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  1. Jingthing sent me a friend request about 4 years ago and I accepted, I am sorry Jingthing but I deleted you as a friend but waited 3 years to do so as not to hurt your feelings I just couldn't see the point, it's like facebook all these friends you have never met, I think you are turning into a young man and Im turning into a grumpy old man ( under 40 ).
  2. My cousins son who was 100% English didn't say a word till he was just over 3, everyone was very comcerned. But one day it just came and learn't in no time. Don't worry it will come. It was if he was taking it all in but not using it.
  3. Scully

    Who Wai's Who?

    The woman in the market always wais my pork, and overcharges me. Sorry just got a bit tired of wai threads, wheres my coat.
  4. Scully

    Why Did You Come To Thailand

    Anyway back on point, my cousin got married in Koh Samui and I had two years of hearing how great it was. I decided to do a 3 month backpack trip and stayed 6 years. Keep going home for work and now back in Issan, fancy a move though as it's a little dull being single here. Maybe move to Pattaya
  5. Scully

    Traffic Cop Loses Face? In Car Video Camera

    I was driving too fast over the brow of a hill, on the other side was a police man with a smile. Copper- you were going too fast, me- I know 200 baht now, or 400 at station, 200 now please. All smiles, I was in the wrong he got his beer for the night and I I was 200 baht lighter, Now if I get caught another 10 times I might buy one.
  6. Scully

    Smoking Stinks.

    My neighbours are burning their fields at this time, come and sit on my front door step, you will smell like a smoked sausage in about 30 seconds.
  7. Some Thai's have a very big problem with saying "i don't know the answer". I asked a girl in 7-11 for an i talk card "don't sell" although I bought one last week, asked a tuk tuk driver for directions pointed "qaar by neung kilo tee siy OK? drove a little got my bearings and it was nowhere near where he said. I don't have a problem with this, it's definately a national trait, I am single at the moment (well with a bit on the side) but any big lies and they are booted out, and they know this before anything serious starts.
  8. Scully

    Girlfriend Trying To Take My Passport/work Permit

    The OP's ex could quite easily be good friends with Nan from the Kasikorn bank or Nong from the Honda dealer or even Nok from the Toyota dealer. Get rid.
  9. Scully

    Burglary Rates In Thailand?

    My mates wife's shop got broken into a few days ago, police said they had never seen this much burglary in the area. They kept everyone out of the shop and a forensic team arrived for finger prints and took away a few suspect items. Police advice was to sleep in the shop from now on as it's likely to happen again, I was quite impressed, dare I say it with the police's approach.
  10. I really don't follow Thai economics, although I should. Surely with the likes of electronics etc being so cheap Thai inflation will likely be quite low at the moment keeping inerest rates low and Thailand expecting its growth to come internally, as a developing country will likely stay so. The only problem happens when exports become too expensive to be competative with other countries. I have a stressful job in the UK so I moved to Issan and live equal months in each country, my rent 2000bht a month, food 200bht a day, vehicle varies but petrol (gas) is cheap and repairs cheaper. Still very very cheap for me and an idylic life. Then I go back to the rain in the UK and the cycle begins again. I come here to wind down, why be the richest person in the graveyard.
  11. Scully

    How Corrupt Is Thailand, Your Perception.

    I have told this story before but there is corruption we can't see. Road to my rented house gets millions of baht yearly from head government official he then passes a % to a mate that knows a construction team, the mate takes a % and gives the job to the construction team, they then employs team of villages with wheelbarrows and a truck full of tar, all happy. Asked why not just do the job properly once then no need to repeat this every year, the answer is "we will get no money next year if the road is not in disrepair" .
  12. Scully

    Thai Post At It Again ?

    They have hundreds of different delivery services, i posted a 500gram letter parcel to the UK yesterday costing 140 baht. Now if I had taken there quickest safest rate it would have cost me 1550 baht. The letter wasn't important and he even told me it could take a month, I wonder if it will even get there .
  13. What was impression Billy Connolly or super gran? Its jealousy thats all, I have a business in the UK I wish I could move it to Thailand. I too am a little jelous:(
  14. A couple of weeks ago I went out with some friends and they all told me the guys partner was a katoey, I thought they were taking the piss. They were female in every way, had spent millions on work in Bangkok, not pretty but not one little bit manly. Just move on forget the money, set up again on your own and take your time. Too many people rush in to relationships, I mean you must have seen her ID when you were dating?.
  15. I rented a lovely big teak house for several thousand baht a month, I urgently needed to fly home so stored my stuff in a 1500 baht thai room while I was away. Returned put the bed up set up the computer and laptop onto witeless, cupboards up etc, neighbours are lovely I have a wondeful view over the mountains, P,s my mum is from Scotland and dad from Yorkhire, but seriously I love it here and this is in Issan so its probably twice the size of a Pattaya condo. Edit to add how many rich people are cheap charlies?, they are rich for a reason.