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  1. ASH Thailand says e-cigarette is harmful to health

    Total BS. Vaping is the one sure-fire way to get off the analog cigs, and avoid the 3,000 cancer-causing chemicals to be found in them.
  2. I want/need to stop smoking.

    Zyban works. Chew gum or somesuch for the psychological issues.
  3. AIS Fibre - slow international downloads this week?

    I found it: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/cables-hit-by-typhoons-but-internet-links-here-intact Thanks!
  4. AIS Fibre - slow international downloads this week?

    Which cables? URI? Thanks much!
  5. On the 50/20 AIS Fibre package (fastest I can get in my building), I usually get ~50mb/sec download speed from sites in Asia, & ~25mb/sec from North America. For the last 3-4 days, I still get 50mb/sec download speeds from sites in Thailand & Singapore, but drastically reduced speeds from anywhere else in the world. My AIS PlayBox IPTV service is rock-solid. Any impressions from other AIS Fibre customers in Bangkok would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Asking Salary...

    hahahaha You're joking, right? Thailand is known in the IT industry for systematized, pervasive incompetence at all levels.
  7. I guess smoking really kills!
  8. Yes - it says that this guy should never have been allowed to enter the United States. People who're dead would be alive today if he'd been kept out.
  9. Foreign tourists wrongfully arrested for fraud in Phuket

    This is incorrect. The United States uses an adversarial system (except for traffic tickets and a few other administrative issues), but the police conduct investigations and it's up to the relevant district attorneys (local, state, or federal) whether to empanel a grand jury to press charges. So, an adversarial system does not imply that no investigations are conducted. In Thailand, the investigatory process largely focuses on the contents of each party's wallets and bank accounts, which then determines which cases result in arrests and trials. Moving to an inquisitorial system simply means that the courts would often get first crack at investigating the contents of said wallets and bank accounts, rather than having to queue up behind the police.
  10. 1. Change your legal name in the UK by deed poll to 'John Bull'. 2. Get a new UK passport in your new legal name. 3. Problem solved!
  11. Nintendo Switch, should I get it for my kids?

    If he likes the Nintendo first-party games, then, yes, get it - but he's going to need to have decent English to deal with BotW, which is a fab game. If he isn't interested in the Nintendo first-party games, then, no, don't get it. The region-locking speculation can be checked via the search engine of one's choice.
  12. Computer Crime Act and defamation proceedings soon follow . . .
  13. I wonder what his name is - and if he didn't go on a rampage, precisely how would one describe his actions? Will we see a photo of him?