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  1. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    I feel so much better now that all the arm chair falangs have solved the problem of bangkok flooding! why didn't I think of all these solutions? I know that the dear leader will give these post's their due attention! now back to the garbage in pattaya! with all these expats living in Thailand we don't need a U.N. just submit questions to thai visa,
  2. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    I do agree with the PM. in forty four years the Thai's have not been able to prevent flooding in bangkok and the rest of the country, one of the reasons is all the plastic and garbage plugging up the sewer systems.
  3. tranny? do you mean ladyboy? that's what they are called in Thailand and they are accepted as semi normal. I have seen more than a few "lady boys working in the stores who are ll dolled up with make up and nothing to go with it.
  4. OH NO! nigerians? are these the same people who have fled the country and left millions behind and all they need is you bank information and they will split it with you? mercy me!
  5. California burns: Where’s the president?

    Pssst- mtis, here's a secret for you, don't tell anyone because appearently only you know this, BUT obama is not president anymore, he was the golfer!
  6. California burns: Where’s the president?

    you mean like the photo youy posted? you are full of unreasonable hate and no amount of common sense will change tou so go on hate, it will eat you up someday. and americans in california? yes but some of the cockroaches have to be brought into the light and they GOT what they voted for. bad mouth trump than ask him to bail you out?
  7. California burns: Where’s the president?

    where is your facts? cnn? you are ate up with hate and no amount of common sense will get to you so go on, hate your heart out a believe all the dark forces that creep upon you at night. good luck! with that kind of hate you will not be around much longer.
  8. California burns: Where’s the president?

    california has been anti trump since he was elected, hollywood and the nightly so called comic programs hit him and ridicule him every night, he is called every name in the book by the california "elite" why should he even care about that cess pool of left wing liberal degenerates? Karma is a bitch!
  9. I do NOT drink, and I have seen coups the first one in 1972 or 73. was in the American armed forces then. one after the they they always promise the people better life but never get around to it. BUT when the people vote, they shoot themselves in the foot every time,they elected rich people who just get richer, police get more corrupt, before the dear leader a falang could buy his way out of ANY offense if he had enough money. the dear leader did not invent the national lottery, and the beach chairs were a local program. you really should know what you are talking about before trying to troll.
  10. I for one hope that the Dear Leader stays on! the Thai's are not now nor have they been ready for so called democracy. in the forty plus years i have been here there has been one coup after another and when they do manage to get a democratic gov't the crime goes up, the pay offs increase and the rich get away with murder. at least the dear leader has taken some action! that's my opinion.
  11. I took a page out of the Vietnam war and put some punji stakes INSiDE my property near my fence so that the burgulars would step on them when they jumped over the fence to rob my home!
  12. I was always told that foreigners could not own guns in Thailand! only Thai's could own guns and shoot each other! never heard of a foreigner shooting anyone in thailand. but the thai's hypocrites more than make up for it by killing each other with guns! i
  13. thai fighting reminds me so much of a bunch of kangaroos! just check it out. watch the hands and feet.
  14. I always thought that this was a degenerate mid east procedure. banned in the west. the thought that the Thai's do this is disgusting! wonder if this is wide spread in thailand ?