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  1. We can only guess how things will go during the transition period, my concern, and gut feeling, is that the New Delhi processing centre team are not fully geared up to the influx of up to an extra 100,000 applications a year and that in the short term there could well be problems with the processing of visit applications, look how the move to Sheffield for Settlement Visas is going. The move was planned for the middle of June, in some three weeks time, I've not read anything official to the contrary but I've heard through the grapevine that there could very well be a delay in the move being implemented, I stress I've heard nothing official. If I were in your position, given the fact you can apply three months before the intended date of travel, and you can ask for the visa to be post dated, I believe they are doing that routinly now, I would be applying sooner rather than later and avoid the risk of being caught up in the move. I may of course be doing the UKVI a massive injustice, others will judge me on that.
  2. theoldgit

    Transfer of Funds to Thailand

    I did a similar transaction using Transfer Wise on the 18 May, what I like about TW is that if you enter the amount in THB that you need in the second box, the first box will then show you how much you need to deposit. In my case I needed to receive 117,000 Baht, I needed to deposit £2,713.25, including their fee of £16.33, to receive that amount, the rate was 43.3828 as against my receiving bank, Kasikorn, which was on the day of receipt 42.95625. I bank with Santander in Jersey and to sent Sterling to Thailand entails a call to their call centre, for some reason you can't send Sterling if you carry out the transaction online. Another thing to bear in mind that Kasikorn, and I assume other banks, charge .25% to receive and convert foreign currency, up to a maximum of 500 Baht, as TW transfers the funds in country this fee isn't applied. So in my case, not taking into account a phone call to Jersey, it would have cost me £2,750 to receive 117,000 Baht into my Kasikorn account, taking into account the Santander fee, the lower exchange rate and the fee to receive and convert the funds, that's also assuming there's no intermediary bank enroute who would take their cut. In my case TW was £37 cheaper than using my bank, but as TW works on a strict percentage rate, there will be a figure where the bank, with their flat rate, would work out cheaper. On the same day I sent some cash to a bank in Singapore via TW, those funds were received with the hour.
  3. The poster you were referring to wasn't posting from Thailand, he refers to applying from mainland Europe, maybe Germany. You state you intend applying shortly, but as BB reminds us we're going to be in a whole new ball game shortly when the actual decision making is no longer going to done locally but transferred to New Delhi, we're moving into uncharted terrority, but hopefully you'll miss that.
  4. There may not be stamps in the passport indicating when a person left the UK or routine embarkation controls at LHR, but The UKBA will be aware of any overstayering.The UKBA faced criticism when embarkation controls were scrapped some years ago and then announced that they would bring in other systems to check on possible overstayers. Carriers, including Eurostar, were charged with collecting data and passing it onto the UKBA, they’ve been doing so for a few years now. I don’t know how effective the cross matching is, the UKBA have a poor record when it comes to IT, eborders is a prime example, but the information is recorded in an attempt to identify overstayers when they make further applications. Likewise a deportation, removal or voluntary departure will be recorded centrally and that information will be available to the decision maker.
  5. theoldgit

    Foreign prisoners to be transferred home

    Not always the case, foreign prisoners who have served their sentence, or indeed still serving, are regularly repatriated as are visa overstayers, failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. The hardest part of the exercise is getting travel documents, but it does happen.
  6. Off topic posts removed. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. No, there’s no Escrow or any other type of guarantee, as it couldn’t be enforced in law. You say that the ECO’s only have a short time to make a decision, not sure that it’s set in stone but I suspect they’re expected to decide on a number of applications a day, some can be decided fairly quickly some will take longer, averaged out your suggested time is probably not far out. You’ve said the ECO’s only have a short time frame then go onto explain the volume of evidence your partner has submitted, some of which, like photos, applicants are specifically asked not to submit. Has your partner considered that in submitting a disproportionate amount of supporting evidence some meaningful evidence could be overlooked? You said on one of your other threads that first the refusal letters is overseas, as a number of us have said without sight of the reasons for the earlier refusal it’s difficult to offer advice. You say you live together, are you in a leased property, if so is it in joint names? Do you have ties in Laos that could show you live there, including passport stamps? I don’t believe it’s a crap shoot, the vast majority of applications are successful, but we don’t read about many of those on this forum. I know many people whose partners were successful on their first and subsequent applicants, indeed my wife applied, and was issued, with two six month and a two year visa at her first attempt, as my girlfriend, and a five year one as my wife, she’s also successfully applied for Schengen visas for France, Italy, Netherlands and Denmark, all at her first attempt. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  8. There seems to no consistency, I needed to pay an invoice for a tad over SGD4,100 to a bank in Singapore, thinking it would be impossible from a bank here I arranged to do a transfer from my UK bank using TransferWise. Unfortunately the recipient gave me an incorrect SWIFT code, the payment was rejected and TransferWise returned the funds to the UK bank. I went into my local Kasikorn bank armed with no more than an invoice, an email with the incorrect SWIFT code, hand corrected by me and my passport, the funds were on the way in 30 minutes. This is the very same branch that wouldn’t allow my wife and I to open a joint account citing a new BOT that their HQ confirmed doesn’t exist.
  9. A number of unhelpful posts removed along with a couple giving total incorrect information. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  10. No she can’t, there’s no right of appeal against the refusal of a Standard Visit Visa.
  11. The quoted remark is the most telling, what were the reasons for the previous refusal? As rasg says, if you can post the refusal notice with the personal details redacted, the guys maybe able to offer some advice, it might be better if you were able to post the earlier notice as well. You're probably aware that the UKVI specifically advise against sending photos with the supporting evidence, the ones that were sent probably were not considered, there would have been no point in producing even more.
  12. It certainly makes it easier for yourselves and the Border Force Officer if you present yourselves at the UK Border together, in case the officer want to ask you questions together. We go to whichever section has the shorter queue, which is often the non EU section, I just say “we’re together” and the officer takes it from there, never an issue in either queue. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. VFS also handle visa applications for other countries such as Australia, Denmark and Italy, and probably many more, all of those I've checked provide a contact number and email address for customers to call if they have concerns such as the OP's. It seems to me that when setting up the their contract with VFS the the UKVI showed utter contempt to applicants, who are paying a great deal of money for their applications to be considered and, in the case of the OP for the passport to be returned, they seem to have written the terms of reference to ensure that there was no way that VFS and certainly not the UKVI could be contacted in cases where the service is falling short, instead, bizarrely, expecting customers to call an expensive call centre halfway around the globe. I know that UKVI teams regularly trawl through forums such as these, or at least used to, I'm sorry but I believe they should be ashamed of themselves. I really wonder what the "service" will be like when decision making is moved to New Delhi?
  14. theoldgit

    uk visa for Thai.

    Certainly the Embassy site has been sold and the main work of the Embassy, FCO, Consular and Trade, is being transferred to a much slimmed down Embassy in a generic office building in Sathorn, the fitting out of the new premises in the AIA buiding is currently going through the tendering process. The the decision making process for visa applications is being moved to a new hub in Delhi, as there is no longer any face to face contact with general visit visas, one could argue that the decisions can actually be made anywhere in the world though of course local knowledge will be lost, Settlement Visas are already processed in the UK. This move was due to start next month with applications still being submitted online and supporting documents still being lodged in the VFS office in Trendy, I wonder if there may have been some slippage in the starting date and it's this the OP maybe referring to. I note BB's comments re locally employed staff, but I understood that the UKVI were retaining a small staff to deal with some issues, and maybe actually inserting the actual visa into the pssport, the UKVI certainly advertised internally for staff to carry out this role. This was discussed at length when it was first announced earlier in the year http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30336646 https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-visa-immigration-to-relocate-visa-application-centres-from-bangkok-to-new-delhi