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  1. The form provided online by the Embassy is really quite clear about the card payment options, as it does very clearly state that they will accept UK issued debit & credit cards and Thai issued CREDIT cards, what they will not accept is a Thai DEBIT card. Credit Card Payment will be taken in GBP (UK debit/credit card and Thai credit card are accepted) Complete the Credit Card Authorisation Form No idea why really. If they accept a bank draft, then I wonder why they do not allow an online transfer to their Thai account.
  2. Agreed and I think the answer is that you must depart Thailand, whether you must physically enter another country is the debatable part, from past work experience, as I mentioned in a previous post, suggests that it isn't 100% necessary, but, if you have gone to the trouble of flying to somewhere, then the extra time going through immigration there isn't going to make much difference overall.
  3. Yes, they most definitely do the under consideration bit prior, as I said, I was surprised myself, as logic would say it should be the other way around, our agent was insistent that it had to be extension first after the initial time. Mine is also Bangkok.
  4. If departing by air, I would have thought that you are technically supposed to enter another country prior to reentering Thailand, by definition. However, as pointed out, lots of places now do not stamp passengers in or out nowadays and this will become even more so as time goes on, at the end of the day, as far as Immigration are concerned you have left the country prior to returning, because in an airport there is no other choice and if needed they can verify this by the boarding pass if there is no stamp, I am not so sure that they want to see or even look for a stamp all of the time. In my previous job we used to get all of the marine and project crew stamped out of Thailand when the ship departed for a project in Thai waters, the vessel would then go out and do the job and the crew would enter Thailand again either on that vessel or a crew boat and get stamped back in again, they had not been anywhere apart from offshore Thailand and it was and as far as I know it is still not an issue. Having said this, given the so called current climate, then for the extra time it takes to go through immigration in say KLIA and the fact that you most likely have time to kill, then might as well go through and do it properly, no point in inviting possible problems,
  5. Yes, so long as you do have the onward boarding pass.
  6. Why? I could go to Singapore for instance, who have now introduced the e-gate entry for British passports and would not have any stamps.
  7. I am not entirely convinced that this is correct, as it is a renewal of the extension of stay and not the first one, when I changed jobs a while back, then I did have to do the new WP first, however, when they were both renewed then we had to go to immigration first, as the agent said that the labour department want to see that you have the permission to stay prior to renewing the WP, I know coz I thought it was a strange order myself, so asked. Strange that his HR doesn't process this.
  8. Yes, I suggest that the 'frequent & observant' poster has a look next time that he is in BKK airport, as it is quite a few years since you have been able to access departures from arrivals and vice versa, the escalators do not even exist between floors 2 & 3 now.
  9. The experience got worse for me, as when we got the bill, was charged 380 THB ++ for a pint of Hoegaarden, it was nice, but not that nice!! (Som nom na me for not asking prior to ordering)
  10. When I was nipper in England the old man was the Roast cook, Sundays rotated, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork with Mondays being leftover day! I went to Huntsman about a month ago with two others using a 2.30pm booking via Eatigo with 50% off (not including the ++ portion), all three of us were disappointed and thought it was nowhere near as good as it used to be, the beef quality was poor, as it was in general, to be quite honest, even with the 50% off it wasn't that good value for money, we won't be rushing back.
  11. So far these incidents are not exactly widespread, a few isolated events and although the press reports are a good way of spreading word of the requirements, it is still quite strange that they are actually reported, I would almost guarantee that more people get refused entry to the likes of UK & the US on a daily basis and have been for years, yet these are not reported in the International press. If Thailand are going to really enforce their rules regarding monetary requirements, then they do absolutely need to improve the various websites that contain information, the onus is on the visitor to know the rules and nowadays most would visit websites to get the information, right now it isn't really there or very clear.. Where @chrisinth suggestions for those with visas would work fine, it doesn't for those that would come here on a visa exemption, so the correct info needs to be freely available to people. Whilst I agree that ATM's prior to immigration would be a very good idea and BKK airport is the biggest receiver, people can enter Thailand in so many ways and entry points, covering them all would be a big task!
  12. If in the event that somebody is required to convert foreign cash in to Thai Baht, then it is possible prior to Immigration at Suvarnabhumi, as there are exchange booths available and the rate, although possibly a little lower than after Immigration, will be a lot better than converting outside of Thailand.
  13. The implication was there in the next words in your reply, though your knowledge of retirement extension requirements is sadly lacking to be honest, you seem to mix retirement and marriage extension requirements and then advise the OP to use an Income Affidavit for money in a Thai bank.