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  1. just take the 7am flight to bkk and youll be fine
  2. 3rd schengen visa valid 3 years?

    thanks for the info
  3. hi, i know this post is old but here goes. we just got the same situation my partner got his 3rd schengen visa multiple entries validity for 3 years. so does this mean next year if we want to go to holland we dont have to go through the embassy again? maybe just get travel insurance?/ greetings rick
  4. hi, my boyfriend just got his 3rd multiple entry schengen visa and it is valid from now till nov 2020. we will go for 4 weeks next month. does this mean that if we want to go again in 2018 he does not have to apply for a visa again just get the travel insurance? thanks if anyone has any experience with this rick
  5. Fan Blade

    tesco lotus
  6. Certificate Of Residence: Another Change To Procedure

    i had 3 cor done last week in promonada just go to the shop in between the copy shop and immigration where a guy sits alone bring all the paper work etc pay 500 baht per original and pick up the next day rick
  7. Uber patrons in Chiang Mai

    have used uber a few times now and its great never had to wait more than 6 minutes for a ride in san sai noi the price to town was 77 baht rick
  8. Myanmar Visa in Chiang Mai

    just applied for evisa online had it in 24 hours easy
  9. residency letter

    is it still possible to get a residency letter at immigration for drivers license renewal? rick
  10. Ambiance Hotel

    the hotel is good but can be very noisy till 1am
  11. ok thanks will tell him
  12. it is chiang mai immigration @ubonjoe could i post this in chiang mai forum?
  13. this question is for a friend of mine he is over 50 and has a bank account together with his son with more than 2 million baht in it. will immigration accept that bank account for his extension renewel thanks rick
  14. when i fly short flights i normally use don mueng and with your membership card you are allowed to use the fast track lane at immigration without informing elite rick
  15. i think if he pays his half before you come what are you scared about? just see how it goes and enjoy rick