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  1. scorpio1945

    US football Super Bowl ...where to watch?

    True Visions
  2. scorpio1945

    Gym in town?

    Piman Inn near old airport.
  3. scorpio1945

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    No disrespect but the term "payable" as it relates to land has no correlation in the English language. Is your native language non English which may explain our confusion. Again, no disrespect, but it is not a term used in English and is confusing.
  4. scorpio1945

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    Payable land???? Not even google helps explain what it means. Just curious. It is a term I have never heard.
  5. scorpio1945

    CR Pot Luck Picnic

    There is cover so it doesn't matter.
  6. scorpio1945

    CR Pot Luck Picnic

    Sorry, you are correct. NOVEMBER
  7. scorpio1945

    Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 2m votes

    The Electorial College was designed to prevent "Mob Rule". After the election, it has been easy to figure out who the MOB is.
  8. scorpio1945

    CR Pot Luck Picnic

    Just in case someone on here would like to get on the email list for this event. PM me if you do. The previous thread has been archived if you are curious as to why a new thread. The 73rd CR Pot Luck Picnic will be held on Sunday October the 27th at 13:00. 8) Should be excellent weather. Maybe we will get some Thanksgiving leftovers if we are lucky. It will be at the Riverside Park as located below.. Hope to see you there. As always, bring food and a smile. 8) Location details for the Riverside park site are below: Located at the orange teardrop marker on this map- https://goo.gl/maps/6T8du Approximate grid coordinates are: Degrees Lat Long 19.9185000°, 099.8384800° Degrees Minutes 19°55.11000', 099°50.30880' Degrees Minutes Seconds 19°55'06.6000", 099°50'18.5280" Google Street View of the entrance to the park is here- https://goo.gl/maps/ZBFRvi4vzBJ2
  9. scorpio1945

    buy potato flakes?

  10. scorpio1945

    buy potato flakes?

    For sure it is there. We have bought at least ten different times. Phonetically wife says "man falang boat"
  11. scorpio1945

    buy potato flakes?

    Tops Central Mall
  12. Not true. I was able to sell my house using a "Notary Services Attorney". It may not be universally accepted in the US but it will work in many cases. Just have to check first.
  13. What qualifies it as a TRAP???
  14. scorpio1945

    Help three Cats in a Basket

    Very kind of you.
  15. I have heard much cruder language among women talking among themselves.