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  1. He said that he didn’t.
  2. Not sure that you overpaid or used the wrong website, you've used the Vietnamese Embassy in the US rather than getting an e-visa directly, both legit and both official, just different. The e-visa application fee is $25.
  3. There are many companies offering evisas and visas on arrival for Vietnam, many of them pay search engines for prominent listings, and they charge for the privilege of applying via them. The link you’ve provided the link for is the official Vietnamese Embassy in the US, that’s not for an e-visa. This is the official one for an e-visa is: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/trang-chu-ttdt
  4. You could obtain a resident certificate, but the appropriate entries in her passport should suffice. Is the use of a lawyer really necessary, especially one who has given you incorrect advice regarding such a basic point?
  5. Whilst there are certainly longer processing times since the move of processing applications to New Delhi, the main accusations made in this post are factually incorrect, so I’m closing the thread. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. The advice from the UKVI is that flights shouldn't be booked before the visa is issued, it depends how confident you are, to be frank we've always book flights before the visa has been issued, it's of course a gamble but it's one we've always taken and it's never backfired. You're probably aware that your girlfriend has to apply via the Consulate with juridstiction for the Schengen State where she plans to spend most time, if she's going to spend about the same amount of time in more than one State, then she has to apply via the Consulate with Juristiction for the Member State where she enters the Schengen area. Again we've always purchased round trip tickets well in advance and have never had a real problem. With the amount of evidence that is required for Schengen, and what you describe it really shouldn't be a problem, but there's always a chance there could be one, but with a UK Visa in hand I doubt it.
  7. She certainly doesn't need a confirmed flight when applying for her UK Visa, they specifically advise against purchasing one before the visa is issued. Most Consulates in the Schengen area require a round ticket from Thailand, some will only ask for a ticket to or from any third country, the UK for instance, some will ask for both. If you are visiting a third country, again the UK for instance, they will require that you obtain that visa first. The pinned topic at the head of the page, drafted by Donutz, our Schengen guru, and I've attached a copy of the required documents from the French Visa Section for your information Required docs - French Schengen Visa. My wife, girlfriend as was, has always obtained her UK Visa first, for the UK you only have to supply an indicative itinerary, once that's in the bag, or rather her passport, she applies for her appropriate Schengen Visa, which requires flight tickets, accomodation, travel insurance and proof of afforadability, that has always worked for her.
  8. This is a lift from the Immigration Div 1 FAQ's page, not what I wanted to read but they seem to make it clear that an Embassy letter is a requirement, this is the link to the whole of the FAQ's, question 22 being the approriate one. http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/base.php?page=faq Leanne made another mistake with her interview with Tommy, she said the required figure has always been 65k, which of course it hasn't, though it has been for some time. Income requirements.docx
  9. The Consular Section is part of the FCO function, not the Home Office, the Home Office only have responsibility for the, significantly reduced, UKVI team.The FCO do represent the UK’s foreign policy but not business and trade, that’s the remit of the Department of International Trade.
  10. If my wife wishes to visit the UK, and probably Schengen again from next year, amongst other things, she has to prove that her trip is affordable, this would usually be in the form of proof of her/my income and bank statements. Whilst there isn’t a required amount required to prove affordability for a visit visa, there is a set amount of income or savings required in the unlikely event we were to relocate to the UK. In both cases it’s her/us that need to supply the financial evidence directly to the UKVI, who will assess it, they don’t require that her evidence is authenticated by the Thai authorities. I agree with Sandy that it’s up to the Thai authorities to decide what evidence they require, though apart from the insistence of various Immigration offices/officers, of having such a letter to add to their wad of papers, over the years I’ve often wondered why the evidence I’ve submitted every year, State and Civil Service Pensions, needs a letter from my Embassy to confirm they’ve seen them, for the most part individual IO’s I’ve dealt with have seemed more than capable of confirming my pension letters make my application compliant, of course some submitted evidence may be less straightforward.
  11. theoldgit

    New Directive Bans Expulsion of Pregnant Students

    Post in breach of Forum Rules removed. 3. If possible please proofread your post first, poor grammar and spelling can make the post difficult to understand. However be aware that not every member is a native English speaker and excessive posts regarding others spelling and grammar not only hijacks the topic but is poor netiquette.
  12. No, and I’ve never suggested they should.
  13. Partly correct, some pensions are paid by the Government as either the Sate Pension or to retired Civil Servants, others are paid by numerous other pension providers. The Consular Staff may have the resources to check the validity of pension paid by the Government but not by other pension providers. Of course not all the sources of income is from pensions, there are many others, the Consular Section seem to have taken a one size fits all approach and refused to veryfy them all.
  14. Posts in breach of Forum Rules removed: 10) Do not discuss moderation publicly in the open forum; this includes individual actions, and specific or general policies and issues. You may send a PM to a moderator to discuss individual actions or email support (at) thaivisa.com to discuss moderation policy.
  15. Tommy Dee's interview has already been posted on the long running thread on the issue, and has been the subject of much discussion. We don't really need it on another, so I'll close this one. You can continue here