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  1. in your dreams! get over it! graffitti has been around the states especially in the shit hole cirties for many years, just look at new york or deteriot. it is everywhere in the piss poor cities !
  2. stupid brain dead american scum bags! the get away with this kind of behavior in the states, but I do hope the Thai's put their sorry asses in the slammer and red tag their passports!
  3. the idiot must think he is in the states where some bone head judge will believe him! now the Thai's should lock him up for a few years and give him an education on how to be responsible for his actions, he must think that the Thai's are idiots to believe him!
  4. Swedish man found dead at Bangkok hotel

    rule out the "possibility" that he fell from the seventh floor? Well! as a normal human being I would check the condition of the body, they should be able to tell if he fell. oh my mistake, this is thailand!
  5. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    held in a basement by two men? sounds phoney to me! probably looking for a hand out! time will tell.
  6. if this is true, it needs to be posted more often. I am sure that most people do not know this.
  7. there was NO flight demonstrations at don maung on wednesday morning due to the weather, yet Nok air saw fit to delay fights! in addition, the flight to ubon scheduled for 11:15 departure played musical gates going from gate 35 to 32, to 71> the ubon passengers went from gate 35 to gate 32, the phuket passengers went from gate 32 to gate 35! so you had about two hundred passengers passing each other in the main isle! then! the ubon passengers had to go to gate 71!
  8. let these complainers go to the United States ANY Airport and even try to buy a bottle of water for less than three dollars! and booze sanwiches? they would have a heart attack! best stay in the cheap seats..
  9. why would a thai want to lighten his crank? who's going to see it? AND he runs the real danger of it being attacked by a bird if he goes out in his yard [email protected]! the birds may think it is a worm and chomp down on it!
  10. Aussie and Italian chinese and korean!
  11. If big joke wants to see what the taxi's are up to all he has to do is go to any hotel and watch taxi after taxi refuse to take a passenger to the airport not using the meter and demanding 700 or 800 Baht! ANY TAXI parked in front of the hotels, they all say the same thing and there are no cops around! Pathetic!
  12. don't think I will, have to keep the area clean! and free of the riff raff!
  13. Plan to move stranded family out of airport

    stranded for three months? what the hell kind of law enforcement is that? who fed them? where did they wash? in the face bowls? that country just held an election! so why does the Thai's still think they need asilum? ship the fools home and fire the thai responsible for this mess!