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  1. I have just watched an interview on YouTube(Joe Rogan) on stem cell treatment. It seems amassing.Then I saw the Regeneration Center in Bangkok and have filled out there online form. They will contact me soon. I just opened this post to see if anybody has any information about them.Are they good or can anybody recommend a better place to go. The price is going to be important for me.If anybody knows a cheaper place to get stem cell treatment I would love to know.
  2. chiangrai

    Thai wiring.

    O.k I get the message. But what I want to do is is put one junction box on an existing wire and taking one wire off of it and put a socket/outlet on it. Junction box--wire--wall socket. So it will be 3 wires that I have to join together not 4.I have wire nuts and the above wire connectors. Which is best or should I buy some other product online.
  3. chiangrai

    Thai wiring.

    I have some of those(above wire connectors) and a junction box but how do I join 4 wires together. Do I need different connectors than above.
  4. chiangrai

    Thai wiring.

    In Europe green and yellow striped is earth so I presume it's the same in Thailand but we don't have grey and black so I was wondering if anybody knows what the Thai colors represent Yes,connecting the extension to the original wire is a bad idea because have different wire types. The original wire has one wire that is hard core and the extension doesn't. Sorry I can't send photos,never learnt that one. Me Missus uses extension leads like crazy.She has them going every where.Extension leads pluged into extension leads. Inthe west we frown on thatbdon't we.For what reason exactly...........fires
  5. chiangrai

    Thai wiring.

    In the twisted ball there are 3 colors of wire,green and yellow striped,grey and black. What do these colors mean. If I was to plug in the extension it would use one of the spaces in the all ready overloaded 3 flat pin Thai socket. I want to take away the Thai socket and replace it with my extension socket but I ddin't know how to connect them.The original wire is flat shaped and the lead for the extension is round but I think they both have 3 wires. Should I try to connect the lead with the original wire or connect the existing wire to the socket itself. I have a few junction boxes and wire connectors lying around.
  6. chiangrai

    Thai wiring.

    I had a house built last year but ran out of money before it was finished so when the electrician was here I just got him to put in 3 wall sockets/outlets. He brought the electricity into the house and the meter and fuse box(don't know the American English for fuse box) look fine.Then he took a single wire coming out of the fuse box and it all looks fine until that wire becomes 3.He didn't use a junction box or anything,he just joined the 4 wires together with insulation/electrical tape. So there is a big ball of wires and insulation tape which looks totally unprofessional to say the least. Is this safe.Does it just look ugly but is actually safe and sound and should I just let well enough be or should I try to put something better in it's place. Then when he put in the wall sockets he put in 3 tiny Thai sockets which can take 3 of the tiny flat 2 pin Thai plugs.I want to change these to something decent.I have an extension lead which I bought and I'm wondering if I can use the socket/outlet on it for a wall socket. It's the best socket I've seen in Thailand.Three universal sockets in it all with lights and all good quality, They hold the plugs really well. Can I do that,can I connect the extension lead which is also a surge protector to the wall and to the existing wire. As you can tell I'm not an electrician and I know that the first thing you will say is get an electrician. I live in the mountains and it's really difficult to find a good one.There are electricians but they are cowboys. I actually think the safest thing to do would be for me to do the job with the help of this forum.
  7. chiangrai

    Dentures-Soft Reline Products.

    Thanks Sheryl, I haven't seen them in Thailand either just people reviewing then on YouTube.I presume they are for sale online. They say that they are better than going for a soft reline to your dentist and that you don't have to use any Pollident with them. I would love to have one of these products reccomened before I choose one based on youtube reviews.
  8. I got my first pair of dentures a few months ago.They are terrible. I have to use pollident before every meal. I just used a small town dentist not a specialist but I know that I can go back to him for a soft reline but I see on youtube that there are many products to DIY soft reline. Can anybody maybe recommend one of these products or should I go back to the dentist.
  9. chiangrai

    War on Contect Menus.

    I would love an expert to take over this computer. It is a cheap netbook but I got the Thai Guy in the shop where I bought it to put in an ssd,thinking he couldn't mess it up,but he did. He used Spico or something as drivers which I'm told is not good. I would love someone to take over this computer and straighten out the driver issue.Also the ssd won't support rapid mode. This is all beyond my limitations but I would love someone to fix all these isues but it would have to be done remotely because there are no farangs where I live.
  10. chiangrai

    War on Contect Menus.

    I have opened that box but all the tabs are blank I cannot restore to a previous setting.
  11. chiangrai

    War on Contect Menus.

    Thanks scottiejohn. I am on windows 10 and have not created a recovery disk. I have opened task manager but can't find recovery mode.
  12. chiangrai

    War on Contect Menus.

    O.k.....I went a bit crazy in shellmenuview,now I cant open any folder at all. Can't open controle panel to reset. what a mess..........
  13. chiangrai

    War on Contect Menus.

    Thanks livram but thats the kind of advice I've got before and I tried to follow it but never got anywhere. This time I'm trying to get specific instructions on how to remove items one by one So when I right click on a video file which is set to open with potplayer the first few lines on the context menu are open play with potplayer add to pot player playlist, f some one could walk me through how I can remove these few first I would be very thankful . And thanks for humoring me with this simplistic post,you're very gracious.
  14. chiangrai

    War on Contect Menus.

    My right click contect menus are really long and I prefer them really short. I have tried to do this before but could never figure it out. People have given me the names of programs to use but I could never get them to work, so I need to ask for instructions line by line to get these menus under comtrole. So when I right click on a video file which is set to open with potplayer the first few lines on the context menu are open play with potplayer add to pot player playlist, If some one could walk me through how I can remove these few first I would be very thankful . And thanks for humoring me with this simplistic post,you're very gracious.
  15. chiangrai

    Tramadol Withdrawals

    I think I've been taking gabapentin for about 9 months at 1800mg a day so I should definitely try to ween my self off of it slowly. I still haven't found alternative medicines for both gaba and eventually amitripuline. Krathom sounds good but it's illegal in Thailand.Does any one know what the out come would be if they found some Krathom being shipped to me in the post. Hypothetically speaking you understand. Or any thing that is less harmful than Gaba or amitripiline.