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  1. Since the new owner is a Farang must he not show that he has brought his funds from overseas into Thailand?
  2. I asked about this commission in Udon Thani a few years ago and the explained that commission was only charged for smaller pieces of gold. On goldbars of 3baht or bigger there was no commission.
  3. lassebasse

    What if I leave my car for a long time.

    Thanks for all the answers, however a lot of you missed the point. My question was if Gasohol here in Thailand would mess up my carengine if it was left idle for longer periods like a month or more.
  4. I live in Thailand but regularly take long trips of a month or more to other countries. I have a pick-up and an MC Honda Click. When I started travelling I noticed that the Honda was very difficult to get started after standing still a long time. I tried to understand why and came to the conclusion that the fuel was to blame. Obviously Gasohol should not be left in a tank for longer periods as it will sort of deteriorate. Solution was to switch to Benzene. Since I switched to Benzene I have had no more problems starting the bike even if it has been standing idle for more than a month. And now my question: I plan to sell my diesel Pick-up, which has no problem being left idle for long periods. Insted l will switch to a regular smaller car and they all seem to drive on Gasohol so of course i am a bit worried. Will I have the same problems with a car fueled with Gasohol, as I had with my MC, if left idle for long periods of time? Since Benzene sometimes is hard to come buy I do not fancy driving my car on that, not to mention the difference in price.
  5. lassebasse

    Mop buckets - am I missing the point?

    In Udon Thani I bought mine at Big C.
  6. lassebasse

    How long before 95 gaz goes bad ?

    With my Honda Click I got starting problems after leaving it standing just a few weeks, now I run it only on Benzine and have no problems.
  7. lassebasse

    BTS, what card?

    I am planning for a couple of days in Bangkok and this time I will try to use the BTS. There seems to be a one-day pass that works the whole day of issue, why not for 24 hours? I will probably choose between the Smart Pass and the Rabbit Card. When it comes to travel I think they are the same or are there any differences that I have not noticed. Any advice out there of which card to choose?
  8. This link from the South African Immigration is quite good in showing what you might need when travelling with kids. Both me and my wife have been questioned when travelling alone with one of our kids. https://www.nwivisas.com/nwi-blog/south-africa/new-immigration-regulations-for-parents-travelling-with-kids/ Regarding passports you show both at check-in but only the Thai one when passing the Immigration at Suvarnabhumi and then the Danish one at Kastrup.