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  1. captspectre

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    I don't think it is as much human rights as money and the famous "wai" Thai's are really reluctant to take live by legal means but they will kill you on the street in a hong kong minute! the vets refuse to put pets out of their misery because of "buddha" but will kill for any perceived loss of face! such is thailand!
  2. deputy prime minister? Bad Luck! the boy will probably not see the outside of jail for many years!
  3. seat belts anyone? they are free and just lay there.
  4. why do you want her "address"? it is none of your business where she lives outside thailand, the brits do not have the same idiotic law that says you have to notify them every ninety days!
  5. it would take at least two pages to reply to you but in a nut shell, I will never be fully accepted as a thai, I am respected because of my status, (big home, lots of money) I am respectful with them but I will never trust them and I do NOT loan them any money! if you do consider it gone as they have a mind set that if you loaned it to them you did not need it in the first place! bottom line, be polite, firm, respectful and do not drink with them or discuss politics with them and let them know by your actions and body language that you are here to stay and not to be treated like a tourist! you have one off the great things that the thai's do not have, a Passport! and you can leave if you chose to, most of them cannot do that.
  6. I for one am going to have to turn these people down! I did not drag my American butt over here to indulge in manual labor! been there done that! anything that has the four letter word in it does not apply to me. I get up when I want, go where I want, eat what I want and just generally enjoy my life! don't need any pin head offer me anything to do with work! they can keep there offer!
  7. affecting the image of pattaya? a whole bunch of men/boy homosexuals walking the streets at all times, grabbing your stuff and offering who knows what and then striking you when you turn the female wannabies down! it has gotten so bad that when I see one of them instead of shaking hands, i reach down to feel if they got a pair! the females do not mind but the "boys"? they go ape! pattaya's image will never change! to much money coming in!
  8. it is the gov't that YOU voted for! years ago the writing was on the wall for british military retirees but none gave a dam about them because they were busy importing the current batch of terrorist! now all the importe's get govt aid and housing and YOU gt the shaft just because you chose to exercise your god given rights to travel and live where you want.
  9. did that red bull punk also get a visa from the brits? he was reportedly seen in the UK just enjoying the hell out of himself.
  10. as per his advice, I DO! I DO! take private limo's everywhere I go, either that or a hotel car. so much easier and no hassles, money is not problem.
  11. the truck driver is full of it! there was no motorcycle! he was speeding to fast for the turn! he ought to have his ass thrown in jail, but you never know what ythe boys in brown will do!
  12. GOTTI! that is most certainly an irish name! the mafia has always been associated with the italians quit trying to troll,
  13. and a dam good one at that! don't put up with any bull sh-t and does make good canes!
  14. a million rats? who counted? is that a state run job? how much does it pay?
  15. I truly wish tha the thai s would STOP referring to their petty, cowardly gangs as mafia! they could not shine the shoes of a mafiosi and would run hell bent for their safe space! these punks are just gangs, plain and simple. John gotti would turn over in his grave seeing a bunch of punk thai's using the term.