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  1. Obviously you know nothing of Canada and Canadian values that permeate a great society for more than 150 years , regardless which political party happens to be in charge at the time. Perhaps you should join Trumps fold given your stupid comments. Sheesh! Obviously you have not been in Canada for a long time or do not follow what is now going on in Canada with what our glorious POS Frog Jihad Justine Trudope has been doing since elected. Personally welcomed CONVICTED TERRORISTS with crocidile tears and 10 million dollar cheques because they had been abused even tho there was video evidence of terrorist activities . Not once but at least 4 times not including all his ILLEGAL border crossers raping our welfare system.
  2. You have to be kidding. Our glorious RCMP and Border Crossing Guards are too busy acting as bellhops and bus boys carrying all the designer luggage for Jihad Justines ILLEGAL PARASITES Border crossers because they are too busy on there top of the line I Phones to carry there own luggage after being dropped off at the border by limos and taxis..
  3. Of course Canada jumped on the oppurtunity to have her come to Canada. There is an election coming in Canada and you can bet Jihad Justine Trudope and Climate Barby will be there taking all kinds of pictures with smiles and apoligies with crocidile tears for what she has suffered with a big fat cheque to settle in hoping to win all the bleeding heart votes.
  4. Don't know where you are from but he is correct about jihad Justine welcoming convicted terrorists and giving them multi million dollar cheques (4 of them known about) while crying crocidile tears and the only people coming into Canada now are his ILLEGAL PARISITE MUSLIM border crossers, not immigrants. So far there are over 60 known isis terrorists welcomed back and living in Canada. I used to feel safe and proud to say I am Canadian, now not so much.