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  1. Needed a quick in and out so going economy to Durham/Teeside for May return June, very surprised at KLM price of 20,140 baht so I snatched it. Other regional airports in UK or even Europe should be pretty much the same, and the price justifies buying a premium lounge pass on the way home. Out of curiosity I searched after buying, and the only London to Teeside flights coming up on Skyscanner was KLM for 7,800 baht return so going direct with them seems the best option. The only drawback as far as I can see is the luggage limit of one case each maximum 23kg, so I'll have to be a bit selective on my stocking up. I know from others that they aren't the best airline, but to get to Smoggyland with a 2 hour connection on the way there and 5 hours in Schiphol on the way back, it's a bargain in saved time, petrol, and driving stress, and we can go over the Boro to pick up a hire car a couple of days after we land, which is even more money saved; several days less car hire and cheaper from town compared to airport. Next time we go back I'll have more time to look and compare and get notifications of sales etc so I'll hunt for business class. Mum's taxi from the airport and 15 minutes ride home, I'll take that any day!
  2. We've moved into a house today - the agent has forwarded a screenshot of our names/passport number entered onto an online form that appears to be a TM30, but she is asking us to go to immigration with passports etc - can anyone confirm that we have to do this? My understanding was that the owner of the property reports to immigration but the tenant doesn't have to do it as well as it's just doubling up. If it matters, visa type is non-o (retirement). I've got conflicting info, so would really appreciate anyone putting us straight on this. (I know that the owner is supposed to notify our return if we are out of the province for more than 48 hours, but I don't think this has been done for us so far in the years we have been here in condo's. We don't do 90 day reports as we are never in the country for that long and just fill out the arrival card with our address when we fly in.)
  3. Van or Pickup/Ute Hire

    Thanks, but Mr K would rather drive himself though, also means we can get more trips in. No more takers??
  4. Van or Pickup/Ute Hire

    I swear I posted this earlier. We've found a house and are getting ready to move. We want to hire on a daily basis or 2 days at a time, but are not having any luck finding anything online or around the moat. Does anyone have any recommendations or pointers please?
  5. Thanks Ricardo - good to know, although I didn't think that there were so many flights going north. I think the noise thing is going to be a deal-breaker for us, although if they're high enough it won't be an issue. I kept trying and found I was able to get historical on the flight radar site and can go back at least a week one day at a time (in fast forward), so it's possible to see all the flights of any given day and track where they are going. This whole looking for somewhere to live thing is very hard and really tiring. Mr K is out at the moment riding in Saraphi direction and writing down phone numbers of anything that looks OK from the outside. Rather him than me is all I can say. I'd really forgotten how difficult it is as well as how exhausting, very easy to hit overload.
  6. Thank you both. The site has changed, I don't know how to reply/quote but will look later when I have more time. I got the flight radar site last night but it only shows live ones unless I'm missing something. There's one just taken off as I type and I can see it, but I wondered if there were something with more than just the current time; I went into the historical tab but either it wasn't what I needed or I missed it. Would be easier than sitting in front of laptop all day and making notes if there is a map with regular flight routes highlighted. The House and Land mooban is a bit north of the outer ring road on the 1001. I hadn't even considered that the planes would wait that long before turning until on the way back I noticed a couple of planes around the Meechock Plaza area. I wondered if this is the same issue as them going over Rimping Condo, recent and perhaps short-lived or if it is usual. For the South/arrivals, I can pretty much trust my insincts based on how the runway is situated.
  7. 'Morning all. Looking for a new place and noticed that planes were going pretty much over the top of Meechock Plaza whilst turning. That got me to thinking about the regular flight paths - I've noticed in Rimping Condo that where we used to get an occasional one flying over the top of us that we now get many a day. This could be a short-lived thing, I don't really know when they will go back to 'normal'. A lot of nice places out that way but the noise really annoys me and I'd obviously prefer to avoid it. One place was in House and Land mooban on the 1001 - anybody out that way know if the planes regularly go that far north before turning? I don't care about the odd one going to China, it's just what is the norm. I've searched google but perhaps I'm putting in the wrong words to get a map of regular flight paths to give us an idea of where to avoid.
  8. Back pain injections

    I think it has been already mentioned, but the injection gives only temporary relief. It's more than 17 years since I had a vertibrea removed; I refused to have surgery until the time that I actually couldn't lift right my leg to climb stairs - I had to go to the toilet in the cafe next door to my office because ours was on the first floor. Orthopaedic surgeon was amazing, he understood that I didn't want surgery and we went through exercises then the cortisone injection about 6 months after the first consultation. It worked for about 3 months with the pain, but my leg was still dragging, I was walking a bit like Quazimodo for months before accepting the inevitable. We also had a very long discussion about fusion, I just didn't want it so the disc and bone was removed and I was stitched up. When you run you finger down my back its bone, bone, bone, hole. My problem now is the nerve damage, probably because I left it so long before addressing the problem. I have electric shocks constantly running down my thighs, hundreds of tiny nerves tormenting me, constantly buzzing, predominantly on the right leg where the sciatic nerve is damaged and have no sensation on the skin from buttock to little toe and the one next to it. Fortunately there is now medication to stop the nerve pain, I can still feel it but it's kind of dull and more annoying than painful. The motto of my tale of woe is address the problem. Try the exercises mentioned above; really try them, not halfheartedly, and of course you have to give them time to see if they are helping - if I'd known about this 18 years ago I might have a complete back. Being sat on a computer for up to 18 hours at a stretch was the cause of my problem, I even knew at the time that I should get up and move but it was always 'just after I've got this right' and I stayed put (it gave me excellent bladder control). Maybe it wouldn't have worked for me, but maybe it would. If the exercises truly don't help, address the problem.
  9. Accident Insurance Policy

    We've been using world Nomads for years, an annual travel insurance with medivac back to Australia if necessary. We still legally live in Australia as we're not in any one country long enough to be classed as resident and by international convention you have to be a resident of a country because of tax evasion, so our price is based on that, not sure what the premiums would be if you live in Thailand, but there again it doesn't seem to cover the country you live in. If you 'live' in UK it would be suitable. 12 month policy, everywhere in world except USA, includes motorbikes (you have to be very careful with that one, most policies from UK specifically exclude riding or being a passenger on a motorbike, not so with Australian policies). I think we pay about AU$1300/year but we get a very good discount because we've been with them for so long. Seems like a lot, but covers you for all sorts of things. We used to have a basic backpacker policy for medical/medivac only with another company but it expired while we were out of the country - you had to be physically in Australia when you applied for the policy, never figured out why. World Nomads was the only one I found at the time where you could be outside the country, but that was about 6 years ago and it may have changed. Watch out for that motorbike exclusion though.
  10. Shop that can root an Android phone?

    I have an older phone, Samsung Duos 2. Tried a couple of the different ways to do it and both programs said unable to root. I'm assuming it's because it's an older model, although on Youtube there are video's showing it's possible. I get to the part when it gives the actual model number then they bomb out. I just gave up in the end.
  11. Coloured Songteow Routes

    Thanks - I suppose anywhere near the river is a risk. Not sure about the availability of Uber and Grab out in the wilds, I know that they're great in town, but going a way out of town might be an issue - anyone have any experiences with either of them?
  12. Coloured Songteow Routes

    Thank you - I didn't realise that the yellows went to so many places. I think maybe we'll have to put aside a couple of days next week and go for rides. There are also the buses that go to Chiang Dao, Fang and other such places, I assume that they go along the 1001.
  13. Coloured Songteow Routes

    Thank you, I didn't know they went that far. So I can add Doi Saket to the list of places, as long as it's within walking distance of the yellow route.
  14. Coloured Songteow Routes

    Open - wide open. Most of the ones we have been looking at online have been Saraphi (want close to the CM-Lampang road because we know white(?) trucks use that road), San Sai, Mae Rim and Mae Jo. Haven't looked at Sankanpeng because we don't know which direction the (blue) trucks go, and I don't know what goes where to Doi Saket if anything so haven't looked there. Just want something a bit run down that we can make into a nice home on a secure lease. Hang Dong seems to be very busy. We're really open to anywhere as long as we don't get airport/plane noise and we can get transport. We have a motorbike, but I'm unable to drive (medically), and I don't really want to be dependant on Mr K every time I want to go somewhere. If he wants a good night out, as he often does at weekends during the football season, he can ride into town and check into a cheap guesthouse and come back the following day. If asking fails, we're going to have to follow one (or go for a ride) to check them out. Asking is more attractive.......
  15. Breaking my self imposed exile here, 'cos I need a bit of advice. Lease is almost up and we want to move to a house, preferably a basic one where we can get a long term lease and get it the way we want it to be, the money spent will be the money we save on rent in a not so perfect house. Six months first of course to make sure we don't have the neighbours from hell or the local dog squad appearing every night. I've been doing a bit of hunting on the internet and there are plenty of such houses, 10,000 baht and under which could be ideal if I can get the owner to agree to a 10+ year lease, but the thing is we would like to be within walking distance, say 1km, of one of the coloured songtoew routes. I've searched and google hasn't come up with anything. Does such a map exist? Also, a couple of years ago someone posted a map here of areas that are prone to flooding - have searched and can't find that either. Will much appreciate any help. And would it be a good idea to approach a real estate agent and pay them to find and negotiate on our behalf?