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  1. Odd that you believe in market forces but yet approve of disenfranchising the Thai people completely. Anyway, the rest of the world disagrees, because agricultural subsidies are the norm. The rest of the world also disagrees, because control over such a thing is democratic, not the opinions of a few self-elected elites forcing it down everyone else's throat. You want to see more industrialisation in Thai farming - ie. more done with fewer people. I'm sure the current regime and its supporters would like to do away with the peasantry completely and replace them with their own landed gentry - then the process would be easy. You have to know first what to do with the millions who are going to be suddenly displaced. The current plan is simply to keep them weak, for purposes of political control. Personally, I almost agree with you. Food should be much more expensive - but that's because I advocate population control and economic contraction, not because I want market forces to help churn out food more efficiently, or subsidies to keep food cheap. And then, I don't force my opinion on anyone.
  2. Good that somebody cares. Sentimentality is what will save us. At Angkor they've been restoring some of the ancient pavements. It's like cosmetic surgery - not only does it make the place look bland, it kills its historic integrity. No problem with them piecing together piles of rubble as they did in the past,, but they're now actually trying to improve the genuine bits. Big mistake.
  3. I respect more those who stay alive for the sake of others - especially those with six children. We all have our pain, often a lot worse than his. We deal with it - especially if we have six children. Respect is not obligatory - this is a news item for discussion, not a chapel of condolence.
  4. Has six children, then commits suicide? The act of an unseemly narcissistic malcontent.
  5. Largest crime rise in England and Wales for 10 years

    Prejudice is also Bayesian inference. A perfectly valid scientific method. Ignore the truth in generalisations and you'll miss the point completely.
  6. Largest crime rise in England and Wales for 10 years

    More like Bayesian inference.
  7. Supachai worried about Alibaba investing in Thailand

    It's a bit of a dilemma. Some things require a big operation to do all that it takes. When everyone uses one company because they're the best (such as Amazon, Google etc) they become monopolies by consumer choice. For some operations, they have to be big to become better, but then the benefits of competition are lost. By preventing an outright monopoly, the regulators might actually be holding things back, but that's not necessarily a problem. In this kind of business, the regulators should make sure that there are at least two big players (cf Microsoft and Apple) to keep each other on their toes. Btw, Supachai has been in the news regularly lately. Is he getting in position?
  8. Latimer Road fire: Huge fire engulfs west London flats

    If the rules and laws are already in place and are watertight, I readily concede, but as far as I understand it, the rules in Britain in this care are not clear - they are discretionary - they allow a variety of factors to be weighed and judgement to be exercised. This leeway is exactly what allowed the problem to occur - control was not tight enough. that's a governance issue.
  9. Your problem is that you see the phrase 'anti-zionism' as indicating that people hate the Jews. Your personal insecurity is of no interest to me. Nowadays, at least to me, anti-zionism relates not to Israel's right to exist (which is now de facto), but its continued occupation and persecution of Palestinians and its illegitimate creeping lebensraum campaign. We can call it 'anti-expansionism' if you prefer. So what is your position on 'anti-expansionism'? In the interest of world peace I have always acknowledged that Israel is a fait accompli, and that there's no sense in denying its right to exist, and I don't advocate that Palestinians do so - they've lost that battle. However, due to increasing global instability that this situation has caused (especially since 9/11), it's vital that Israel reins itself in and gives Palestine independence. It's always for the bigger side to offer the olive branch (to put it in terms they should understand). If they do that the hostility will melt away.
  10. You're so partisan it's hardly worth arguing with you. You are even reduced to denying that the Palestine conflict is of any importance. You are part of the problem. Palestine is at the root of Islam's damaged pride worldwide. Why exactly is anti-zionism toxic exactly? It's toxic only for the Israelis, the aggressors, and rightly so. The purpose of anti-zionism is to restore peace and stability to the world. My own nation, btw, was developed from out of the dirt over two thousand years by the people who still live there. If my nation was built on modern-day invasion of another country, I would hang my head in shame and join the hate movement against it. Israel needs to wake up. They are the cause of their own vilification. WWII earned the Jews only sympathy, and Hollywood was their PR machine for decades. But they've gone and blown all that goodwill. Everyone hated the Nazis for what they did (displacement, occupation, persecution); now people are hating Israel for what it is doing (displacement, occupation, persecution). What is Gaza but a giant concentration camp?
  11. How do you manage to overlook the fact that Israel has displaced and persecuted millions of people in its pursuit of 'self-determination'? It's not at all an issue of self-determination, but of invasion. And the displacement and persecution is ongoing. And it is causing global instability. Macron is another milquetoast politician who doesn't understand the underlying issues. That is bad news for world peace.
  12. Two German tourists stabbed to death on Egyptian beach

    I have a solution. It only requires political will on the part of western politicians. It won't happen yet - because they don't yet understand the root cause of the situation. Sociological studies will help. The quicker this is addressed, the less terrorism the west will have to endure. Eventually the west will get so fed up that they will realise the status quo is untenable. Once they fully understand, they will know that it's the only solution. It involves Palestine. Everyone else's solution - including everyone on here - is to whine in the hope that they stop it and be nice. The more you whine, the more they win. Their aim is to make you whine so as to bring about change. The west's sense of victimisation has to stop. They need to see it not as 'terrorism' (which is a victim's perspective), but as 'grievancism' and address it. You don't like that? Very well, carry on as before. I'll just sit and watch the carnage.
  13. Two German tourists stabbed to death on Egyptian beach

    I'm not looking for a grievance - I know exactly what is the cause of their low self-esteem. I seem to be the only one who understands. My assertion comes from empirical observation, plenty of reading, and extensive travels in Muslim countries before 9/11 when I found them almost excessively friendly and welcoming. The only place I met any hostility at all was at Hebron in the West Bank, where youths threw stones at me in the street and I had to run for it. They presumably thought I was Jewish, but that's perhaps a clue for you. And consider this: any group that has sufficient grievance will contain extreme elements who become terrorists. Even westerners. Remember Northern Ireland? They were British terrorists, bombing and murdering innocent victims. It's done because of a grievance. The west had better get over its own sense of insecurity and victimhood and start understanding the root cause of Muslim grievance or these attacks will carry on. I have a peaceable solution to stop the terrorism. I'm explained it many times and am not going to do so again here or people will start screaming that it's off topic. Do you have a practical, workable solution? Don't bother replying if you don't.
  14. Two German tourists stabbed to death on Egyptian beach

    Consider that 'jihad' wasn't an issue before 9/11. That is, anti-western jihad. Islam has lived in peace with the west for a long time. It's only recently that anti-western sentiment has taken off. The west needs to understand why the grievance now exists. They need to look to themselves.
  15. Two German tourists stabbed to death on Egyptian beach

    Well, my assertion is that this is not just generic 'jihad' but that there is a quite distinct grievance that's eating away at the Muslim psyche, though it's not immediately obvious to the Muslims or anyone else because of all the psychological and religious overlay - not to mention the insecurities and prejudices of the west that prevents them seeing it objectively - the west are too busy identifying themselves as victims. That's why these terrorists need to be psychologically analysed, to winkle the true nature of the grievance out of them. If you're familiar with my posts you'll know that I have elucidated this already - there is no mystery about it in my mind - but as the politicians aren't reading ThaiVisa, my chances of the Nobel Peace Prize are slim. There needs to be some published scientific studies, otherwise, without clear understanding of the nature of Muslim's grievance against the west, these attacks will go on.