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  1. so are stainless steel wood screws better
  2. It's an impact driver I'm using so there is no clutch,there is an adjustment that can be made it seems like a gear adjustment but it could be tork. When I'm down to the last bit left it is way too tight to tighten it by hand.
  3. I mean "brass like" or "brass coloured".The self drilling screws for metal are made of tougher material than the wood screws thats why they don't shear inside the Phillips head. I'm not talking about screws that are literaly made from brass. This waxing or bar soaping sounds good. As for tork.It's an impact driver not a drill that I'm using.It has adustable settings,would thet be for tork.
  4. I startled using the self tapping screws for metal when all the stainless steel wood screws were shearing inside the phllips head. I changed because the screws were made of better metal not because they were better suited to wood. Ideally I would use wood screws made of the better "brass like" material but I haven't seen them for sale.
  5. Are these hex head screws easy to find in thailand. What colour are they.
  6. I hope I'm describing the type of screws properly. I don't know what they're called in English,the Thais call them "screws to be used with metal" .They use them when working with box metal.They are brass colored with Y heads.They are not conical like wood screws. Are these better.Do even these come in good and bad quality.
  7. I was drilling a pilot hole first.It would be actually smokind when I pulled it out. Are there good screws available in Thailand.Or what kind are the least bad.
  8. was driving screws into wood the other day and the heads kept breaking off. I was using self drilling brass coloured screws which I think are for metal. I was using them with a Makita impact driver.I have been using this combination for years with no problems. The head would break off when the screw was "home" if I didn't stop immediately where as before they wouldn't. What could have happened.What screws are best to use in Thailand.I started using these screws when I found that the ordinary stainless steel ones were stripping.
  9. Is there any way to loose the fluid retention..
  10. I have Fibromyalgia and have been taking Gabapentin for about six months. I got really fat and went on a diet about 2 months ago. I haven't lost any weight,I think it's the Gabapentin. I have been reading forums about this problem. Some say change to Cymbalta as it doesn't cause weight gain. I am also taking Amitripiline and Tramadol. My main question is can is Cymbalta sold in Thailand and how much does it cost but I am open to any other advice on different medicines that I could replace it with..
  11. I got an Acer R3-131T
  12. Is there a limit to how much physical RAM on that can be installed on my machine. What is the minimum extra I need on top of my existing 2GB. How much does it cost. And is there a big difference in speed when rapid mode is activated.
  13. Thanks RichCor, Do you mean that I have to have actual hardware RAM installed and then set virtual RAM back to default and toss the video.
  14. My SSD software says "available RAM is less than the minimum memory required(2GB).Rapid mode can not be enabled. In my SYSTEM it says "installed RAM 2GB-!.83 useable. I have changed the virtual to max 4000mb and 8000mb min. What do you think of this video. Also why can't I get Classic Shell to install without activating my new settings.
  15. I had a Samsung SSD put into my Netbook. Than I downloaded the Samsung software to optimize the SSD's performance, It told me that my computer didn't have enough RAM for what they called "rapid mode". I know of three ways to increase RAM.The first is have it installed by a professional.The second is increasing virtual RAM in SYSTEM, which I think I've all ready done.And the third way is in this video. My problem with this method is that when he says to open windows memory diagnostic I find that I have deleted it from my classic shell start menu. I have tried uninstalling classic shall but it still has the same settings when I reinstall it. I know that I haven''t given all the information you need to tell me what to do so please ask but what is the easiest way out of this problem. and the third is