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  1. I am quite sure that the President is not losing any sleep on the scum bags he is offending! why in hell does an ex Gov't employee need a security clearance anyway? as a former federal employee I lost my clearance when I retired and it was automatic, i no longer had a need to know about what the Gov't was doing as far as my job was concerned, and all you trump haters? eat your hearts out! this man will be RE ELECTED in spite of all the trash talk going down! knock yourselves out with all the profanity and lies! I for one am enjoying it because it is bothering you all so much that you may need medical attention! and 2020? can't wait! but bumungrad does not handle trump deraangement syndrom!
  2. he says he is going to "fix the problem in how long? the question is HOW! there is no room for road expansion, even the side walks no longer really exist with the vendors taking up all the room, the poor man will NEVER be able to fix bangkok traffic unless a major disaster takes all the cars off the road!
  3. in a place that has at least five cat houses in every ban, good luck on banning sex among students!
  4. so! what were the girls doing there? practicing to be nuns?
  5. is that a side walk see on the right side? also I was always taught to walk facing traffic, especially in this country!
  6. you would think that the father would have enough sense to check his travel documents! there's one born every minute! also the boy should not have been allowed to travel when his passport was due to expire! I believe that you have to have at least six months remaining on your passport to travell.
  7. drunk driving! and hit and run is a CRIME in the UK! so what other excuse are they going to use? if they spent the same amount of time on this piss ant as they do on Yingluck her would have been in the slammer by now! I predict that he will NEVER stand trial in thailand, his daddy has to much money!
  8. captspectre

    Five loan-shark gangs busted in Krabi raids

    these loan shark ass holes are everywhere, especially in the north and northeast where the poor people are, the Thai's are afraid to report them because they will be killed, the police know about them but as usual do nothing about it!
  9. that's not david! that's Charlie Tuna in disguise! one born every minute!
  10. another brave limp dick son of a bitch!
  11. don't say it around a "white" boy who takes offense, you will get your clock cleaned!
  12. those "despots" would be glad to put your ass under the ground in a tic tock if they could get away with it.
  13. the foreigner had the bad manners of trying to drive in Thailand! in most every other civilized country the lawyers would be standing in line to sue the city for the pot holes! here they are decorations!
  14. why and what kind of male would need a russian to each him about sex? had to be a european, I learned about sex and where my pecker was supposed to go at 15! and if you want to know about sex positions there are no better teacher that the thai hookers! the energentic ones!
  15. captspectre

    Drunk Ratchaburi Man Wakes Up Without Penis

    Thai ducks have been known to scarf cranks! but mostly the ones that the thai women have thrown away after cutting them off!