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  1. Head Lamp Tweak.

    Can it be done and if not why. Are there other headlamps on the market that have 2 switches. Hope I don't sound too obsessive but I use it all evening, every evening.
  2. Head Lamp Tweak.

    I bought a headlamp on ebay and use it all the time because out house isn't fully wired yet. It's a cheap Chinese one but it works fine and is really bright. The thing is that it has 6 settings and you have to cycle them around every time you turn the lamp on. I brought it into a shop that fixes such things and asked the guy to put a switch on it where I could just use that switch instead and leave the original switch at my favorite setting.He said it couldn't be done but I didn't understand why.
  3. Box Metal,how to prime.

    The metal is outside and there is rain in the forecast. Will it make the wiping difficult tomorrow if the metal is wet.
  4. Box Metal,how to prime.

    Just met the Thai welder.He says you have to wipe it with a dry cloth first or the primer wont stick.
  5. Box Metal,how to prime.

    Oh thank God......I was not looking forward to washing those lengths with petrol. It's against my religion but I'm still going to put the primer on top of the oil. Maybe I've been in Thailand too long........
  6. Box Metal,how to prime.

    That's what the Thai guy said.He said" I should prime them first so he wouldn't leave dirty hand prints all over the place". I didn't know what he was talking about because I didn't know that the metal would be oiled. I bought lots of metal before and it was never covered in oil. Would it not be better to buy metal that didn't have oil. Does any one know why this batch was covered in oil and what would happen if I just put the primer down on the oil.
  7. Box Metal,how to prime.

    What the hell do the Thais do. What would happen if you put the primer on top of the oil.
  8. Box Metal,how to prime.

    Thanks mate,but what a bloody job.
  9. Box Metal,how to prime.

    I ordered some of lengths of box metal and have a welder coming soon to put a little loft bed above the living room. I was thinking that I would get him to do the job and then sand and prime the metal myself. But they just arrived and are covered in oil.The welder was saying to prime the metal before he comes so they wouldn't get their hands and the living room dirty when they were working. I didn't know what he was talking about until I saw the metal arrive. Is that what I should,prime the metal before it goes in the house. Is that what the Thais do. Is that what we do in the west.
  10. Stick Foam to Wood

    Thanks Crossy, I wouldn't have thought of that.The last time I used Double Sided Adhesive it had just come out and was crap. But as I see on Ebay it has come a long way since then. Extreme heavy duty and the like.
  11. Stick Foam to Wood

    Simple Question. I have a foam yoga mat and I want to attach it to a piece ply board so I don't have to roll it out every time I use it. What is the best way to attach it. If it's to glue it what is the best glue... If it's to staple it,what size staples and where do I get the stapler.
  12. Reinstall Windows 10..

    I think I am going to back out of this post now.I think it's turned into to much of an argument but I really appreciate every thing every body's done for me. I have to go away for a few days tomorrow and when I come back I will open a new thread and have a clear idea of what I want to do. I would like to get a proper installation of windows and sort out any driver problems. I learned that from this post.But now it's time to take a break and let tempers cool. Thanks for all your help......much appreciated.
  13. Reinstall Windows 10..

    O.k.......so that wasn't meant to be............ lets move on........ how can I fix this machine.....
  14. Reinstall Windows 10..

    I'm listening.........what was the question.......
  15. Reinstall Windows 10..

    So the External Hard Drive works fine on another laptop. Going from folder to folder is really fast and so far it's not skipping from video to video. What next.......I'm not going to take sides in any argument....... I would like to get a proper installation of Windows 10.... I never argued with that I just thought it wasn't possible. If somebody can walk me through it then that would be great. Lets go.......