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  1. If only you were right ! but 65/70 % of prisoners and 100 % of terrorists are muslim.
  2. The whole problem lies in the word "most" ... When pools suggest that about only 30 % of the muslim population in Europe is OK to fully abide to the local laws and custom, one could think that "most" denotes a very optimistic point of view.
  3. From what I read on wikipedia (thai version), the ground floor of the Bangkok Mall would be the new bus terminal replacing Ekamai as from 2021 ; this could justify some public funding.
  4. Finally Morchit bus terminal should stay at the same place according to an announcement early November ... https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/951641-mo-chit-2-bus-terminal-to-remain-at-chatuchak
  5. If someone is interested, the names of these nice young fellows are Saad Rajraji and Charaf-Din Aberouz ; Euronews forgot to mention them, unintentionally of course.
  6. Wonderful picture in the opening post. Sure a lot of time was needed to find enough women and children to pose and to wait for the light to allow a wonderful backlight effect. Perfect composition to manipulate european public opinion.
  7. Police says one dead and belgian media announce 11 ... and counting. So sad for the families of all persons dead and wounded ... Reason unknown ... when two explosions happen in an overcrowded place within some seconds and each in one side of the place, you do not have to guess for long. The unknow reason is all-too-well known to the common people who are fed up with this policy of letting anyone enter Europe and destroying their life - litterally and figuratively.
  8. And Phuket has the worst statistics of all the provinces. That makes Phuket having the most dangerous roads in the world. At least this accident will not make statistics worse as it happened in Phang Na province.
  9. Usual thai bashers are so busy dragging everything thai through the mud that they did not even notice that the figures given apply to the whole world and not to their small paradise that they hate so much.
  10. So you must be very happy as 99 % of thai beaches are completely beach chairs free. Perhaps you could show some tolerance for those who prefer a full service, for their convenience or because of bad health.
  11. On benefits and/or on crime, trafficking, theft and so on. Say this publicly in France and you will be thrown to the dogs by the left-wing as well as the right-wing politicians and by every mainstream media. All we can hope is that the death of so many people will make France and Europe wake up, and not only to pretend to do something by fear of far-right factions. But why am I not holding my breath ?
  12. Charlie Hebdo had almost weekly attacks against religion (and mostly catholics), sometimes of the most abject kind. Perhaps some odd catholic integrists have launched some rotten tomatoes at their offices but that's all they had to endure until now. In regard to this horrendous attack, it is more fair to assume that only one religion, and more specifically its most idiotic zealots, is to be pointed the finger at, rather than using this tragic event to utter one's hate of religion at large.
  13. A press conference is announced on the 18th in Yangun/Rangoon with the members of the Burmese Investigation Team.
  14. Andy Hall makes a huge work for trying to get some justice in the forthcoming trial. On his twitter account he has just released some information and requests following a briefing with Khun Nakhon Chompuchat, head Koh Tao case defense lawyers team : (1) Defense lawyers Koh Tao case complaint to Corrections Dept not provided adequate facilities for meeting with accused in Koh Samui prison. (2) Police provided special open space, defense lawyers restricted room with plastic screen/telephone so can only speak accused one at time (3) Defense team hoping court 26th Dec will understand significant challenges faced by defense team lawyers/will be flexible managing case (4) Lawyers hope court will set down realistic case timeline based on lack of advance disclosure prosecution case/limited access to accused (5) K. Nakhon concerned police/investigators maybe ceased investigating Koh Tao murders and focusing only on two accused Zaw Lin/Wai Phyo (6) K. Nakhon considers many outstanding public suspicions and investigation should still continue to explore other possible perpetrators (7) K. Nakhon said legal team calls particularly Myanmar community to work much harder to ensure witnesses for trial/ensure justice and truth (8) K. Nakhon warns Myanmar community to use full censure power/pressure to ensure no false witness assists prosecution for personal benefits And some still dare to think that the trial will be fair and unbiased !
  15. We non native english speakers should spread the news in our own languages, as this kind of events gets very little coverage outside of the english language boards, forums and newsfeeds (same for Koh Tao murders I hate to say). I sent an e-mail to the TAT branch in my country, and on a local popular travel forum ; more on the list to-morrow.