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  1. The nail varnish remover is working well. I must be careful with all the different with all the different types all surfaces. The paint is on Fiberglass,metal,chrome and the vinayl seat. If all else fails I will go to the Spray shop. Thanks for the help,guys.
  2. The alcohol helps but it's still slow. I will get nail polish remover tomorrow and give it a try. Clay bar is cheap on eBay from china if all else fails.
  3. I've done something stupid and left my motorbike too close to a wall that I was painting and now it's got paint on it. I was painting a wall with water based paint and a roller and didn't see the tiny little dots of paint that were landing on my motorbike. The dots are coming off with my finger nail but it would take a days work to get them off that way. I had it washed but the dots are still there. Does any body have a solution to this problem. Maybe there is a type of thinners that would do it. Or a certain kind of shop that would take them off for me. It was stupid I know but what's done is done... Does any body know how to get out of this mess....
  4. I got to the place where it says "you may not be able to see the EMAIL button,you may need to enter your email address and click O.K. Where do you enter your email address.
  5. When I try to put in my old password it sais it's invalid. Then when I try to change the password I'm asked to give the recovery address. The email account that I gave them 10 years ago hasn't been used for years and the say they don't recognize it. Does anybody know a way around this.
  6. I can't sign in to my Yahoo Mail account. They are saying something about security issues and my password is invalid. I've followed the links to "Help" and "info" but can't make head nor tail out of it. Does anybody know what to do.
  7. I've been away for a while and have neglected this post, hope it hasn't gone dead. Does anybody know what price these tests are.I took the missus for a test in Siburin before and found out later that they over charged me. I want to know the price first this time. Or I might go around and check the hospitals first.
  8. I need to get blood tests done. For Testosterone and maybe some more. Does anybody know the best place for this. I'm told that the government hospital does it,is that true. If so will there be large queues there. As an after thought also need to buy Cymbalta. If any one knows a chemist that sells it.
  9. Does anybody know how much Androgel costs per month and how hard is it to get.
  10. The thing about these Testocaps is that they are the first oral testosterone that doesn't damage the they say..... That's how there marketed.............. They're reall convenient and I would want a really good reason to change from them
  11. O' too sum it up..... Go to a hospital...... Get tested for Testoserone Estrogen... Prostrate Cancer Then decide whether to try injections,gels or keep using the pils. I use Hom Testocaps at 300bht for 30 if that's a help to anyone. How expensive are these testosterone injections. What about Human Growth Hormone is that expensive in Thailand. Thanks for the advice.............. What about
  12. I better start by saying that I am not a weightlifter. I have Fibromyalgia and have been trying all different medicines for years without much luck. About a month ago I tried Testocaps and have noticed an improvement. I take 4 capsules a day.That's about 1000bht a month. What I would like to know is what is the next step up.If testosterone works then maybe other hormones would work or maybe more testosterone,I don't know. Should I go to a HRT clinic or a hospital. Price and safety are important to me.I really don't want a hormone crash. I'm 50 years old and live in Chiang Rai. What would you do....
  13. Right, The thing is the door is the third door in a set of 2 double doors.I have done the others and they are fine. So plastic doors are not an option. Dowels and glue was the better idea that I knew somebody would have but I will leave it off for at least until the rainy season. I will try the brackets with long screws and the panels will strengthen it more. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. I don't mind a bit of maintenance with wooden doors, I do mind the price though. I'm going to try to save the day with corner brackets on the inside and maybe even some flat brackets on the outside. Unless some one has a better idea
  15. There is no strike plate on the door.There are no locks at all yet. The door is falling apart.The 2 sloped lenghts of wood have fallen out.There is a lot of movement in all the right angled joints.