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  1. MLTS - we must have been typing at the same time. EDIT: TWICE! Also I haven't used Thaivisa for ages and can't figure out how to quote your message - a heavy cold is not helping my dimness, but in my defence I haven't use the site much since it was upgraded (last year?) and google isn't helping me (I did try). I'm in Thailand and have pre-paid DTAC for my phone, so however many baht they charge is the figure I would pay, and that's fine. I really only send messages to my husband who also lives in Thailand; I always manage to forget to ask him to get milk or bread when he goes out ;) As for what I am trying to achieve - I prefer sending SMS by computer (fat fingers) and know I can currently use VOIPDiscount to type them, but then my message app gets a one-sided conversation on it as there is no way to sync what I typed/sent. I've tried many solutions in the 9 years I've been using VOIPDiscount, and this finally seems to be achievable in a way I like with Android Messages. I was just unsure of if/how the messages would be billed; I could see that they are free within US but with no mention of international that I could see. Google Voice page is clearer and lays out the charge to Thai number (at a much higher rate than VOIPDiscount, so have already discounted using it). I'm happy to do the messaging through Google as it will keep things cleaner, to be honest I haven't looked at the cost of sending an SMS to Thailand in VOIPDiscount for years, I only know the price of the calls to mobiles because I noticed it coming up with a cost instead of free a couple of weeks ago and checked it out. I think you've answered my only other question too, which was do I have to leave wifi on (on the phone) for this to work. If it automatically bills the DTAC account, the answer should be no, just sync them up every now and again. Can anyone help on quoting a reply here?
  2. Edit - this reply is for 2008Bangkok Thanks - I didn't think it could be free. Also didn't know I could configure messages to use VOIPDiscount either, will have to look at the settings, although that might get a bit too hard because I receive messages via Telco (DTAC) and doubt I would be able to send from one provider and receive from another. Also, I would need to be able to change it quickly for when I have no wifi access, so it's prolly going to be left in the too hard basket (again). At least I can have the good message interface with all messages available on laptop, which is a definite bonus to what I had yesterday.
  3. Maybe I'm just being dim, I'm not 100% sure. I've just got Android Messages installed and working on my laptop, but can't figure out if I actually pay to send one. I currently use VOIPDiscount for calls and most SMS, calls to Thai numbers are deffo cheaper than Google Voice (although mobiles are no longer free) and from what I can see I don't pay for SMS but as I said I'm not 100% sure. Would rather use this than VOIPDiscount because I get the sent and received messages synced and don't have to go on a phone hunt when I get a new message notification. Also, another quick question I've just thought of - I don't usually have my phone connected to wifi whilst at home, I don't use the phone much and forget to charge it so the longer the battery lasts the better. I have no need for immediate syncing, once a week when I update the currency converter would do me, but will it work or do I need to be online on both phone and computer?