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  1. scorpio1945

    Travel agent in Chiang Rai

    My wife sent her family ,5 people, on a trip to Japan. because they needed Thai speaking escorts. They used Tourkrub.com. They were quite satisfied with no problems. Do not know if they have English guides.
  2. scorpio1945

    Internet Problem Chiang Rai

    " I correct via router to my hosts computer." I am guessing you are connecting to the Internet via the wireless router not your hosts computer. If I interpret correctly the wireless router is 20-25 meters away. Not an impossible distance to hardwire but you are the only one who can decide if practical. As stated, reseting the router by unplugging is sometimes the only fix. If you can see the lights, there are normally 4 that are on or blinking if all is well. . Click the wireless icon in the bottom right of computer to check connection and strength.:jap:
  3. scorpio1945

    Internet Problem Chiang Rai

    If you are totally clueless to the questions asked, there are computer techs that will come to your location if in the city, and see what the problem is for a reasonable fee. The HP shop behind Overbrook hospital for one. The trick is having a Thai interpreter and telling him what the problem is in terms he can understand.:jap:
  4. scorpio1945

    Tool Rental In Chiang Rai-Why Not?

    Most people here start businesses with a dream not a solid business plan. :jap: .