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  1. Quran, Bible, Talmud....source of all evil in the world
  2. Why Western? Does it belong in Eastern or Central or Southern Europe? Or Americas? Obviously not.
  3. And how everybody else feels about the Brits
  4. And where is that Thai bird married to a Turk who rented the rooms for the perps? All gone quiet...
  5. True. But civilised Hungarians are not wild Afghan tribal boys or ISIS in disguise.
  6. You don't need to have adriver's license to hire a motorbike in Thailand. You just need to have one to ride it (legally)
  7. And your point is? Two houses - same as Britain, elections - same, with obvious exception of inbred "lords" in the upper not to comment on something you have no clue about mate, keep drinking the Newcastle Brown
  8. Look out for the dark horses. Poland, Austria and a couple of other teams will embarrass some big guns.
  9. Quite a few comments "he will be back". Why? Is it better to be homeless and pennyless in Thailand than in Ukraine? I doubt it.
  10. "Thai bodybuilder" is an oxymoron.
  11. I've been doing this for many years (28/28). Just to be on a safe side I have two passports and alternate between them to enter Thailand. Never had any issues.
  12. The solution is painfully simple. Allow fixed fare/fixed route shuttle buses to operate on the island, each one with an armed solder and a walkie talkie on it. If there is any attempt to interfere by individuals, arrest them. If there are any attempt at roadblocks, arrest them and confiscate their vehicles and auction them to raise funds for charity. Tell them beforehand that this is what will happen every time, and do it. Opposition will peter out very quickly indeed. Sensible and practical. Therefore, since this is about Thailand, you don't understand. It's OK though: just leave your tip in the box marked 'alien' before you make your way home. "Therefore, since this is about Thailand, you don't understand." - no, this is about Phuket, not Thailand. Pattaya has baht buses that are used by locals, tourists and expats, and the system works well there. Yes, but the Taxi-Meter cars have also appeared and I have never heard of a Taxi-Meter driver turning the meter on in Pattaya.
  13. The Austrians didn't have much to do with defeating the Turkish invaders. It was the Polish army under king Jan III Sobieski who came to the rescue. And the Poles are doing it again by, together with Czechs and Hungarians, flatly refusing to be invaded, whilst the Germans and the French do what they have always been good at: wave the white flag.
  14. Why does the press always use "far right" for the patriots defending European values and fighting for Europe's survival but never "far left" to describe the anarchists and other migrant-huggers?
  15. Are you sure she was Thai? Sounds like a typical American;)