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  1. Where can I find a Cheeseburger like this here?

    I have a gas grill. Cracked pepper and ground sea salt padded in before cooking, but I don't over do it. Steaks like these don't need much of anything else. Sous vide would probably be best but out of my budget. Pastrami on rye use to reheat their pastrami that way before serving.
  2. Where can I find a Cheeseburger like this here?

    2250 per kilo, actully they are actually 150 days aged then shrink raped. They also have 120 aged but there is a noticeable taste difference so I don't buy them. With the 150 after they mark them down it works out so a 12oz is 400 baht.
  3. Where can I find a Cheeseburger like this here?

    Never tried them but had a really good lion there before. When it comes to steaks here I only buy the 160 day dry aged Australian ribeyes from Central and cook them myself. They go on sale from time to time.
  4. Where can I find a Cheeseburger like this here?

    I have quite a few five guys burgers when I go back to the states. You won’t find one similar here, even back in there for that matter. In and out and shake shack are good also. 99% of the burgers here are a disappoint, some Restaurant owners think they have a good burger but they don’t. Best I have found here are: 1 HardRock 600bath 2 Hooters 550bath 3 Eden steak Restaurant 190baht On 3rd road between central and north pattaya rd. opposite K-bank. I can’t say enough good things about his burger. He is a Korean who worked as a cook in a Mahanttan NY steak house for 20 years. So he knows American beef. 4. Jim’s No others make my list and I’ve tried most of the ones mentioned on this thread already.
  5. Long-time homeless American deported

    I walk the beach almost nightly. I am pretty sure I saw him sitting on the south side of the platform across from mikes. I always thought of that section as the "down and outer's place", as there are 4 or 5 of the heaviest drinkers who sit there with their whiskey bottles. He looked the worse out of the lot, pruned, wrinkled and old clothes. The others don't look much better but I normally pass by quickly so i am not sure if he was a drunk or just fit in with them. After years of living here I can't count the number of expats who have died in their 50's and 60's due to alcoholism after just a few years of showing up here.
  6. I don't feel like getting caught in it if it is.
  7. Northeast residents 'driven to suicide' by loan sharks

    All loan sharking is criminal activity in Thailand. It is against the law.
  8. All they have to do is revoke his passport. The next country he tries to enter will refuse entry. Singapore might even boot him if they are informed of revoked pp.
  9. Pattaya vehicle tunnel to be opened for Songkran

  10. Yes, expect to get wed until day break on the 20th. Never seen or heard of water thrown on the 20th. in Pattaya. Don't expect this to be year to be any different.
  11. I have had the same problems with places i have rented also. You need to get an electrician to fix it or people will get hurt. Sometimes it took several visits by him to finally find the problem. First advise is get all outlets wired for a ground wire with a two meter ground rod. One shop he had to drill through 30 centimes of concrete to get it to earth.
  12. Pattaya: Brutal farang vs farang road rage assault caught on camera

    Totally ridiculous spraying someone from a window in the back seat of a car. I am sure the Russian kid rolls it back up quickly after spraying his targets. This is not the full on Songran day yet and most places out the water zones people are using some common sense this year. Reminds me of the nobs who trow water on people from balconies 3 stories up to passers by, who themselves have not chance of getting wet. I hope the Soi 9 boys actually take some action on this.
  13. Pattaya: Brutal farang vs farang road rage assault caught on camera

    This is how my thai staff explained what happened also. The occupants in the car are Russian. No mention of victim's nationally.
  14. Thaksin changes his tone, but not attitude

    It's funny how people call him a coward when he was elected twice by the people but the current lot are scared sh**less to hold an election.
  15. I'm amazed how stupid people are on here sometimes. There was never an arrest warrant even after the police found out it wasn't his driver who did it. By memory the police requested to his layers he come in for questioning which he did with daddy. After the victims relatives accepted a financial settlement, prosecutors did not file criminal charges for manslaughter. From what I understand ALL of the police want him locked up but it is out of their hands now, so talk about not obeying the new pickup truck seat belt law is ludicrous. I am glad the press outside thailand are exposing him and people are starting to wake up! I will have a M-150 today and I stopped drinking red bull products some time ago. Exposure and hitting their pockets are the only way to get at people like this.