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  1. This link from the South African Immigration is quite good in showing what you might need when travelling with kids. Both me and my wife have been questioned when travelling alone with one of our kids. https://www.nwivisas.com/nwi-blog/south-africa/new-immigration-regulations-for-parents-travelling-with-kids/ Regarding passports you show both at check-in but only the Thai one when passing the Immigration at Suvarnabhumi and then the Danish one at Kastrup.
  2. Yes I belive your girlfriend is correct. My wife have attended simular courses in Udon Thani at a very nominal fee.
  3. lassebasse

    Best and worst practices/rules you introduced

    We have a teenage doughter who spends to much time on the internet. I have therefore programmed our WiFi-router to look her out from the internet from 9 PM to 7 AM in the morning. When she first noticed this we told her that it was our internet provider who had some problems and she still belives this, ha ha.