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  1. Sugarfree Red Bull

    Doesn't exist here. However redbull g3 has the lowest amount of sugar in it by far with 9 grms of sugar.
  2. Good to hear they got the Pakistani who was cloning customers credit cards! It wreaks havoc on their owners.
  3. They are all still out. The Italian BMT is the best selling sub in the states so makes no cents why they are out for so long here.
  4. Would be nice to see if some gov. official put pressure on police to track down the License plate and shame the owner somehow. Should be enough attention to this video by now to make that happen. Seems the only way to get someone to change over here is by loss of face.
  5. Video shows Middle Eastern man attacking Thai massage girl

    All of the Thai women seem better fed than the Arabs they were fighting.
  6. What an evil person! I don't believe her for a second and actually had some respect for her as she used to speak of Harold so fondly, all gone now. Total Nutter.
  7. I have a felling that they will get as much traction from this guy as they got from Prawit.
  8. 30 years here and you don't know Thailand can offer you citizenship which really isn't too difficult considering. I find this very hard to believe.
  9. I thought it was very bad judgment on his part and looked at him differently after that. I think he learned his lesson. A case like this got national attention last year in Pattaya. https://news.thaivisa.com/article/1037/pattaya-woman-in-iphone-7-finders-keepers-case-intends-to-fight-charges-of-theft
  10. Haven't followed all of the 51 pages, initially I had read they found the money on the street in CM. If it has been established they found the money in Cambodia then it is an entirely different situation and not a set up. The Mods should edit the original news article that started this with the new facts.
  11. This sounds like the airport scam my friend got caught up in a few years ago. He was at swampy on his way home and just after checking in he found a "mobile phone" on a counter someone forgot. No one was around or anywhere near him. He pick it up and after about 5 minutes he went to the restroom and decided to throw it away as maybe it could cause trouble for him and it wasn't a nice phone anyway. As he was coming out of the restroom 3 police approached him and asked for the phone and told him they saw him on CCTV take it even by this point he didn't have it. This is all within 10 minutes. The supposed owner had already made a report and said he wanted him prosecuted. So after about 10 days in jail and a lawyer recommended by the French embassy he paid 200k to settle the case and was released. He thought it was all over but it was just the beginning. He realized he shouldn't have taken the phone as the law here is anyone in possession of lost property is considered stealing. I have know him for over 10 years and he owns a condo here, has a thai wife and daughter. So he was not a tourists. He was not allowed to leave as he found out and the prosecutor set a court date for about a year later. He was told to plead guilty on the advice of his lawyer paid anther large fine, can't remember that amount and was told he would be able to come back to visit his family anytime. This was not the case when he flew back months later he was told at swampy they could not let him in as he was black listed for 5 years. So for 5 years he had to fly to phnom phen and have his wife and daughter visit him there. What is clear is the phone was bait as I believe the money these girls found on the street was too, they just followed them waiting for them to cash it.
  12. I can understand the city wanting bike renters to be informed but I would put their intelligence a bit higher than the people in these videos. The only real problem I see with Tourist on rented bikes is many think they have the whole lane when on a bike you only have your own "line" not the entire lane. I would make this mandatory viewing for thai girlfriends and kids coming of age and have them explain how they think each accident was caused. I will never forget the first time a flying pickup ran a very late red light and almost took me out, since then I always wait and look after going on a green light.
  13. I have watched both videos. It was the Thai in the black shirt that started the fight with a sucker punch to the GI in the White shirt. Then anther thai attacks from behind punching a GI in the back of the head.
  14. I'v watched both video's and didn't see any of them throw anything on the ground. They were 20 meters from a police station if they felt this was the case instead of throwing punches.
  15. I scares me the two of you believe that. For a thai, its called a "face saving lie". Notice how their faces are covered. Are the two of you fresh off the boat? Next time the watch sellers approach you look at how many of them have red eyes. To those posting about the fine, everyone must pay it involved in a fight. No judge asses it only the police taking the report who then sends everyone to fine window. The same window that everyone pays traffic tickets at.