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  1. New Dentures

    I got dentures for the first time about 10 days ago. The top set is fine but the bottom set is giving me trouble. I have to use polident but it seems to dissapear. If I apply it just before a meal it's fine but I will have to apply more by the time I eat my next meal or the dentures will come loose as I eat. I drink a lot of coffee and chew gum maybe that's it. I tried not chewing gum but it had no affect.Could it be the coffee. If I went back to the dentist could he adjust them or are they fixed permanently. Any ideas anybody........
  2. Staining Bamboo

    I got a tin of walnut wood stain and gave it one coat and it worked perfectly.
  3. Staining Bamboo

    The beauty of the bamboo is already gone. It's had 12 coats of redwood stain on it. I know you must be thinking why did I do that. I reckoned that the blond bamboo would clash with all the redwood in the room and I still think that. But the redwood stain just won't go dark it just stays red and streaky.On the 2 other types of wood it went a beautiful rich dark tone after 3 coats. All I can think of doing is to put a coat of teak or mahogany stain to try and make it dark.
  4. Staining Bamboo

    Is there some reason why bamboo didn't take the stain as well as wood. I'm thinking of putting a teak stain over it. I'm surprised nobody knows this material it's standard material for the professionals doing old world resorts
  5. Staining Bamboo

    That's sound good "grollies". What would that do. Would it change the appearance of what's underneath which is still blotchy. What kind of varnish should I use.
  6. Staining Bamboo

    I started painting and decorating a house a while ago and have run into a problem. There was some redwood window and door frames and I stained them with "redwood deck stain" and they turned out beautiful. There was some fiberboard and I used the same stuff on that and it turned out beautiful as well. Then there was a large vaulted ceiling lined with the thin bamboo sheeting that you see above and I tried it on that and it turned out terrible. I don't know if you know this material.It's called "maai at Lampoon".You find it in the shops that sell bamboo and cheap wood for about 350bht per sheet. It's great gear really cheap and gives things a natural look. Anyway,I tried 3 coats of Matt redwood deck stain and it came out terrible so I gave it another 3 coats and it looked less terrible. I've now given one patch about 12 coats,it's starting to look O.K but not great. When I say giving it a coat I mean with the brush not the western way with cloth.I don't think Thai wood stain is meant for that. Am I missing something.Do I keep giving it more coats of stain or stop and varnish or put on wood polish or something. I'm at a loss and it's a big ceiling,anybody got any advice.
  7. What is an average interest rate in Thailand or Europe.
  8. That means that the savings accounts that I already have in Thailand and Europe already do compound interest I just need to find out what the frequency of compounding is. Do some banks have different frequency's for different savings accounts What about the interest rate doesn't that differ.
  9. By any bank does that include my bank in Europe,Bangkok bank and Krung Thai Bank. What are these accounts called.What do I ask for at the counter or look for in online banking.
  10. I am Reading a Dave Ramsey book about personal finance where he advises you to save money where you can get compound interest. He doesn't explain exactly where you can get this compound interest.He uses some acronyms that only an American would understand, one of them being IRA which is highly misleading if you come from where I come from. However,does anyone know where I can get this kind of interest either here or back in Europe.
  11. New Speaker System won't work.

    I really didn't know that.I thought I had to pay for the postage back. I'm really embarrassed to say this but I've found the problem.I had the wire that goes from the earphone jack to the subwoofer wrong way round. I had the jack that goes into the earphone going into the subwoofer and visa versa. How frightfully embarrassing....... It's an amazing sound out of such a small system..... 1400bht. Thanks Guys.Sorry for the wind up.
  12. New Speaker System won't work.

    Thanks for your help Jai Dee. There is only one port that the system jack will go into and that's the headphone jack so it must be the right one. Adjusting the remote volume control is when this shrill moaning sound happens. It's weird when I play an audio and still haven't turned on the volume switch on there is sound coming out of the speakers.There is no green light on the volume switch but if you put the speaker to your ear you can hear the audio. Turn on the volume switch to full volume and nothing happens.The green light comes on but the volume of the audio in the speaker is really low. Play with the volume switch and the moaning noise comes out out of the subwoffer. In fact when you play with the volume switch when there is no audio playing the noise comes out of the subwoofer. Can any body diagnose the problem given these symptoms. The main thing I want to rule out is that it's not a problem with my laptop or my OP.If that's the case I can bring it to a shop that fixes speakers and not a computer repair shop. Thanks for the help guys.Much appreciated.
  13. New Speaker System won't work.

    I got the speaker showing in the taskbar. I right click on it and a list comes up, Open Volume mixer Spatial sound(none) Playback devices Recording Devices Sounds Trouble shooting sound problems.
  14. New Speaker System won't work.

    Sorry but I don't have a smart phone and wouldn't know how to use it if I had I'm afraid. There also is no speaker icon on the task bar.I tried to find it but couldn't.