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  1. Marketability Is Clearly Exaggerated. Money In Closed Envelopes. Most Imminent Condo Emergency. More Inevitable Chinese Excess. This game is fun!
  2. Govt approves 10 year visas for foreigners over 50 

    Famous old quote about Thailand: "Thailand usually does the right thing in the end. But not before considering all other options." Not so sure if it still applies though.
  3. Last week I upgraded my LG G4 to Android 6.0. Been having serious issues since (phone calls & camera not working), so I want to revert to 5.1. LG's own software for reinstalling the OS seems to be for PC only - I have a Mac. Does anyone know of a *competent* repair shop (Tukcom?) that can reinstall Android 5.1 on my phone without destroying it? TIA