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  1. they have got this idiots car license, what are they going to do about it?
  2. I do believe that i see water in the background! having said that, i also believe that the stupid female foreigner should have a day in the slammer for being so calious and stupid!
  3. apologise to the rock, how does that work? sorry mr rock you were just so straight up in the air that I got excited! now i would like to know what kind of people chose to have a shrine of a pecker?
  4. Video shows Middle Eastern man attacking Thai massage girl

    did not look like the man "attacked" anyone! he was just sitting there probably discussing the price and the broad started with her kicking shit! she got what she deserved! when a woman raises her hand at a man without provication, then she deserves everything she gets!
  5. what's with all the tatto's? they think it looks sexy? wrong! looks like a walking bill board.
  6. this idiot should have the crap beat out of his sorry ass! and 500 baht? why not give him a ticket to fantasy world?
  7. not with my money! I didn't bring the idiot here and i sure as hell am not going to pay for him to leave.either he would get in touch with his family or get used to rice and fish!
  8. these lady boys are getting so beautiful that the only way you can tell now is instead of shaking hands, you have to have a "pecker" check! that is to reach down there and see if there is a pair!
  9. in answer to your question NO ONE has taught these fools anything! not even when they get their license! 266,000 deaths in a year is proof enough that they are not taught the rules of the road.
  10. everytime I get on the road i have to deal with mindless punks like the mc driver coming out to the main road. they never look right or left, never even see if it is safe. that's why when ever i get near any of them I lay on my horn! some of them give me the stink eye but i give it right back and slow down all the while looking them in the face!, as if i am going to blouse their stupid lips, usually that does it. but you can neve, never relax on the road here.
  11. there is an old,old, saying out there, it is: seek and you shall receive!
  12. don't know about you, but during the low season the prices have NEVER went up for me. could be that I am so pretty!
  13. black listed for "working" without a work permit? that's the Thai's for you! never mind prostitution, how would you get a work permit for prostitution?
  14. 3,000 baht at night? that's a tourist for you! always inflating the price! be glad when low season comes.
  15. this is one brave lady, she knew the emergency procedures and followed them, while the men just packed the guy on a stretcher.and being appropriate? I realize that not many Thai's read thai visa but the hypocrisy here is amazing! some of them get upset because she is necessarily showing a little leg? my god man let those prudes go to any soi in bangkok and pattaya and see what is going on! the thai's don't even want to open that can of worms, the thai visa police would spend all day deleting comments!