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  1. Pressure Pump For Shower.(not working)

    There was a Thai Guy just here and he told me to rip out the PVC that goes into the last foot of the water heater and replace it with a "thaw nam cow nam yen"which is the flexable pipe that you see going into all wash hand basins in Thailand. Then I would be able to inspect the water going into the water heater when ever I want,like tomorrow. I will be back on the job tomorrow,I have no time this evening ,I have some thing else that I have to do. Crossy thanks for your help.I checked the big red thing and it seems to just unscrew from the machine and is only held in place by that.I will check it tomorrow after I check the outlet from the pump. As for the pressure switch,I don't even know where it is. We had a water cut out yesterday and I think the level of the tank went down in the afternoon after we checked it in the morning,lowering the water pressure and that 's what was causing the hose pipe to collapse.What ever it was the problem is gone. Good evening gentlemen,you will hear from me tomorrow no dout.
  2. Pressure Pump For Shower.(not working)

    O,K---The hose pipe has stopped collapsing up at the tank. It then runs down hill to the house where I have a valve before it enters the house and there is great water pressure there,it is a 3/4" pipe. So when I connect the inlet pipe and open it and go inside nothing happens. The pump cliks once and that's that.There is no water coming out of the shower heater.I can not disconnect anything,like the shower heater because every thing is set and glued in.
  3. Pressure Pump For Shower.(not working)

    . How do I fix the hose pipe so it doesn't collapse.
  4. Pressure Pump For Shower.(not working)

    This is the machine. When we hooked up the in-pipe and had just the pvc out-pipe left open(not connected to the shower heater) it worked fine.We thought all we had to do was attatch it to the shower heater. But it didn't work out that way. And yes Crossy,the hose seems to be collapsing at some time.I don't know what itdoes when the pipe is running. Most of it is under ground except about 2 meters from the storage tank.
  5. I have installed a "self priming peripheral pump" for my gas shower water heater. The water heater wasn't working because there was not enough water pressure. I have a large water tank slightly above the house and the whole house has gravity fed plumbing which works great except that it doesn't have quite enough pressure to run the gas shower water heater. The heater has it's own 3/4" pipe coming from the tank.It's a hose pipe not a pvc pipe except for the last few meters.I've just installed the pump myself and thought I got it right until I got to the last stage when all I had to do was prime and bleed it and off she would go but that didn't happen. The pump just clicks itself on and of every second.Click,click,click and no matter how I tweak it it won't run steadily. Any one know what I'm doing wrong.
  6. Can't Get Torrents

    Changed to Tixati and all is fine.
  7. Can't Get Torrents

    O.k-could it be utorrent,I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it .
  8. Can't Get Torrents

    I have been downloading torrents from The Pirate Bay up till a few days ago but when I tried tonight they start downloading and then they "error". Is it my machine or is something happening in torrentland.Big Brother working overtime or something.
  9. Anti Glare Screen Protector

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/2X-Clarity-Anti-Glare-11-6-Screen-Protector-For-Acer-R3-131T-ES1-131-ES1-111M/142121164150?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=441200996470&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I have an Acer R3-131T.I bought the "anti glare screen protector" in the link above. Then I brought it into the repair shop and he said it was too small for my screen. What should I do now.It looks like it's only a couple of mil short if at all. Should I try to fit it myself,bring it back to him and tell him to do it anyway or does some one know a better screen protector that I can buy.The one I bought seems a bit cheap and not meant to last long if they give you 2. I really need a high class anti glare screen protector.What to do..........
  10. Water Pump.

    I had a post already about this subject.I needed to buy a water pump to boost my water pressure going inta a gas shower water heater. At the moment the automatic cut off in the shower water heater kicks in and we can't have a hot shower. So I got some advice on what kind of pump to buy and headed for HomePro, looking for an inline,automatic pump which gives out a minimum pressure of 1 bar. This is what I came back with,an automatic,well pump which gives off 1 bar of pressure. I paid 2500bht for it.Is this the right pump..........there wasn't much of a choice. Please tell me it is because my wife has thrown away the box,the instructions and the receipt.
  11. Can't get Microsoft Edge to open on start up

    Well done RichCor,that worked perfectly.
  12. Can't get Microsoft Edge to open on start up

    I have done it Get Reals way.The icon is in the start up folder.I've gone to Task Manager and then to Startup and Edge was there and it was enabled. So I restarted the laptop but Edge didn't start on startup.When I disable it in the task manager it enables itself again when I close and reopen the task manager.
  13. Cicular Saw Blade Sticking

    I use it for external cladding.I sand and paint it and screw it to the outside of walls that have metal studwork holding the windows in place and giving my screws something to grip.I can't think of anything else to use it for.I wouldn't risk it on any load bearing jobs and you have to paint it,you couldn't stain it because the grain is ugly. But for cladding it looks really chunky and a lot more expensive than it actualy is. Have you used it yourself.
  14. I've got Windows 10 and I want to get Microsoft Edge to run on start up. I can't find the icon to move to the start up folder. I have Classic shell start menu that's why I can't follow the YouTube tutorials
  15. Cicular Saw Blade Sticking

    Thanks Wayned,I will get that one from Lazada. I got the durian wood about 3 months ago but I don't know how old it was then. I had to work today but I will try to cut well seasoned wood and plyboard tomorrow.