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  1. I would like to buy some stuff off of Amazon but none of the products I want ship to Thailand. I have seen some companies on YouTube saying that they ship to Thailand for you if you buy in America.They don't give their prices though. So before I go searching through their websites trying to find their prices I thought I'd ask here. I'm just talking about small things,mainly clothes. What are they like when you just want a pair of jeans sent over or just the odd little thing that you can't get on eBay. Maybe you know a better way than these companies........
  2. YouTube Subtitles

    Every time I open A video on YouTube it has subtitles. Every time I turn them off they come back when I open the next video. How do I turn them off for good.
  3. My Big Toe

    O.k...I will see a doctor...I was just wondering why Tylenol took the pain away if it's an infection......and also what caused it..... I will ask the doctor of course but I mightn't get the best answer.
  4. Yes that's what I'll have to do. It wouldn't be so bad if I could use the local ATM anytime the wife was out and I had no mobile phone. Being in a refugee area and not having a cell phone is what's making it difficult. It's no big deal I just thought I would ask some people if there was a better way. I did a post last week about international transfers and I found Transferwise. I just thought there might be the same improvement with Transfers within Thailand.
  5. O.k,just to make it clear.......I am paying Thai people in Thailand with Thai Baht from my Thai bank account. I'm not doing anything international. PayPal sounded right except that some people don't take PayPal transfers in Thailand. Can I get the bank to notify me by email instead of by phone.
  6. I think that PayPal seems like the way to go. Do I have to go into the bank to set up a PayPal account linked to my debit card.Does everybody in Thailand accept PayPal. I still haven't had time to look into Transferwise.
  7. Yes,I am using my KTB debit card what other way is there to pay online. Can I link my card to a Paypal account and have PayPal pay and not ask for any OTP.
  8. O.k...I've just come out of the dark ages with my international bank transferrs. I just discovered Transferwise last week on this forum. They are fantastic for international transfers. Do you know how much they charge. I was also asked when I opened an account if I wanted PayPal on it. Can it be done on PayPal too and how do the charges compare with Transferwise
  9. I know about the ATM method but my only local bank is a Thai Military bank and won't allow you to do it unless you have a Thai Military Bank account. I live in an area where there are many refugees and yaa baa smugglers near the Burmese border.It's a high security area.I have to drive for 2 hours to get to an ordinary bank or ATM. But thanks for the try.......
  10. What about PayPal or Transferwise or like my Irish bank which gives me a card reader. Any way which doesn't involve a mobile phone.I also have a Bangkok bank account, do they use a phone as well.
  11. My Big Toe

    This is painful when you touch it and sometimes flares up very painful.
  12. My Big Toe

    Some thing is wrong with my big toe nail. It looks like the nail is dyeing. It has gone brown and yellow and seems like there is an inflammation under the nail. At first I thought it was an infection but I took paracetemol when it became painful and the pain went away which I took to mean that it was an inflamation and not an infection. It's usually only painful when you press it but twice it got painful and I took paracetamol (Tylenol). What do you think it is...........?
  13. This is a really basic question. What's the easiest was to send money to people within Thailand. I'm transferring money with my Krung Thai Bank online banking system. They need to send me a code on a mobile phone. I don't have a mobile phone so I have to use my wife's Is there an easier way to transfer money from my laptop at home to other people in Thailand.
  14. I want to set up a regular payment to a charity in Bangkok. It's the "Mercy Center" and it has a big website with a special page for donations but it wants USD. I have an Irish bank account in Euros and a Thai bank account. What is the best way for me to donate. I don't want my Euros to be changed into Dollars and then the charity have to pay again for it to be changed into Baht. Should I try to find a way to pay in Baht or continue with the donations page on the website. Which is best for the charity.