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  1. Yes, expect to get wed until day break on the 20th. Never seen or heard of water thrown on the 20th. in Pattaya. Don't expect this to be year to be any different.
  2. I have had the same problems with places i have rented also. You need to get an electrician to fix it or people will get hurt. Sometimes it took several visits by him to finally find the problem. First advise is get all outlets wired for a ground wire with a two meter ground rod. One shop he had to drill through 30 centimes of concrete to get it to earth.
  3. Totally ridiculous spraying someone from a window in the back seat of a car. I am sure the Russian kid rolls it back up quickly after spraying his targets. This is not the full on Songran day yet and most places out the water zones people are using some common sense this year. Reminds me of the nobs who trow water on people from balconies 3 stories up to passers by, who themselves have not chance of getting wet. I hope the Soi 9 boys actually take some action on this.
  4. This is how my thai staff explained what happened also. The occupants in the car are Russian. No mention of victim's nationally.
  5. It's funny how people call him a coward when he was elected twice by the people but the current lot are scared sh**less to hold an election.
  6. I'm amazed how stupid people are on here sometimes. There was never an arrest warrant even after the police found out it wasn't his driver who did it. By memory the police requested to his layers he come in for questioning which he did with daddy. After the victims relatives accepted a financial settlement, prosecutors did not file criminal charges for manslaughter. From what I understand ALL of the police want him locked up but it is out of their hands now, so talk about not obeying the new pickup truck seat belt law is ludicrous. I am glad the press outside thailand are exposing him and people are starting to wake up! I will have a M-150 today and I stopped drinking red bull products some time ago. Exposure and hitting their pockets are the only way to get at people like this.
  7. It is amazing the stupidity of some posters here! This is about a caring father and the well being for his son. I feel sorry Darren had to specify this was not about him trying to get his wife back but that there are legal requirements needed from her in regards to the child. She has fallen for a criminal but the kid still needs his mother to be part of his life in some way.
  8. Yes absolutely no reason to fear these check points unless as mentioned already, you're drunk or registration is not current. The OP must be new to thailand.
  9. They went out of business. Retox is opening an express food outlet there. I was sad to see that happen but they seemed to always close early, i was turned away more than one showing up slightly after 9. Any serious restaurant in the center of pattaya should not close before 11pm. This is a late going party town
  10. The conscript is required to keep the 1700 generals in place. Have you ever heard of one who is not a $ millionaire? By law in America the combined US forces are not allowed to exceed 500 generals or navel equivalent at any one time, except in time of war. I had a staff of mine who's son was doing everything possible to enlist in the army here after high school. He was accepted eventually but it wasn't easy so I think they would be fine with an all volunteer military like in most countries.
  11. No on any association with PoR. A long term American expat and an Aussie are opening the Great American Sandwich company. After speaking with one of them they are planning to offer sandwiches in the 170 baht range and are panning to be open by the end of the month. Completely different concept to what PoR did. PoR is not even available for delivery as they had hoped to be after closing. Their recent heart filled Facebook post is appreciated and worrying, so I hope all the best to that family to get through this time.
  12. If this is true I would expect the school to let him go as a teacher. School's here don't want teachers who might cause an image problem for them or parents asking the school " was this the drunk guy who was on the TV"?
  13. I have seen minor disagreements and price negotiations turn out very badly after brits used the F^^k word to a thai. I have intervened as I am fluent in thai to try to calm the situation. Almost all thai's who work in tourism know what that word means and equate it to what it means to them in their own language. Basically if a thai uses that word to another thai he'd better be ready to fight as it is that offensive. There used to be a day when brits would say "on your bike" instead to get the same point across, I guess those times are over.
  14. Saw a small one on this back soi a couple of weeks ago near South pattaya road and 3rd road juncture. It is 10 baht. not sure if it big enough to get a car into but there were 2 bikes getting washed. Map point is not exact location but it is on this soi.°55'29.8"N+100°52'56.8"E/@12.924941,100.8803101,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d12.924941!4d100.882454?hl=en