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  1. its located right in front of the immigration passport checks rick
  2. Buying Condo in CM Advice

    if it is a new project its a reservation fee than you pay some at contract signing and than some installments until delivery of the condo. no need for a lawyer for the transfer. you need the fet letter to show funds come from abroad rick
  3. Competent vet in CM?

    i have to agree dr nook very professional and fluent english rick
  4. professional pedicure

    thanks will contact him
  5. professional pedicure

    i have some problems with my feet and i would like to ask if anyone knows a professional pedicure, preferable in san sai area but town also good. thanks in advance rick
  6. Condo Rents Dropping?

  7. Condo Rents Dropping?

    the maintenance in view talay 2 is very good. just had 3 elevators renewed. good security, pool area well kept.
  8. my usurfruct stayed intact when i transferred the land to a company the only way it will be removed if i sign for it or die rick
  9. new year eve dinner

    rivermarket 3200thb pp buffet and free flow alcohol
  10. hi guys/girls, i am an eu citizen and live in thailand, me and my thai partner want to go to canada for a 3 week holiday. does anyone have any experience in getting a tourist visa. my partner has had many schengen visas already. thanks in advance rick
  11. Christmas wrapping paper

    the bookstore in festival 2nd floor. if you buy the wrapping paper there they wrap your presents for free
  12. Foreign currency account kasikorn

    Can someone tell me which kasikorn bank branch in pattaya opens FC accounts? Thanks
  13. the one i always use is almost opposit the postoffice on san sai road on the opposit side of the road they have the yellow sign as well. i give them the blue book and if done in the morning you can pick up your taxsticker and blue book the next day after 3pm i have used them for years never had any problems. also for bike tax renewal rick
  14. just take the 7am flight to bkk and youll be fine