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  1. Visitor visa timing

    Is there a reason you're waiting until the end of November before applying for your wife's UK Visa, is it because you think that her application would be more robust if you include your ties here, or is there another reason? If I were in your position, and I accept I'm not, I'd be applying now with the premise that it's one less thing to worry about. I would demonstrate that you both have had ties here for some years and tell them in your covering letter that you will applying for your extension as normal in November and include your work details, there's no right or wrong answer I'm afraid.
  2. Darren, you might want to read this advice given by our friends at VFS who operate the Visa Application Centre in London on behalf of the Dutch authorities. http://www.vfsglobal.com/Netherlands/UK/eea-eu-spouse.html
  3. As recall the UKVI sends out an automated email when the decision has been made, and you can pick it up a couple of days after that. Looks to me like there engineering their service to increase the revenue stream, without actually offering anything meaningful, it's not as if the application process doesn't cost enough already.
  4. VFS would have posted the passport directly to your wife, that would have been far more convenient.
  5. Please don't name and shame the agent you're complaining about, I'd previously removed the location and now the full agents details.
  6. As 7by7 has indicated the fees are in the region of $250, the actual figures are well hidden. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/transferring-a-visa-to-a-new-passport-ecb17/transferring-a-visa-ecb17#ecb173-replacing-a-30-day-short-validity-travel-vignette
  7. You don't need to use that unofficial company to buy a visa on arrival, as a Brit you can currently enter visa free for your length of stay. http://vietnamembassy.org.uk/index.php?action=p&ct=Notice3_2017
  8. UK licence

    I think it's not just the courts being so understanding that you'd need to worry about in the event of a serious accident, I'd be more concerned over the insurers, they are well known for exploiting any loophole that would limit their liability.
  9. Laos gf Uk permanent

    Yes, but, as 7by7 has pointed out, you need to get married within six months and then apply for further leave to remain if she wants to settle in the UK.
  10. Laos gf Uk permanent

    It would require that you're either married or had been living together in a relationship akin to marriage for two years or more, so in your case you would need to marry. As well as the application fee of £1464, which isn't refundable, actually it's more because you have to pay in USD at a rate the benefits the UKVI, you would need to pay an NHS Surcharge of £600, though that is refundable if the application is refused.
  11. In your heading you've mentioned the word "Embassy", is your friend assisting his girlfriend with a visit visa application? I'm not sure that there will be a template available as I'm not sure what reliance an ECO would place in such a document, they'll be expected hard evidence of a relationship not a cobbled together letter. The offer of accommodation is one thing, the letter you've been asked to supply is, in my opinion, pretty meaningless, all you could honestly say is that you've been in their company.
  12. It was a couple of years ago, July 2105.
  13. My wife took the A1 English test with Trinity when we were visiting London, as we were considering relocating. She was in and out in five minutes, she said that the test was a little more than a brief chat with the examiner just satisfying himself that she was able to hold a basic conversation, she added that once she told him that she liked Arsenal and had been to the Emirates Stadium the day before she had clearly passed.
  14. You can ask for the visa vignette to be reissued if it doesn't fit in with your plans, you apply online, I haven't got the link to hand, but, as you would expect, there is a fee.
  15. Yes, she can take the test whilst visiting the UK, I know a number of people who've done so. I've been told that the test is far more straightforward in the UK. I don't know about the TB test.