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  1. At what point does one realize one has stepped on the wrong pedal?
  2. apart from the crying and the pixelation ...and the 3 inches
  3. The whole point of being rich and influential is that you can attend parties like this. I recall someone of very high repute getting her norks out at a party for a dog.
  4. kurnell

    After Divorce. What next

    Whatever you do get legal advise and cover your arse/assets.
  5. kurnell

    40" Television. How much at Tesco Lotus

    We just bought a 42" for 12k at Mega Bangna
  6. Because they are Neanderthals. I personally know 2 Thai boys that have killed people and haven't served a day in jail. Not rich, just everyday Neanderthals
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Thai male. In a nutshell. A thug that is knackered after a bit of hard work.
  8. kurnell

    Gangster Granny

    This is why you should always met the mother in law before getting married to a Thai girl.
  9. kurnell

    What would u like to see from Big C?

    More French food. Foie gras, more cheese, indian food, Aussie food
  10. kurnell

    Why I like Suvarnabhumi Airport

    I like the cheap beer
  11. CCTV cameras in Thailand seem to work only for the rich and influential.
  12. From one hammock to another
  13. I think it's more of a case of where the average Thai believes themselves to be....which is above everyone else. Especially a farang.
  14. Let's see. 2 bottles of wine, 2000, company 2000, drinks after company 1000. Then back to the atm.