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  1. Needed a quick in and out so going economy to Durham/Teeside for May return June, very surprised at KLM price of 20,140 baht so I snatched it. Other regional airports in UK or even Europe should be pretty much the same, and the price justifies buying a premium lounge pass on the way home. Out of curiosity I searched after buying, and the only London to Teeside flights coming up on Skyscanner was KLM for 7,800 baht return so going direct with them seems the best option. The only drawback as far as I can see is the luggage limit of one case each maximum 23kg, so I'll have to be a bit selective on my stocking up. I know from others that they aren't the best airline, but to get to Smoggyland with a 2 hour connection on the way there and 5 hours in Schiphol on the way back, it's a bargain in saved time, petrol, and driving stress, and we can go over the Boro to pick up a hire car a couple of days after we land, which is even more money saved; several days less car hire and cheaper from town compared to airport. Next time we go back I'll have more time to look and compare and get notifications of sales etc so I'll hunt for business class. Mum's taxi from the airport and 15 minutes ride home, I'll take that any day!
  2. We've moved into a house today - the agent has forwarded a screenshot of our names/passport number entered onto an online form that appears to be a TM30, but she is asking us to go to immigration with passports etc - can anyone confirm that we have to do this? My understanding was that the owner of the property reports to immigration but the tenant doesn't have to do it as well as it's just doubling up. If it matters, visa type is non-o (retirement). I've got conflicting info, so would really appreciate anyone putting us straight on this. (I know that the owner is supposed to notify our return if we are out of the province for more than 48 hours, but I don't think this has been done for us so far in the years we have been here in condo's. We don't do 90 day reports as we are never in the country for that long and just fill out the arrival card with our address when we fly in.)