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  1. Certainly ECO’s are allowed to request missing or incomplete documentation when considering a visa application, I would have thought the same would have applied to UK based staff when considering leave to remain. I would certainly challenge their handling of the application. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. Very well done, your persistence and tenacity certainly paid off. As Bob has suggested I suspect they listened to the recording of the interviews carried by the locally employed Thai member of staff, it certainly beggars the question how many other refusals have been wrongfully refused as a result of her inappropriate interview techniques? Once again, well done and best wishes to you both.
  3. I don’t know, but I’d certainly ask them.
  4. theoldgit

    UK visa for girlfriend

    Flame removed.
  5. I wouldn't want to advise you against contacting an MP, nor would I want to get your hopes up if you decided on that approach, but MP's have very little sway with the UKVI, they would probably only get some sort of result if there was a clear breach of Immigration Rules, and as badly as your case seems to have been handled, a breach of the rules might be difficult to prove. A JR would be very time consuming and could run into thousands, of Pounds not Baht. As a matter of interest are you the applicant or the sponsor, talking about an MP suggests you might be the sponsor?
  6. You do have the option of a Judicial Review, but that is time consuming and very expensive and the UKVI know that. It's a disgrace that you've had to wait 37 working days for a decision, did they give a reason for the delay? As you say there is no right of appeal or the avenue for an admistrative review for a visit visa refusal, that in itself is wrong as it makes the ECO's unaccountable for their actions. If you have evidence that relevent documentation was submitted, the evidence would be the Doument Check List from VFS, and the refusal notice suggests the evidence was missed, you could lodge a complaint via the UKVI Contact Centre, https://www.gov.uk/contact-ukvi-inside-outside-uk, again there's a cost I'm afraid. In theory if you have submitted evidence and have no specific evidence, you could still register a complaint, bit it isn't as easy. Whilst the vast majority of applications are successful that will be of little comfort the people in your position, the removal of the right of appeal or for an administrative review was a callous move by the Home Office one which makes its staff less accountble for their mistakes. If you were to re-apply you should address the reasons for the refusal, and that would include pointing out that some of the "missing evidence" was in fact previously supplied. Good luck
  7. I don't think anybody on here is saying the system is fine, there is certainly a lot wrong with it, but the fact remains that the vast majority of applications are successful, mistakes do get made and the fact that applicants can't easily correct those mistakes is wrong, ECO's, like all Government employees should be accountable for their actions and complaints and or appeals about their work should be an integral part of their performance assessment My partner has made four applications over the years, two for six months and one for two years as my girlfriend and one for five years as my wife, all were successful, whilst that will be of no comfort for those whose applications are refused for no apparent reason, it's indicative of the fact that many applications are successful.
  8. Not only “the folk on here” but official statistics, I believe you were sent a link, but seem to have chosen to ignore. Has it crossed your mind that applicants whose applications are successful don’t always post the results on forums like this. Will you please let it drop now?
  9. theoldgit

    UK visa for girlfriend

    The UKVI specifically advise against sending photos in respect of applications for visit visas.
  10. theoldgit

    UK visa for girlfriend

    One of the most important elements of your girlfriends application is her ties to Thailand, the fact she has evidence of a rented house will go a long way to meet that requirement, she should provide a copy of her lease. The offshore working is quite common, do as you suggest and copy your passport stamps and the residence card you mention. Include details of your offshore work and the length of your contract, you don't want the decision maker suspecting that you'll be returning to the U.K. shortly with your girlfriend and child in tow. When providing evidence of affordability, include evidence of the financial support you provide to your girlfriend and child here in Thailand,
  11. It is true, ukvi-premium-service-centres
  12. theoldgit

    UK visa for girlfriend

    Much of the information you seek is in the pinned topic near the top of the Forum page Many of your questions have been answered many times, have a look through some of the previous threads. In order to satisfy some of the requirements for a succesful visa application your girlfriend has to satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer, the person in New Delhi that makes the decision, that her her visit is genuine, affordable and that, on the balance of probabilities, she will leave the UK at the conclusion of her visit. It's not clear from your post if you live together in Thailand, but if you are she needs to provide evidence of your life together here, in any case she would need to convince the decision maker that she has a stable life here in Thailand. Yes, you can sponser her and you must provide evidence of your ability to do so, there is no set amount, a person visiting the UK and staying in top class hotels is going to need considerably more that a person intending to stay with a relative in the UK. Have a read through the pinned topic and feel free to come back if you have any specific questions.
  13. I’ll ask one more time, please stay on the actual topic. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect