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  1. oppose all they want, but the fact is she is out on bail and will stay out! money talks and Bu-- sh-- walks!
  2. Thailand and Bangkok in particular has been flooding for the past forty four years that I have been around the area.and EVERY governor has said that HE would solve the problem. when they had the klongs open it was not to bad, but when they filled a bunch of the in, well you see what has happened. it will never change.
  3. Will this apply to foreigners? I could make a decent living just taking photo's of bikes on the side walk between sukhumvit soi-4 and soi 11!
  4. The only thing that this Putt Putt will have with harley is the name! can you for a minute imagine a bunch of TRUE harleys being ridden in Thailand? you think the death toll is huge now!
  5. not hanging around, just staying at a hotel near a supermarket. I do not hang around the bars nor do I talk to any foreigner, I just sit around, drink my coke and watch people. it is facinating, try it sometime, you will see all kinds of human beings, some acting civilized and some being complete idiots.
  6. chances are that they are NOT tourist. but people who live and work in Thailand.
  7. now you are talking! Racist! that is what all fools resort to when they have nothing to say. it is not "racist" to call people out for what they are! just sit in any outside bar on soi 4 or soi cowboy and watch the sloppy looking homeless looking drunks walking the street talking their cockney accent. the truth hurts don't it? and I am used to taking a person at his word, not loosley, Ta Ta for now.
  8. haven't seen a "hundred" different nationalities, in the whole of thailand. what is the word "shed?" also the brits stand out because of their cockney accent, their dressing like homeless, their loud profane mouth! just sit at a bar on soi four and watch and listen!
  9. what you say is completely true! years go a friend of mine passed away in a bangkok hospital and they would not release the body until the spouse paid the bill! he had Military insurance and when the check arrived it was in his name! she had to pull some "thai" strings to get "him" to sign the check and het him out of the freezer and to the burner!
  10. yes forty years ago, what are you saying? no other forms of transportation?
  11. ever heard of a songtail? a taxi?even a samlor? there are other ways of getting around in thailand!
  12. Question of the day,what was he going to do with it? Thai and lao are the same DNA.
  13. Good to see a one on one fight!
  14. No, it is about two homosexuals trying to be normal by being "married" and what is a lady boy? is it a man selling himself? and what is "coupling"? do you know what the word means?