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  1. No. I got knocked off my scooter while driving down the Soi a while back. He came to my aid until the Police arrived. I am fluent in Thai.
  2. Are you just trolling this thread?
  3. So you know the accused personally?
  4. I am not sure about Ruby. But I knew I thai man who handled security for most of the Soi 6 bars close to beach Rd as they could not afford to each have one. As Ruby's is near dead center of Soi 6 I would not be surprised if there was a similar arrangement with someone else or maybe the owner refused in the sharing of the cost?
  5. How do you know he hasn't applied for bail? Most get out on bail quickly here if one can come up with it. What amazes me from my time here is how seldom bail is denied even when the evidence is overwhelming.
  6. Are you an idiot or cannot read simple english? I never said "posters killed this guy." Any doctor will tell you "stress will make any medical condition worse." Guess you were one of those who did not believe him? Guess you got a laugh out of it as you say.
  7. Yes I do! Go back and read the other threads and ALL the attacks he had to defend. They surely didn't help his blood pressure. Were you one of his harassers? Enjoyed the limelight? <deleted>.
  8. Happened on a Friday and took the police until Tuesday to get witness statements from the staff. That is disgraceful. Police everywhere will tell you, "every witness has a different version of events that happened."
  9. From a reputable news source: Mr Robb then squeezed her neck and lifted her off the ground until her face turned blue, police said. Several other reports and comments from girls working in several other bars in the area have since surfaced claiming that this kind of behavior was normal for the the victim. Some girls even went as far as saying “he deserved it”. Mr. Robb was a wonderful person when he wasn't drinking I heard from one of his close friends, so I will not take sides but the above is pretty damming. The American was convicted and after reading his follow up to regular reporting to the court and parole officer seems this was the only thing on his record. With his past had he done anything else he would have gone to jail for a long time and certainly not have gotten a passport. So 22 years or so later this happens so I am not sure I would write him off totally as a cold blooded murderer. Ether way it will cost him a lot of money and take several years from his life even if it is ruled self defense. 15 years ago in Las Vegas a man killed another man with a single punch, he was convicted of manslaughter. So anything is possible with head trauma.
  10. If you read my post #67 in the original thread of this it was established by the staff of the strangling. I posted this several hours before any news media released the american's statement. I do know that Robb's personality would change when he drank. He spent most of his time in Angeles city and was only in Pattaya on a side trip. Shortly before he went to the Ruby bar he was kicked out of another Soi 6 bar for doing the exact same thing choking one of the staff. As I stated before the supposed witness who stated the head stomping and the 3 others who took photos while laughing refused to make a statement to the police. The Ruby bar is going to be under scrutiny for a death taking place there and face possible repercussions for the CCTV not working as this is law in Thailand to owning a bar. You can bet because of this the investigators will be interviewing all staff there and gather CCTV footage for business located opposite. The police do come to my place of business requesting footage from time to time. If you want more info I recommend that you go to a nearby bar there and buy someone a drink, thai's love to talk.
  11. I am hearing quite a different story about this. According to on one of the staff, the Aussie was extremely drunk. He got rough with one of the female staff and began choking her and would not let go. The American told him to let her go then his aggression turned on him and he punched him starting the fight. Also she said the American was alone and the Aussie's friend was upstairs on a ST. By the time the assistant manger tried to break it up it was over, the Aussie was still talking up to the point he was taken away in an ambulance. This account is from the staff who was there and who was choked. Most of these reports quote a German who was there but did not see it until the fight had already started, he also left immediately and refused to make a statement to the police. I am not on anyone's side, and the American definitely got carried away with the stomping.
  12. Trump acts quickly without warning, just ask S. Korea and China about the tariffs he imposed on them 2 weeks ago. He could revoke Thailand's favored trade status at any time especially considering he does not like large trading deficits which it has with the US. As well as the fact US goods face high import taxes.
  13. Thais attacking foreigners

    I have been here 18 years and have not been attached by a thai person. I have had a few fights with other expats/tourists who were looking for trouble so I am more worried about them when I am out. From my experience you really have to really really upset or refuse to pay for most thai's to get violent. Ether case the police will do nothing other than write a report unless the attack was near death. To the OP get on with your life as it is pretty safe here.
  14. The original report stated it was one of the "easiest to establish a company" ie company formation. The government is really twisting what was really written initially. Factually it is true company formation is done easily and completed quickly as long as there's 51% Thai ownership. The hard comes later getting a work permit and getting one in a Provence outside of Bangkok is near impossible without large under the table kickbacks. Even harder is company dissolution.
  15. Prayut defends Prawit over expensive watches

    Shut up about watches, shut up about monuments, shut up about submarines, , shut up about my land, and of course shut up about elections. Also let the "good people" take car of things.