to show the laptop itself.
  9. lassebasse

    Castle howchow resort kranuan Any good

    Went there a few years ago, never again.
  10. lassebasse

    Buying Cars in Issan

    Kiatnakin Bank are holding car auctions in Udon Thani at least once every month. They are on the west side of the ringroad. http://www.kiatnakin.co.th/car-auction.php#top
  11. Cannot install this App since Google Play thinks that I am in another country??
  12. lassebasse

    Nong Khai Jungle Temple

    I think it is nice for a visit. There is a bit of a virgin forest and it is very seldom you see big trees like that.
  13. lassebasse

    Nong Khai Jungle Temple

    It is actually in the Udon Thani Province but not very far from Nong Khai. Open this link and you will get directions: http://udon-news.com/en/company/kham-chanot
  14. When I have obtained the O-A visa in Sweden I have always shown my Swedish bank-accounts. There has never been any discussion about this. When later, in Thailand, asking for an extension I will show a Thai bank-account.
  15. lassebasse

    Cleaning stainless steel pan

    Oven clean spray, use generously and wrap the pan tightly in a plastic bag and allow 24 hours for stuff to work.