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  1. Matress-buy online.

    Ikea have writen back to say they don' do online purchases. So that's that. So where else can I find this type of mattress. There is a Homepro and a Central in Chiang Rai would they have one,must check and see. Where else..........Lazada......Ebay......
  2. Matress-buy online.

    Ikea have a lot of delivery options on there web site so I wrote to them. I suppose I won't get a reply untill after Song kran. Does KERRY actually do pick ups if you contact them....
  3. Matress-buy online.

    Yes that sounds exactly whet I'm looking for....... but there is no Ikea in Chiang Rai. I nearly would go to Bangkok instead of buying these 15 inch monstrosities for 10 to 20 grand. Any one know a way to get the ikea mattress to Chiang Rai without going to Bangkok. Or some where else that sells the same thing.
  4. Matress-buy online.

    A few years ago I bought a mattress in Taiwan. It was made of 3 layers of foam and abut 3 inches high; It was really comfortable. I am looking for something similar.Some companies squash their mattresses into a small box and ship it to you.At least they do in America. Does anybody know where I can get one of these mattresses. 3 to 6 inch high and super comfortable. Preferably online but I would actually travel to get one if I had to...
  5. Thtroid-S,what dose.

    Yes it was me who diagnosed my fibromyalgia.And no there arnen't any minibus going from where I live to the city.. Seemes like a trip to the city is needed. Thanks every one for your help.
  6. Thtroid-S,what dose.

    i am in chiang rai province but it's 2 hours drive on my little motor bike and i'm in no shape to drive back the same day
  7. Thtroid-S,what dose.

    Thanks all of you, what kind of a laboratory can do the test my doctor says to go to the government. hospital,but being sick i don't want to wait all day.
  8. Thtroid-S,what dose.

    I realize that Thyroid-s is not a treatment for fibromyalgia. But I've read that hypothyroid is the main cause of fibromyalgia. I would stop at the slightest hint of any of the unwanted side effects. It would be very difficult to go to the city and stay overnight and queue at the hospital with fibromyalgia and my little motorbike. If after a week the thyaroid-s doesn't work i would go to the hospitaland get theese blood tests. I know that the tests are accurate it's the dosage that the doctors prescribe that's hit and miss
  9. Thtroid-S,what dose.

    O.k, I appreciate what you say but...... I see even doctors online saying that the blood tests are no good. It's such an individual thing that doctors say that the doctors are just guessing. Even people with thyroid problems get a clear test. I feel like trying Throid-s for a week to see if it does any good. What harm could I do in a week
  10. Thtroid-S,what dose.

    I have fibromyalgia and want to see if Thairoid-S will help but I can't understand the recommended dose.I want to buy Tyroid-s. On the website that sells it it says each tablet contains 38mcg of T4 and 9mcg of T3 but the recommended dose is 30-250 mg.can any body figure out how many tablets and how many times a da should I take.; I am 64kg weight and 52 years old.Male 5 foot five tall I know what a lot of you will say.I should go to the hospital and get a blood test but I've seen online that.This medicine is good for 70 percent of people with hypothyroid and I want to try it first because it is really difficult for me to get to a hospital and wait for blood te. Would love some advice on this one.
  11. Circular Saw-Rip Fence

    "MDF and OSB also works great." Is that what you mean at about 30 seconds. Do you mean that MDF or OSB won't shrink. What do these and the plastics cost. Thanks for your help.
  12. Circular Saw-Rip Fence

    I wish I could send a photo but I don't know how. It's the kind where you make it and leave the base too big, Then trim it off with the circular saw you will be using it with. So it is set perfectly for that blade on that saw. Don't know how this would work with metal or anything that couldn't be cut with a wood blade.. Suppose you would just have to measure it. Is there a plastic that could be used. I need an 8ft,5ft and a3ft.I will have to buy a sheet of something
  13. Circular Saw-Rip Fence

    I've never used conwood but I've used another cement board. That was kind of cheap and crumbly and might not last,is conwood crumbly. If not then it sounds good
  14. Circular Saw-Rip Fence

    I got a circular saw last year and went on Youtube and found some videos on it. I made these rip fences with plywood that they recommend. They were great for months but now they have shrunk. I want to make new ones but don't know what to use. Is there a material that won't shrink that would suit this job. Why didn't the guys on Youtube mention this,they were good carpenters.
  15. Put a Window in the Roof.

    I hope this thread has not gone dead. Any advice anyone. Can I go to homepro and get a velux type thing for a reasonable price. Or should I get somehting purpose built at the wood dealers. Should I do dormer style or not. Can I fit it myself or do I need a carpenter. Where do I start.What would you do.